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Closes Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Classic and Rare R&B Vocal Groups
and Gospel Groups 45's Auction

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241. The Diamonds — "Cherry/Romance In The Dark" ATLANTIC 1017 M- THIN VINYL ORIGINAL MB $100


242. Dino And The Diplomats — "Homework/Hush-A-Bye My Love" VIDA 0100 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


243. Dino And The Diplomats — "I Can't Believe/My Dream" LAURIE 3103 M- PROMO COPY MB $20

244. Dion And The Belmonts — "When You Wish Upon A Star/Wonderful Girl" LAURIE 3052 /MINT PICTURE SLEEVE ONLY, NO RECORD, IN BEAUTIFUL CONDITION MB $25


245. The Dixie Hummingbirds — "Live Right, Die Right/Prayer Wheel" PEACOCK 1727 VG+ RED WAX MB $20


246. The Dixie Humming Birds — "Let's Go Out To The Program No. 2/I Don't Know Why" PEACOCK 1788 M- MB $20


247. The Dixie Hummingbirds — "Have A Talk With Jesus/In the Morning" PEACOCK 1844 M- MB $20

248. The Dominoes — "Sixty-Minute Man/I Can't Escape From You" FEDERAL 12022 AA M- Gold Top Double, a True First Pressing of All Time Classic MB $50


249. Don & Juan — "What's Your Name/Chicken Necks" BIG TOP 3079 MINT MB $20


250. Don & Juan — "True Love Never Runs Smooth/Is It All Right If I Love You?" BIG TOP 3145 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

251. The Dovells — "Bristol Stomp/Out In The Cold Again" PARKWAY 827 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO on original old style label—tough to find this way MB $25

252. Clyde McPhatter And The Drifters — "Money Honey/The Way I Feel" ATLANTIC 1006 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO!!! Very SCARCE AS PROMO MB $50

253. The Drifters — "White Christmas/The Bells Of St. Mary's" ATLANTIC 1048 M- SPECIAL RED AND WHITE LABEL PROMO made for Christmas MB $50


254. The Dubs — "Wisdom Of A Fool/This I Swear" JOSIE 911 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

255. The Du Droppers — "Get Lost/Don't Pass Me By" RCA VICTOR 47-5504 M- MB $50

256. The Dundees — "Never/Evil One" SPACE 201 • MINT TOUGH MB $300


257. The Dynamics — "Old Shoes And Rice/Uncle Willy" SAA-CE No # MINT Xol on B-side—Rare MB $50


258. The Echoes — "Bluebirds Over The Mountain/A Chicken Ain't Nothin" SMASH 1766 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


259. The Edsels — "Rama Lama Ding Dong/Bells" TWIN 700 M- MB $20

260. The Edsels — "Could It Be/My Whispering Heart" DOT 16311 MINT Great one MB $50


261. Eddie Elder And The Harmonairs — "Gee! I Love You Baby/With A Tear In My Heart" VITA 176 MINT MB $25


262. The El Dorados — "My Loving Baby/Baby I Need You" VEE-JAY 115 M- MB $30


263. The El Dorados — "At My Front Door/What's Buggin' You Baby" VEE-JAY 147 VG MB $5

264. The Elgins — "Once Upon A Time/The Huddle" JOED 716 • MINT RARE MB $150


265. The Elgins — "Johnny I'm Sorry/You Got Your Magnet On Me Baby" LUMMTONE 109 MINT MB $25


266. The El Reys — "Beverly/Angalie" IDEAL No # VG MB $5

267. JoAnn Boswell With The ElTones — "You Were Meant For Me/I Won't Be Your Fool" CHIEF 800 MINT MB $150


268. The Empires — "If I'm A Fool/Zippity Zip" AMP 3 RECORDS 132 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO with small tears on the A-side label MB $20

