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All-Original, All-78's Blues, R&B, Gospel, Rockabilly & Country!

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HRK All Original 78's auction #10
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Original 1950's R&B Vocal Group / Gospel Group 78's:

1. Argo Gospel Singers — "Jesus Will Make Things Alright/Whisper A Prayer" Trumpet 162 M- Great Gospel from classic label MB $30

2. The Bachelors — "I Found A Love/You've Lied" Royal Roost 620 M-/VG+ RARE MB $100

3. Julian Barnett With The Pepperettes And Joe Fritz — "Please Never Leave Me/Come Back To Me" Trummie Cain # 3-001 VG+ INSANELY RARE record. First and only copy I've ever seen. Barnett went on to record for Herald later. Pepperettes are a mostly female backing group. MB $100

4. Donn Bruce And The Four Beats — "Love Leads A Fool/Let's Start All Over Again" Tuxedo 914 M- MB $50

5. The Caravans — "Stranger Of Galilee/Count Your Blessings" States 108 M- MB $20

6. The Carolina Kings — "There's A Narrow Pathway To Heaven/Going On Home To Glory" Trumpet 207 M- MB $30

7. The Chancellors — "I'm Coming Home/Gotta Little Baby" X Y Z 104 M- Rare on 78 rpm format MB $50

8. The Charioteers — "Thanks For Yesterday/I'm A Stranger" Tuxedo 891 M- MB $30

9. Cirino And The Bowties — "My Babies In Love With Me/My Rosemarie" Royal Roost 614 VG MB $5

10. The Cleartones — "You Sure Look Good To Me/Ole Black Joe" Cross 201 • M- AKA THE LARKS!! Super rare, early one by the group that would soon become The Larks!!! Only a few of these known and despite the label name, it is not a religious release. MB $500

11. The Cleftones — "Trudy/She's So Fine" Roulette 4094 M- Late 78! MB $30

12. Cleveland Colored Quartet — "Jesus Whispers I Am With You/Angels Watching Over Me" Gold-Tone 114 VG+ Slightly cloudy pressing MB $10

13. The Danderliers — "May God Be With You/Little Man" States 152 M- MB $30

14. The Dixie Four — "If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven/Just Beyond The Surging Tide" Tru Tone 1001 VG MB $5

15. The Drifters — "The World Is Changing/Sacroiliac Swing" Crown 108 M- MB $75

16. The Dukes — "Wini Brown/Cotton Pickin' Hands" Imperial 5415 M- MB $30

17. The Duponts — "Somebody/Prove It Tonight" Royal Roost 627 M- MB $75

18. The El Dorados — "My Loving Baby/Baby I Need You" Vee-Jay 115 MINT Classic MB $50

19. The Ellison Singers — "There Will Be No Segregation In Heaven/My Earnest" Golden Echo 12333 VG+ RARE ONE with heavy racial content, xol and wol MB $50

20. The Encores — "Hachiribiribiri/Time Is Moving On" Ronnex 1003 VG+ MB $20

21. The Esquires — "The Greatest Song I Ever Heard/Just In Case You Change Your Mind" Valor 1234 M- Rare Boston label MB $50

22. The Five Blue Notes — "The Beat Of Our Hearts/You Gotta Go Baby" Sabre 108 M- RAREST ONE MB $200

23. The Five Crowns — "You Came To Me/Ooo-Wee Baby" Riviera 990 M- RARE MB $300

24. The Five Echoes — "I Really Do/Tell Me Baby" Vee-Jay 129 M- MB $100

25. The Five Stars — "Let's Fall In Love/We Danced In The Moonlight" Treat 505 M- RARE MB $300

26. The Four Bel'Aires — "Where Are You/Tell Me Why" X-Tra 113 • M- GREAT record and this is the first and only copy I've ever had!MB $500

27. The 4 Deep Tones — "Just In Case You Change Your Mind/Castle Rock" Coral 65061 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $75

28. The 4 Deep Tones — "The Night You Said Goodbye/When The Saints Go Marching In" Coral 65062 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $75

29. The Four Fellows — "Please Play My Song/I Sit In My Window" Glory 244 VG+ Xol MB $10

30. The Four Pals — "If I Can't Have The One I Love/I Flipped" Royal Roost 610 VG+ MB $20

31. Cell Foster And The Audios — "Honest I Do/I Prayed For You" Ultra 105 VG MB $10

32. Little Julian Herrera and The Tigers — "I Remember Linda/True Fine Mama" Starla 6 VG+ Tough to find on 78 format MB $25

