Original 1950's and Early '60's R&B Vocal Groups 45's Auction: Closes Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018!

ATTN: Bidders Using Snail Mail: Some of your bids have arrived THE DAY the auction closes! Please leave enough mail time:
• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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October 23rd auction page 1
Closes Thursday, October 23rd, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

Original 1950's and '60's R&B
Vocal Group 45's Auction

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Printed (PDF) version of my October 23rd closing auction

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1. Dino & The Diplomats — "I Can't Believe/My Dream" LAURIE 3103 MINT MB $25


2. Dino And The Diplomats — "Hush-A-Bye My Love/Homework" VIDA 101 VG+/VG MB $5


3. Dion And The Timberlanes — "The Chosen Few/Out In Colorado" MOHAWK 105 M- MB $25

4. Dion And The Belmonts — "Every Little Thing I Do/A Lover's Prayer" LAURIE 3035 M-/M- WITH PICTURE SLEEVE MB $30

5. Dion And The Belmonts — "When You Wish Upon A Star/Wonderful Girl" LAURIE 3052 M-/M- WITH PICTURE SLEEVE MB $30


6. Dion — "Runaround Sue/Runaway Girl" LAURIE 3110 MINT Classic MB $25

7. Dion — "The Wanderer/The Majestic" LAURIE 3115 M-/M- With Picture Sleeve MB $30


8. Dion — "Abraham, Martin And John/Daddy Rollin' " LAURIE 3464 MINT MB $25


9. Dion And The Timberlanes — "The Chosen Few/Out In Colorado" JUBILEE 5294 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


10. Dion — "Ruby Baby/He'll Only Hurt You" COLUMBIA 42662 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol and tiny wol MB $20

11. Dion — "This Little Girl/SAME" COLUMBIA 42776 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO in gorgeous RED VINYL with xol as shown MB $25

12. Dion — "Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw/SAME" COLUMBIA 42810 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed in beautiful BLUE VINYL with small sticker stain on the A-side label MB $10


13. Dipsy And The Doodles — "The Duke Of Nothing/Jolly Cholly" MAY 134 M- Tiny #ol "The Duke Of Earl" Answer Record MB $20


14. The Dittos — "Come On Strong/Mustard" WARNER BROTHERS 5247 VG+/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, xol on B-side MB $5

15. Little Esther & The Dominoes — "Heart To Heart/Lookin' For A Man (To Satisfy My Soul)" FEDERAL 12036 • MINT WHITE LABEL, HANDWRITTEN TEST PRESSING!!! MB $200


16. The Dominoes — "Sixty Minute Man/I Can't Escape From You" FEDERAL 12022 AA M- GOLD TOP TRUE FIRST PRESSING OF ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $75

17. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You/Don't Leave" FEDERAL 12129 M- GOLD TOP TRUE FIRST PRESSING MB $150


18. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Until The Real Thing Comes Along/My Baby's 3-D" FEDERAL 12162 M- Silver Top true first pressing MB $75


19. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town/Tootsie Roll" FEDERAL 12178 VG+/M- Silver Top true first pressing MB $30


20. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Can't Do Sixty No More/If I Never Get To Heaven" FEDERAL 12209 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $50


21. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Cave Man/Love Me Now Or Let Me Go" FEDERAL 12218 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $30


22. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "One Moment With You/St. Louis Blues" FEDERAL 12301 VG+/M- MB $10


23. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Rags To Riches/Don't Thank Me" KING 1280 VG+ Classic MB $10


24. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Christmas In Heaven/Ringing In A Brand New Year" KING 1281 VG+/VG MB $5


25. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "O Holy Night/What Are You Doin' New Year's Eve" KING 6016 M- Drill hole in label MB $20


26. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — " 'Til Kingdom Come/Rock, Plymouth Rock" DECCA 30199 M- PINK LABEL PROMO with small sticker stain on B-side label, TOUGHEST one on Decca MB $20


27. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You/To Each His Own" DECCA 30420 MINT MB $25


28. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Star Dust/Lucinda" LIBERTY 55071 MINT MB $25


29. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Deep Purple/Do It Again" LIBERTY 55099 M- MB $20


30. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Jennie Lee/Music, Maestro, Please" LIBERTY 55136 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


31. Billy Ward And His Dominoes — "Man In The Stained Glass Window/My Fair Weather Friend" RO-ZAN 10001 mint SCARCE later one MB $30


32. Don & Juan — "What's Your Name/Chicken Necks" BIG TOP 3079 MINT Classic MB $25


33. Don & Juan — "Two Fools Are We/Pot Luck" BIG TOP 3106 M- MB $20


34. Don & Juan — "Magic Wand/What I Really Meant To Say" BIG TOP 3121 M- MB $20


35. Joe Weaver And The Don Juans — "Baby Child/Looka Here, Pretty Baby" FORTUNE 832 M- MB $30


36. Little Eddie And The Don Juans — "This Is A Miracle/Calypso Beat" FORTUNE 836 M- MB $30


37. Donnie And The Del Chords — "I Found Heaven/Be With You" TAURUS 363 M- MB $20


38. Donnie And The Dreamers — "Count Every Star/Dorothy" WHALE 500 VG+ MB $10


39. Donnie And The Dreamers — "My Memories Of You/Teenage Love" WHALE 505 M- MB $20


40. The Dons — "Dream Girl/Marcheta" HEARTBEAT 1 MINT This is the first release on the Heartbeat label which for every subsequent release was a Polka record. This one is a White Group—not fabulous but this is the only copy I know of. MB $20

