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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #13
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Rare, Original Rockabilly 78's:

269. Janis Martin — "Drugstore Rock And Roll/Will You, Willyum" RCA Victor 20-6491 M- Tough one on 78 rpm MB $50

270. Janis Martin — "Ooby Dooby/One More Year To Go" RCA Victor 20-6560 VG With tight hair crack MB $5

271. Janis Martin — "My Boy Elvis/Little Bit" RCA Victor 20-6652 M- TOUGH on 78 rpm format MB $50

272. Johnny Olenn And The Jokers — "Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down/Candy Kisses" T N T 1016 VG Hard to see small internal crack MB $5

273. Dave Rich — "Chicken House/I've Learned" RCA Victor 20-7045 M- Tough to find on 78 rpm format MB $50

274. The Sprout — "Teen Billy Baby/Goodbye, She's Gone" RCA Victor 20-7080 VG- MB $5

275. Andy Starr — "Do It Right Now/I Waited For You To Remember" Kapp 190 VG MB $10

Original Post War Hillbilly 78's:

276. Easy Adams And The Texas Top Hands — "I Had Someone Else Before You/The New Bandera Waltz" T N T 1007 M- MB $20

277. Gene Armstrong And His West Texas Nitehawks — "The Waltz Of The Rio Grand"/Your Gonna Be Sorry" Time 124 M- MB $20

278. Eddy Arnold — "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S/Will Santy Come To Shanty Town" RCA Victor DJ-787 VG+ White label promo only issue on green vinyl with special Christmas sleeve MB $25

279. Eddy Arnold — "Mama, Come Get Your Baby Boy/If I Never Get To Heaven" RCA Victor 20-5415 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO ON THIN VINYL MB $5

280. Eddy Arnold — "A Full Time Job/Shepherd Of My Heart" RCA Victor 20/47-4787 M-/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO ONLY RELEASE, WITH SPECIAL PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25

281. Eddy Arnold — "Tennessee Stud/What's The Good Of All This Love" RCA Victor 20-7542 M- Canadian pressing MB $20

282. Chet Atkins — "Boo Boo Stick Beat/Django's Castle" RCA Victor 20-7589 VG Canadian MB $5

283. Lee Babcock And His Swingtime Playboys — "A Cannibal King/Rangin' The Blue" B & S B-Disc-S 7501 VG+ RARE MB $10

284. B. J. Baker — "No-One-Home/Jason's Dixie Jive" Juke Box 1003 MINT MB $20

285. Johnny Balmer And His Grand Canyon Boys — "Boil Dem Cabbage Down/Take Me Back To Tulsa" Bel-Mar 5001 M- RARE ONE FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA MB $50

286. Jack Barbour And His Rhythm Rustlers — "Draggin' The Bow/Rocky Mountain Goat" Sunny Hills 106 M- MB $20

287. Joe Bean And His Western Serenaders — "There's Not A Thing/I Turned And Walked Slowly Away" Tops 209 VG MB $5

288. Vic Bias Panhandle Playboys — "Rose Of The Alamo/Nobody's Fool" Fargo 1114 VG MB $5

289. Black Hills Song Writing Team — "Fountain Of Youth/Your Woolies Are Tickling Me, Willie" B & S B-Disc-S 7512 VG+ MB $10

290. The Blind Gospel Twins — "I Won't Have To Cross Over Jordan Alone/Summertime" Times Square Mission 1 M- RARE one from Times Square, New York MB $20

291. Tex Bloye — "Talkin' Blues/Valley Of Peace" Gavotte 124 M- MB $20

292. Charlie Aldridge & His Western Swing Band — "I'm A Plain Talkin' Gal From The West/Black Sheep" Banner 525 M- MB $25

293. Boots And His Buddies — "Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday/Poor Little Joe" Talent 708 M- MB $20

294. Jeannie Bradway — "Christian Cowgirl/March Medley" Rapture 7 MINT RARE MB $25

295. Little Gloria Brady — "Car Hoppin' Baby/Just Doin' Things" Dandy 1003 VG- Made by T N T label from San Antonio MB $5

296. Billy Briggs And His X.I.T. Boys — "Go To Sleep Our Baby Boy/Coo-See-Coo" Time For 102 M- MB $20

297. Papa Cairo And His Boys — "Big Texas/Part Two" Feature 1049 VG+ MB $5

298. Cecil Campbell And His Tennessee Ramblers — "Money Can't Bring Happiness/Campbell Steel March" Big Wheel Select Records 111 M- Rare one from Charlotte, North Carolina MB $25

299. Cap, Andy And Flip — "Television In The Sky/My Dear Baby Girl" Fireside Melodies 19999 VG Gennett label related, from Richmond, Indiana MB $5

300. Jack Carlin And His City Cowboys — "The Tall Texan/BLANK" Superior No # VG One-sided PROMO ONLY release to promote the film "The Tall Texan" MB $10

