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HRK All Original 78's auction #14
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Country / Hillbilly / Western Swing/ Bluegrass 78's:

307. Jim Eames And His Shennandoah Valley Boys — "I Took Her By Her Little Brown Hand/I'll Never Ever Love You Anymore" Rich-R'-Tone 1046 VG RARE MB $10

308. Eddie Eddings And The Country Gentlemen — "Smoochin'/Yearning" STARDAY 163 VG+ MB $5

309. Brother Claude Ely — "There's A Leak In This Old Building/You've Got To Move" KING 1282 M- Tiny wol MB $25

310. Brother Claude Ely — "There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down/Talk" KING 1311 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with small sol on A-side MB $20

311. Lou Emerson And His Guitar — "Mistaken Identity/Movie Mad" Marathon 1005 VG MB $5

312. Ezra And His Beverly Hillbillies — "I'm Thru Wastin' Time On You/Headin' For Nowhere" Rich Records 7116 VG+ MB $5

313. Boots Faye And The Sun Valley Cowboys — "You're Writing Love Letters To Me/They Took The Stars Out Of Heaven" Coast 244 M- MB $20

314. Forrest Field — "My Pretty Little Japanese/Dreamer's Paradise" Northwest Records OP-134 M- 4 Star Custom Press MB $20

315. Harvey Fink Auto-Harp And Guitar — "Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia/The Fate Of Dewey" Mountain 1001 M- MB $20

316. Red Foley With Guitar Solo By Hank "Sugarfoot" Gar — "Sugarfoot Rag/Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy" DECCA 46205 VG+/VG MB $5

317. Red Foley With The Dixie Dons — "Chocolate Ice Cream Cone/Birmingham Bounce" DECCA 46234 M-/VG+ MB $5

318. Henry Ford — "No More MoneyNo More Honey/Is There PeaceIn Korea" DELTA 417 • MINTRARE! Super scarce and collectible label from Jackson, Mississippi.MB $75

319. Hugh Fowler And His Continental Orchestra — "The Texas Polka/Down The Aisle Of Love" Lone Star 101 VG MB $5

320. Sam Frazier — "I Wonder Why You Left Me/A Poor Boy's Prayer" Rich-R'-Tone 1062 VG+ RARE MB $25

321. Art Gabbard And His Dixie Melodeers — "I'm Sorry That I Waited Too Long/Rag Doll" DIXIE 102 M- MB $20

322. Cecil Gill — "Tear Drops In The Rain/Say Good Bye"Rich-R'-Tone 398 MINTRARE!MB $50

323. Dolly Good — "No One Will Ever Know/I Never Knew" Radio Artist Records 231 VG+ MB $5

324. Charlie Gore — "Who's Been Draggin Your Little Red Wagon/This Orchid Means Goodbye" KING 1227 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with date on label . . . unusual WHITE AND GOLD LABEL — first KING Promo I have ever seen like this! MB $25

325. "Tex" Grande And His Range Riders — "Try Me Just One More Time/Better Late Than Never" DeLuxe 5008 VG+ MB $5

326. Bobby Gregory And His Cactus Cowboys — "Ro Ro Rollin' Along/Blue Moon I'm Blue" Hillbilly 71102 VG+/M- Small sticker stain on label MB $5

327. Bobby Gregory And His Cactus Cowboys — "Peelin' 'Taters With My Toes/Shoot That Bear" Hillbilly 71103 MINT MB $25

328. Smiling Ed Gregory And The Rocky Mountain Boys — "Down At The Zoo/Black Snake Blues" Bullet 675 M- Slight edge chip, not into grooves MB $20

329. Mel Griggs And His "Sons Of The Saddle" — "Watchin' The Clouds Roll By/You Didn't Forget Me" Atomic 241 M- MB $20

330. Sonny Hall And His Moonshiners — "I'll Keep My Eyes On Your Heart/Just A Little Bit" Macy's 118 M- Tiny tear on A-side label MB $20