269. The Empires — "Love You So Bad/Come Home Girl" CANDI 1026 M- STAMPED "D. J. COPY" on the A-side label MB $50

270. Ernie And The Halo's — "The Girl From Across The Sea (Angel Marie)/Darlin!" GUYDEN 2085 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


271. The Famous Boyer Brothers — "Nothing Less Than Jesus/I Heard From Heaven" VEE-JAY 851 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


272. The Fantastics — "Dancing Doll/I Told You Once" UNITED ARTISTS 309 VG+ MB $25


273. The Feathers — "Johnny Darling/Nona" SHOW TIME 1104 MINT MB $50


274. The Five Blind Boys (Jackson Harmoneers) — "I Got It Within Me/The Tide Of Life PEACOCK 1855 M- MB $20


275. The Five Blind Boys (Jackson Harmoneers) — "Just A Little While/Sevant's Prayer" PEACOCK 3005 M- MB $20


276. The Five Crowns — "God Bless You/Do You Remember" GEE 1001 VG+ Small tears on A-side label MB $20

277. The Five Discs — "Adios/My Baby Loves Me" CALO 202 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with shadow print MB $75

278. The Five Discs — "Never Let You Go/That Was The Time" CHEER 4002 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


279. The Five Discs — "I Remember/The World Is A Beautiful Place" VIK 0327 M- MB $25

280. The Five G's — "Forget Her/I Think I Know" WASHINGTONIAN No # M- MB $100

281. The Five J's — "My Darling/Calypso Jump" FULTON RECORDS 2454 M- MB $75

282. The Five Playboys — "Pages Of My Scrapbook/When We Were Young" FEE BEE 213 M- MB $50


283. The Five Quails — "Get To School On Time/Been A Long Time" HARVEY 114 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol on A-side and wol on B-side MB $20


284. The "5" Royales — "Baby Don't Do It/Take All Of Me" APOLLO 443 M- MB $25


285. The Five Satins — "Till The End/On A Lover's Island" UNITED ARTISTS 368 VG MB $5


286. The Five Trumpets — "Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around/O Lord" RCA VICTOR 50-0014 VG+ ORANGE VINYL MB $20

287. The F. J. Babies — "And The Moon Came Down/She Has" APT 25068 MINT MB $50


288. The Flamingos — "When/That's My Baby" CHECKER 815 M- MB $25


289. The Flamingos — "A Kiss From Your Lips/Get With It" CHECKER 837 M- MB $25


290. The Flamingos — "I Only Have Eyes For You/Goodnight Sweetheart" END 1046 M- All time classic MB $20


291. The Flamingos — "Time Was/Dream Girl" END 1092 VG MB $5


292. The Fleettones — "Your Lover Man/Please Tell Me" BANDERA 2511 MINT MB $30


293. The Fleetwoods — "Come Softly To Me/I Care So Much" LIBERTY 55188 M- Classic MB $20


294. The Fortuneers — "Oh, Woh, Baby/Look A' There" SKYTONE 1000 M- MB $20

295. The 4 After 5s — "Hello Schoolteacher!/I Gotta Have Somebody" ALL TIME 9076 • MINT Also known as The Rivingtons and The Lamplighters before that! MB $50


296. The Four Counts — "Blue Eyes/Heavenly" ACE 597 M-/VG+ MB $10

297. The Four Dots — "Peace Of Mind/Kiss Me Sugar Plum" BULLSEYE 104 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $75


298. The 4 Dueces — "W-P-L-J/Here Lies My Love" MUSIC CITY 790 VG+ Wol MB $20


299. The Four Dots — "Pleading For Your Love/Don't Wake Up The Kids" FREEDOM 44005 VG+ Blue and Silver label stock copy—much rarer than the Promo which is what usually turns up MB $20


300. The Four Evers — "Come Up In The World/Colors" CHATTAHOOCHEE 630 MINT MB $20


301. The Four-Evers — "Lover Come Back To Me/It's Love" SMASH 1853 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

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