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HRK All Original 78's auction #14
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Original 1950's R&B Vocal Group / Gospel Group 78's:

49. The Mayfield Gospel Singers — "This Modern Religion/I Love Jesus So Much" MAGNOLIA 219 VG- Plays great! Female Rockin' Gospel MB $10

50. The Mello-Kings — "Tonite, Tonite/Do Baby Do" Herald 502 VG+ TOUGH TO FIND ON 78 RPM FORMAT—ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $25

51. The Mello Kings — "Chapel On The Hill/Sassafras" Herald 507 M- MB $25

52. The Mello-Moods — "Where Are You/How Could You?" Robin 105 VG+ MB $50

53. Rev. Wm. Morris O' Neil And The Christian Tabernacle Choir — "He'll Never Let Go My Hand/He Is My Light" Hi-Lo 1401 MINT Nice GOSPEL MB $50

54. Rev. Wm. Morris O'Neil And The Christian Tabernacle Choir — "At The Cross/The Old Land Mark" Hi-Lo 1408 M- MB $50

55. The Pastels — "Been So Long/My One And Only Dream" MASCOT 123 G Rare, original true first pressing on original label before nationwide release on ARGO MB $50

56. The Radio Four — "I Been Saved/What More Can Jesus Do" REPUBLIC 7042 M- THIN VINYL PRESSING for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $50

57. The Ravens — "September Song/Once In A While" NATIONAL 9053 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

58. The Ravens — "Bye Bye Baby Blues/Song Of India" KING 4234 VG MB $5

59. The Ravens — "Out Of A Dream/Blues In The Clouds" KING 4260 M- MB $25

60. The Ravens — "That'll Be The Day/Dear One" ARGO 5276 VG Tough to find on 78 rpm MB $5

61. The Re-Vels Quartette — "My Lost Love/Love My Baby" ATLAS 1035 VG RARE AND GREAT MB $25

62. The Robins — "I Must Be Dreaming/The Hatchet Man" SPARK 116 M- MB $25

63. The Rocketeers — "Foolish One/Gonna Feed My Baby Poison" HERALD 415 VG MB $5

64. Frankie Rossi And The Dreams — "Around The Corner/Dream Boy" MARK 7001 VG- MB $5

65. The Sentimentals — "I Want To Love You/Teenie Teenager" CHECKER 875 MINT RARE MB $100

66. The Serenaders — "Please, Please Forgive Me/Baby" DeLuxe 6022 MINT MB $100

67. The Silver Stars — "Come Over Here/Pack Up, Gettin' Ready To Go" Hi-Lo 1411 MINT GREAT AND RARE GOSPEL MB $100

68. The Skylarks — "The Glory Of Love/You And I" DECCA 48241 M- MB $30

69. The Spiritual Stars — "I'll Search Heaven/Good Religion" CHESS 1485 VG Label has stain near center hole MB $20

70. The Squires — "A Dream Come True/Lucy Lou" KICKS 1 M- Light stain in grooves—FABULOUS MB $200

71. The Squires — "Cindy/Do-Be-Do-Be-Wop-Wop" MAMBO 105 VG "Cindy" pressing later changed to "Sindy" MB $10

72. The Strangers — "My Friends/I've Got Eyes" KING 4697 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

73. The Sunbeams — "Tell Me Why/Come Back Baby" HERALD 451 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $50

74. The Three Bits Of Rhythm — "I Used To Work In Chicago/That's The Boogie" Modern 118 VG+ MB $10

75. The Tru-Tone Quartet — "Peace Like A River/One Lost Lamb" M & L 1243 VG Small stain on A-side label MB $5

76. The Turbans — "When You Dance/Let Me Show You Around My Heart" HERALD 458 VG+ MB $5

77. The Turbans — "I'll Always Watch Over You/Sister Sooky" HERALD 469 M- MB $20

78. The Turbans — "B-I-N-G-O/I'm Nobody's" HERALD 478 MINT MB $25

79. The Twilighters — "Wondering/Please Tell Me You're Mine" MARSHALL 702 VG+ RARE on 78 rpm format MB $150

80. The Victorians — "Naturally Too Weak For You/Part-Time Sweetheart" SPECIALTY 420 M- MB $50

81. Otis Williams And His New Group — "Gum Drop/Save Me, Save Me" DeLuxe 6090 VG+ MB $5

Blues / R&B /Jump Blues / Gospel Blues 78's:

82. Nathan Abshire And His Musical Five — "La Waltz A Belezere/Choupique Two-Step" LYRIC 610 M- CAJUN MB $30

83. Johnny Adams — "I Won't Cry/Who You Are" R I C 961 VG- RARE on 78 rpm format MB $20

84. Gene Barge And his Band — "Way Down Home/Country" CHECKER 839 M- MB $50

85. Gil Bernal — "Easyville/The Whip" SPARK 102 MINT MB $25

86. Robert Bland — "Crying All Night Along/Dry Up Baby" MODERN 848 M-/VG+ BOBBY "BLUE" BLAND'S FIRST RECORD MB $100

87. Eddie Bo — "Every Day And Every Night/Indeed I Do" CHECKER 877 MINT MB $50

88. Eddie Boyd — "I'm Goin' Downtown/Lonesome For My Baby" HERALD 406 VG+/VG MB $20

89. Tiny Bradshaw — "The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Knockin' Blues" KING 4497 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO of all time classic . . . covered over and over by bands for years to come MB $50

