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March 28 R&B Vocal Groups 45's Auction, page 8
Closes Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

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My March 28th, 2023 R&B Vocal Groups 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of my March 28th, 2023 R&B Vocal Groups 45's auction

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258. The Sugarmints — "You'll Have Everything/I-I-I Could Love You" BRUNSWICK 55042 VG YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $5

259. The Sultans — "I Cried My Heart Out/Baby Don't Put Me Down" DUKE 133 M- MB $100

260. The Superiors — "What Is Love?/Flee The Scene" FAL 301 M- MB $50

261. The Swallows — "Eternally / It Ain't The Meat" KING 4501 AAVG+ GREEN VINYL!!! RARE!!! MB $500


262. The Tangents — "I Can't Live Alone/Send Me Something" FRESH 1 VG+ Plays fantastic MB $10


263. The Techniques — "Marindy/Let Her Go" ROULETTE 4048 MINT MB $20


264. The Tempos — "The Crossroads Of Love/Whatever Happens" CLIMAX 105 M-/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with faded xol on A-side MB $10

265. Tiny Tip & The Tip-Tops — "I Said A Prayer/I Found My Love" SCARLET 4129 VG+ Plays Perfect MB $75


266. The Tokens — "Come Dance With Me/Doom-Lang" GARY 1006 MINT 49th Street 2nd press MB $20


267. The Tokens — "Please Write/I'll Always Love You" LAURIE 3180 M- MB $20

268. Tony & The Twiliters — "Did You Make Up Your Mind/Be My Girl" JALYNNE 106 M- MB $50


269. The Trend-Els — "I'm So Young/ Don't You Hear Me Calling-Baby" TILT 779 M- BLACK LABEL AND VINYL PRESSING MB $50


270. The Trickels — "With Each Step A Tear/Outside Chapel Door" GONE 5078 VG+ "R" Stamped on the label MB $30

271. The Tru-Tones — "Darling I'm Sorry/Surfin' Here We Go" TRU NO # M-/VG+ MB $50


272. The Tunesters — "Casually/Wykiup (Wick-Ee-Up Indian Tent)" TIARA 6129 M- Stamped "Promotion Not For Sale" MB $20

273. Napoleon Tyce And GROUP — "Sitting Here/Paper Doll" NORWOOD 105 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100

274. Uniques — "I'm So Unhappy/It's Got To Come From Your Heart" PRIDE 1018 M- MB $75

275. The Uniques — "Tell The Angels/Hey, Little Cupid" END 1012 M- MB $100


276. The Universals — "A Love Only You Can Give/I'm In Love" SHEPHERD 22001 VG Wol MB $25


277. The Upfronts — "Send Me Someone To Love Who Will Love Me/Baby, For Your Love" LUMMTONE 107 M- MB $50

278. The Utopians — "Along My Lonely Way/Hurry To Your Date" IMPERIAL 5876 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO, PLAYS FANTASTIC MB $50


279. The Vails — "There'll Come A Time/She's Back" BELMONT 4004 VG+ MB $10


280. The Val-Chords — "You're Laughing At Me/Candy Store Love" GAMETIME 104 M- Two single lines MB $25


281. The Valentines — "Why/The Woo Woo Train" RAMA 196 M- MB $50


282. The Valiants — "Dear Cindy/Surprise" SHAR-DEE 703 M- Distributed by London MB $25


283. The Varnells — "All Because/Day In Court" ARNOLD 1006 M- MB $20

284. The Vectors — "One Day/Slow But Sure" STANDARD 700 M- MB $100

285. The Victorians — "Wedding Bells/Please Say You Do" SELMA 1002 M- MB $100


286. The Videls — "We Belong Together/It's All Over" MUSICNOTE 117 VG+ Plays perfect MB $50


287. The Visions — "Teenager's Life/Little Moon" ELGEY 1003 VG+ MB $10


288. The Vitells — "Shirley/The Dip" DECCA 31362 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $25


289. The Wheels — "My Heart's Desire/Let's Have A Ball" PREMIUM 405 MINT DIP TOWARDS CENTER HOLE MB $75


290. The Wheels — "Teasin' Heart/Loco" PREMIUM 408 VG+ MB $50


291. The Whirlwinds — "Angel Love/ The Mountain" GUYDEN 2052 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with faded xol and slight label wear on the B-side MB $10

292. Ruby Whitaker And The Chestnuts — "Who Knows Better Than I/Mary Hear The Love Bells" STANDORD 100 M- This has Lymen Hopkins credit on the B-side, #ol MB $100

293. Otis Williams And His Charms — "Funny What True Love Can Do/Blues Stay Away From Me" DELUXE 6187 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


294. The Young Ones — "No, No Don't Make Me Cry/I'm In The Mood For Love" YUSSELS 7703 M- MB $20

295. The Youngtones — "You I Adore/It's Over Now" X-TRA 104 VG+ MB $30


296. The Zebulons — "Falling Water/ Wo-Ho-La-Tee-Da" CUB 9069 VG+ PROMO MB $20

297. Benn Zeppa And The Four Jacks — "Why Do Fools Fall In Love/No, Not Much" TOPS 278 MINT Nice cover version of Frankie Lymon classic MB $50

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