My May 25th Auction is Killer Blues 78's!!

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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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John buys the World's Rarest 78 rpm record!!

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May 25th Killer Blues 78's Auction-pix, page 6
Closes Tuesday, May 25th 2021 at 7 pm PT

Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's Auction!

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Post War Blues 78's:

325. Lightnin' Hopkins And His Guitar — "Early Mornin' Boogie/Nothin' But The Blues" HERALD 443 E MB $50

326. Elmo James — "Dust My Broom/Catfish Blues" TRUMPET 146 E His First! MB $300

327. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Cry For Me Baby/Take Me Where You Go" CHIEF 7006 E Tough on 78 MB $300


328. Albennie Jones With Sam Price And His Quartet — "Hey Little Boy/Love Is Such A Mystery" DECCA 48095 E+ DARK RED VINYL 78!!! From the files of the chief engineer at DECCA!!! MB $200

329. John Lee — "Rythm Rockin' Boogie/SAME LABEL" J.O.B 114 E- Fabulous record . . . same label on both sides MB $300

330. Baby Face Leroy — "My Head Can't Rest Anymore / Take A Little Walk With Me"J.O.B. 100 E+LEGENDARY CHICAGO BLUES RARITY!!! First label, before CHESS release.MB $1000

331. Baby Face Leroy With Sunnyland Slim Trio — "Pet Rabbit / Louella"J.O.B. 1002 E/E+POST WAR MASTERPIECE AND VERY, VERY SCARCE!!!MB $1000

332. Ernest Lewis — "West Coast Blues/No More Lovin' " PARROT 791 E Great! MB $200

333. Robert Lockwood, Jr. — "Dust My Broom/I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole" MERCURY 8260 E+/E LEGENDARY RECORD MB $300


334. Que Martin & His Band — "Work With It/Lover's Rhapsody" BIG TOWN 120 E RARE MB $50

335. Brownie McGhee — "Black, Brown & White Blues/High Price Blues" ENCORE 102 V+ His rarest record and this one is a Civil Rights Anthem and very historically important in that struggle! MB $100


336. Dennis McMillion — "Poor Little Angel Girl/Goin' Back Home" REGAL 3232 E+ MB $75

337. Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chickenshackers — "Square Dance Boogie / Anybody's Blues"ALADDIN 3056 E/EWITH SUPER, SUPER RARE PICTURE SLEEVEMB $500

338. Little Milton — "Somebody Told Me/Beggin' My Baby" SUN 194 E MB $100


339. Rudy Moore — "Step It Up And Go/Let Me Come Home" FEDERAL 12276 E+ MB $25


340. Chick Morris And His Band — "Moving Out Baby/A Prayer" DELCRO 103 E RARE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA LABEL JUMP BLUES MB $75

341. Robert Nighthawk And His Nighthawks Band — "Feel So Bad /Take It Easy Baby"UNITED 105 E+SUPER HARD TO FIND THIS ONE CLEAN—MOST COPIES ARE JUKED OUT MB $500

342. Little Junior Parker And The Blue Flames — "Bad Women Bad Whiskey/You're My Angel" MODERN 864 E+ Slight discoloration to the grooves on the outer edges with no effect on play MB $300

343. Little Junior's Blue Flames — "Feelin' Good/Fussin' And Fightin' Blues" SUN 187 E- ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $100


344. Miss Sharecropper AKA LaVerne Baker — "I've Tried/How Long" NATIONAL 9151 E+ HER FIRST RECORD MB $50


345. Sonny Terry Trio — "Dangerous Woman/Hootin' Blues" GRAMMERCY 1005 E- MB $20

346. Square Walton — "Gimme Your Bankroll/Pepper Head Woman" RCA VICTOR 20-5493 E- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin VINYL—GREAT ONE! MB $100

347. "Baby Boy" Warren — "My Special Friend Blues/Nervy Woman Blues" GOTHAM 507 E+ MB $200


348. Muddy Waters — "I Won't Go On/She's Got It" CHESS 1692 E+ MB $100

349. Little Walter Trio — "Muskadine Blues /Bad Actin' Woman"REGAL 3296 E-MASTERPIECE—recorded for PARKWAY but not released by them. When Parkway sold out to REGAL, this was issued. Tough to find and just fabulous. MB $500

350. Young John Watson — "Space Guitar/Half Pint-A-Whiskey" FEDERAL 12175 E+ Absolutely Wild guitar instro . . . decades ahead of its time!!! MB $100


351. Young John Watson — "Gettin' Drunk/You Can't Take It With You" FEDERAL 12183 E- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


352. James Wayne — "Junco Partner/Tryin' To Find A Girl" SITTIN' IN WITH 607 E+ MB $50


353. Junior Wells — "Cut That Out/Eagle Rock" STATES 122 E MB $100

354. Junior Wells And His Eagle Rockers — "Hodo Man/Junior's Wail" STATES 134 E HIS BEST MB $200


355. Junior Wells — "Two Head Woman/Lovey Dovey Lovey One" CHIEF 7005 E- MB $100

356. Robert Lee Westmoreland — "Hello Central, Please Give Me 209/Good Looking Woman" TREPUR 115 V+ With repaired crack to the label. One of the rarest Post War Blues of all time! Sounds like Lightnin' Hopkins from tiny label in La Grange, Georgia! MB $300


357. Joe Williams — "Banta Rooster Blues/House Lady Blues" COLUMBIA 30119 E Joe's cover of CHARLEY PATTON song!! VERY nicely done too! MB $50


358. Joe Williams And His 9 String Guitar — "Mama Don't Allow Me/Delta Blues" TRUMPET 151 E+ MB $50


359. Joe Lee Williams And His 12 String Guitar — "Over Hauling Blues/Whistling Pines" TRUMPET 169 E+ MB $50


360. Joe Williams And His 9 String Guitar — "She Left Me A Mule/Bad Heart Blues" TRUMPET 171 E+ MB $50


361. L.C. Williams — "Don't Want No Woman/Louise" MERCURY 8276 E+/E MB $50

362. James Williamson And His Trio AKA HOMESICK JAMES — "Farmers Blues /Lonesome Old Train"CHANCE 1121 V+RAREST ONE BY HIM!!! CHICAGO MASTERPIECE MB $500


363. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Mellow Chick Swing/G. M. & O. Blues" RCA VICTOR 20-2369 E+ MB $25

364. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Eyesight To The Blind/Crazy About You Baby" TRUMPET 129 E/E+ MB $75


365. Sonny Boy Williamson — "Cool, Cool Blues/Do It If You Wanta" TRUMPET 139 E+ MB $50


366. "Sonny Boy" Williamson — "Red Hot Kisses/Going In Your Direction" TRUMPET 216 E+ MB $50


367. "Sonny Boy" Williamson — "Don't Start Me Talkin'/All My Love In Vain" CHECKER 824 E+ MB $50


368. Ralph Willis And Brownie McGhee — "Goodbye Blues/Lazy Woman Blues" PRESTIGE 906 E+ MB $50

369. Ralph Willis — "Gonna Hop On Down The Line/Door Bell Blues" KING 4631 E+/E WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100


370. Jimmy Wilson And His All-Stars — "Any Man's A Fool/It's Time To Change" ALADDIN 3241 E+ MB $50

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