My September 5th Sabis #11 All-78's Cosignment Auction: R&B / Gospel / Blues / Rock & Roll / Country!

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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #11!
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Original 1950's R&B Vocal Groups / Gospel Group 78's:

1. The Antlers Of Miami — "Just In Case You Change Your Mind/I Don't Mind Being All Alone" Artists Recording Studios 1260 VG+ Obscure one from Kansas City, Missouri MB $20

2. The Balladiers — "What Will I Tell My Heart/Forget Me Not" Aladdin 3123 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100


3. The Birmingham Harmony Boys — "Heaven's Choo-Choo/Just Trust In The Lord" Vulcan 1200 M- Xol MB $30


4. The Blue Notes — "If You'll Be Mine/Too Hot To Handle" Rama 25 M- MB $30


5. The Bonaires and Ernie Tavares Trio — "It's Xmas/I'm Alone Tonight" Dootone 325 M- MB $50


6. The Booker Gospel Singers — "Jesus Is The Light/Get Away Sinner" Atlantic Gospel 3006 M- Tough one from Atlantic record label's rare GOSPEL series MB $30


7. The Cadets — "I Got Loaded/Dancin' Dan" Modern 1000 M- MB $25


8. Aaron Collins and The Cadets — "Pretty Evey/Rum Jamaica Rum" Modern 1019 VG+/M- MB $20


9. The Calvaes — "Fine Girl/Mambo Fiesta" Cobra 5003 VG/VG+ MB $10

10. The Calvaes — "Lonely Lonely Village/Born With Rhythm" Cobra 5014 M- MB $100


11. The Calvanes — "Florabelle/One More Kiss" Dootone 380 M- MB $50


12. The Cardinals — "The Wheel Of Fortune/Kiss Me Baby" Atlantic 958 M-/VG+ MB $5


13. Bob Geddins' Cavaliers — "Nobody's Business If I Do/I'm Just A Stranger Here" Gilt-Edge 5022 M- Nice one MB $20

14. The Chanaclairs — "Yuletide Love/See See Rider" Coleman 1056 GREAT ONE!!! First and ONLY copy I've EVER seen or had to sell!! MB $500


15. Bobby Chandler and His Stardusters — "Me And My Imagination/Shadows Of Love" O J 1005 M- MB $25


16. The Chantels — "Every Night/Whoever You Are" End 1015 M- MB $30


17. The Cliques — "My Desire/I'm In Love With A Girl" Modern 995 MINT MB $50


18. The Clovers — "Needless/Fool, Fool, Fool" Atlantic 944 M-/VG MB $5


19. The Counts — "My Dear My Darling/She Won't Say Yes" DOT 1210 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin VINYL, #ol MB $20

20. The Crests — "16 Candles/Beside You" Coed 506 VG+ Light jukebox wear on the A-side only MB $50


21. The Cuff Links — "Guided Missles/My Heart" Dootone 409 VG+ MB $15


22. The Dells — "I Wanna Go Home/Movin' On" Vee-Jay 230 M- MB $20


23. The Diamonds — "Cherry/Romance In The Dark" Atlantic 1017 M- MB $50


24. The Dominoes — "Sixty Minute Man/I Can't Escape From You" Federal 12022 M- Hard to find this all time classic clean . . . most copies were played to death MB $50


25. The Dots — "I Confess/I Wish" Caddy 101 VG+ MB $20


26. The Dots — "I Lost You/Johnny" Caddy 107 M- MB $75


27. The Empires — "Magic Mirror/Make Me Or Break Me" Harlem 2333 MINT GREAT MB $50


28. The Fairfield Four — "Don't Drive Your Children Away/Does Jesus Care" DOT 1040 VG+ MB $30


29. The Fidels — "Love Me Tender/After The Lights Go Down Low" Music City 806 M- MB $30


30. The Five Chords — "Don't Just Stand There, Do Something/Love Is Like Music" Jamie 1110 M- MB $25

31. The "5" Hearts — "Please Please Baby/The Fine One" Flair 1026 • VG+ Small tol on B-side, one of the rarest on this label! MB $500


