Classic and Obscure 1950's, '60's and '70's Rock & Roll 45's and 78's Auction: Closes Tuesday, November 20th, 2018!
This is the BEST overall selection of Rock & Roll 78's I've EVER offered!

ATTN: Bidders Using Snail Mail: Some of your bids have arrived THE DAY the auction closes! Please leave enough mail time:
• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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November 20th Auction page 6
Closes Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

Classic and Obscure 1950's, '60's and '70's
Rock & Roll 45's and 78's –
Plus the BEST Overall Selection of
Rock & Roll 78's I've EVER Offered!!

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Original 1950's Rock & Roll Era 78's:

295. Edward Byrnes and Connie Stevens — "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)/You're The Top" WARNER BROTHERS 5047 VG CANADIAN PRESSING with Light scuffs . . . RARE!!! Never available on 78 rpm in the USA MB $20

296. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "Hey, Porter!/Cry! Cry! Cry!" SUN 221 VG+ Light scuffs and small writing on the label as shown. Plays fantastic! His FIRST RECORD. MB $25

297. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "Folsom Prison Blues/So Doggone Lonesome" SUN 232 VG/M- Light scuffs on A-side but plays FANTASTIC MB $20

298. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "I Walk The Line/Get Rhythm" SUN 241 M- Beautiful copy MB $75

299. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "There You Go/Train Of Love" SUN 258 M- MB $50

300. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "Don't Make Me Go/Next In Line" SUN 266 MINT MB $50

301. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "Give My Love To Rose/Home Of The Blues" SUN 279 VG+/VG A-side light scuffs, B-side jukebox wear—plays fantastic MB $20

302. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "The Ways Of A Woman In Love/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven" SUN 302 M- MB $75

303. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "I Just Thought You'd Like To Know/It's Just About Time"SUN 309 • MINT LATE ONE AND VERY SCARCE ON 78 RPM FORMAT. MB $300

304. Johnny Cash — "Don't Take Your Guns To Town/I Still Miss Someone" COLUMBIA 41313 VG CANADIAN PRESSING, never came on 78 rpm in the USA—light scuffs. PLAYS FANTASTIC!! MB $20

305. Ernie Chaffin — "Laughin' And Jokin'/I'm Lonesome" SUN 275 MINT MB $100

306. Ray Charles With The Raylettes — "(Night Time Is) The Right Time/Tell The World About You" ATLANTIC 2010 M- Rare on 78 rpm format MB $100

307. Ray Charles And His Orchestra — "What'd I Say/Part II" ATLANTIC 2031 VG+/M- A-side has light jukebox wear but plays fantastic MB $75

308. The Chipmunks — "The Chipmunk Song/Almost Good" LONDON LIBERTY 55168 VG+ CANADIAN PRESSING, Never issued in the USA—light scuffs, plays great MB $20

309. The Chordettes — "Zorro/Love Is A Two-Way Street" CADENCE 1349 VG+ MB $5

310. Eugene Church And The Fellows — "Pretty Girls Everywhere/For The Rest Of My Life" CLASS 2072 VG/VG+ A-side has light jukebox wear, B-side has light scuffs, plays fantastic MB $5

311. Jimmy Clanton And His Rockets — "Just A Dream/You Aim To Please" ACE 546 M- CLASSIC MB $50

312. Patsy Cline — "Stop, Look And Listen/I've Loved And Lost" DECCA 29963 M-/VG+ B-side has light jukebox wear—RARE on 78 rpm MB $100

313. Patsy Cline — "Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray/A Stranger In My Arms" DECCA 30406 M- RARE on 78 rpm format MB $150

314. The Coasters — "Down In Mexico/Turtle Dovin' " ATCO 6064 M- Weird stain in grooves on the A-side with no effect on play MB $20

315. The Coasters — "Searchin/Young Blood" ATCO 6087 M- MB $25

316. The Coasters — "Idol With The Golden Head/My Baby Comes To Me" ATCO 6098 M- MB $25

317. The Coasters — "Yakety Yak/Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart" ATCO 6116 M-/VG+ LIGHT scuffs on B-side MB $25

