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Closes Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #13
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Original Post War Hillbilly 78's:

338. Bill Hutto With Doc Guidry and His Sons Of The South — "Some Of These Days/Five Foot Five" Feature 1021 VG MB $5

339. Jacoby Brothers — "Bicycle Wreck/Doubtful Heart" T N T 1009 M- Wol MB $25

340. Jimmy James And His Country Gentlemen — "Pins & Needles/Is That What You Call Love" BBS 5000 M- MB $20

341. Shorty Joe And His Red Rock Canyon Cowboys — "Bayou Ball/Please Forget" Bella 4 MINT MB $25

342. Buddy Kendrick — "I Found The Key To Happiness/Anything Can Happen" Flair 1002 M- MB $20

343. Don Kidwell And His Red River Valley Boys — "How Could You/I Found A Star On Earth" Sylvan 350 VG MB $5

344. Klaudt Indian Family — "Waiting For His Return/He Bought My Soul" Family-Tone Gospel Records 522 M- RARE! MB $50

345. Dick Kuhn — "Chi-Chi-Ri-Gu/Put Your Arms Around Me Honey" Top 1150 M- MB $10

346. Dick Kuhn — "The Country Polka/The Black Hills Of South Dakota" Top 1152 VG With edge chip that does not go into the grooves MB $5

347. Frankie Lane And The Blue Ridge Boys — "Stuff 'N Which/Double Pass Through" Black Mountain Records 170 M- Wol MB $20

348. B. J. Baker — "Toss A Pebble/You're Out Of This World" Juke Box 1002 M- MB $20

349. Van Lee Rhythm Riders — "How Long Must A Heart Ache/Beverley" Keen 1039 VG MB $5

350. Tommy Little And His Sunrise Rangers — "We Can Never Love Again/High Geared Daddy" Tommy's TRC Records 1003 VG Obscure label from Durham, North Carolina MB $5

351. Ramblin' Lou And His Twin Pine Mountaineers — "An Ode To Hank Williams/The Death Of Hank Williams" Ramblin' Lou 206 MINT Tough one from Niagara Falls, New York MB $30

352. Whitt Luke Trio — "I Dreamed I Had You In My Arms/I Found Someone To Cry Over You" Fidelity Recording Service 100 M-/VG+ Obscure label from Amarillo, Texas MB $20

353. "Rusty" Marion And The Ozark Champions — "No One Will Ever Know/My Sweetheart's Confession" Town & Country 502 VG MB $5

354. Bob Mason's Western Swingbillies — "Honey, You're Letting Me Down/Too Late For Tears" Cozy 307 VG MB $5

355. Louise Massey — "Sage Brush And Sand/Lost" SUN 105 M- The SUN label from Albuquerque, New Mexico MB $30

356. Bob McCoy And His Western Stars — "My Honey's Got A Honey Of A Bathing Suit/Hi-Yo Ton" Token 100 M- Wol, VERY RARE!!! MB $50

357. Johnny Miller And His Sunset Ramblers — "Lay Down My Old Guitar/Little Brown Shoes" Sunset Ramblers Records 104 VG Sol, 4 Star custom press MB $5

358. Jimmy Murphy — "Educated Fool/Ramblin' Heart" RCA Victor 20-4394 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin VINYL MB $10

359. Hoyal Nix And His West Texas Cowboys — "I'm All Alone/A Big Ball's In Cowtown" Talent 709 M- MB $25

360. Doy O'Dell And The Stringopaters — "Stingy/Polka Dot Girl" Smiley Burnette Rancho Records M- Sol MB $25

361. Vess Ossman/The Ames Brothers — "Tell Me Pretty Maiden/The Man With The Banjo" RCA Victor D6-CB-6167 M- PROMO ONLY ISSUE celebrating "National Banjo Week" and Side One featuring the very first record issued by Victor from January 21, 1901! MB $20

362. Marshall Pack And The Kingsmen Quartet — "One By One/I Recommend" JOY 100 M- MB $25

363. Jack Padgett, The Texas Wrangler — "Peppermint Sticks/Unrestrained By Time" Talent 723 M- MB $25

364. Jack Padgett "The Texas Wrangler" — "Our Baby Boy/Three Little Words" Talent 735 M- MB $25

365. Knocky Parker Trio — "Supersonic Sonia/Maple Leaf Rag" Texstar Records 200 M- From Fort Worth, Texas MB $50

366. Joe Patek Orchestra of Shiner, Texas — "Shiner Beer-Polka/Patek's Special Waltz" F B C 122 M-/VG+ MB $25

367. Don Paull And The Canyon Caravan — "I Should Have Known/Old Dan" SUN 102 M- SUN label from Albuquerque, New Mexico MB $30

368. Johnny Payne And His Boys — "I'll Trade My Heart For Yours/Pretty Thing" Big State Records 125 M- MB $25

369. Happy Jack Petty With Red River Dave's Trio — "Westphalia Waltz/San Antonio Rose" JOY 101 VG- MB $5

370. Willie Phelps And Norman Phelps' Virginia Rounders — "I Paid No Attention/The Next Time I Get Married" Fernwood Records 2 MINT MB $30

371. Cowboy Phil And The Girls Of The Golden West — "Pennsylvania, My Pennsylvania/Trailing" Baker 11 M- Small wol MB $20

372. Cowboy Phil And The Girls Of The Golden West — "Trailing/When The Sunset Turns The Silver Sands To Gold" Baker 229 Poor MB $5