301. The Carroll County Boys — "Carroll County Blues/Begin The Beguin" Flair 1001 M- MB $20

302. Carroll County Boys — "Carroll County Boogie/Flying Eagle Blues" Flair 1023 VG Xol MB $5

303. Bud Chambers And The Victory Crusaders — "Preach My Gospel/Satisfied" Sunshine 522 VG MB $5

304. Darlene Chambers — "The Healer/Lord Never Get Me Go" Sunshine 561 VG MB $5

305. Sally And Marvin Clark — "The Game Of Broken Hearts/Chocolate Whiskey And Vanilla Gin" Dart 7000 VG MB $5

306. Zeke Clements And His Western Swing Gang — "Oklahoma Blues/Am I Too Late" Blazon Records 8 M- MB $25

307. Mark Cook And His Merry Men — "Golden Saddles/Yallah!" SWCI Gold Seal 100017 VG MB $5

308. Riley Crabtree — "Shackles And Chains/You Had To Stray" Talent 719 M- MB $20

309. Elwin Cross And His Arizona Wranglers — "Back In Dear Old Oklahoma/You Can Take Me From Dixie" Sunstarr 111 VG+ RARE MB $50

310. The John Daniel Quartet — "When We All Get There/Justice Called And Mercy Answered" Daniel 228 M- MB $20

311. John And Troy Daniel — "Jesus Loves Me/Let That Sometime Be Now" Bama 41 M- MB $20

312. Red River Dave — "The Red Deck Of Cards/Searching For You, Buddy" T N T 1003 M- MB $20

313. Red River Dave And The Davis Sisters — "Truck Driver's Special/Midnight Mare" T N T 1011 M- RED VINYL PRESSING, #ol MB $50

314. Buster Doss And The Arkansas Playboys — "Graveyard Boogie/She's My Arkie" Talent 746 M- MB $20

315. Jerry Dove — "Drink Your Beer/I Just Want You" T N T 118 M- MB $20

316. Gabe Drake And His Paradise Valley Boys — "Don't Spare My Feelings/A-Tall, A-Tall" Jubilee 4040 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

317. Melvin Endsley — "I'd Just Be Fool Enough/Let's Fall Out Of Love" RCA Victor 20-7216 VG+ MB $5

318. Rody Erickson And His Dude Ranch Boys — "Saturday Dance/How Many Times" Black & White 10024 M- MB $20

319. Dale Evans — "Dusty Skies/If You Ever Come To Texas" Bel-Tone 0263 M- MB $20

320. Happy Fats And His Bayou Buckaroos — "Bayou Lafourche/Last Night I Dreamed Of You Again" Bella 6 M- MB $20

321. Bill Freeman And His Texas Plainsmen — "Haunted By A Heartache/Separate Ration Blues" Tex-Talent 62548 VG MB $5

322. Sister Gary And Her All Girl Chorus — "Surely/That Man Of Gallilee" Big Wheel Records 109 VG+ Obscure label from Charlotte, North Carolina MB $20

323. Early Graham And His Musical Drifters — "I Wish You'd Start Fooling Again/Stop Fooling My Heart" Texas Records 508 Poor Obscure label from Henderson, Texas MB $5

324. Hardrock Gunter And The Pebbles — "Dad Gave My Hog Away/Lonesome Blues" Bama 202 M- MB $20

325. Monte Hale With The Saddle Lads — "In My Stable/Is It Wrong" Bel-Tone 12 VG MB $5

326. Ben Hall "The Mesa Valley Boy" — "Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/Try It Again" Talent 745 M- MB $20

327. Mack Hamilton With String Band — "In A World Without You/I'm A Honky-Tonk Daddy" Feature 1087 M- MB $20

328. Eddy Hammons With Carl Dowdy And The Blue Ridge Ramblers — "Slippin' Around/Room Full Of Roses" Tim Bright 1 M- RARE Baltimore, Maryland label MB $25

329. Eddy Hammons With Carl Dowdy And The Blue Ridge Ramblers — "I Love You Because/Phillipino Rose" Tim Bright 2 M- MB $25

330. Roy Harris And The Magnolia Boys — "South Of San Antonio/No Home For My Heart" Flair 1000 M- First release on the Flair label MB $20

331. Ralph Hart And The Texas Musical Harts — "Jesus Is All I Need/I'm Longing For Jesus" Texas Musical Harts 30 VG+ MB $20

332. Dolph Hewitt And Three Friends — "Broken Promises/Rainbow Valley" KaHill 1002 M- MB $20

333. Lucky Hill With The Rolling Stones — "I'm Wondering/The Life Of Love" T N T 109 • M- RARE and what a name for a group—way before the British Invasion!MB $50

334. Orv Holliday's Rhythm Rangers — "Out On The Open Range/Rainbow Of Roses" B and J 3001 VG RARE MB $20

335. Jerry Hopkins And The Southern Playboys — "Cuddle Up To Me/My Everlasting Love" Dart 509 VG MB $5

336. Norm Hogue — "Too Old To Cut The Mustard/Georgia" J R Ranch 1431 VG+ MB $20

337. Billy Hughes' Pals Of The Pecos — "Milk Cow Blues/Stop That Stuff" Fargo 1115 MINT GREAT ONE MB $75

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