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Original, Rare 1950's and Early '60's R&B
Vocal Group Classics and Rarities 45's and
Black Groups, White Groups 45's Auction

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84. The Colonials — "Where Is My Love/Why Didn't You Tell Me Girl" Senate 1003 M- Cloudy pressing MB $20


85. The Colts — "Adorable/Lips Red As Wine" Vita 112 VG+ MB $5


86. The Companions — "How Could You/No Fool Am I" AMY 852 VG+/M- PROMO COPY MB $50


87. The Concords — "Marlene/Our Love Wasn't Meant To Be" Herald 576 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


88. The Concords — "Away/One Step From Heaven" Rust 5048 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with PROMOTER'S STICKER on the A-side label. That promo guy just happened to be JERRY MOSS before he teamed up with Herb Alpert. MB $20


89. The Concords — "Cold & Frosty Morning/Don't Go Now" Herald 578 MINT MB $25

90. The Continentals — "Picture Of Love/Soft And Sweet" Whirlin Disc 105 M- MB $100


91. The Cordells — "The Beat Of My Heart/Laid Off" Bargain 5004 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


92. The Coronados — "My Elise/Lying" Ric 979 M- MB $20


93. The Corsairs — "At The Stroke Of Midnight/Listen To My Little Heart" Tuff/Chess 1840 M- MB $20


94. The Corsairs — "Time Waits/It Won't Be A Sin" Tuff 3027 M- MB $20


95. The Corsells — "Nobody Heard About Me/Party Time" Hudson 8104 M- MB $25

96. The Corvairs — "Love Her So/Whatcha Gonna Do" Clock 1037 M- GREAT ONE!! MB $100


97. Tommy Dee with Little Maxine and The Covinas — "Thanks For The Memories/Five Minutes More" Hilton No # MINT MB $30


98. The C-Quins — "My Only Love/You've Been Crying" Ditto 501 M- MB $20


99. The Creators — "Wear My Ring/Booga Bear" Hi-Q 5021 M- "From the LP" printed on the label MB $20


100. The Crests — "Flower Of Love/Molly Mae" Coed 511 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with wol and xol MB $20


101. The Crests — "Journey Of Love/If My Heart Could Write A Letter" Coed 535 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5

102. The Crickets — "For You I Have Eyes/I'll Cry No More" M-G-M 11507 M- MB $150


103. The Crowns — "Possibility/Watch Out" Old Town 1171 M- MB $30


104. Lou Crystal and Group — "Dreaming Of An Angel/Sheila Baby" SFAZ 1001 VG+/M- MB $20


105. The "C" Tones — "From Now On/On Your Mark" Everlast 5005 M- MB $25


106. The Dandevilles — "Nasty Breaks/There's A Reason" Guyden 2014 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, #ol—tough to find as Promo MB $30


107. The Danleers — "One Summer Night/Wheelin' And A-Dealin' " Amp 3 1005 M- First label, true first pressing of all time classic before it became a mega-hit on Mercury MB $30


108. The Danleers — "I Really Love You/My Flaming Heart" Mercury 71356 M- MB $25


109. The Danleers — "Prelude To Love/SAME" Mercury 71401 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with same song on both sides MB $25


110. Danny And The Juniors — "Funny/We Got Soul" Swan 4113 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol on B-side label MB $25


111. Dante And The Evergreens — "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve/Yeah Baby" Madison 143 VG+ PROMO COPY MB $10


112. Jay Darrow and Group — "Girl In My Dreams/I Love That Girl" Keen 82124 M-/VG+ PROMO COPY MB $25


113. Billy Davis & The Legends — "Goodbye Jesse/Spunky Onions" Peacock 1694 M- "Not For Sale" stamped on B-side label MB $20


114. Hal Davis and Group — "Sweet And Lovely/My Young Heart" Alden 1301 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10


115. Hal Davis and Group — "Without You/You Never Never Gave Your Heart" Kent 375 M- With Female backing group—song is really close to "Stand By Me" MB $30


116. Hal Davis and Group — "Merchant Of Love/What Do You Mean To Me" Vee Jay 387 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


117. The Daylighters — "Whisper Of The Wind/I Can't Stop Crying" Tip Top 2007 M- MB $20


118. The Decoys — "Memories/Happy Honeymoon" Aljon 1261 M- MB $25


119. The Dee Cals — "Stars In The Blue What Should I Do/A Wonderful Day" Co Ed 1960 M- Nice one MB $50


120. The Dee-Vines — "I Believe/World's Greatest Lover" Lano 2001 M- Red label pressing MB $20


121. The Delacardos — "Love Is The Greatest Thing/Girl Girl" Shell 311 MINT PROMO COPY, with xol MB $20


122. The Del-Airs — "While Walking/Lost My Job" M.B.S. 001 M- MB $30


123. The Del Cades — "(It Takes Two) To Fall In Love/World's Fair U.S.A." United Sound Associates 175 M- Guitar intro pressing—nice one MB $50

124. The Delco's — "These Three Little Words/Arabia" Ebony 02 MINT First label, true first pressing MB $100


125. The Del Satins — "A Little Rain Must Fall/Love, Hate, Revenge" Diamond 216 M- PROMO COPY MB $25


126. The Deltairs — "Lullaby Of The Bells/It's Only You, Dear" IVY 101 MINT Green label pressing MB $25

127. The Del Vikings — "Come Go With Me/How Can I Find True Love" Fee Bee 205 • MINT Small wol as shown. TRUE ORIGINAL FIRST PRESSING on original label before it became a mega hit on DOT. MB $300


