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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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HRK All Original 78's auction #12
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Original 1950's R&B Vocal Groups / Gospel Group 78's:

59. The Kool Gents — "I Just Can't Help Myself/You Know" Vee-Jay 207 M- MB $50


60. Dorothy Logan And The Gems — "Since I Fell For You/Small Town Man" Drexel 902 MINT MB $30


61. Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers — "Goody Goody/Creation Of Love" Gee 1039 VG+ MB $10


62. Peter Marshall With The Deputees — "Nice And Cozy/My Lovely Love" Melba 103 VG- MB $5


63. Ruth McFadden With The Royaltones — "Two In Love/You For Me" Old Town 1020 MINT MB $50


64. The Mellow Keys — "I'm Not A Deceiver/Listen Baby" GEE 1014 MINT MB $20

65. The Mello Moods With Chuck Higgins Orchestra — "That DuBonnet Wine/The Song Of Love" Recorded In Hollywood 399 MINT RARE!! Only the second copy I've ever had in 45 years in dealing records! MB $300


66. The Mello Moods — "I'm Lost/When I Woke Up This Morning" Prestige 856 M- PROMO COPY MB $200

67. The Mello Moods — "I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night/And You Just Can't Go Through Life Alone" Red Robin 104 • MINT RARE—no 45 on this one. There is a slightly earlier pressing on Robin but both really tough to find. MB $500


68. The Mello-Moods — "Where Are You/How Could You?" Robin 105 VG+ MB $50


69. The Miracle Men — "Miracles Will Happen/Out Of This World" Quartet Records 1955 M- From Canton, Georgia MB $20


70. Dean Barlow And The Montereys — "Dearest One/Through The Years" Onyx 513 M- MB $75


71. The Moonglows — "Sincerely/Tempting" Chess 1581 M- MB $25


72. The Moonglows — "She's Gone/Most Of All" Chess 1589 M- PROMO COPY pressed on thin VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $25

73. Gene Mumford And Serenaders — "When You're Smiling/Please Give Me One More Chance" WHIZ 1500 M- RARE—First copy I've ever had! MB $100


74. The Orchids — "You Said You Loved Me/I Can't Refuse" Parrot 819 M- MB $30

75. The Orioles — "Happy Till The Letter/I Just Got Lucky" Vee-Jay 196 MINT PROMO COPY These Vee-Jay Promos are REALLY hard to find MB $100

76. The Paragons — "Two Hearts Are Better Than One/Give Me Love" Winley 223 M- Rare on 78 rpm format, slight ring on B-side label MB $100


77. The Parkettes — "When Jesus Christ Was Born/Ring Those Bells" Park 101 VG MB $5


78. The Paupers — "Blue Sunday Morning/Prettiest Gal In Town" Melford 258 M- MB $50


79. Prisoners — "In The Garden/When Jesus Beckons Me Home" NO LABEL NAME 1 VG+ MB $20


80. Prisoners — "Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Leaning On The Everlasting Arms" NO label name 2 VG+ MB $20


81. The Ravens — "The Whiffenpoof Song/I Get All My Lovin' On A Saturday Night" Okeh 6825 VG+ MB $10


82. The Regals — "May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You/Run, Pretty Baby" Aladdin 3266 M- Faint #ol MB $20


83. The Rising Star Gospel Singers — "Bound For Canaan Land/Maybe It's You And Maybe It's Me' " Pacific 635 VG- MB $5


84. Helen Robinson Youth Chorus — "Time Is Winding Up/Dwelling In Beaulah Land" Vee-Jay 221 M- MB $25


85. The Rocketones — "Mexico/Dee I" Melba 113 VG+ MB $10


86. Maggie Hathaway And The Robins — "Bayou Baby Blues/Race Of Man" Recorded In Hollywood 112 MINT MB $50


87. The Robins — "I Made A Vow/Double Crossin' Baby" Crown 106 M- MB $30


88. The Rogues — "It's True/Puppy Love" Old Town 304 VG MB $5

89. Robert Ross Singers — "Good Morning To Heaven/Is He Yours?" Red Robin 102 VG+ RARE MB $100


90. The Scarlets — "Dear One/I've Lost" Red Robin 128 VG+ MB $5


91. The Scarlets — "Kiss Me/Indian Fever" Red Robin 138 M- MB $30


92. The Scarlets — "Cry Baby/True Love" Red Robin 135 VG+ MB $10


93. The Sequins — "Don't Fall In Love/Why Can't You Treat Me Right" Red Robin 140 M- MB $50


94. The Solitaires — "Blue Valentine/Wonder Why" Old Town 1000 VG MB $10

95. The Solataires — "Please Remember My Heart/South Of The Border" Old Town 1006 M- MB $50


96. The Solitaires — "What Did She Say/My Dear" Old Town 1012 M-/VG+ MB $10


97. The Solitaires — "Magic Rose/Later For You Baby" Old Town 1015 VG+/M- MB $10


98. The Solitaires — "The Honeymoon/Fine Little Girl" Old Town 1019 VG Wol MB $5


99. The Solitaires — "Please Remember My Heart/Big Mary's House" Old Town 1059 M-/VG+ RARE and from 1959 too! MB $200

100. The Southern Stars — "Tired Of The Devil/I Remember I Heard My Mother Pray" Chess 1556 M- Small wol and label tear on A-side MB $50