331. Claudie Ham And His Radio Playboys — "Moonlight Texas Waltz/I'll Wait A Lifetime For You" Macy's 102 M/VG+ MB $10

332. Mack Hamilton And His Drifting Texans — "Sweet Little Rosebud/Moaning In The Morning" DIAMOND 1002 M- RED VINYL 78 from Port Arthur, Texas MB $25

333. Chuck Harding And The Colorado Cow Hands — "I'm Living In A Lonely World/Stop Crying On My Shoulder" REPLICA 101 VG MB $5

334. Billie Harbert — "Ain't That Whiskey Hot/Mortgage On Your Heart" STARDAY 119 MINT RARE MB $50

335. The Harlan County Four — "The Ten Commandments/The Atomic Telephone" KING 1016 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label, small stain on B-side label MB $20

336. Harmonica Kid aka LINK DAVIS — "Jole/Blon" NUCRAFT 111 M-/VG+ Rare MB $30

337. Hank Harral And His Palomino Cowhands — "Dream Band Boogie/Dilly Dally Doodle" STAR TALENT 760 M- MB $35

338. Bill Harrington With Ray Carter And The Masquerade — "A `Hoop And A Holler/In Old Montana" STAR 604 M- MB $50

339. Buddy Hawk And His Buddies — "The Death Of Joe Stalin/Painting The Big Town" ATLANTIC 7074 MINT Rare ATLANTIC Country series MB $30

340. Eddie Hawks And His High Flyers — "Red Wing/Hillbilly Dilly" JEB Records Inc. 6003 MINT CHICAGO label MB $20

341. The Haylofters — "Flop-Earred Mule/Ain't She Sweet" MARLINDA 1035 VG+ BURBANK, CALIFORNIA LABEL MB $10

342. Eddie Hazelwood — "Hound Dog/I'm Startin' Sweetheartin' Again" INTRO 6069 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

343. Johnny Henderson And The Texas Hired Hands — "The Girl That I Love Is An Okie/Down Beside The River High Time 117 MINT MB $25

344. Daylon Hicks — "I Love Everything About You/Change Pardners" Marathon 1007 VG- Sticker stain on label, "America's Youngest Cowboy" MB $5

345. Cecil Hogan And The Swingsters — "The Rosieta Waltz/Little Bashful Girl" Hi-Fidelity no # VG+ RARE TEXAS LABEL MB $50

346. Hal Howard And His Pearl River Boys — "Smoke Went Up The Chimney/Another Blue Christmas" RENSON 700 VG+ Rare label from Columbus, Georgia MB $10

347. Charlie Huff — "Stuck Up Blues/Patonia" An Autograph Record 103 VG "Oklahoma's Own Cowboy Singer" MB $5

348. Billy Hughes And Rhythm Buckaroos — "Atomic Sermon/Beside The Alamo" SPACE 1002 M- MB $25

349. "Shoeless" Joe Jackson — "Tomorrow May Be Too Late/Those Wild And Wicked Way" NO LABEL NAME GIVEN M- MB $20

350. Stan James And The Valley Boys — "Oh Johnny/Darling Nellie Gray" MAC GREGOR 646 MINT MB $25

351. Big Jeff And The Radio Playboys — "Step It Up And Go/After We Are Through" DOT 1058 MINT MB $20

352. Rex Jennings And The Mid-Western All Stars — "Tired Of Waiting/Itchy Feet" Mar-Vel 820 VG MB $5

353. "Smilin" Jerry Jericho — "Let's Call It Off/Moanin' In The Morning" STARDAY 120 MINT MB $25

354. Buffalo Johnson — "Something Within Me/Where Are You Now" Rich-R'-Tone 405 MINT RARE MB $50

355. Buffalo Johnson And His Herd — "John Henry/Nine Pound Hammer" Rich-R' Tone 1023 M- RARE MB $20

356. Buffalo Johnson And His Herd — "Tain't Big Enough/Tappin' Boogie" Kentucky 520 M- MB $25

357. Travis Stuckey & The Carolina Ramblers — "Candy Kisses/Scattered Love" High Time 107 M- Label is from SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA MB $25