128. The Del Vikings — "I'm Spinning/You Say You Love Me" Fee Bee 218 M- MB $100


129. The Dell-Vikings — "Whispering Bells/Don't Be A Fool" Dot 15592 MINT Classic MB $30

130. The Delteens — "Listen To The Rain/Why Don't You Love Me" Fortune 541 M- FIRST PRESSING and a very nice one!! MB $200


131. The Desires — "Let It Please Be You/Hey Lena" Hull 730 MINT MB $100


132. The Desires — "Set Me Free/Rendezvous With You" Hull 733 MINT MB $75

133. Little Marcus And The Devotions — "I'll Always Remember/Lone Stranger Went Mad" Gordie 1001 M- GREAT ONE!! MB $200


134. The Diablos — "Hold Me Until Eternity/Route 16" Fortune 514 M- MB $50


135. Norman Strong and The Diablos — "Can't We Talk This Over/The Mambo of Love" Fortune 525 M- Blue label with lines MB $50


136. The Diadems — "Why Don't You Believe Me/Yes I Love You Baby" Star 514 MINT MB $30

137. The Dials — "No Hard Feelings/Win Yourself A Lover" Hilltop 219 MINT PROMO COPY MB $100


138. The Dials — "At The Start Of A New Romance/These Foolish Things" Phillips 40040 M- MB $50


139. The Diamonds — "Little Darlin'/Faithful And True" Mercury 71060 M- Maroon label, true first pressing MB $25


140. Kenny Dino and Group — "Rosie, Why Do You Wear My Ring/What Did I Do" Musicor 1015 VG+/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with Girl Group backing MB $10

141. The Dixie Hummingbirds — "I'll Keep On Living After I Die/Let's Go Out To The Program" Peacock 1722 MINT RED WAX MB $75


142. The Dolphins — "I Found True Love/Tell Tale Kisses" Shad 5020 MINT MB $30

143. The Dootones — "Teller Of Fortune/Ay Si Si" Dootone 366 MINT MB $100


144. The Do-Ray-Me-Trio — "Wrapped Up In A Dream/Why Did You Do It Baby?" Reet 001 M- MB $25


145. Doug And Freddy — "A Lover's Plea/I Believe In Love" Rendezvous 111 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


146. The Dovells — "No No No/Letters Of Love" Parkway 819 M-/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10


147. The Dreamers — "Because Of You/Little Girl" Cousins 1005 M- MB $75

148. The Dreamers — "Tears In My Eyes/535" Grand 131 M- THICK WAX MB $200


149. The Dreamlovers — "Oh Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely)/These Will Be The Good Old Days" Cameo 326 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


150. The Dreamlovers — "While We Were Dancing/Zoom Zoom Zoom" Heritage 107 M- B 4 pressing MB $25


151. The Dream Lovers — "May I Kiss The Bride/Time" V-Tone 229 M- MB $20


152. The Dreams — "I'll Be Faithful/My Little Honeybun" Savoy 1157 MINT MB $50


153. The Drifters — "Fools Fall In Love/It Was A Tear" Atlantic 1123 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


154. The Drifters — "There Goes My Baby/Oh My Love" Atlantic 2025 M- MB $20


155. The Drifters — "Sweets For My Sweet/Loneliness Or Happiness" Atlantic 2117 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with date of August 28 1961 stamped neatly on the B-side label MB $25

156. The Drivers — "My Lonely Prayer/Midnight Hours" DeLuxe 6104 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO WITH BIO LABEL MB $100


157. The Drivers — "No One For Me/Stutterin' Johnny" Drive 101 M- MB $100


158. The Duals — "For Ever And Ever/Wait Up Baby" Fury 1013 M- MB $30


159. The Dubs — "Don't Ask Me (To Be Lonely)/Darling" Gone 5002 M-/VG+ FIRST PRESSING with SHADOW PRINT MB $30


160. The Dubs — "Be Sure/Song In My Heart" Gone 5034 M- MB $30


161. The Dubs — "For The First Time/Ain't That So" ABC-Paramount 10,150 M- MB $25


162. The Dubs — "Lullaby/Down, Down, Down I Go" ABC-Paramount 10269 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


163. The Dubs — "Your Very First Love/Just You" Wilshire 201 M- MB $25

164. Little Duck And The Drakes — "Blue Velvet/Ramblin' Guy" Kingston 419 M- RARE MB $75


165. Cleve Duncan And The Radiants — "To Keep Our Love/I'm Betting My Heart" dooto 451 MINT MB $30


166. Shelley Du Pont & The Calendars — "Share My Love/Stop Driving Me Crazy" Tribune 1001 M- MB $30


167. The Earls — "Life Is But A Dream/It's You" Rome 101 M- Maroon label MB $30


168. The Earls — "Cross My Heart/Lookin' For My Baby" Rome 102 M- MB $25


169. The Earls — "Remember Then/Let's Waddle" Old Town 1130 M- Classic MB $30


170. The Earls — "Never/I Keep A Tellin' You" Old Town 1133 M- MB $25

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