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Closes Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #12
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Original Blues / R&B / Gospel 78's:

138. Rev. Ballenger — "This Train/How I Got Over" Chess 1590 M- MB $30

139. Allen Baum With The Larks — "Too Much Competition/My Kinda Woman" Red Robin 124 M- GREAT!!! MB $50

140. Elder Beck — "Wine Head Willie Put That Bottle Down/I'm Gonna Tell God" Chess 1539 VG- MB $10

141. Eddie Bo — "I Cry Oh/My Heart Was Meant For You" Apollo 499 M- MB $20

142. Charley Booker — "Rabbit Blues/No Ridin' Blues" Blues & Rhythm 7003 G MB $5

143. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "Third Degree/Back Beat" Chess 1541 VG- MB $5

144. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "Hush Baby, Don't You Cry/Came Home This Morning" Chess 1573 VG+ MB $5

145. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "The Story Of Bill/Please Help Me" Chess 1582 M- MB $20

146. Eddie Boyd And His Chess Men — "The Nightmare Is Over/Real Good Feeling" Chess 1595 M- MB $20

147. Robert Boyd aka PROFESSOR LONGHAIR — "East St. Louis Baby/Boyd's Bounce" Wasco 201 • M- Super rare release by PROFESSOR LONGHAIR under the name of Robert Boyd on super obscure MEMPHIS LABEL. MB $300

148. Jackie Brenston And His Delta Cats — "My Real Gone Rocket/Tuckered Out" Chess 1469 M- Wol MB $30

149. Jackie Brenston And His Delta Cats — "Leo The Louse/Hi Ho Baby" Chess 1496 VG MB $5

150. Edna Broughton — "Trouble, Trouble, Trouble/Oo-Wee Baby" Ebony 101 VG RARE one from Los Angeles label Ebony MB $75

151. Walter Brown — "New Four Day Rider/Gonna Open Up A Business" Queen 4170 VG MB $5

152. Rev. Chambers — "Me And The Devil/It's Praying Time" Chess 1511 VG+ RARE! FIRST AND ONLY COPY I KNOW OF! MB $50

153. Eddie Chamblee — "Every Shut Eye Ain't Sleep/Sweet Lucy" Premium 856 VG+/VG MB $5

154. Charles And Carl — "Lucky Star/One More Chance" Red Robin 137 M- MB $20

155. Anne Cole — "Oh Love Of Mine/I'll Find A Way" Timely 1007 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves! MB $30

156. King Cole Trio — "F.S.T./My Lips Remember Your Kisses" Premier 1008 M- Early one! MB $20

157. Al Collins — "I Got The Blues For You/Shuckin' Stuff" ACE 500 M- Very FIRST release on legendary Jackson, Mississippi ACE label MB $100

158. Sammy Cotton — "You're The Kind Of Woman/Give Me One More Drink" Okeh 7014 M- VINYL WHITE LABEL PROMO with 1 inch hair crack MB $10

159. "Scatman" Crothers — "Unemployment Blues/My Baby" Orchid 2 M- MB $30

160. Frank "Floorshow" Culley And His Band — "After Hour Session/Rumboogie Jive" Atlantic 888 M- MB $20

161. King Davis — "Waggin' Your Tail/Someday You'll Understand" Recorded In Hollywood 422 VG- MB $5

162. Lucky Davis And His Blues Kings — "Cold Love/Climbing Up To Heaven Blues" Atlantic 924 MINT MB $30

163. George Dawson's Chocolateers — "Mid-Semester Blues/I'm So Right Tonight" Paradise 112 VG- MB $5

164. Tommy Dean And His Gloom Riders — "Lonely Monday/Cool One-Groove Two" States 106 M- MB $20

165. Dottie And The Thin Men — "Root Rooti/To Each His Own" Planet 601 VG+ Slight edge warp with no effect on play MB $10

166. George's Dukes And Duchess — "Abernathy's Voot-It Voot-It/Night Mist" Melodisc 1001 M- MB $20

167. Champion Jack Dupree — "Stumbling Block Blues/Number Nine Blues" Red Robin 109 M- MB $25

168. Champion Jack Dupree — "Shim Sham Shimmy/Drunk Again" Red Robin 130 VG MB $5

169. Willie Egans — "She's Gone Away, But-/Willie's Blues" Vita 119 G MB $5

170. Wade Flemons — "Goodnite, It's Time To Go/What's Happening" Vee-Jay 335 VG MB $5

171. Little Willy Foster — "Falling Rain Blues/Four Day Jump" Parrot 813 M- RARE release on Parrot!! Most copies are found on BLUE LAKE but for some reason this was issued in very limited amounts on Parrot!! MB $200

172. Harmonica Frank — "Swamp Root/Step It Up And Go" Chess 1475-A M- RARE AND GREAT!!!! MB $150

173. Sonnyboy Franklin — "Jumpin' The Blues/Merry Go Round" Eddie's Records 1204 VG One inch hair crack MB $5

174. Lowell Fulson — "Coming Home/Have You Changed Your Mind" Checker 952 M- SUPER, SUPER RARE LATE 78 FROM 1960!!! Could be the very last release on the Checker label on 78 rpm MB $200

