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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #13
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Original 1950's R&B Vocal Groups / Gospel Group 78's:

64. The Swans — "You May Forgive Yourself/It's A Must" Ballad 1002 VG+ MB $100


65. The Three Bars — "It Ain't Necessarily So/Kickin' The Mambo" Fiesta 20-034 VG MB $5

66. The Thrillers — "The Drunkard/Mattie, Leave Me Alone" The Thrillers 170 MINT FIRST LABEL, before Big Town, and owned by the group, 4 Star Custom press MB $100


67. The Thrillers — "I'm Going To Live My Life Alone/Lessy Mae" Thrillers 3530 VG Rarest one MB $25


68. The Tune Blenders — "Oh Yes I Know/Shoo Shoo" Federal 12201 VG MB $5

69. The Vibes — "Stop Jibing Baby!/Stop Torturing Me" Chariot 105 VG+ RARE, xol MB $300


70. The Watchmen — "The Gorgeous Gruen/Preachin' Blues" Black & White 300 M- MB $25


71. LaCille Watkins And The Watkins-Bell Singers — "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus/I Can Call Him Anytime" Bandwagon 513 VG RARE MB $10


72. Wings Over Dixie — "Ride On/What A Blessing" Tennessee 101 M- Female Black Gospel Group MB $30


73. Wings Over Dixie — "I'm Coming Home/Just A Little Closer Walk With Thee" Tennessee 103 VG+/M- Light Jukebox wear on A-side MB $10


Post War Blues / Jump Blues / R&B / Gospel 78's:

74. Bobby Anderson — "S'posin'/I Would Rather Stay Home With Your Picture" Theron 102 VG+ WHITE POP, on very scarce Black-owned Chicago label MB $5


75. Carl Anderson With Sister Greer — "My Heavenly Father Watches/Inside The Beautiful Gate" Ray 106 MINT RARE Oakland, California label MB $50


76. Paul Bascomb And His Orchestra — "Jan/Part Two" Parrot 792 M- MB $20

77. Fatso Bentley — "June-Teenth Jamboree/Fourth Of July Boogie" Swing Time 337 VG+ GLADYS BENTLEY and this is the first copy of this I've ever seen MB $50


78. Richard Berry — "Jelly Roll/Together" Flair 1075 M- MB $30


79. The Blues Man — "Kansas City Boogie/My Baby's Blues" Juke Box 101 VG+ MB $20

80. Sister Emily Bram Evangelist With Trio — "I Have A Friend Above All Others/Lord Jesus" Swing Records 186 M- MB $50


81. Charles Brown — "Merry Christmas Baby/Lost In The Night" Swing Time 238 MINT Classic and this is the true first pressing MB $30

82. Dusty Brown — "Please Don't Go/Well, You Know" Bandera 2503 VG RARE on 78 rpm MB $50


83. Ann Cole — "In The Chapel/Each Day" Baton 232 M- MB $20

84. Mickey Cooper — "I Had A Dream Last Night/When I Had Money" Swing 192 M- Tough one MB $30


85. Maxwell Davis & The All Stars — "The Bop Hop/Hung Out" Swing Beat 191 G MB $5

86. Sonny Boy Davis — "Rhythm Blues/I Don't Live Here No More" Talent 802 VG+ Light juke wear MB $75


87. Mercy Dee — "Anything In This World/Please Understand" Bayou 003 VG MB $10


88. Mercy Dee — "Crepe On Your Door/Happy Bachelor" Bayou 013 VG Jukebox wear MB $5


89. The Dixie Blues Boys — "My Baby Left Town/Monte Carlo" Flair 1072 VG GREAT MB $20


90. Floyd Dixon — "Brokenhearted/Houston Jump" Swing Time 261 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


91. Chiemi Eri And G.I. Joe — "Gomenasi/Pretty-Eyed Baby" Federal 12140 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $5


92. Charlie (Little Jazz) Ferguson — "Low Lights/Hi-Beam Mambo" Timely 1008 VG- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


93. Herbie Fields And Orchestra — "Harlem Nocturne/Things Ain't What They Used To Be" Parrot 775 M- MB $20


94. Herbie Fields And Orchestra — "I Love You/Mr. Jump" Parrot 806 MINT STAMPED "D. J. SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE" on the label MB $25

95. Sister Foster — "I'm Sealed/What To Do When Trouble Comes" Swing Time 309 M- RARE MB $25


96. Rev. C.L. Franklin — "The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow/Part II" J-V-B 66 M- MB $20


97. Rev. C.L. Franklin — "Sermon on "PRESSING ON" _ Six sides" J-V-B 81-83 VG+ Set of three records to cover the whole sermon MB $20


98. Rev. C. L. Franklin — "The Prodigal Son Part 1 and Part 6" J-V-B 91 Poor MB $5


99. Rev. C. L. Franklin — "The Prodigal Son Part 3 and Part 4" J-V-B 93 Poor MB $5


100. Rev. C. L. Franklin — "Hosea The Prophet, Gomer The Prostitute Part 2 & 6" J-V-B 102 VG- Edge chip not into grooves MB $5


