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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #12
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Original 1950's Rock & Roll Era 78's:

302. Chuck Berry — "Let It Rock/Too Pooped To Pop" Chess 1747 VG SUPER RARE on 78 rpm format from 1960! This is the last Chuck Berry record to appear on a USA pressed 78 rpm and almost impossible to find! MB $200

303. Bayou Bill And The Headliners — "Old Man Of The Marshes/I'll Always Love You Darlin" Patio 3 VG+/M- Rare New Orleans label MB $10

304. Johnny Clark — "Whimsy/The Girl In The Horn Rim'd Spectacles" Whimsy Ltd. 242 M- MB $10

305. Patsy Cline — "Today, Tomorrow And Forever/Try Again" Decca 30339 M- TOUGH TO FIND ON 78 RPM MB $50

306. Danny & The Juniors — "At The Hop/Sometimes" ABC Paramount 9871 VG+/M- MB $50

307. The Everly Brothers — "Cathy's Clown/Always It's You" Warner Brothers 5151 M- SOUTH AFRICAN PRESSING MB $100

308. The Everly Brothers — "Lucille/So Sad" Warner Brothers 5163 M- South African pressing MB $100

309. The Everly Brothers — "Ebony Eyes/Walk Right Back" Warner Brothers 5199 M- MB $100

310. The Everly Brothers — "Temptation/Stick With Me Baby" Warner Brothers 5220 M- South African pressing MB $100

311. The Everly Brothers — "Muskrat/Don't Blame Me" Warner Brothers 5501 M- MB $100

312. Joan Greer And The Twiliters — "The Shy Little Girl In The Peek-A-Boo Hat/Ask Any Daisy" Orbit 200018 M- MB $10

313. Bill Haley And The Saddlemen — "Rocket "88"/Tearstains On My Heart" Holiday 105 M- MB $75

314. Bill Haley And His Comets — "Chick Safari/Hawk" Warner Brothers 5154 M- South African pressing MB $100

315. Bill Haley And His Comments — "Let The Good Times Roll, Creole/So Right Tonight" Warner Brothers 5171 M- South African pressing MB $100

316. Dale Hawkins — "Susie-Q/Don't Treat Me This Way" Checker ACETATE M- May not be authentic from the 50's MB $20

317. Dale Hawkins — "Four Letter Word/BLANK" Checker ACETATE M- May not be authentic 1950's acetate MB $20

318. Dale Hawkins — "Hot Dog/BLANK" Universal ACETATE M- May not be authentic from the 1950's MB $20

319. Dale Hawkins — "Superman/BLANK" Universal ACETATE M- May not be authentic from the 1950's MB $20

320. Ronnie Hawkins — "Hey! Bo Diddley/Love Me Like You Can" Quality 1827 M- Canadian MB $20

321. Bobby Helms — "Love My Lady/Just A Little Lonesome" Decca 30557 M- Really scarce late one from 1959 on 78 rpm format MB $30

322. Frankie Laine/Jackie Smith & Mr. Mercury — "A Special Message From Jackie Smith And Mr. Mercury"/"Ah, But It Happens" by Frankie Lane" Mercury 10 VG MB $5

323. Snooky Lanson And Jackie Smith And Mr. Mercury — "A Special Message From Jackie Smith And Mr. Mercury"/"Down Among The Sheltering Palms" by Snooky Lanson" Mercury 12 VG+ MB $10

324. Lucky — "Lucky Rock And Roll/The Prize Winners Platter" RCA 5901 VG+ 7" 78 rpm MB $5

325. Earl Robbins And The Miller Sisters — "I Ain't Gonna Worry No More/Who's Kiddin' Who" Q 1002 M- Wol MB $10

326. Ricky Nelson — "I'm Walking/A Teenager's Romance" Verve 10047 VG+ MB $20

327. Earl Paul And His Orchestra — "Hey Mabel Take Me Out To The Ball Game/Hey Mabel March" Pavis 102 M- MB $10

328. Raggedy Ann And Raggedy Andy — "Two Record Set with Cover" RCA Victor Y-35 M-/M- MB $25

329. Ray Stevens — "Tingle/Five More Steps" Prep 122 VG VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $5

330. Sticks & Stones — "Desperately/You Made Me Cry" Point 6 M- MB $20

331. Jackie Riggs — "The Great Pretender/His Gold Will Melt" Media 1020 M- MB $20

332. David Van Dyke — "Dyke Takes A Hike/We'll Be Together Again" Peacock Progressive Jazz 502 M- MB $10

333. Captain Video — "Captain Video And The Captives Of Saturn TWO record set" RCA Victor 2009 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25