90. Junior Brooks — "Lone Town Blues/She's The Little Girl For Me" R P M 343 VG+/M- SOUNDS LIKE ELMORE JAMES!! Pimples in pressing MB $25

91. Waymon Brown — "Barefoot Susie/Feelin' Sad And Lonesome" DECCA 48264 MINT GREEN LABEL PROMO MB $25

92. Bill Campbell And His Harlem Eight — "It Was So Good/I'm Just A Fruity Woman" DeLuxe 1046 VG+ MB $10

93. Bill Campbell And His Harlem Eight — "I Want A Man With A Great Big Future/Good Doin' Dad" DeLuxe 1053 VG MB $5

94. Mr. Blues Carson — "Sittin' By The Window/Eye To Eye" Hi-Lo 1420 MINT MB $50

95. Travelin' Shoe Man Rev. C.C. Chapman — "On My Way, Pt. I (Got On My Traveling' Shoes)/Part II" MODERN 843 M- RARE ONE on YELLOW LABEL MODERN GOSPEL SERIES MB $50

96. Dick Cole With Phinus Newborn Orchestra — "Fine As Wine/Tennessee Bounce" MODERN 831 VG+ RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS, faded label on B-side MB $50

97. Sammy Cotton — "I Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Anymore/Back Bitin' " DERBY 800 M- MB $75

98. Pee Wee Crayton And His Guitar — "Blues After Hours/I'm Still In Love With You" Modern 624 M- Classic MB $30

99. Bubber Cyphers — "Walkin' Boogie/I Need You" Modern 749 MINT RARE ONE!!! First and ONLY copy I've seen MB $100

100. Elise Deshotel And His Louisiana Rhythmaires — "Le' Two Step De' Villeplatte/La Valse De Bon Baurc" Khoury's 618 MINT RARE CAJUN MB $50

101. Floyd Dixon — "Alarm Clock Blues/I'm Ashamed Of Myself" CHECKER 857 VG+ MB $20

102. Willie Dixon — "Walking The Blues/If You're Mine" CHECKER 822 VG With slight label damage MB $5

103. Willie Dixon — "I Am The Lover Man/Crazy For My Baby" CHECKER 828 M- RED AND WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $75

104. Amos Easton And His Orchestra — "Strange Angel/Lonesome Trail Blues" SPECIALTY 410 M- AKA BUMBLE BEE SLIM MB $25

105. The Frazier-Goodson Gospel Singers With BILLY PRESTON — "Oh Lord, I Come To Thee/Lord I Need You" SPACE 203 VG BILLY PRESTON'S FIRST RECORD!!! He was TEN YEARS OLD when this was made in Los Angeles. MB $100

106. Lowell Fulson — "Lonely Hours/Do Me Right" CHECKER 820 M- Wol on A-siden MB $25

107. Lowell Fulson — "Trouble, Trouble/I Still Love You Baby" CHECKER 829 M- MB $25

108. Lowell Fulson — "It's Your Fault Baby/Tollin' Bells" CHECKER 841 MINT MB $50

109. Lowell Fulson — "Please Don't Go/Blues Rhumba" CHECKER 854 M- MB $30

110. Lowell Fulson — "Don't Drive Me Baby/You're Gonna Miss Me" Checker 865 M- Wol on B-side MB $25

111. Lowell Fulson — "Have You Changed Your Mind/Coming Home" CHECKER 952 VG+ SUPER LATE 78 RPM RELEASE—ALMOST THE VERY LAST 78 RPM ISSUED ON CHECKER LABEL MB $75

112. Fats Gaines — "It's Tragic/My Man Is Gone" Authentic 403 M- MB $30

113. Clarence Garlow — "Bon Ton Roula/In A Boogie Mood" Macy's Recordings 5002 M-/VG Wol on A-side, B-side has moderate jukebox wear MB $10

114. Paul Gayten — "You Better Believe It/Mother Roux" CHECKER 836 M- TOUGH MB $50

115. Evelyn George And Her Blues Band — "Why Should I Love Her So?/When I Take My Vacation" Maunay 104 MINT MB $25

116. Daddyo Gibson — "Behind The Sun/Night Train" CHECKER 848 M- MB $20

117. Charles Glass — "Screamin' And Dyin'/Left My Japanese Baby" Magnet 7011 VG+ MB $20

118. Charles Gray And His Rhumboogie Five — "I'm A Bum Again/Crazy Woman Blues" Rhumboogie 5001 M- MB $20

119. Rene Hall Trio — "My Kind Of Rockin'/Summertime Blues" DECCA 48217 VG+/MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with sticker on B-side label MB $25