33. The Honey Bees — "Endless/Let's See What's Happening" Imperial 5400 VG+ MB $20

34. The Hornets — "Lonesome Baby/I Can't Believe" States 127 • MINTWHITE LABEL PROMO—LEGENDARY RARITY and $10,000+ on original 45 rpm! MB $1000

35. The Inspirators — "If Loving You Is Wrong/Three Sixty" Treat 502 M- BLACK AND SILVER LABEL PRESSING—usually see it on Green label MB $100

36. Brother Isaiah's Church Of God In Christ Choir — "Old Camp Ground/All Night, All Day" Vee-Jay 109 VG MB $5

37. The Jewels — "Angel In My Life/Hearts Can Be Broken" Imperial 5351 VG MB $5

38. The Jewels — "How/Rickety Rock" Imperial 5377 M- MB $30

39. Phyllis Branch And The Kings Of Harmony — "Little Old Bible Of Mine/Angel Of Patience" Tuxedo 883 M-/VG++ MB $50

40. The Love Notes — "I'm Sorry/Sweet Lulu" Riviera 970 M- MB $100

41. Frankie Lymon — "The Only Way To Love/Melinda" Roulette 4093 VG NR stamped on the A-side label MB $5

42. Bobby Mitchell And The Toppers — "I'm A Young Man/She Couldn't Be Found" Imperial 5309 VG Tough one MB $5

43. Bobby Mitchell and The Toppers — "I Cried/I'm In Love" Imperial 5346 MINT Tiny #ol on B-side MB $30

44. The Moroccos — "Pardon My Tears/Chicken" United 188 M- MB $30

45. The Nov-Elites — "Cicero Mama/Angels Never Leave Heaven" Universal 146 M- Slightly cloudy pressing MB $30

46. The Pelicans — "Chimes/Ain't Gonna Do It" Imperial 5307 G Bargain MB $5

47. The Personalities — "Yours To Command/Woe Woe Baby" Safari 1002 VG+ RARE MB $100

48. The Quinns — "Oh Starlight/Hong Kong" Cyclone 111 M- TOUGH to find on 78 rpm format MB $200

49. The Rhythm Aces — "Whisper To Me/Olly, Olly, Atsen, Free" Vee Jay 138 M- MB $100

50. The Saints — "I Rocked When I Shoulda Rolled/Will You" Cue 7934 VG MB $5

51. The Silverette Gospel Singers — "The Kingdom Builders/Wade In The Water" Crescendo 1166 VG Rare Fort Worth, Texas label MB $10

52. Southland Quartet — "Go Along For A Long Time/Have A Time" Gold Star 635 M- MB $30

53. Curtis Irwin And The Sparks — "Cheatin' On Me/Make A Little Love" RPM 417 M- MB $50

54. The Spiders — "She Keeps Me Wondering/`21' " Imperial 5318 VG+ MB $10

55. The Spiders — "Witchcraft/Is It True?" Imperial 5366 G MB $5

56. The Spiders — "Dear Mary/A-1 In My Heart" Imperial 5393 M- MB $20

57. The Staple Singers — "Won't You Sit Down/It Rained Children" United 165 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO—RARE one by them! First copy I've ever seen MB $200

58. The Swanee River Quartette — "The Sun Will Never Go Down/On The Battlefield For My Lord" R P M 334 VG MB $5

59. The 3 Riffs — "Rev/Since The Day You Came Along" V.M. No # MINT Small wol on B-side MB $25

60. The Tulsa Trumpeteers — "Walk Dem Golden Stairs/In The Sweet Forever" The Tulsa Trumpeteers G RARE!!! MB $5

61. The Veteran Singers — "On The Battlefield/Lord Is Riding" States 105 MINT MB $30

62. Artie Wilkins And The Palms — "Darling Patricia/Please Come Back" States 157 MINT MB $50

63. Zion Travelers — "Lord Jesus/Come Over" Ruby 1001 VG MB $5


Blues / Jump Blues / R&B 78's:

64. Jesse Allen — "Rockin' And Rollin'/I Love You So" Imperial 5315 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with small wol MB $20

65. The George Barkley Quintet — "You Gotta Be Careful/Bashful Bubber Blows" Uptown 100 VG MB $5

66. George Benson's All-Stars — "The Nearness Of You/Begin The Beguine" GONE 100 VG J-V-B Related label by future Jazz musician MB $20

67. Richard Berry — "Rockin' Man/Big John" R P M 448 VG+ MB $20

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