Original 1950's Rockabilly 78's:

334. Joe Clay — "Get On The Right Track/Cracker Jack" VIK 0218 M- RARE on 78 rpm format MB $100

335. Shorty Cross And His Arizona Riders — "Oakie Boogie/Near You" PINE 1011 VG RARE MB $75

336. Jimmie Dale — "Tennessee Ghost Train/No Money Down" Original 501 M- MB $25

337. Dusty Duncan And His Western Travelers — "Milk Cow Blues/Moonlight On My Pillow" San Joaquin Record Company 100 M- RARE!! The real ROOTS of Rockabilly!!! MB $100

338. Charlie Feathers — "Now, Little Girl/Feel Good Again" Perfect 69109 M- VINYL 78 from the early 1970's MB $25

339. Bill Flagg — "Go Cat Go/A Good Woman's Leavin' " Tetra 4445 M- Slight center hole damage on B-side MB $20

340. Charlie Graci — "Boogie Boogie Blues/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter" Cadillac 141 M- MB $25

341. Corky Jones — "Hot Dog/Rhythm And Booze" PEP 107 VG RARE on 78 rpm format MB $100

342. Sid King And The Five Strings — "Purr, Kitty, Purr/Mama I Want You" Columbia 21489 M- MB $25

343. Hoyle Nix And His West Texas Cowboys — "Real Rockin' Daddy/Another You" Queen 149 VG RARE MB $100

344. Lynn Pratt & The Tomcats — "Troubles/I Don't Need" Hornet 1001 M- MB $50

345. Jimmy Spellman — "She Wants A Lover Man/No Escape" VIV 1005 MINT MB $50

346. The Westport Kids — "Mama—I Won't Rock It/Yearning—Praying" Westport 128 MINT MB $25

Original Obscure Post War Country / Country Gospel 78's:

347. Abigale And The Knightshades — "Frankie And Johnnie/That's When Your Heartaches Begin" SC Winchester 405 M- MB $20

348. Al Antoinio — "Luigi/No Money In De Pocket" Oscar 104 MINT MB $20

349. Al Barkle And His Trailblazers — "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone/Would You Mind" Polkaland 99 VG MB $5

350. Jerry Barlow With String Band — "Louisiana Baby/Drifting Along The River" O T 103 VG+ MB $20

351. Tommie Bateman With The Country Gentlemen — "I Still Care/Out Of My Heart" Worth 1060 VG+ Waco, Texas label MB $20

352. Denny Beckner — "Sorrento/A Heart Could Be Broken That Way" Melco 52150 M- Corpus Christi, Texas label MB $25

353. Dudley Bernard With Gene Rodriguez And the Bayou Boys — "You've Got To Walk/That Loneliness Behind Your Smile" Mela'Dee 7 VG wol on B-side MB $10

354. Virgil Bozman — "Blues For Oklahoma/Don't Let It Grieve Your Little" O T 109 VG+ MB $10

355. Virgil Bozeman And Circle C Boys — "Troubles, Troubles/For Each Mistake You Pay" O T 112 VG+/VG MB $10

356. Elton Britt — "Chime Bells/Someday" RCA Victor 420-0532 M- MB $10

357. Buck Buchanon And The Rhythm Rogues — "Life Gits Tee-Jus, Don't It/Lover's Blues" World Records 1507 M- MB $25

358. Buddy & Claude With The Kentuckians — "Flying Saucers/I Want You To Be Loved" President 10 M- MB $25

359. High Pockets Busse With The Frontiersmen — "Tired Out From Cryin'/Heartbroken" Velvet 27 VG+ MB $10

360. The Californians — "A Pretty Girl Dressed In Blue/Missouri Waltz" Windsor 7614 VG+ MB $10

361. Hugh Cameron And The Sagebrush Serenaders — "Bless Your Heart/Journey's End" Vel Tone 108 VG+ MB $10

362. Sonny Carroll With Shorty Warren And The Western Ranchers — "I Found Somebody Else/I Still Have A Picture Of You" Western Ranger 1704 VG MB $5