358. Travis Stuckey And The Carolina Ramblers — "In Spite Of All/Follow The Rules Of The Game" High Time 109 VG MB $5

359. Fenton "Jonesy" Jones — "The Pine Tree/Pop Goes The Weasel" MAC GREGOR 004 MINT MB $25

360. George Jones — "No Money In This Deal/You're In My Heart" STARDAY 130 VG+ Xol MB $20

361. George Jones — "Play It Cool Man-Play It Cool/Wrong About You" STARDAY 146 M-/VG+ MB $20

362. Grandpa Jones — "Mountain Dew/My Darling's Not My Darling Anymore" KING 624 MINT MB $20

363. Grandpa Jones And His Grandchildren — "Old Rattler's Pup/Mountain Dew" DECCA 30523 MINT MB $20

364. Jimmy Kelly — "Dunce Cap/Why Can't We Keep On Dreaming" IMPERIAL 8275 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

365. Jimmy Key And His Timber Trail Riders — "The Purple Sky/Super Market Day" HILITE 102 M- From Barre, Vermont MB $20

366. Frankie "Pee Wee" King And The "Golden West" Cowboys — "That Cheap Look In Your Eye/You Were The Cause Of It All" Bullet 614 VG+ RARE and his may be his FIRST RECORD MB $5

367. Orson Laam And His Eldorado Serenaders — "I Hope The Sand Man Throws Rocks In Your Eyes/Glam" Mutual 204 M- MB $20

368. Laswell Brothers Quartet — "When Fair Heaven I See/My Cabin In The Pines" Key-Tone 2 M- MB $20

369. The Lazy H Ranch Boys — "The Old Run Around/Everybody Else's Sweetheart" COMAR 1001 M- Small wol MB $20

370. The Lazy "H" Ranch Boys — "No Where Else To Go/It Can't Rain Every Day" COMAR 1006 M- MB $20

371. Horace LeBleau With The Bar-X Ramblers — "Basile Girl/Korea Blues" Khoury's 603 Poor HEAVY jukebox wear MB $5

372. Leo And His Pioneers — "Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero/Jole Blon" NO LABEL or # M- MB $20

373. Jimmy Lefever And His Saddle Pals — "What Becomes Of Me?/Railroad Blues" Highway 3488 VG MB $5

374. Nick Leonard And The Rocky Mountain Troubadors — "Vows I Made With You/Blue-OO Night" HILLBILLY 71110 MINT MB $25

375. Texas Jim Lewis And The Lone Star Cowboys — "Sweet Face But A Cold Heart/Pliney Jane" Magnolia 1058 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

376. Bonnie Lou — "Dancing In My Socks/Daddy-O" KING 4835 M- MB $20

377. Louvin Brothers — "Alabama/Seven Year Blues" DECCA 46187 MINT DARK RED VINYL WHITE LABEL PROMO RARE!!! MB $50

378. Macy And Her Ole Bar Room Band — "Shine On Harvest Moon/Dill Pickle Rag" Macy's 1001 M- MB $20

379. Stan Mathews And His Western Band — "Side By Side Together/The California Waltz" STANLEY 3 VG- MB $5

380. McColl-Gerard Trio — "Glory Land March/Lead Me To Someone That Needs Me" Revivalaires 1006 VG MB $5

381. Mello Spurs — "More Beer/Meander In The Meadow" Colonial 103 M- MB $20

382. Frank Messina And The Mavericks — "Pack Up Your Troubles/This Ole House" MAC GREGOR 719 VG+ MB $5

383. Clayton McMighen And The Georgia Wildcats — "Free Wheelin' Hobo/Hills Of Arkansas" Continental 3016 M- MB $20

384. Miller Brothers Orchestra — "Miller's Boogie/Ida Red" Delta Records 202 VG- WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS LABEL MB $5

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