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Closes Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #13
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Post War Blues / Jump Blues / R&B / Gospel 78's:

140. Memphis Minnie With Joe Hill Louis And His Band — "Me And My Chauffeur/Broken Heart" Checker 771 VG+/M- Light jukebox wear on A-side MB $100

141. Chas. V. Moore's Atomic Band — "The Woman With The Poison Tongue/I'm Afraid To Love" Fine Art 206 M- RARE MB $75


142. Johnny Moore's Blazers With Rudy Toombs — "Miss Mosey/Every Time" Blaze 101 M- MB $20


143. Johnny Moore — "Race Track Blues/Wee Willie" Blaze 106 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO—VINYL MB $5

144. Lonnie Newton And His Sextet — "My Country Shack/Baby You're Wrong" Flamingo Records No # VG+ By the artist's name you'd think this was Jazz—but it is not! It is the ORIGINAL of what Mercy Dee recorded on Specialty—and Newton wrote it! MB $100


145. Morris Pejoe And His Band — "Tired Of Crying Over You/Gonna Buy Me A Telephone" Checker 766 M- MB $100


146. Marvin Phillips — "Anne Marie/Honey Baby" Parrot 795 VG+ Xol on B-side, TOUGH ONE MB $50


147. Walter "Fatz" Pichon — "Fat And Greasy/Deep South Boogie" Raymac 1101 M- Obscure New Orleans label MB $25


148. Tulsa Red — "Blues And Misery/Jam That Boogie" Swing Time 135 VG- WHITE LABEL PROMO—aka Lowell Fulson MB $5


149. Alton Redd — "You're A No Good Woman/Jimmie's Blues" Black & White 103 M- MB $25

150. Little Richard — "Taxi Blues/Every Hour" RCA Victor 20-4392 MINT His FIRST record. MB $300

151. Tony Spade And His Band — "Life Is A Mystery/What's Gwyne On?" Back Beat 505 M-/VG+ RARE on 78 rpm format MB $50


152. Mamie Spann — "Precious Lord/Jesus Is Always There" J-V-B 28 VG RARE MB $20

153. Arbee Stidham — "Mr. Commissioner/Someone To Tell My Troubles To" Checker 751 M- MB $50


154. Paul Tate — "Dance On/Everybody But Me" Falcon 1012 M- MB $30

155. Al Fats Thomas — "Baby Please No No/Dog Days" Checker 759 MINT MB $150


156. Jesse Thomas — "Now Is The Time/It's You I'm Thinking Of" Swing Time 241 M- RARE MB $25


157. Playboy Thomas — "No Doubt About It/Too Much Pride" Parrot 785 VG+ MB $25


158. Sonny Thompson — "Juke Joint Part 1/Part Two" Chart 633 M- MB $20


159. Joe Turner — "Blues Jump The Rabbit/The Sun Is Shining" Bayou 015 MINT MB $50

160. Vernita — "There's No Doubt About You/I'm Not Leaving You Alone" J. V. B. 2000 VG+ RARE MB $50

161. Ray Vincent And His Rhythm Boys — "When The Cat's Away/From The Bottom Of My Heart" Raven 1210 VG+ RARE MB $50


162. Little Walter And His Night Cats — "Juke/Can't Hold On Much Longer" Checker 758 VG MB $10


163. Little Walter And His Nightcaps — "Mean Old World/Sad Hours" Checker 764 VG+ MB $20


164. Little Walter And His Jukes — "Tell Me Mama/Off The Wall" Checker 770 M- MB $50


165. Baby Boy Warren — "Sanafee/Hello Stranger" J-V-B 26 Poor MB $5

166. Leon Washington's All Stars — "I'm So Lucky/Baby I Don' Love You Anymore" Theron 103 VG+ RARE MB $75


167. Junior Waters — "My Life Is A Seven/I Wonder I Wonder I Wonder" Bernlo 1001 VG- MB $5

168. Miss Byllye Williams — "Salty Simple Fool/Hangover Blues" Theron 101 M- RARE MB $100


169. Joe Williams With King Kolax — "Every Day I Have The Blues/They Didn't Believe Me" Checker 762 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


170. Jimmy Witherspoon — "Don't Tell Me Now/Corn Whiskey" Federal 12107 M-/VG+ MB $10

Original 1950's Rock & Roll Era 78's:

171. Joe Alexander And The Cubans — "Oh Maria/I Hope These Words Will Find You Well"Ballad 1008 • M- CHUCK BERRY'S VERY FIRST RECORD on local St. Louis Label, from 1952—four years before Chess and "Maybellene"! MB $200


172. George Archer And The Pagans — "Oh! Hula Lady/White Ginger Blossoms" Bell Records 82 VG+ Early 50's Hawaiian MB $5


173. Armenian Jazz Sextet — "Harlem Dance/Pretty Girl" Kapp 161 VG Canadian MB $5


174. Doc Bagby — "Cloud Eight/Home Run" Kaiser 383 VG+ Label wear on B-side MB $5


175. Lew Bari — "I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind/The Grotto By The Sea" SYDEC 1306 M- MB $10


176. Harry Belafonte — "Mama Look At BuBu/Don't Ever Love Me" RCA Victor 20-6830 M- MB $10


177. Billy & Lillie — "La Dee Dah/The Monster" Swan 4002 MINT MB $25

178. Billy Bland — "Chicken Hop/Chicken In The Basket" Tip Top 708 M- FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING BEFORE IT BECAME A MEGA-HIT ON OLD TOWN LABEL MB $50


179. The Brooklyn Boys — "Every Night/If She Should Call" Ferris 902 VG MB $5

180. Buster Brown — "Fannie Mae/Lost In A Dream" Fire 1008 M- RARE ON 78 FORMAT MB $200

181. Buster Brown — "The Madison Shuffle/John Henry" Fire 1020 VG Even rarer on 78!!! MB $100


182. Dizzy Brown And The Dancing Tambo-rines — "Georgia On My Mind/Am I Blue" Teen 105 VG+ MB $5


183. Dizzy Brown And The Dancing Tambo-urines — "Cecelia/Jada" Teen 111 M- MB $10

184. Mindy Carson — "The Bit-O-Honey Song/All The Bees Are Buzzin' Roun" RCA DJ-819 M- PROMO ONLY ISSUE to promote Bit-O-Honey candy MB $20

185. Hal Case And His Darts — "The Cola Song/Boogie Woogie Mambo" Black Gold 7814 M- Bill Haley sound-a-like on obscure label from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania RARE! MB $75


186. Sam Cooke — "Win Your Love For Me/Love Song From "Houseboat" " Keen 2006 VG MB $5

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