318. The Coasters — "The Shadow Knows/Sorry But I Am Gonna Have To Pass" ATCO 6126 M- MB $35

319. The Coasters — "Charlie Brown/Three Cool Cats" ATCO 6132 VG+ Light scuffs—plays fantastic MB $25

320. The Coasters — "Poison Ivy/I'm A Hog For You" ATCO 6146 VG+/M- A-side has light jukebox wear but plays FANTASTIC MB $100

321. The Coasters — "Run Red Run/What About Us" ATCO 6153 • M- VERY scarce on 78 rpm format, this is the LAST Coasters 78 released in the USA, in 1959. MB $200

322. Eddie Cochran — "Sittin' In The Balcony/Dark Lonely Street" Liberty 55056 VG+ Light scuffs MB $25

323. Eddie Cochran — "Summertime Blues/Love Again" LIBERTY 55144 • VG+ Light scuffs, plays fantastic!!! Super rare on 78 rpm format. My third copy in 45 years. These almost never turn up. MB $500

324. Al "Jazzbo" Collins — "Jazzbo's Theory/The Space Man" CORAL 61693 M- MB $25

325. Sam Cooke — "Love Song From "Houseboat"/Win Your Love For Me" KEEN 2008 M- MB $30

326. Sam Cooke — "Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha/Little Things You Do" KEEN 2018 VG+ Light scuffs, plays beautiful MB $20

327. Sam Cooke — "I Love You For Sentimental Reasons/Desire Me" KEEN 4002 VG+ Light jukebox wear, plays great MB $20

328. Sam Cooke — "You Send Me/Summertime" KEEN 4013 M- MB $30

329. Sam Cooke — "Only Sixteen/Let's Go Steady Again" KEEN 2022 VG/VG+ Scuffy with a slight stain on the A-side label, plays wonderful MB $10

330. Allan Copland And The Hotrodders — "Rock Candy Baby/Crack The Whip" ARWIN 105 M- Has some small stains in the grooves that do not affect the play MB $25

331. The Crests — "16 Candles/Beside You" COED 506 VG+/VG RARE on 78 rpm format—light scuffs, plays great MB $25

332. The Crickets — "Oh, Boy!/Not Fade Away" BRUNSWICK 55035 VG Wear but plays nice MB $25

333. The Crickets — "It's So Easy!/Lonesome Tears" BRUNSWICK 55094 M- CANADIAN PRESSING MB $75

334. Danny & The Juniors — "At The Hop/Sometimes (When I'm All Alone)" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9871 VG Scuffs and light jukebox wear but plays nice MB $20

335. Danny And The Juniors — "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay/School Boy Romance" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9888 VG- Scuffed with light jukebox wear but plays nice MB $10

336. Bobby Darin And The Jaybirds — "Rock Island Line/Timber" DECCA 29883 M- TOUGH ONE MB $100

337. Bobby Darin — "Splish Splash/Judy, Don't Be Moody" ATCO 6117 M- MB $75

338. Bobby Darin — "Plain Jane/While I'm Gone" ATCO 6133 VG- Scuffed but plays nice MB $10

339. Bobby Darin — "Beyond The Sea/UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE GROUP" ATCO TEST PRESSING M-/VG+ "Beyond The Sea" TEST PRESSING dated 2-1-60 and NEVER ISSUED ON USA 78 rpm. Sound is INCREDIBLE—but 78's were finished by that point.MB $200

340. Bobby Day — "Rock-In Robin/Over And Over" CLASS 2062 VG Scuffy with slight jukebox wear, plays nice MB $20

341. Bobby Day — "Mr. & Mrs. Rock-'N-Roll/Gotta New Girl" CLASS 2104 VG+ Slight jukebox wear on A-side, plays great MB $20