120. Eddie Hope And Mannish Boys — "A Fool No More/Lost Child" MARLIN 804 MINT BLUES MASTERPIECE MB $200

121. Lightnin' Hopkins — "I'm Achin'/Let's Move" Herald 542 VG MB $5

122. "Bumps" Jackson — "Bumpin' And Thumpin'/Harlem Hop" Holiday 201 VG+ Wol MB $10

123. Eddie Jefferson — "Body And Soul/I Got The Blues" Hi-Lo 1413 M/VG+ B-side has lite jukebox wear MB $10

124. Eddie Jefferson — "The BirdlAnd Story/Honeysuckle Rose" Hi-Lo 1416 M- MB $20

125. St. Louis Jimmy — "Hard Luck Boogie/Good Book Blues" HERALD 407 VG MB $20

126. Lonnie Johnson — "In Love Again/Drifting Along Blues" HOLIDAY 5001 VG+ RARE ONE BY LONNIE JOHNSON MB $25

127. Al Kent — "Dat's Why (I Love You So)/Am I The Man" CHECKER 881 MINT RARE ONE!!! FIRST COPY I'VE EVER HAD MB $200

128. Bert Keyes And His Trio — "Wandering Blues/Your Cheatin' Heart" RAMA 4 VG+ MB $10

129. B.B. King — "I Am/Worry Worry" KENT 317 M- MB $25

130. B. B. King — "A Lonely Lover's Plea/Woman I Love" KENT 325 MINT MB $25

131. Morris Land And Band — "Ghost Town/Bobby's Boogie" ROBIN 102 VG MB $5

132. J.B. Lenore — "Let Me Die With The One I Love/If I Give My Love To You" CHECKER 844 M- MB $30

133. J. B. Lenoir — "What About Your Daughter?/5 Years" CHECKER 874 VG+ Ring on B-side label MB $10

134. J. B. Lenoir — "Don't Touch My Head!!!/I've Been Down So Long" CHECKER 856 VG- MB $5

135. Joe Hill Louis The One Man Band — "I Feel Like A Million/Heartache Baby" MODERN 795 VG+ Weird pressing with the release number of 795 on the A-side and 759 on the B-side MB $10

136. Joe Hill Louis The One Man Band — "Peace Of Mind/Chocolate Blonde" Modern 856 VG+ Slight label damage on A-side MB $20

137. Willie Mabon And His Combo — "I Don't Know/Worry Blues" CHECKER 1050 VG- RARE and this is an unusual pressing on CHECKER with a weird number—most copies are on CHESS MB $5

138. Jimmy McCracklin And His Band — "The Walk/I'm To Blame" Checker 885 VG+/M- MB $20

139. Mickey & Sylvia — "Where Is My Honey?/Seems Just Like Yesterday" Rainbow 330 M- MB $35

140. Joe Miller — "Dumplin' Darlin'/I Found The One I Love" Herald 464 M- MB $20

141. Roy Milton And His Solid Senders — "I've Had My Moments/Train Blues" Specialty 524 M- MB $20

142. Johnny Moore's Three Blazers — "I Don't Know Yes I Know/Too Bad" Rhythm and Blues 100 M- MB $25

143. Manny Nichols And His Guitar — "Walking Talking Blues/Tall Skinny Mama Blues" Lucky 1949 M- 1970's VINYL bootleg 78 made by Richard Hite of two songs originally recorded for the FBC label of Texas (an insanely rare original!) MB $20

144. Danny Overbea — "Do You Love Me/Hey Pancho" CHECKER 816 VG MB $5

145. Hal Paige And The Whalers — "Pour The Corn/Don't Have To Cry No More" CHECKER 873 MINT MB $30

146. The Patterson Singers Of Brooklyn, N.Y. — "I'm Gonna Reach My Heavenly Home Someday/All Day All Night" KING 4693 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

147. Country Paul — "Since I Seen Your Smiling Face/One More Time" KING 4532 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO, wol MB $20

148. Country Paul — "Sidewalk Boogie/Mother, Dear Mother" KING 4573 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

149. Bob Perkins Trio — "Boogie Woogie Bowl/Fool Again" Planet 103 M- SUPER RARE CHICAGO LABEL MB $200

150. Henry Smith — "Dog Me Blues/Rockin' Chair Boogie" LUCKY 7003 MINT Vinyl Bootleg from 1971—made by Richard Hite. Originally released on FORTUNE 802 which is very rare! MB $20

151. Tommy Ridgley — "When I Meet My Girl/What'cha Gonna Do" Herald 501 VG- MB $5

152. Charlie Singleton And Orchestra — "Lonely Lover Blues/Cat's Paw" Atlas 1006 VG- MB $5

153. Memphis Slim And His House Rockers — "Messin' Around/Midnight Jump" Miracle 125 M- MB $20

154. Memphis Slim And His House Rockers — "Frisco Bay/Timsy's Whimsy" Miracle 132 M- MB $20

155. Memphis Slim And His House Rockers — "Restless Nights/If You Love That Life" MASTER 1020 VG+ MB $10

156. T.V. Slim And His Heartbreakers — "Darling Remember/Flatfoot Sam" Checker 879 M- MB $20

157. Geechie Smith — "I Want A Little Girl/Geneva Sue" Kicks 5 M- MB $20

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