101. Southern Stars Of Richmond — "Weep Little Children/Jesus Will Be Waiting" Chess 1568 MINT #ol, RARE MB $100


102. The Southern Travelers — "I Can See Everybody's Mother/Jesus Will Save You" Oklahoma 12211 VG MB $5


103. The Spaniels — "False Love/Do You Really?" Vee-Jay 178 VG PROMO COPY with xol MB $5


104. The Spaniels — "Since I Fell For You/Baby Come Along With Me" Vee-Jay 202 M- MB $20


105. The Spaniels — "Tina/Great Googly Moo" Vee-Jay 278 VG+ MB $10


106. The Spaniels — "Stormy Weather/Here Is Why I Love You" Vee-Jay 290 G MB $5

107. The Spiritual Stars — "I'll Search Heaven/Good Religion" Chess 1485 M- Small wol on B-side, RARE MB $100


108. The Staple Singers — "Uncloudy Day/I Know I Got Religion" Vee-Jay 224 VG- MB $5

109. The Starlites — "Give Me A Kiss/Missing You" Peak 5000 M- RARE on 78 rpm format MB $100


110. The Sugar-Tones — "The Sun Shines Once Again/Your Fool Again" Okeh 6814 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

111. Swanee River Quartet — "Lord Have Mercy/Jesus Is My Friend" Olliet 10 MINT RARE MB $100


112. The Swensons — "Remember Me To My Darling/Golly Boo" X-Tra 100 VG TOUGH one MB $20


113. The Topps — "I've Got A Feeling/Won't You Come Home Baby" Red Robin 131 M- MB $30


114. The Treniers — "Get Out Of The Car/Who Put The `Ungh" In The Mambo" Okeh 7050 M- MB $20


115. The Twintettes — "Let The People Talk/I'm So Glad" Vee-Jay 284 M- MB $50

116. Two Gospel Keys Of Augusta, Georgia — "Every Man's Got To Lay Down And Die/I Can't Tarry" Red Robin 106 VG RARE MB $50

117. The Valentines — "Tonight Kathleen/Summer Love" Old Town 1009 M- RARE!!! MB $100


118. The Velours — "Remember/Can I Walk You Home" Onyx 520 G MB $5


119. The Velvets — "I Cried/Tell Her" Red Robin 127 M- MB $20


120. The Vocaleers — "Is It A Dream/Hurry Home" Red Robin 114 M- MB $25


121. The Vocaleers — "I Walk Alone/How Soon" Red Robin 119 M- MB $25


122. Rev. J.E. Waddell And The Wynne Gospel Singers — "If You Ever Need The Lord/My God Called Me" Wynne 102 M- MB $25


123. The Wheels — "My Heart's Desire/Let's Have A Ball" Premium 405 VG MB $5


124. Otis Williams And His Charms — "One Night Only/It's All Over" DeLuxe 6095 M- MB $20


125. The Willows — "Church Bells May Ring/Baby Tell Me" Melba 102 VG MB $5

126. Wings Over Jordan — "Queen Label THREE RECORD SET WITH COVER" Queen 4140-4142 M-/M- Very scarce package of three 78's with nice cover as shown. Two of the three 78's have 2" hair cracks. MB $50


Original Blues / R&B / Gospel 78's:

127. Al Benson With The Leon Abby Trio — "If You Were The Only Girl/Abbey's Boogie"Parrot 6000 • M- SUPER RARE — one of maybe TWO known copies. MB $500


128. Leroy Abernathy — "Gospel Boogie/You Can't Believe Everything You Hear" White Church Record 1084 VG MB $5


129. Johnny Ace With The Beale Streeters — "Cross My Heart/Angel" Duke 107 M- MB $20


130. Ray Agee — "Can't Find My Way/Brought It All On Myself" Queen 101 G MB $5

131. Jesse Allen — "Baby Say You Will/Goodbye Blues" VIN 1002 M- RARE MB $100


132. The Alley Kats — "Rocking Chair/Alley Kats" P-C 100 M- MB $100


133. Gene Allison — "Reap What You Sow/Tell Me The Truth" Vee-Jay 305 M- MB $20


134. Robert Anderson — "Prayer Changes Things/God Answers Prayers" Chess 868 VG+/M- MB $20


135. Doc Bagby — "Joy Ride/The House Rocker" Okeh 7080 M- MB $20


136. Eugenie Baird — "Why Should I Want You/Be Good To Yourself" Vinrob 1 M- Thin VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $20


137. Eugenie Baird — "Somebody's Lonesome/I Ain't Got No Money" Vinrob 5 M- MB $20

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