32. The "5" Royales — "Behave Yourself/I'm Gonna Run It Down" King 4740 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label and a radio station file number stamped neatly on the label MB $20


33. The Five Satins — "In The Still Of The Night/The Jones Girl" Ember 1005 M- All time classic and CLEAN MB $30


34. The Five Satins — "To The Aisle/Wish I Had My Baby" Ember 1019 M- MB $30


35. The Flairs — "This Is The Night For Love/Let's Make With Some Love" Flair 1044 M- MB $50


36. The Flairs — "I'll Never Let You Go/Hold Me, Thrill Me, Chill Me" Flair 1056 M- MB $50


37. The Flames — "Strange Land Blues/Cryin' For My Baby" SPIN 101 MINT 78 only—no 45 known. "California's a strange land . . ." Sure is! MB $50


38. The Flamingos — "When/That's My Baby" Checker 815 MINT MB $50


39. Four Brothers And A Cousin — "Trust In Me/Whistle Stop Blues" Jaguar 3003 M- MB $50

40. The Four Buddies — "Delores/Look Out Club 51 105 M- Chicago masterpiece MB $150


41. Rudy Greene and The Four Buddies — "You Mean Everything To Me/Highway No. 1" Club 51 103 MINT MB $75


42. The Four Dots — "Rita/He Man Looking For A She Girl" Bullseye 103 M- MB $30


43. The Friendly Four — "Hide Me Rock Of Ages/Lead Me To The Rock" F & F 7701 VG Fort Worth, Texas RARITY MB $10


44. Johnny Heartsman And The Gaylarks — "Johnny's Thunderbird/Johnny's Blue Mood" Music City 811 M- MB $25


45. Gene & Billy — "Zerlene/It's Hot" Spark 120 M- Nice duet MB $30


46. Gene And Eunice — "Ko Ko Mo/You And Me" Combo 64 VG MB $5


47. Bill "Bass" Gordon and His Colonials — "Two Loves Have I/Bring My Baby Back" Gee 12 M- MB $100


48. The Kings — "Why? Oh, Why?/I Love You Baby" Jax 314 VG MB $5


49. Bobby Hall And The Kings — "Sunday Kind Of Love/Love No One" JAX 320 VG+ MB $20


50. The Heartbeats Quintet with Russell Jacquet — "Tormented/After Everybody's Gone" Network 1200 M- MB $50


51. The Heartbeats — "I Want To Know/Everybody's Somebody's Fool" Rama 231 M- MB $20

52. The Hearts — "They Don't Ask Anymore/I'll Sit And Wait" Jade 3002 VG RARE MB $20


53. The Hearts — "So Long, Baby/You Say-You Love Me" J & S 1660 M- MB $30


54. The Jackson Gospel Singers — "I Can't Walk This Highway/The Last Mile Of The Way" Atlantic Gospel 3005 M- Another one in the Atlantic label Gospel series MB $30


55. Johnnie & Joe — "Trust In Me/Who Do You Love?" J & S 1605 VG+ Small tol on B-side MB $5


56. Johnnie & Joe — "It Was There/There Goes My Heart" J & S 1659 VG+/VG MB $5

57. Johnnie & Joe — "Over The Mountain, Cross The Sea/My Bab's Gone, On, On" |J & S 1664 VG+ FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING on label from NY before it was picked up by Chess and turned it into a monster hit nationwide. VERY tough to find on MB $200


58. Johnnie & Joe — "I'll Be Spinning/Feel Alright" J & S 1762 VG+ First label, true first pressing before CHESS turned it into a mega hit MB $30

59. The Mary Johnson Davis Gospel Singers — "I'm Going To Wait On The Lord/He Satisfies" Atlantic 890 M- RARE one on Atlantic MB $50

60. The Jumpin' Jacks — "Embraceable You/Pa-Pa-Ya Baby" Bruce 115 VG+/VG VINYL pressing, wol on B-side MB $100

61. The Kansas City Soul Revivers — "Jesus Came At Midnight/In The Garden" Dootone 395 MINT RARE MB $75

62. The Kelly Brothers — "Prayer For Tomorrow/God Said He Is Coming Back Again" C. H. Brewer 3199 VG+/M- RARE one from Chicago MB $100

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