101. Lowell Fulson — "Highway "99"/Trying To Find My Baby" Swing Time 116 MINT MB $25


102. Lowell Fulson & His Trio — "Just A Poor Boy/My Baby" Swing Beat 122 MINT MB $25


103. Lowell Fulson's Combo — "Rocking After Midnight/Every Day I Have The Blues" Swing Time 196 VG MB $5


104. Lowell Fulson With Guitar — "The Blues Is Killing Me/Did You Ever Feel Lucky" Swing Beat 220 M- MB $20


105. Lowell Fulson And His Trio — "Rainy Day/Miss Lillie Brown" Swing Records 231 M- MB $25


106. Lowell Fulson — "My Daily Prayer/Cash Box Boogie" Swing Time 335 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10

107. The Slim Gaillard Trio — "Dunkin' Bagel/Chili & Beans" Bee-Bee-Bee 1001 MINT RARE MB $75


108. Slim Gaillard Quartette — "Dunkin' Bagel/Don't Blame Me" Bee Bee 102 VG MB $10


109. Doris Gene And The Cinders — "Longing In My Heart/Wake Up Little Fool" June 103 P MB $5


110. Babs Gonzales And His Instrumental Jazz Men — "Sugar Ray/Cool Whalin' " Babs 6402 MINT RARE MB $25

111. Tye Tonge Hanley — "I'll Try To Understand/You Got My Nose Wide Open" J-V-B 88 • M- RARE AND WILD! MB $200


112. Coleman Hawkins And Orchestra — "What A Difference A Day Made/I'll See You Later" Parrot 783 VG+ MB $10


113. Jalacy Hawkins — "Baptise Me In Wine/Not Anymore" Timely 1004 VG+ Small tol on B-side — SCREAMING JAY HAWKINS MB $50

114. Henry Hayes And His Band — "Baby Girl/Bowlegged Angeline" Swing With The Stars 414 M- RARE MB $100


115. Al Hibbler — "I Love You/Hey Baby" Sunrise 515 M- MB $20


116. Albert Hibbler With Mercer Ellington & Orchestra — "Summertime/My Ev'a Lovin' Baby" Sunrise 2007 VG+ MB $5


117. Thelma Hawkins And Daughter — "He Knows How Much I Can Bear/Over The Hill" Federal 12009 M- Cloudy pressing MB $20


118. Reuben Henry — "Lord, I Want To Be There/Stay In Touch With Jesus" Fidelity 2001 M- With pressing flaw that clicks for a few seconds on A-side MB $20


119. Henry Hill — "Since You've Been Away/Hold Me Baby" Federal 12037 M- Cloudy pressing MB $20

120. Otis Hinton — "Walkin' Down Hill/Emmaline" Timely 1003 • M- GREAT! MB $200


121. Smokey Hogg "The Texas Bluesman" — "Penitentiary Blues - Part 1/Part 2" Top Hat 1020 MINT MB $75


122. Bull Moose Jackson — "Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/Memphis Gal" Super Disc 112 VG+ MB $10


123. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Sho Nuff I Do/1839 Blues" Flair 1039 M- MB $75


124. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Rock My Baby Right/Dark And Dreary" Flair 1048 VG+ MB $25


125. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Late Hours At Midnight/The Way You Treat Me" Flair 1062 M- MB $75


126. Rev. H. R. Jelks — "Come To Jesus Part 7/Part 8" J-V-B 20 VG MB $5


127. George Jenkins With Plas Johnson — "Last Call/Caravan" Tampa 112 VG MB $5


128. Rock Heart Johnson — "Evilest Woman In Town/Rock Heart Blues" RCA Victor 4967 M- MB $75


129. Christine Kittrell — "Sittin' Here Drinkin'/I Ain't Nothing But A Fool" Tennessee 128 M- MB $25

130. Julia Lee And Her Scat Cats — "Keep 'Em Barefoot And Busy/Baby I'm Through" Damon 12143 VG+/M- Before she hit it BIG on Capitol with "King Sized Papa," Miss Lee was making good records for this obscure St. Louis label. First copy of THIS title I've ever seen! MB $25


131. Nickie Lee — "Rock And Roll Blues/On The Next Train" K & M 378 G RARE ONE and GREAT JUMP BLUES MB $5


132. J. B. Lenore — "Tax Paying Blues/I'm In Korea" Parrot 802 VG MB $5


133. J. B. Lenore — "Mama Talk To Your Daughter/Man Watch Your Woman" Parrot 809 M- MB $20

134. Ernest Lewis — "No More Lovin'/West Coast Blues" Parrot 791 M- GREAT ONE!! MB $200


135. Lilette And Her Escorts — "Riffs And Rhythm/Old Time Daddy Blues" Sunshine 107 VG+/M- MB $10


136. Joe Hill Louis — "Dorothy Mae/When I Am Gone" Checker 763 VG/M- A-side has juke wear MB $20


137. Mitzi Mars — "I'm Glad/Roll 'Em" Checker 773 M- MB $20


138. The Maxim Trio — "Blues Before Sunrise/How Long Blues" Swing Records 178 MINT MB $30


139. Red Miller With The Lloyd Glenn Trio — "Still My Love Is Yours/Where Or When" Swing Beat 221 M- MB $20

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