363. Slim Clarke The Yodeling Cowboy — "Yodel Polka/I Should Have Known" Wheeling 1153 M- MB $25

364. Curley Coldiron And The Circle C Boys — "I'm Sorry For You My Friend/Honky Tonk Blues" Melody Hill 802 VG+ MB $10

365. Jimmy Dallas — "I'm No Good For You Anymore/Good Intentions" Westport 127 M- MB $25

366. Jimmy Dallas — "I've Got A Right To Know/Who Do? Honey You Do" Westport 131 M- MB $25

367. Jimmy Dallas — "Treasured Souvenirs/Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo" Westport 136 M- MB $25

368. Hall Daniels And The Naturals — "I Didn't Mean To Be Mean To You/There You Go" Velvet 11 M- MB $20

369. Hall Daniels And the Naturals — "Heaven Too/I'm Blue All The Time Anymore" Velvet 21 M- MB $20

370. Link Davis — "Big Houston/Cockroach" Sarg 136 M- MB $25

371. Eddie Dean The Golden Cowboy — "The Big Stampede/The 66 Stampede" RCA 6221 M- 7" 78 rpm MB $20

372. Milt Dickey — "Television Love/Bleeding Heart" Westport 139 M- MB $25

373. Milt Dickey — "Easy Payment Heart/Six Of One" Westport 133 M- MB $25

374. Fiddlin' Jabe Dillon "Old Time Fiddlin' Champion of Mississippi — "Brown Skin Gal/Memphis Mail" Echo 116 VG- MB $10

375. Dixie Rhythm — "Just One Rose Will Do/Slow Down Take Your Time" Quartet 2001 VG MB $5

376. Slim Dossy With Smokey Rogers And His Western Caravan — "That's All/Right Out Of My Heart" Western Caravan 105 VG+ MB $10

377. Eddy Dugosh And The Ah-Ha Playboys — "Strange Kinda Feelin'/Don't You Realize" Sarg 135 MINT MB $25

378. Russ Everett And The Mell-O-Tone Boys — "Watching You Thru/Could I Ever Be Happy Again" Mell-O-Tone 1002 VG+ MB $5

379. Terry Fell And The Fellers — "Paper Heart/You Don't Want Me Anymore" Memo 3002 M- MB $25

380. Four Sharps — "Moonlight Serenade/Crazy Mixed Up Heart" Meladee 107 VG+/M- MB $25

381. Tillman Franks — "California Blues/Hayride Boogie" Pacemaker 1101 VG/VG+ MB $20

382. Curly Gibson And The Sunshine Play Boys — "They'll Never Make A Monkey Out Of Me/I Want You Back" Pennsylvania Record Co. 145 M- MB $25

383. Rusty Gilbert And The Louisiana Swing Boys — "Lovesick Blues/Please Don't Let Me Love You" World Recordings 1513 VG+ MB $10

384. Gospel Melody Quartet — "I'll Meet You By The River/Talk, Talk, Talk About Jesus" Whit's 2001 MINT MB $25

385. Happy Goodman Family — "He'll Understand And Say Well Done/I Don't Mind" Wally Fowler 1003 VG+ MB $10

386. Loy Gordon And His Buckeye Buddies — "You Broke My Heart/Jaw Jaw Jaw" Pioneer 5003 VG+ MB $10

387. Greater Kensington String Band — "Highways Are Happy Ways/Nobody's Sweethearts" Pals Records 3002 M- MB $20

388. Mel Grigg's Sons Of The Saddles — "Springtime On The Range/The Timber Trail" Melodisc 502 VG MB $5

389. James Hall & Tex Ramblers — "When The Roundups All Woundup/Watch For Santa Claus" Western Ranch Music 15 VG MB $5

390. Johnny Hall And His Star Rangers — "Lovers Lane/Loving, Loving Heart" Recorded In Hollywood 415 M- MB $20

391. Suzy Hamblen — "I Believe/These Things Shall Pass" Voss 1002 VG+ Arcadia, California label MB $25

392. Eddy Hammons With Carl Dowdy And The Blue Ridge Ramblers — "I Love You So Much It Hurts Me/I Know Just What It Means To Be Lonely" Tim Bright 4 MINT MB $30

393. Smoky Hart And His Rangers — "Shenandoah Waltz/It's No Secret" Melody Hill 1003 VG Chicago label MB $5

394. Johnny Haynes And His Melody Wranglers — "My Sweet Floella Rose/Starting Today" Melody Trail 209 M- Palmdale, California label MB $50

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