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May 25th Killer Blues 78's Auction-pix, page 5
Closes Tuesday, May 25th 2021 at 7 pm PT

Pre-War & Post War Blues 78's Auction!

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Post War Blues 78's:

269. Joe Brown And His Kool Kats — "Le Roy Sent Me/The Bull Dog Blues" REGENT 1012 E+ RARE J-V-B RELATED MB $50


270. Juanita Brown — "Key To My Door/Hot Rod" ALADDIN 3022 E+ MB $25

271. Milan Brown — "Roll It/I'm Goin' Back" BATON 204 E+ GREAT AND RARE JUMP BLUES!!! First copy I've ever seen MB $100


272. Piney Brown — "Gloomy Monday Blues/Mourning Blues" APOLLO 402 E+ MB $25


273. Piney Brown — "Why Do I Cry Over You/That's Right Baby" APOLLO 418 E/V MB $5

274. Piney Brown — "Ooh, I Want My Baby/My Heart Is Achin' Baby" PAR 1305 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100


275. Piney Brown — "Ooh You Bring Out The Wolf In Me/Don't Pass Me By" JUBILEE 5130 E/E+ MB $50


276. Roy Brown And His Mighty, Mighty Men — "Please Don't Go/Riding High" DELUXE 3226 E MB $25

277. Roy Brown And His Mighty-Mighty Men — "I Feel That Young Man's Rhythm/End Of My Journey" DELUXE 3302 E+/E WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on thin vinyl MB $25


278. Roy Brown And His Mighty, Mighty Men — "Hard Luck Blues/New Rebecca" DELUXE 3304 V+ MB $5


279. Roy Brown And His Mighty, Mighty Men — "Dreaming Blues/Love Don't Love Nobody" DELUXE 3306 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO LABEL, #ol MB $25


280. Roy Brown And His Mighty, Mighty Men — "`Long About Sundown/Cadillac Baby" DELUXE 3308 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO LABEL MB $25


281. Skippy Brown — "Tale Of Woe/So Many Days" CHANCE 1129 V MB $20


282. Tommy Brown And Orchestra — "Atlanta Boogie/The House Near The Railroad Track" REGENT 1030 E+ MB $25


283. Walter Brown — "New Four Day Rider/Gonna' Open Up A Business" KING 4170 E+ MB $25


284. Walter Brown — "Gonna Play With Your Woman/Lyin' Woman Blues" CAPITOL 57-70015 E+ MB $25


285. Walter Brown And Jay McShann's Quartet — "W. B. Blues/Sloppy Drunk" MERCURY 8046 V MB $5

286. Walter Brown — "A B C Blues/The Search" PEACOCK 1577 E RARE MB $50


287. Waymon Brown — "Barefoot Susie/Feelin' Sad And Lonesome" DECCA 48262 E+ MB $25


288. Beulah Bryant — "What Am I Going To Do?/Prize Fightin' Papa" EXCELLO 2049 E+ Tough Female Blues MB $50


289. Willie Bryant With Tab Smith Septette — "Blues Around The Clock (Part I)/(Part II)" APOLLO 364 E MB $25


290. Allen Bunn — "The Guy With A ".45"/She'll Be Sorry" APOLLO 436 E+ MB $25


291. Allen Bunn — "I Got You Covered/Discouraged" APOLLO 439 V+ MB $5


292. Allen Bunn — "My Flight/Two Time Loser" APOLLO 442 E+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with small tol MB $25


293. Sirloin Burg — "Pay Day Blues/The Rockabye" REGENT 1002 E+ MB $25

294. Harold Burrage And His Combo — "You Eat Too Much/One More Dance" COBRA 5004 E MB $50


295. Harold Burrage — "Messed Up/I Don't Care Who Knows" COBRA 5012 E+ MB $75


296. Harold Burrage And Willie Dixon Band — "She Knocks Me Out/A Heart" COBRA 5022 E- MB $25


297. Harold Burrage And His Band — "I Cry For You/Betty Jean" COBRA 5026 E+/E MB $25


298. Cliff Butler — "Can't Get Her Off My Mind/Boogie With Lou" DOT 1130 E- MB $20

299. Robert Byrd — "Bippin' An' Boppin' (Over You)/Strawberry Stomp" JAMIE 1039 E MB $50


300. Red Callender Sextet — "Dolphin Street Boogie/Poinciana" FEDERAL 12045 E WHITE LABEL PROMO with #ol MB $20


301. Barbara Cameron With Herman Chittison — "Love That Boy/Feeling Zero" KING 4185 E+ MB $25


302. Bill Campbell And His Harlem Eight — "Boogie Me/Use-To-Be Daddy" DELUXE 1043 V+ MB $5

303. Choker Campbell And His Orches-tra — "Rocking And Jumping/Frankie And Johnnie" FORTUNE 808 E+ MB $75


304. Choker Campbell And His Band — "Last Call For Whiskey/How Could You Do This?" ATLANTIC 1014 V+/E- MB $5


305. Ray Chambers Trio — "Last Train From Mississippi Blues/Rockin' With The Music" MELFORD 259 E- With two hair line cracks . . . RARE MB $20

306. Ray Charles — "She's On The Ball/Honey, Honey" SWING TIME 218 E+ MB $25


307. Ray Charles Trio — "All To Myself/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" SWING TIME 249 E+ MB $25


308. Ray Charles — "Kissa Me Baby/I'm Glad For Your Sake" SWING TIME 274 E+ MB $25


309. Ray Charles And His Orchestra — "Mess Around/Funny" ATLANTIC 999 E+ ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $25

310. Schoolboy Cleve — "She's Gone/Strange Letter Blues" FEATURE 3013 E- FABULOUS MB $100


311. Pee Wee Crayton — "Cool Evening/Have You Lost Your Love For Me" MODERN 892 E- MB $10

312. Calvin Frazier And His Guitar — "Got Nobody To Tell My Troubles To /Rock House" NEW SONG 121 V+ ULTRA RARE on tiny OHIO LABEL — 100 pressed, but only about eight known to exist MB $300


313. Cecil Gant And His Trio — "Long Distance/Vibology" 4 STAR 1377 E- MB $20


314. Wynonie Harris — "Good Morning Judge/Stormy Night Blues" KING 4378 E MB $25


315. Wynonie Harris — "Bloodshot Eyes/Confessin' The Blues" KING 4461 E+ MB $25

316. Earl Hooker — "Sweet Angel /On The Hook" ROCKIN' 513 ERARE!!! MB $500

317. Johnny Lee (Hooker) — "I'm A Boogie Man /I Came To See You Baby"DELUXE 6009 E+HIS BEST GUITAR ROCKER!!! MB $500


318. John Lee Hooker — "I'm So Worried Baby/The Road Is So Rough" VEE-JAY 233 E+ MB $50


319. John Lee Hooker — "I Love You Honey/You've Taken My Woman" VEE-JAY 293 E/E+ MB $50

320. J. B. Hutto And His Hawks — "Combination Boogie/Now She's Gone" CHANCE 1155 E FABULOUS MB $150

321. Sonny Boy Holmes — "T-N-T Woman/I Got Them Blues" RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD 225 E MB $150

322. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Old Woman Blues/Untrue Blues" GOLD STAR 669 E MB $100


323. "Lightnin' " Hopkins — "Fast-Mail Rambler/Thinkin' And Worryin' " ALADDIN 204 E+ MB $50


324. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Abilene/Miss Me Blues" ALADDIN 3096 E MB $50

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