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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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HRK All Original 78's auction #12
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Original Obscure Post War Country / Country Gospel 78's:

395. Bennie Hess And His Nation's Playboys — "Forever Gone/I'm Not Gonna Fool With You" Opera Records Co. 102 M- Houston, Texas MB $50

396. Bennie Hess — "You Know And I Know/1/2 Half Century Novelty Yodle No. 2 1950 Blues" Opera Record Company 1531 M-/VG+ MB $20

397. Bennie Hess And His Nation's Play Boys — "Texas Star/It's So Hard To Bear" Opera Record Co. 1019 M- MB $50

398. Mark Hurley And His Radio Express Boys — "Are You From Dixie/You Left Me Forsaken" Recorded In Hollywood 418 M- MB $25

399. Shot Jackson — "Stealing The Mood/Beautiful Hawaiian Shores" Pacemaker 1009 M- MB $25

400. Al James And The Western Rhythm Boys — "Don't Talk To Me/Stranded" Vestal 101 G MB $5

401. Bob Jennings And The Eagle Rangers — "That Old Moon Seems To Know/Be My Darling" World Records 1503 M- MB $20

402. Don Johnson And The Mountain Wizards — "Briar Hopper/I'd Like To See You Again" Echo 1001 VG+ Middletown, Ohio label MB $10

403. Claude King — "A Million Mistakes/Why Should I?" Pacemaker 1010 VG+ Wol MB $20

404. Tommy Kizziah And His West Coast Ramblers — "Long Tom Boogie/Too Much Light In My Eyes" West Coast Records 115 M- RARE MB $75

405. Larry Lane And The Melo-Men — "You Wouldn't Answer The Phone/We'd Better Call The Calling Off, Off" Sapphire 718 M- MB $20

406. Floyd LeBlanc And His Magic Fiddle — "Louisiana Waltz/Hackberry Two Step" Opera Record Company 107 VG+ Cajun MB $20

407. Rebel Lee — "Waitin'/You Didn't Want Me When You Had Me" Palace 114 M- MB $20

408. Wilma Lee And Stoney Cooper — "Don't Play That Song/You Belong To Somebody Else" WWVA Jamboree 49017 VG+ MB $20

409. Elmo Linn — "Broken Vows/I'll Shed No Tears" Red Barn Record 1197 M- MB $20

410. Evelyn Lynne — "Hush Little Heartache/Travelin' " Oroco 19537 MINT MB $20

411. Ray Mallon — "You Are All I Want For Christmas/I Believe In You" Edmoral 953 VG+/M- MB $10

412. Maple Leaf Quartet — "If You Want To Go Home/You Must Get Right" Quartet Records 0016 M- MB $20

413. Ronnie Martin With The Timbers — "I'm Thankful/Hey Doc" Pilgrim 721 VG MB $5

414. Frankie Marvin — "Guitar Polka/It's A Sin" San Antonio 103 M- MB $20

415. Frankie Marvin's Boogie Billies — "Honey Could Be/Have I Been Mean To You" San Antonio 109 M- Wol MB $20

416. Matthew's Brothers Quartet — "Troubled River/Peace In The Valley" Word 677 M- MB $20

417. Walt McCoy And The Decoys — "I'm Gonna Get A Honky Tonk Angel/Why Be True" Pacific Records 145 M- RARE 4 Star Custom press MB $50

418. Otis McManus And The Wonder Valley Boys — "My Mother's Gone To Heaven/Jesus Knows" Echo 110 VG Small sticker on the label NEW ORLEANS LABEL MB $10

419. The Melodyaires — "Something Within/Just A Closer Walk With Thee" Medodyaires 17 M- MB $25

420. Neal Merrit — "Korean Love Song/I Got Fooled" Sarg 104 VG+ MB $10

421. Neal Merritt — "Sweeping Up The Ashes/There's An Hour To Every Minute" Sarg 111 VG+ MB $10

422. Willie Nelson & J. Jerico — "Slow Down Old World/I'm Building Heartaches" Pamper Music Inc. VG 10" 78 rpm acetate from Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The A-side is the original version from WAY before his duet with Waylon Jennings—one of a kind! MB $100

