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Closes Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #14
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Original 1950's R&B Vocal Group / Gospel Group 78's:

1. The Admirals — "Give Me Your Love/Close Your Eyes" KING 4782 VG+ MB $10


2. Lee Andrews And The Hearts — "Bells Of St. Mary/The Fairest" Rainbow 259 VG+ TOUGH ONE MB $25

3. Lee Andrews And The Hearts — "Long Lonely Nights/The Clock" Main Line 102 VG With small x on label as shown. VERY rare on 78 rpm format! FIRST COPY I've had to sell. Nice with some light scuffing. Plays great! MB $100


4. The Ah-Moors — "The Answer To Write Me A Letter/Honey, Honey, Honey" Rainbow 10060 M- ANSWER RECORD to The Ravens classic "Write Me A Letter" MB $75


5. The Cabineers — "Baby Mine/What's The Matter With You" Prestige 917 M- Tiny edge chip, nowhere near the grooves and # on label, WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


6. The Capris — "Fools Fall In Love/OOh Wah" RAGE 101 VG+ MB $25

7. The Carnations — "Tree In The Meadow/Clown Of The Masquerade"DERBY 789 • MINTRARE!! FIRST COPYI'VE HAD TO SELL!MB $200

8. Bob Carter's Sextet — "Write Me A Letter/Burton's Bounce" RIM 101 M- Same as the Ravens classic on SUPER RARE CHICAGO LABEL MB $100


9. The Cashmeres — "Little Dream Girl/Do I Upset You" Herald 474 VG+/M MB $20


10. The Channels — "The Closer You Are/Now You Know" Whirlin Disc 100 VG+ MB $20


11. The Checkers — "Flame In My Heart/Oh, Oh, Oh Baby" KING 4558 M- MB $75


12. The Checkers — "House With No Windows/Don't Stop Dan" KING 4710 VG- Plays great but looks beat MB $5


13. The Chesterfields — "All Messed Up/I'm In Heaven" CHESS 1559 G RARE MB $25

14. The Clovers — "Yes Sir That's My Baby/When You Come Back To Me"Rainbow 11122 • M-THEIR FIRST RECORDand very, very hard to find. This is the copy that I saw for sale in the late '80's. Mr. Sabis bought it. I have not seen another one since.MB $400


15. The Crystals — "Come To Me Darling/Squeeze Me Baby" LUNA 10-101 VG Absolute True First Pressing with MASTERTONE STUDIOS credit on the label MB $10


16. The Dells — "I Wanna Go Home/Movin' On" VEE-JAY 230 MINT With small tear near spindle hole on B-side MB $25


17. Vic Donna & The Parakeets — "Teenage Rose/Silly & Sappy" ATLAS 1071 M- TOUGH to find on 78 rpm MB $50

18. The Dream Kings — "Oh What A Baby/M.T.Y.L.T.T." CHECKER 858 M-/VG+ B-side has label tears in circular motion MB $50

19. The Famous Soul Stirrers — "It's Going To Rain/What Can I Do" Martin 202 M- RARE GOSPEL FROM SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS MB $75


20. The Fi-Tones — "Foolish Dreams/Let's Fall In Love" Atlas 1050 VG MB $5


21. The Five Budds — "I Was Such A Fool/Midnight" RAMA 1 M- MB $75

22. The Five Budds — "I Guess It's All Over Now/I Want Her Back" RAMA 2 M- MB $75


23. The Five Jets — "Down Slow/Please Love Me Baby" DeLuxe 6071 M- MB $25


24. The Five Stars — "Where Did Caldonia Go?/Walkin' An' Talkin' " Show Time 1102 MINT MB $30


25. The Flamingos — "I'm Yours/Ko Ko Mo" Parrot 812 VG MB $10


26. The Flamingos — "Please Come Back Home/I Want To Love You" Checker 821 MINT MB $50


27. The Flamingos — "Need Your Love/I'll Be Home" CHECKER 830 M- MB $30


28. The Flamingos — "Would I Be Crying/Just For A Kick" CHECKER 853 M- MB $30


29. The Flamingos — "Kiss A-Me/Ever Since I Met Lucy" Decca 30880 MINT Canadian pressing—never issued in the USA on 78 rpm MB $50

30. The Fortunes — "My Baby Is Fine/Believe In Me" CHECKER 818 MINT RARE MB $100


31. The Four Chicadees — "Teenage Blues/Ding Dong" CHECKER 849 M- Tough to find on 78 rpm format MB $50


32. The Four Crusaders — "I Don't Know Why/Swingin' In The Corn" MASTER 101 VG Tough one on CHICAGO LABEL OWNED BY LEGENDARY DJ AL BENSON MB $5


33. The Four Guys — "You Don't Have To Tell Me/You Took My Heart By Surprise" KENT 113 M- WHITE GROUP MB $25


34. The Four Fellows — "Bend Of The River/I Tried" DERBY 862 M- MB $50


35. The 4 Gad-A-Bouts — "Pretty Girl/The Cat's Serenade" Radio Margo 2003 M- Despite the fact that this is a super rare label from Oakland,California, this is a WHITE GROUP MB $20


36. The Four Tones And Eddie Beal Trio — "Someone's Rockin' My Dream Boat/Goodnight, Baby" Make Believe Ballroom 02357 VG- MB $5


37. The Hal Hoppers — "Do Nothin' Blues/More Love" KEM 2733 VG+ RED VINYL with #ol, WHITE GROUP MB $10


38. Frederick Hall Choir Of Montgomery, Alabama — "Live A-Humble Hand Me Down/Golden Slippers" Rainbow 701 VG RARE "Negro Spiritual" from obscure CHICAGO LABEL MB $10


39. The Heralds — "Eternal Love/Gonna Love You Everyday" Herald 435 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $50

40. The Hollywood Flames — "Peggy/Oooh La-La" LUCKY 006 MINT MB $100

41. The Hollywood 4 Blazes — "Sunday/Longhair's Nightmare" MACGREGOR 102 MINT Their RAREST RECORD! MB $200


42. The Honey Bears — "It's A Miracle/One Bad Stud" SPARK 104 M- Tear on B-side label MB $25

43. Rudy Jackson And The Mel-O-Aires — "I'm Crying/Enfold Me" R and B 1310 MINT THIN VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves!!! MB $100

44. The Jaguars — "I Love You Baby/The City Zoo" R-Dell 16 M- RARE on 78 rpm format MB $100


45. The James Quintet — "I'm Just A Fool/Paws In The Kitchen" DERBY 726 M- Wol on A-side and small stain on label on B-side MB $75


46. The Jerico Quartet — "There Must Be A God Somewhere/The Blood Stained Banner" Holiday 101 VG MB $10

47. The Magichords — "If I Didn't Love You Like I Do/The Parrot And The Rooster" Marlow 101 MINT RAREST ONE by this group MB $300


48. The Marquis — "I Don't Want Your Love/Popcorn Willie" Rainbow 358 VG MB $10

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