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Closes Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #12
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Original R&B Vocal Groups / Gospel Group 78's:

1. The Birmingham Harmony Boys — "He Will Lead His Children Home/When I Got Saved" Vulcan 1204 M- Pimples in the shellac MB $5

2. The Capers — "Miss You My Dear/Early One Morning" Vee-Jay 297 M- MB $20

3. Jimmy Castor And The Juniors — "I Know The Meaning Of Love/I Promise" Wing 90078 M- Long before he went Funk in the 1970's with the Jimmy Castor Bunch MB $25

4. The Champions — "It's Love It's Love/Mexico Bound" Chart 611 M- MB $20

5. The Champions — "I'm So Blue/Cute Little Baby" ACE 541 M- MB $20

6. The Chancellors — "Tell Me You Love Me/There Goes My Girl" Port 5000 M- RARE on 78 rpm format!!! MB $50

7. The Channels — "The Closer You Are/Now You Know" Whirlin Disc 100 VG+ FIRST PRESSING with block letters MB $20

8. The Channels — "Flames In My Heart/My Lovin' Baby" Whirlin' Disc 109 VG MB $5

9. The Chesterfields — "I'm In Heaven/All Messed Up" Chess 1559 M- RARE!! B-side has a bit of cloudy pressing MB $100

10. The Clantones — "It's No Sin/Some Day" Ebony 1020 VG #ol, RARE one from Chicago—and it says on the label "The Quaker City Boys Singing Pretty For The People." Very, very few known copies of this exist. MB $50

11. The Cleftones — "My Dearest Darling/I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Ove" Old Town 1011 VG+ RAREST one by this group MB $100

12. The Clovers — "Bring Me Love/From The Bottom Of My Heart" Atlantic 1107 M- MB $20

13. The Colts — "Sweet Sixteen/Honey Bun" Vita 121 M- MB $20

14. The Conquering Queens Of Detroit, Michigan — "Something Within Me/Jesus Gave Me Water" VON 36 VG STUNNING Female Gospel Group from Detroit on super RARE VON label which was part of the legendary J-V-B label!! FIRST and ONLY copy I've ever seen! MB $100

15. The Crescendos — "Finders Keepers/Sweet Dreams" Atlantic 1109 M- MB $20

16. The Dappers — "Come Back To Me/Mambo Oongh" Peacock 1651 M- TOUGH one MB $25

17. The DeBonairs — "Mothers Son/Lanky Linda" PING 1000 VG MB $50

18. The Dells — "I Wanna Go Home/Movin' On" Vee-Jay 230 M- MB $20

19. The Dixieairs — "Bloodstained Banner/The Govenor" Prestige 2001 M- B-side label stains MB $20

20. The Dodgers — "You Make Me Happy/Let's Make A Whole Lot Of Love" Aladdin 3259 M- MB $20

21. The Du-Droppers — "Can't Do Sixty No More/Chain Me Baby" Red Robin 108 M- MB $25

22. The Du-Droppers — "Come On And Love Me Baby/Go Back" Red Robin 116 M- MB $25

23. The Eagle-Aires — "My Number One Baby/Cloudy Weather Blues" Ebony 1014 MINT Original FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING—soon after licensed to J.O.B. and issued on that label. MB $200

24. Evangelist Gospel Singers Of Alabama — "Leaning On The Lord/Lord Stop The War" Chess 1473 M- RARE MB $100

25. Evangelist Gospel Singers Of Alabama — "Never Grow Old/Walk In The Light" Chess 1486 VG Small tol on A-side MB $10

26. The Famous Boyer Brothers — "Nothing Less Than Jesus/I Heard From Heaven" Vee-Jay 851 M- MB $25

27. The Famous Gospel Four — "I've Got A Right To The Tree Of Life/The Lord Is My Shepherd" Progressive 1002 MINT GREAT!!! MB $100

28. The Feathers — "Johnny Darling/Shake 'Em Up" Aladdin 3267 M- MB $20

29. 5 Crowns — "Good Luck Darling/You Could Be My Love" Old Town 790 Poor BLUE AND SILVER LABEL MB $5

30. The Five Dips — "Teach Me Tonight/That's What I Like" Original 1005 VG+ RARE MB $100

31. The Five Dots — "Each Night/The Other Night" DOT 1204 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, wol—pressed on thin vinyl for that sound that just leaps from the grooves!!! MB $20

32. The Fi-Tones Quintette — "I Belong To You/Silly & Sappy" Atlas 1055 M- MB $20

33. The Five Keys — "Glory Of Love/Hucklebuck With Jimmy" Aladdin 3099 M- Classic MB $20

34. The Five Keys — "It's Christmas Time/Old MacDonald" Aladdin 3113 M- MB $20

35. The Five Keys — "Red Sails In The Sunset/Be Anything But Be Mine" Aladdin 3127 VG+ MB $10

36. The Five Keys — "Mistakes/How Long" Aladdin 3131 VG+ MB $10

37. The Five Keys — "I Cried For You/Serve Another Round" Aladdin 3158 M- MB $20

38. The Five Pearls — "Please Let Me Know/Real Humdinger" Aladdin 3265 MINT MB $20

39. The Five Scalders — "Girl Friend/Willow Blues" Drummond 3001 M- Tougher one by them on this label MB $75

40. The 5 Willows — "My Dear, Dearest Darling/Rock Little Francis" Allen 1000 VG- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5

41. The Flamingos — "I'm Yours/Ko Ko Mo" Parrot 812 M- Slight label fade MB $75

42. The Four Esquires — "Love Me Forever/I Ain't Been Right Since You Left" Paris 509 M- MB $20

43. The Four Esquires — "Summer Vacation/Follow Me" Pilgrim 717 M- MB $20

44. The Four Plaid Throats — "My Inspiration/The Message" Mercury 70143 MINT RARE MB $150

45. The Four Sharps — "I Can Hardly Wait/Don't Ask Me Why" Atlantic 875 M- MB $20

46. The Gales — "Darling Patricia/All Is Well, All Is Well" J-V-B/J O B 35 VG+ There is label damage to both sides as this is a J-V-B pressing that has a J.O.B. label pasted over it and then removed MB $75

47. The Gay Notes — "For Only A Moment/Pu Pu Pa Doo" Drexel 905 M- MB $50

48. The Gems — "I Thought You Would Care/Kitty From New York City" Drexel 903 M- MB $50

49. Bill "Bass" Gordon And His Colonials — "Two Loves Have I/Bring My Baby Back" Gee 12 M- MB $200

50. The Harptones — "My Memories Of You/Just For Laughs" Bruce 102 VG+ PINK LABEL PROMO pressed on thin VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $20

51. The Harptones — "Why Should I Love You?/Forever Mine" Bruce 109 M- MB $20

52. The Harptones — "Life Is But A Dream/You Know You're Doing Me Wrong" Paradise 101 VG MB $5

53. The Harptones — "My Success It All Depends On You/I've Got A Notion" Paradise 103 VG Small tol MB $5

54. The Hawkettes — "Your Time's Up/Mardi Gras Mambo" Chess 1591 M- MB $20

55. The Hitmakers — "Cool School/Chapel Of Love" Original 1 G MB $5

56. The Hollywood Blue Jays — "Tell Me You Love Me/I Had A Love" Recorded In Hollywood 396 M- Also released as by The Five Hollywood Blue Jays, but this is the SUPER RARE First Pressing! MB $500

57. The Impressors — "No-No-No/It's Too Late" Onyx 514 M- MB $75

58. The Kelly Brothers — "Prayer For Tomorrow/God Said He Was Coming" Vee-Jay 220 VG- MB $5

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