423. Ken O' Rourke And The Rhythm Rangers — "I'm Ridin'/Your Good-Bye" Veritone 1002 VG MB $5

424. Bonnie Owens — "Take Me/I Traded My Heart For His Gold" X 0028 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $5

425. Buck Owens — "The House Down The Block/Right After The Dance" PEP 106 M- MB $25

426. Yodelin' Bob Parsons And His Sunset Riders — "No Tickee No Washee/A Slab In The Lab" Process 516 M- MB $25

427. Webb Pierce And His Southern Valley Boys — "Drifting Texas Sand/You Scared The Love Right Out" Pacemaker 1003 VG+ Wol MB $20

428. Webb Pierce And Shot Jackson With The Southern Valley Boys — "In The Jailhouse/The Last Waltz" Pacemaker 1015 VG+ MB $20

429. Webb Pierce — "You're Not Mine Anymore/More And More" Webb Pierce 86205 VG- Wol, VINYL MB $5

430. Pete Pike — "I Can See An Angel/In The House Of The Lord" Pete Pike 6640 M- PROMO with wol, VINYL MB $20

431. The Prairie Ramblers — "Farewell Blues/Make Room In Your Heart For A Friend" Mercury 2042 M- MB $20

432. Bob Price — "Sticks And Stones/How Can It Be?" Chess 1495 M- RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS WITH SAM PHILLIPS AT THE CONTROLS MB $30

433. Clay Ramsey And The Old Timers — "Rye Waltz/Home Sweet Home" Old Timer 8009 Poor MB $5

434. The Rebels Quartet — "Gospel Boogie/Peace Like A River" Webb City 200 VG+ MB $5

435. Curley Remington — "You Ain't Worth A Dime/Ozark Baby" San Fernando 500 VG+ MB $10

436. Renfro Valley Folks — "The Valley Where Time Stands Still/What Do I Do With The Baby O" Bell Records RV 2001 M- Vinyl MB $20

437. Slim Rhodes — "Sixty Days/Memphis Bounce" Gilt-Edge 5026 M- RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS IN MEMPHIS WITH SAM PHILLIPS AT THE CONTROLS MB $25

438. Slim Rhodes — "Skunk Hollow Boogie/Save A Little Love For Me" Gilt-Edge 5015 VG+/M- RECORDED AT SUN STUDIOS IN MEMPHIS WITH SAM PHILLIPS AT THE CONTROLS MB $20

439. Ralph Richardson — "C. C. Rider Blues/Seven Come Eleven" Pee Wee Records 101 M- RARE one from Orange, Texas MB $50

440. Agnes Riley And The Craftones/Harry Crafton And The Craftones — "Big Fat Hot Dog" by Agnes Riley/"She's Got A Mule Kick In Her Eyes" by Harry Crafton Oscar 106 M- MB $25

441. Dick Rodgers Prince Of The Polkas And His Band — "Let's Be Happy Polka/Josie Polka" Pastel 8050 M- MB $20

442. Gene Rodrigue And The Bayou Boys — "Jole Fille/Everything" Meladee 101 M- RARE Louisiana MB $50

443. Jesse Rogers And His 49'ers — "Cry Baby Heart/But I'll Go Chasin' Women" RCA Victor 33-0002 M- MB $20

444. Shorty Rogers And The Western Caravan — "Blue/Gone" Western Caravan 901 M-/VG+ MB $20

445. Weldon Rogers — "Please Return My Broken Heart/I'm Building A ???" Queen 151 M- RARE MB $50

446. Speedy Ross With The Wagon Masters — "Let's Fight The Bull/Old-Trail" Melody 1000 M- MB $25

447. Jimmie Saul And His Prairie Drifters — "What A Price You'll Have To Pay/Firecracker Stomp" Redskin 501 M-/VG+ MB $20

448. Schroeder's Playboys — "Sheik Of Araby/SAME" Western Jubilee 4012 M- MB $20

449. Schroeder's Playboys — "By The Sea/SAME" Western Jubilee 523 M- MB $20

450. Cal Shrum And His Rhythm Riders — "I Can't Help The Way You Feel/I'm Human Same As You" Westernair Records 106 M- Two inch hair crack MB $10

