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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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John buys the World's Rarest 78 rpm record!!

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November 19th Killer Blues Auction-pix, page 2
Closes Thursday, November 19th 2020 at 7 pm PT

Pre-War & Post War Blues 78s'
1950's Blues 45's Auction!
All Original, All Collectible!

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Pre-War Blues 78's:

77. Lil Green — "If I Didn't Love You/Hello Babe" BLUEBIRD 8865 E+ MB $20


78. Lil Green — "Keep Your Hand On Your Heart/Don't Know What I Will Do" BLUEBIRD 8949 E-/E MB $10


79. Lil Green — "If I'm A Fool/I Have A Place To Go" BLUEBIRD 8985 E-/E MB $10


80. Lil Green — "I'm Wasting My Time On You/You Got Me To The Place" BLUEBIRD 9010 E/E+ MB $10


81. Lil Green — "99 Blues/If You Want To Share Your Love" BLUEBIRD 9030 E+ MB $25


82. Harlem Hamfats — "I Feel Like Going To Town/I'm So Glad" DECCA 7339 V+ MB $10


83. Harlem Hamfats — "Ooh-Wee Babe/Growling Dog" DECCA 7283 V+/E- MB $10


84. Harlem Hamfats — "Root Hog Or Die/Black Gal You Better Use Your Head" DECCA 7439 E-/E Tol on A-side MB $10


85. Harlem Hamfats — "Let Me Feel It/Don't Start No Stuff" DECCA 7466 E+ With 3 inch internal crack near label MB $10


86. Harlem Hamfats — "Why Don't You Do Now/Sales Tax On It" DECCA 8650 E/E- MB $10


87. Harlem Harley And His Washboard Band — "Hold It/Best Ever Did It" DECCA 7492 E/E- MB $10


88. Harlem Harley And His Washboard Band — "Kitchen Mechanic Blues/It's You That Taught It To Me" DECCA 7574 E MB $20

89. Harris And Harris With BLIND WILLIE McTELL — "This Is Not The Stove To Brown Your Bread/Teasing" VICTOR 38594 E- BLIND WILLIE McTELL plays with them!!! MB $400


90. Rosa Henderson — "Nobody Knows The Way I Feel 'Dis Mornin'/Penitentiary Bound Blues" VOCALION 14995 E-/E MB $20


91. Hokum Boys — "I Ain't Going That Way/Caught Us Doing It" VOCALION 03156 E/V+ MB $10

92. Tony Hollins — "Married Woman Blues/Big Time Woman" OKEH 06605 E- MB $75


93. The Honey Dripper (Roosevelt Sykes) — "47th Street Jive/My Supply Woman Blues" DECCA 7833 E- MB $20


94. The Honey Dripper (Roosevelt Sykes) — "Doin' The Sally Long/Low As A Toad" DECCA 7843 E- MB $20


95. The Honey Dripper — "Eight Ball Blues/Take It With A Smile" DECCA 7809 E MB $20


96. Whistling Bob Howe And Frankie Griggs — "The Coldest Stuff In Town/The Hottest Stuff In Town" DECCA 7085 E MB $20

97. Alberta Hunter — "You Can't Have It All/Why Did You Pick Me Up When I Was Down, Why Didn't You Let Me Lay" PARAMOUNT 12008 E MB $50


98. Alberta Hunter — "Fine And Mellow/Yelping Blues" DECCA 7633 E MB $20

99. Mississippi John Hurt — "Louis Collins/Got The Blues Can't Be Satisfied"OKEH 8724 • V+ TO ME, THIS IS HIS BEST RECORD and RAREST TOO! Never, ever had a dupe to sell, until now. Nice playing copy with just slightly fuzzy sound in a few spots. MB $1000


100. Blind Lemon Jefferson — "Christmas Eve Blues/Happy New Year Blues" PARAMOUNT 12692 V+ With small edge chip—NOT into grooves MB $50

101. Blind Lemon Jefferson — "D B Blues/Maltese Cat Blues" PARAMOUNT 12712 E/E- With edge chip, NOT affecting play MB $75


102. Blind Lemon Jefferson — "Competition Bed Blues/Sad News Blues" PARAMOUNT 12728 V+/E- MB $50


103. Lil Johnson — "Get 'Em From The Peanut Man (Hot Nuts)/Press My Button" VOCALION 03199 E- MB $50


104. Lil Johnson — "If You Can Dish It (I Can Take It)/I'm Bettin' On You" MELOTONE 6-03-56 E-/E Slight juke wear on the A-side MB $25


105. Lil Johnson — "Meat Balls/Little Red Wagon" VOCALION 03562 E/E+ MB $20


106. Signifying Mary Johnson — "I Just Can't Take It/Delmar Avenue" DECCA 7305 V+ MB $10


107. Jubilee Quartet — "Father Prepare Me/My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race" PARAMOUNT 12035 E+ MB $50


108. Huddie Leadbelly — "Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On/Don't You Love Your Daddy No More?" BLUEBIRD 8550 E-/E MB $50


109. Huddie Leadbelly — "New York City/You Can't Lose-A Me Cholly" BLUEBIRD 8750 E- MB $50

110. Hattie McDaniels And Dentist Jackson (PAPA CHARLIE) — "Dentist Chair Blues, Part I/Part II" PARAMOUNT 12751 V+ Nice one—long before "Gone With The Wind," Hattie McDaniels made some inter-esting Blues records and this one, with Papa Charlie Jackson, is one of them. MB $100


