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Closes Thursday, May 25th, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Original, Rare 1950's and Early '60's R&B
Vocal Group Classics and Rarities 45's and
Black Groups, White Groups 45's Auction

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412. The Splendors — "Island Called Romance/Puddin' Tan" Jano 004 MINT Rare MB $75


413. The Sputniks — "My Love Is Gone/Hey Maryann" Class 217 M- MB $25


414. The Standards — "It Isn't Fair/Everybody Knows" Glenden 1315 M- MB $25


415. The Starglows — "Let's Be Lovers/Walk Softly Away" Atco 6272 M- White label promo MB $25


416. The Starlighters — "I Cried/You're The One To Blame" End 1049 MINT MB $50

417. The Starlings — "I'm Just A Crying Fool/Hokey-Smokey Mama"dawn 212 M- Slight sticker stain on A-side. First time I've had this one and it is really nice! MB $300

418. The Starlites — "Missing You/Give Me A Kiss" Peak 5000 M- MB $100


419. The Stereos — "I Really Love You/Please Come Back To Me" Cub 9095 MINT PROMO COPY MB $30


420. The Stompers — "Foolish One/Quarter To Four Stomp" Landa 684 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol on B-side MB $20


421. The Strangers — "A Song About J-U-D-Y/The Lord Will Always Welcome You" Christy 108 M- MB $30


422. The Strollers — "That Look In Your Eye/Nobody But You" Dart 1017 MINT MB $30

423. The Sultans — "God Made An Angel/ I Always Will" DeCade 101 M- Small tol and wol MB $75


424. The Sundowners — "Never Let Me Go/Poor Little Sad-Eyed Sue" Chip Records Inc. 1008 VG+ MB $5


425. The Superbs — "He Broke A Young Girl's Heart/It's A Million Miles" Dore 755 M- MB $25

426. The Superiors — "Lost Love/Don't Say Goodbye" Main Line 104 VG+ With address on label MB $75


427. The Surburbans — "Little Bird/King Of Broken Hearts" KIP 221 M- MB $20

428. The Swanks — "Little Angel/Keep Walkin' " Jaguar 3027 M- MB $75


429. The Symphonics — "Our Love Will Grow/Way Down Low" Tru-Lite 116 M- MB $20


430. The Team Mates — "Never Believed In Love/Once There Was A Time" Le Cam 960 M- MB $20

431. Tempo-Tones — "Get Yourself Another Fool/Ride Along" Acme 102 M- Small print MB $100


432. Terry And The Tyrants — "Weep No More/Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea" Kent 399 MINT MB $25


433. The Texas Matadors — "I Found Her/Flower Blossom" IMA Record 101 MINT MB $25


434. The Three Reasons — "(I've Got) No Regrets/Kangaroo Twist" J R E 224 M- MB $25


435. Val Tino and Group — "Loving Tree/Lover Mine" Sure 120 M- MB $20

436. The Titones — "Symbol Of Love/The Movies" Scepter 1206 M- WHITE LABEL MB $50

437. The Tones — "Paula Is Mine/Love Such As You" Elmor 6001 MINT ANSWER RECORD TO PAUL AND PAULA "HEY PAULA" MB $50


438. Tony And The Rainbows — "Our Love Is Over/While Walking" Chesapeake 609 M- MB $75


439. Tony & The Technics — "Workout With Your Pretty Girl/Ha Ha He Told On You" Chex 1010 M- MB $20


440. The Torches — "Darn Your Love/No I Won't" Ringo-O 302 M- MB $20


441. The Tornados — "Love In Your Life/Geni In The Jug" Bumble Bee 503 MINT MB $30


442. The Trojans — "Make It Up/Man I'm Gonna Be" Felsted 8534 MINT MB $20


443. The Trojans — "Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/Alone In This World" Tender 518 MINT MB $30


444. Kelly Troy and The Jays — "Lucky In Love/In The Still Of The Night" Harvey 102 M- Crackly pressing MB $5


445. The Tuneweavers — "Congratulations On Your Wedding/Your Skies Of Blue" Checker 1007 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