373. The Rambler Trio — "Guitar Boogie/Beaty Steel Blues" Super Disc 1004 VG MB $5

374. The Rangemen — "Las Vegas Bound/I'm Gonna Saddle The Moon" Range Records 2 M-/VG+ MB $20

375. The Rangers Quartette — "Lead Me To That Rock/He Will Lead His Children Home" Rangers 1001 M- MB $20

376. Ricky Riddle — "Second Hand Heart/Somebody's Stealin' My Baby's Sugar" Tennessee 711 VG MB $5

377. Jack Rivers And Janie Tucker — "If You Would Only Be Mine/Squaws Along The Yukon" J R Ranch 1425 VG/VG+ MB $5

378. Bob Roark — "Have A Talk With Your Heart/Love Commandments" Joyce 101 MINT MB $25

379. Aldus Roger And His Accordian — "Lifetime Waltz/Widows Of The Village" T N T 106 VG- MB $5

380. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans — "Christmas On The Plains/Wonderful Christmas Night" RCA Victor DJ-788 M- PROMO ONLY RELEASE ON THIN GREEN VINYL. MB $25

381. Roy Rogers — "Hawaiian Cowboy/Make Believe Cowboy" RCA Victor 20-2604 VG+ RED VINYL 78! PROBABLY THE ONLY COPY MB $50

382. Cousin Roy And The Silver Creek Jam-boree — "I Guess My Mailbox Is As Lonesome As Me/All The Time" Belvedere 3003 M- MB $25

383. Al Runyon — "Panamama/Changing Partners" Top Tunes 1064 M- With 2 inch hair crack MB $5

384. Tommy Schafer And The Blue Mountain Ramblers — "Just A Handful Of Mem'ries/Flop Eared Mule" Token 108 M- MB $25

385. Russ Scott — "Tomorrow The Sun Will Shine/Only Yours" A Superb Record 900 VG+ MB $20

386. Ramblin' Tommy Scott — "You Caused It All/Down In The Graveyard" Katona 100 M- RARE MB $100

387. Tommy Scott — "Uncle Sammy/Everything Reminds Me Of You" Federal 10026 M- Cloudy pressing MB $20

388. The Six Westernaires — "Why Don't These Blues Leave Me Alone/Singin' In The Saddle" Black & White 10001 M- MB $20

389. Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith's Sensational Trio — "After You've Gone/No O'Clock Jump" Super Disc 1032 M- MB $20

390. Arthur Smith's Kracker Jacks — "Have A Little Fun/Maybe I'm Right" Super Disc 1033 M- MB $20

391. Tommy Smith With Band — "Melody Of Love/Mexico" Tennessee Jamboree 3000 VG- MB $5

392. Dave Spielman And His Rhythm Rangers — "Colorado Waltz/It's Paw Who Pays" Ranger Recordings 148 M- 4 Star Custom Pressing MB $25

393. Claire Stewart With Hugh Waddill's Music — "Love For You, My Daddy/Toddlin' Waddlin' Duck" Texadisc 1003 VG+ MB $25

394. Joe Stewart — "Huntin' Blues/Barefoot Boy With Boots On" Talent 730 VG+ MB $5

395. Cliffie Stonehead And His Band — "Ragtime Doughboy Joe/Knock On Wood" Bel-Tone 0260 M- MB $20

396. Gene Tabor And The Midland Playboys — "Lonesome/So Many, Many, Times" TAB 141 M- MIDLAND, TEXAS LABEL and this is a 4 Star Custom Pressing MB $50

397. The Tall Men — "I'll Meet You By The River/When I Move" The Tall Men 101 M- MB $20

398. Al Terry With String Band — "God Was So Good/How Can It Be" Feature Records 1052 MINT MB $25

399. Buddy Thornton — "Ole Santa Is Coming To Town/Lonely Christmas Eve" Thornton 186 M- 4 Star Custom Pressing MB $25

400. Trail Blazers Brass Band — "Vienna Woods Waltz/Blue Danube Waltz" Ward's Trail Blazer 106 VG RARE label from the late 20's and this is a Polka band doing their versions of classic Strauss Waltzes . . . weird and amazing all at the same time! MB $25

401. Merle Travis — "That's All/Hide Your Face (By Red Murrell)" Atlas 113 M- MB $20

402. Jack Turner And His Granger County Gang — "Hound Dog/I Couldn't Keep From Crying" RCA Victor 20-5267 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5

403. Ray Wade And His Rhythm Riders — "Rose Of The Rancho/Somewhere Along The Trail" No label name or number VG MB $5

404. Buddy Walker The Smiling Troubador — "Love Letters/I Suppose" Talent 703 M- MB $25

405. Rusty Wellington's Radio Roundup — "Fairy Tales/A Lonely Heart For '49" Belle Records 1 M- MB $25

406. Marge Whaley — "I Wanna Say Hello/Wabash Blues" J R Ranch 1429 VG MB $5

407. Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys with Leon McAulifffe — "My Window Faces The South/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" The Antones 104 M- Special record available to Bob Wills Fan Club Members only MB $25

408. Mr. And Mrs. T.P. Wilson — "Grazing Part One/Part Two" Fidelicraft 102 VG MB $5

409. Austin Wood And His Missouri Swingsters — "Night Train To Memphis/Tellin' My Troubles To My Old Guitar" Sure 10883 M- MB $25

410. Del Wood — "Peter Cottontail/Easter Parade" Tennessee 815 M- MB $20

411. Skeets Yaney And The Ozark Champions — "You Can't Keep The Tears Out Of My Eyes/Darling, What Is Life Without Love" Town & Country 508 M-/VG+ MB $20

412. Skeets Yaney And The Ozark Champions — "The Love I Threw Away/Before You Break My Heart" Town & Country 509 VG+ MB $5

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