175. Evelyn Gay — "Lord My Faith Look Up To Thee/I Shall Not Be Moved" PEA 128 VG MB $5

176. The Golden Gate Quartet — "Lover Come Back To Me/SAME" WOLF 5/7/52 VG+ This is a 10" acetate with the song performed LIVE on WOLF Radio Station from Syracuse, New York!!! Unique and most likely one of a kind! MB $25

177. Roscoe Gordon — "Booted/Love You 'Til The Day You Die" Chess 1487 M- MB $50

178. Rosco Gordon — "No More Doggin'/A Fool In Love" Vee-Jay 316 VG MB $5

179. Bessie Griffin — "Story Of Job/What Jesus Means To Me" Parrot 1000 VG+ RARE!! MB $100

180. Sandra Grimes — "Be Good To Yourself/You Didn't Give Me A Chance" Red Robin 129 M- MB $20

181. Tiny Grimes And His Rockin' Highlanders — "Juicy Fruit/Second Floor Rear" Red Robin 123 M- MB $20

182. Thurston Harris — "Over Somebody Else's Shoulder/Tears From My Heart" Aladdin 3435 M- Late one MB $20

183. Cleo Harves With Lightning Guitar — "Skinny Woman Boogie/Crazy With The Blues" O T 105 VG+ RARE one from Westlake, Louisiana MB $75

184. Screamin' Jay Hawkins — "I Put A Spell On You/Little Demon" Okeh 7072 M- All time classic MB $50

185. Gladys Hill — "Don't Touch My Bowl/Prison Bound" Peacock 1618 M- MB $50

186. Smokey Hogg And His Guitar — "Penitentiary Blues—Part 1/Part 2" Rays 33 M- MB $30

187. Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra — "A Fine Romance/Billie's Blues" Vocalion 38 M- British issue of one of her Vocalion releases MB $25

188. John Lee Hooker — "Walking The Boogie/Sugar Mama" Chess 1513 G MB $5

189. John Lee Hooker — "Solid Sender/No Shoes" Vee-Jay 349 VG- MB $5

190. Lynn Hope Quintet — "Song of The Wanderer/Tenderly" Chess 851 M- MB $20

191. Huey And Jerry — "Little Chickie Wah Wah/I Think You Jiving Me" VIN 1000 M- Slight stain on the label and in the grooves with no effect on play MB $20

192. Lil' Son Jackson — "Lonely Blues/No Money" Post 2014 M- MB $25

193. Ahmad Jamal — "Excerpts From The Blues/It Could Happen To You" Parrot 818 M- MB $20

194. Bobo Jenkins — "Democrat Blues/Bad Luck And Trouble" Chess 1565 M- Small edge chip on B-side with no effect on play MB $25

195. Duke Jenkins — "Sad Again/Mambo Blues" Vulcan 1027 VG MB $5

196. St. Louis Jimmy — "Going Down Slow/Murder In The First Degree" Parrot 823 M- MB $25

197. Eddie Johnson — "Cold, Cold Heart/Walk Softly" Chess 1488 VG+ Small tear on A-side label MB $10

198. Eddie Johnson — "Twin Rock/Tiptoe" Chess 1544 M- MB $10

199. Rev. Felix Johnson — "The 23rd Psalm/When A Man Dies" Prestige 910 M- PROMO COPY MB $20

200. John Johnson — "Kansas/I'se A Lady" Velvetone 1015 VG+ MB $25

201. Harmon "Hump" Jones — "Lookin' For My Baby/Pack Your Clothes" Vision 200 M- MB $25

202. Floyd Jones And His Guitar — "Dark Road/Big World" Chess 1498 M- Blues Masterpiece MB $100

203. Adrienne Kent — "Rose Room/I'll Remember April" Bruce 2005 MINT YES, this is THE Bruce label from NY and this one is THIN VINYL and the first and only copy of this one I have seen. MB $20

204. Porter Kilbert — "Swinging With A Mombo/Let's Bounce" PING 1007 VG+ MB $10

205. Willie King — "Peg Leg Woman/Mistreating Me" Vita 123 M- MB $75

206. Morris Lane And Band — "Bobby's Boogie/Ghost Town" Robin 101 MINT Dark BLUE label—RARE!!! "Bobby" is Red Robin label founder Bobby Robinson MB $100

207. Baby Face Leroy Trio — "Red Headed Woman/Boll Weevil" Parkway 104 VG MASTERPIECE!!! MB $100

208. Baby Face Leroy And His Trio — "My Head Can't Rest Anymore/Take A Little Walk With" Chess 1447 MINT MB $200

209. Bobby Lewis And Leroy Kirkland — "Mumbles Blues/Travlin' Blues" Chess 1518 VG+/VG MB $5

210. Billy "Red" Love And His Orchestra — "Drop Top/You're Gonna Cry" Chess 1508 M- Wol MB $20

211. Willie Mabon And His Combo — "I Don't Know/Worry Blues" Parrot 1050 VG+ RARE!! Almost always seen on Chess. For some reason, a small amount were pressed and released by Parrot AND Checker! MB $100

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