446. The Turbans — "Congratulations/The Wadda-Do" Herald 510 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

447. The Tuxedos — "Yes It's True/Trouble, Trouble" Forte 1414 M- Gold Label MB $75


448. The Twilighters — "Help Me/The Rockin' Mule" Ricki 907 M- MB $25

449. The Twilights — "Please Believe In Me/Paper Boy" Colpix 178 M- MB $75

450. The Tymes — "Wonderful, Wonderful/Come With Me To The Sea" Parkway 884 VG+/M WHITE LABEL PROMO WITH NICE PICTURE SLEEVE, xol and sticker stain on label as well MB $25


451. The Unique Echos — "Zoom/Italian Twist" Southern Sound 108 M- MB $30

452. The Universals — "Again/Teenage Love" Mark-X 7004 M- Thin lines pressing with 45 rpm on each side of the label MB $100

453. The Universals — "A Love Only You Can Give/I'm In Love" Shepherd 2200 MINT Stamp on B-side label MB $75


454. The Untouchables — "Everybody's Laughing/60 Minute Man" Madison 139 MINT PROMO COPY MB $25


455. The Val-Chords — "You're Laughing At Me/Candy Store Love" Gametime 104 VG+ Single lines on label MB $25

456. The Valumes — "I Love You/Dreams" Chex 1000 VG TRUE FIRST PRESSING WITH GROUP NAME MISSPELLED MB $75


457. The Van Delles — "Time After Time/I Got The Blues" Seafair Bolo 731 M- MB $25


458. The Van Dykes — "Rock A Bye Girl/I'll Be Bye" Co-Op 516 M- MB $20


459. The Van Dykes — "The Bells Are Ringing/Meaning Of Love" King 5158 VG+ Small print label MB $20

460. The Varieteers — "I Pay With Every Breath/If You And I Could Be Sweethearts" Hickory 1014 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $150

461. The Vectors — "One Day/Slow But Sure" Standard 700 MINT MB $100


462. Velours — "Can I Come Over Tonight/Where There's A Will (There's A Way)" Onyx 512 M- Figure Music credits on the A-side and Malver Music credits on the B-side MB $50


463. The Velvatones — "Impossible/I'm Leaving Home" Nu Kat 110 MINT Wol MB $30


464. The Velvet Angels — "Since You've Been Gone/Baby I Wanna Know" Medieval 207 MINT MB $25


465. The Versatiles — "Lundee Dundee/Whisper In Your Ear" Ro-Cal 1002 MINT Classic MB $50


466. The Viscount V — "My Angel/She Doesn't Know" Lavette 5009 MINT MB $25


467. The Visions — "Little Moon/Teenager's Life" Elgey 1003 M- MB $20


468. The Visions — "All Through The Night/Tell Me You're Mine" Big Top 3092 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


469. The Visions — "Darling Dear/Marlene" Warwick 5548 MINT MB $25


470. The Volumes — "Come Back Into My Heart/The Bell" Chex 1005 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


471. The Vows — "Have You Heard/I Wanna Chance" Markay 103 MINT Xol, orange label MB $30

472. The Wheelers — "Once I Had A Girl/Shine 'Em On" Cenco 107 M- MB $50


473. The Wheels — "So Young And So In Love/Where Were You" Time 1003 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

474. The Whispers — "Fool Heart/Don't Fool With Lizzie" Gotham 309 MINT MB $100


475. Wilbur Whitfield and The Pleasers — "The One I Love/P. B. Baby" Aladdin 3381 M- MB $30


476. Johnny Williams And Group — "My Foolish Pride/Don't Call For Me" CY 001 M- MB $30


477. Maurice Williams And The Inspirations — "Never Leave You Again/The Day Has Come" Candi 1031 MINT From Wilmington, Delaware MB $30


478. Mel Williams and Group — "All Through The Night/I Cried A Million Tears" Dig 128 MINT MB $30

479. Leo Wright & The El-Jays — "I Wonder/It Is I" C B 5008 M- Xol MB $100


480. The Young Lions — "It Would Be/Little Girl" Dot 16172 MINT MB $30

481. The Zebulons — "Falling Water/Wo-Ho-La-Tee-Dah" Cub 9069 M- PROMO COPY MB $50


482. The Zircons — "Your Way/Lonely Way" Mellomood 1000 M- MB $20

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