111. "Specks" Charlie McFadden —"Groceries On My Shelf (Piggly Wiggly)/People People" DECCA 7317 V MB $5

112. Lonnie McIntorsh — "The Lion And The Tribes Of Judah/Sleep On, Mother, Sleep On" VICTOR 21271 E+ MB $300


113. Hazel Meyers — "Chicago Bound Blues/Mason-Dixon Blues" VOCALION 14725 V+ MB $10

114. Memphis Minnie — "Me And My Chauffeur Blues/Can't Afford To Lose My Man" OKEH 06288 MINT OLD STORE STOCK COPY of her ALL TIME CLASSIC!!! A must have!!! MB $100


115. Monette Moore — "Rocking Chair Blues/Friendless Blues" PARAMOUNT 12210 E/E+ MB $50


116. Old Ced Odom And Lil "Diamonds" Hardaway — "Derbytown/Hotter Than Fire" DECCA 7241 V+ MB $10

117. Charley Patton — "Pony Blues/Banty Rooster Blues"PARAMOUNT 12792PoorYep, a real original Patton 78!! And yep, it looks whipped, like most of them! It plays through, with NO skips, but is noisy. They just don't come up for sale any more. MB $3000


118. Madame "Ma" Rainey With Lovie Austin And Her Blues — "Bo-Weavil Blues/Last Minute Blues" PARAMOUNT 12080 V+ MB $20


119. Speckled Red — "Try Me One More Time/Louise Baltimore Blues" BLUEBIRD 8012 E- MB $20


120. Tampa Red And Georgia Tom — "It's Tight Like That/Grievin' Me Blues" VOCALION 1216 E CLASSIC AND CLEAN!!! Usually turns up beat MB $100


121. Tampa Red/Walter Davis — "(Play Your Hand) Keep On Dealin'/I Can Tell By The Way You Smell" BLUEBIRD 6059 E+ Scarce one in GORGEOUS CONDITION MB $200


122. Tampa Red — "I Need You By My Side/Blue And Evil Blues" BLUEBIRD 6681 V MB $5


123. Nettie Robinson — "I've Got The Right Man Now/I Never Loved But One" PERFECT 123 V+ MB $10

124. Washboard Sam And Chicago Four — "Don't Tear My Clothes/I'm A Prowlin' Groundhog" MELOTONE 6-10-55 E+ Near Perfect copy of his very FIRST RECORD MB $100

125. Irene Scruggs — "Good Grinding/Must Get Mine In Front" PARAMOUNT 13023 V Super Rare 13000 Parmount—one of ONLY THREE KNOWN COPIES MB $200

126. Bessie Smith — "The Gin House Blues/Lost Your Head Blues" COLUMBIA 14158 E+ MB $100


127. Bessie Smith — "Dirty No-Gooder's Blues/Wasted Life Blues" COLUMBIA 14476 E+ MB $100


128. Flossie Smith And The Red Hot Twins — "Ain't Goin' There No More/Hokum Stomp" SUPERIOR 2603 G Pretty wiped out looking but plays okay MB $10


129. Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hounds — "Crazy Blues/It's Right Here For You" OKEH 4169 V+ The history books call this the very first Blues record, I disagree, but it still is desired by many. MB $50


130. Smith Sacred Singers — "We'll Work Till Jesus Comes/Saved By Grace" BLUEBIRD 5854 E- MB $10


131. Victoria Spivey And Her Chicago Four — "I Ain't Gonna Let You See My Santa Claus/Any-Kind-A-Man" VOCALION 03366 V+/E- MB $10

132. Priscilla Stewart — "P. D. Q. Blues/Someday Sweetheart" PARAMOUNT 12465 E MB $300


133. St. Mark's Chanters — "Live Humble/My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race" COLUMBIA 14149 E- MB $20


134. Blind Joe Taggart And Joshua White — "Scandalous And A Shame/Lord Don't Drive Me Away" PARAMOUNT 12780 Poor Wall hanger MB $5

135. Ramblin' Thomas — "No Job Blues/Back Gnawing Blues" PARAMOUNT 12609 V NICE PLAYER!!! MB $300

136. Ramblin' Thomas — "Jig Head Blues/Hard Dallas Blues" PARAMOUNT 12708 V+/E- GREAT ONE AND NICE COPY!! MB $300

137. Sylvester Weaver — "Penitentiary Bound Blues/Can't Be Trusted Blues" OKEH 8504 • E+ Looks Unplayed MB $500


138. Casey Bill Weldon — "Casey Bill's New W.P.A./Rooster Blues" VOCALION 03930 V+ MB $10


139. Georgia White — "Your Worries Ain't Like Mine—No. 2/You Done Lost" DECCA 7143 V+ MB $10


140. Georgia White — "When My Love Comes Down/Daddy Let Me Lay It On You" DECCA 7323 E/V+ MB $10


141. Arnold Wiley — "Spider In Your Dumpling/Jumping Blues" PARAMOUNT 12955 V With 3 inch crack but plays fine. VERY SCARCE!!! Took me decades to upgrade this one! MB $20


142. Yas Yas Girl & Her Jazz Boys — "I Need You By My Side/Don't Have To Sing The Blues" VOCALION 05219 E/E+ MB $20


143. The Yas Yas Girl — "Don't You Make Me High/Love With A Feeling" VOCALION 04456 E/E+ MB $20

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