342. The Dell-Vikings — "Whispering Bells/Don't Be A Fool" DOT 15592 VG+ Scuffs but plays fantastic MB $10

343. The Diamonds — "The Stroll/Land Of Beauty" MERCURY 71242 VG Scuffs and very light jukebox wear, plays great MB $10

344. Bo Diddley — "Bo Diddley/I'm A Man" CHECKER 814 M-/VG B-side jukebox wear—plays great MB $20

345. Bo Diddley — "Diddley Daddy/She's Fine, She's Mine" CHECKER 819 VG Jukebox wear but plays nice MB $10

346. Bo Diddley — "Diddy Wah Diddy/I Am Looking For A Woman" CHECKER 832 M-/VG+ B-side has slight jukebox wear, plays fantastic MB $20

347. Bo Diddley — "Cops And Robbers/Down Home Special" CHECKER 850 M- MB $75

348. Bo Diddley — "Hey! Bo Diddley/Mona" CHECKER 860 M-/VG+ B-side has slight jukebox wear but plays nice MB $25

349. Bo Diddley — "Dearest Darling/Hush Your Mouth" CHECKER 896 VG+/VG Jukebox wear and scuffs but plays fantastic MB $10

350. Bo Diddley — "Oh Yea/I'm Sorry" CHECKER 914 VG+ Light jukebox wear—plays great MB $20

351. Fats Domino — "Blueberry Hill/Honey Chile" IMPERIAL 5407 VG Jukebox wear but plays nice MB $5

352. Duane Eddy And His "Twangy" Guitar — "Moovin' N' Groovin'/Up And Down" JAMIE 1101 M- MB $30

353. Duane Eddy And His "Twangy" Guitar — "Rebel-Rouser/Stalkin' " JAMIE 1104 M- MB $30

354. Duane Eddy And His "Twangy" Guitar — "Cannon Ball/Mason Dixon Lion" JAMIE 1111 VG+/VG Light jukebox wear on B-side—plays great MB $5

355. Duane Eddy And His "Twangy" Guitar — "Detour/The Lonely One" JAMIE 1117 VG Scuffs and light jukebox wear but plays fantastic MB $5

356. Duane Eddy And His "Twangy" Guitar — "Yep!/Three-Thirty-Blues" JAMIE 1122 M- MB $30

357. Tommy Edwards — "It's All In The Game/Please Love Me Forever" M-G-M 12688 P Looks wiped out, but plays FANTASTIC and yes, this is the HIT version, not the early version MB $5

358. The Elegants — "Little Star/Getting Dizzy" APT 25005 VG/VG+ A-side has jukebox wear and plays with a slight hiss . . . but much better than it looks MB $20

359. The Everly Brothers — "Bye Bye Love/I Wonder If I Care As Much" CADENCE 1315 VG+/M- A-side has light Jukebox wear but plays fantastic—also has a "ring" cut in the A-side label MB $10

360. The Everly Brothers — "Wake Up Little Susie/Maybe Tomorrow" CADENCE 1337 VG Jukebox wear but plays fine MB $10

361. The Everly Brothers — "This Little Girl Of Mine/Should We Tell Him" CADENCE 1342 VG/VG+ Jukebox wear but plays decent MB $10

362. The Everly Brothers — "All I Have To Do Is Dream/Claudette" CADENCE 1348 VG+ Light Jukebox wear, plays great MB $20

363. The Everly Brothers — "Problems/Love Of My Life" CADENCE 1355 MINT Super scarce late one from 1959—only the second copy I've had in 45 years MB $200

364. The Everly Brothers — "Cathy's Clown/Always It's You" WARNER BROTHERS 5151 M- SOUTH AFRICAN PRESSING with 1 1/2" edge bite that does NOT go into the grooves MB $10

365. The Everly Brothers — "Lucille/So Glad" WARNER BROTHERS 5163 VG+ South African pressing MB $30

366. Connie Francis — "Lipstick On Your Collar/Frankie" M-G-M 12793 VG+ CANADIAN PRESSING with light jukebox wear—plays fantastic MB $20

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