41. Dontells — "Lovers Reunion/Make A Dontells — "Lovers Reunion/Make A Change" BELTONE 2040 • MINT BROWN VINYL, RARE AND BEAUTIFUL MB $500

42. The Doodlers — "Linda Sue/Solitude" The Jones Record Co. 1001 VG/M- With UNUSUAL SLEEVE as shown MB $10


43. Do Re Me Trio — "I'm Only Human/I'll Never Stop Being Yours" BRUNSWICK 80218 VG+ TOUGH MB $75


44. Do Re Me Trio — "I'll Never Fail You/I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" CORAL 61184 M- With very slight storage warp that has no effect on play MB $50


45. Do-Ray-Me Trio — "I'm Used To You/She Would Not Yield" RAINBOW 181 MINT With tiny tear on A-side label MB $50


46. Do-Ray-Me-Trio — "Wrapped Up In A Dream/Why Did You Do It Baby" REET 001 M- MB $20


47. The Dories — "Tragedy Of Love/I Loved Him So" DORE 528 VG MB $5


48. The Dories — "Stompin' Sh-Boom/Breakup" DORE 629 MINT MB $25


49. Jerry Dorn And The Hurricanes — "Wishing Well/Sentimental Heaven" KING 4932 M- MB $20


50. Doug And Freddy And The Pyramids — "Take A Chance On Love/I Know You're Lyin' " FINER ARTS 1001 MINT Xol, gray label script print pressing from Denver, Colorado MB $50


51. Ronnie Dove And The Beltones — "Sadest Song (Of The Year)/No Greater Love" JALO 1406 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with wol MB $20


52. The Dovells — "No No No/Letters Of Love" PARKWAY 819 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—their FIRST RECORD MB $25


53. The Dovells — "Bristol Stomp/Out In The Cold Again" PARKWAY 827 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO of all time classic MB $20


54. The Dovells — "Do The New Continental/Mope-Itty Mope Stomp" PARKWAY 833 M- MB $20


55. The Dovells — "Be My Girl/Dragster On The Prowl" PARKWAY 901 M- NR stamped on A-side label MB $20


56. The Dovells — "Hey, Hey, Hey Alright/Happy" SWAN 4231 MINT MB $20


57. Dovells — "Sometimes/Far Away" M-G-M VERVE 10701 M- MB $20


58. The Dreamers — "Only Your Love/Oh Yeah" BULLSEYE 1013 VG+ MB $20

59. The Dreamers — "Because Of You/Little Girl" COUSINS 1005 M- MB $50

60. The Dreamers — "Tears In My Eyes/535" GRAND 131 MINT THICK WAX TRUE FIRST PRESSING MB $200


61. The Dreamers — "Because Of You/Little Girl" MAY 133 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


62. The Dreamlovers — "When We Get Married/Just Because" HERITAGE 102 MINT MB $25


63. The Dreamlovers — "Welcome Home/Let Them Love" HERITAGE 104 MINT MB $25


64. Dreamlovers — "While We Were Dancing/Zoom Zoom Zoom" HERITAGE 107 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, B 4 in deadwax MB $20

65. The Dreams — "Under The Willow/I'm Losing My Mind" SAVOY 1140 M- Slight label fade on outer edge of A-side, MASTERPIECE MB $100


66. The Dreams — "Too Late/Inexperience" SMASH 1748 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


67. The Dream-Timers — "An Invitation/The Dancin' Lady" FLIPPIN' 107 M- MB $20


68. Clyde McPhatter And The Drifters — "Lucille/Such A Night" ATLANTIC 1019 MINT TOUGH to find this title in MINT condition MB $50


69. The Drifters — "Someday You'll Want Me To Want You/Bip Bam" ATLANTIC 1043 M- MB $30

70. The Drifters — "White Christmas/The Bells Of St. Mary's" ATLANTIC 1048 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with holly on the label!!! SPECIAL release for CHRISTMAS MB $50


71. The Drifters — "Adorable/Steamboat" ATLANTIC 1078 M- MB $25


72. The Drifters — "Drip Drop/Moonlight Bay" ATLANTIC 1187 M- MB $20


73. The Drifters — "There Goes My Baby/Oh My Love" ATLANTIC 2025 M-/VG+ Classic MB $10


74. The Drifters — "This Magic Moment/Baltimore" ATLANTIC 2050 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


75. The Drifters — "Save The Last Dance For Me/Nobody But Me" ATLANTIC 2071 M- MB $20

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