451. Big Slim And His Oklahoma Playboys — "I had To Learn The Hard Way/Never Get Too High" Page 507 VG+ MB $10

452. Red Smith With The Bayou Boys — "Country Boy's Love/Once Again" Meladee 102 M- RARE Louisiana MB $25

453. Sons Of The Purple Sage — "Can't Play Around Anymore/Cold Kisses" Santa Records 501 VG+ MB $10

454. Stamps Ozark Quartet — "I'll Hold His Hand In Gloryland/Tell My Friends" Ozark 103 M- MB $20

455. Stardust Duo — "Connie Jean/Lazy Two Step" Western Jubilee 5035 M- Sticker stain on the label MB $20

456. Gene Sterling With J.R. Ranch Sweethearts — "Cry Baby Baby/So Do I" Vogue 1022 M- MB $20

457. Hed Stone And The Gravediggers — "Juke Box Cannonball/The Wreck Of The Old 97" Oscar 102 VG+ RARE AND WHAT A NAME FOR A BAND!! MB $50

458. The Sundowner's Band — "Waltz Of The Range/Blue Pacific Waltz" Windsor 7638 VG+ MB $10

459. Gid Tanner And His Skillet Lickers — "Flop-Eared Mule/Soldier's Joy" RCA Victor 410-0570 M- MB $20

460. Joe Taylor And The Indiana Red Birds — "He's A Cowboy Auctioneer/I'm Going To Settle Down" Red Bird 1005 VG Wol MB $5

461. Jack Thornhill And The Royal Texans — "Jimmie Jeffries Rag/Tears In My Heart" San Joaquin Valley Records 100 VG+ RARE ONE FROM STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA MB $50

462. Floyd Tillman — "Baby, I Just Want You/Save A Little For Me" Sarg 137 MINT MB $30

463. The Top-Hatters — "On The Morning After The Night Before!/No One Ever" Park Avenue 2006 M- MB $20

464. Peck Touchton — "I'm Just A Standby/My Baby Ain't Around" Sarg 146 M- MB $25

465. Smilin' Eddie Varnado And The Delta Ranch Hands — "Oh, What A Line/I'm A Soldier Boy Again" Echo 114 VG RARE New Orleans Label MB $25

466. Betty, Bobby, Lou And Calvin Wills — "I Saw A Man/If I Didn't Have Jesus By My Side" Wills Family Quartet 101 M- MB $20

467. Betty, Bobby, Lou And Calvin Wills — "He Bought My Soul/Led By The Master's Hand" Wills Family Quartet 102 M- MB $20

468. Ware Brothers — "There's A Name Written Down In The Book Of Life/Let The Song Waves Roll" Ware 101 VG+ MB $20

469. Old Pop Watts And His Plantation Melody Boys — "You Can't Bother Me No More/Broken Heart" Phamous Records 403 M- MB $25

470. Art Wenzel And His Ragtime Cowboys — "Yodeling Cowboy Polka/Go, Toot Your Flute" Pan-American 49 M- MB $20

471. Paul Westmoreland And His Pecos River Boys — "Texas Steel Guitar/Oklahoma Bound" San Antonio Records 106 M- MB $20

472. The Westport Kids — "Your Kisses Turned Sour/You Kaint Take It With You" Westport 130 M- MB $20

473. Doc Williams And His Border Riders — "Broken Memories/Bright Red Horizon" Pioneer 5001 VG+/M- MB $25

474. Chickie Williams With Doc William's Border Riders — "Beyond The Sunset/Bright Red Horizon" Wheeling 1001 M- MB $20

475. Chickee Williams — "This Little Rosary/Sweet Hour Of Prayer" Wheeling 1004 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

476. Doc Williams With The Border Riders — "Rainbow/Mary Of The Wild Moor" Wheeling 1011 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

477. Doc Williams And The Border Riders — "I'm Seeking A Harbor/I'm Watching The Train Passing By" Wheeling 1018 M- MB $20

478. Tex Williams — "That's The Reason Why/Tell Me Why" Westernair 801 M- MB $20

479. Britt Wood With Cal Shrum And His Rhythm Rangers — "I've Got Nuggets In My Pockets/If You'll Believe In Me" Westernair 4006 VG+/M- MB $10

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