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Original 1950's Rockabilly, Country Boogie
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251. Mel Price — "Little Dog Blues/Until" DIXIE 2016 VG+ MB $75


252. Nedra Price And The Moonglows — "Let's Have A Party/Sugar Booger" PONCA 101 MINT GREAT FEMALE ROCKER AND SHE SOUNDS JUST LIKE WANDA JACKSON MB $100


253. Lewis Pruitt — "Crazy Bullfrog/The Hand That Held The Hand" DECCA 31201 M- Great One! MB $75


254. Pumpkin — "1/2 Past 17/Boom-Boom" Brunswick 55004 M- MB $25


255. Andy Quinn — "Rock-A-Boogie/Back To School Again Blues" DECCA 30438 M- MB $20


256. Marvin Rainwater — "Tough Top Cat/There's A Honky Tonk In Your Heart" WARWICK 674 M- Nice one MB $75

257. The Rampages — "Alligator Stomp/My Dear Heart" WEDGE 1011 M- Nice one MB $75


258. Dodie Randle — "Man Hunt/I Fell In Love Again" DECCA 30173 M- MB $25


259. Wayne Raney — "Shake Baby Shake/40th And Plum" DECCA 30212 M- MB $50


260. Wayne Raney — "I Ain't Got Time/Four Aces And A Queen" DECCA 31004 MINT MB $25


261. Slim Rhodes — "Take And Give/Do What I Do" SUN 256 M- MB $50


262. The Rhythm Rockers — "Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby/Fiddle Bop" SUN 248 VG MB $10


263. Rudi Richardson — "Fool's Hall Of Fame/Why Should I Cry" SUN 271 MINT MB $50

264. Rusty Ridgel & His Western Ramblers — "Careless Lover/It Didn't Take Long" KEY 233 M- Country Boogie MB $75


265. Billy Riley And The Little Green Men — "Red Hot/Pearly Lee" SUN 277 M- MB $50


266. Warren Robbe — "Life's Not Worth Living/I've Had My Chance" BAND BOX 330 VG+ MB $25


267. Marty Robbins — "Mean Mama Blues/Tennessee Toddy" COLUMBIA 21477 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


268. Marty Robbins — "Respectfully Miss Brooks/You Don't Owe Me A Thing" COLUMBIA 40706 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


269. The Rockin' R's — "Crazy Baby/The Beat" TEMPUS 7541 MINT MB $25


270. Rockin' Ronald & The Rebels — "Kansas City/Cuttin' Out" END 1043 MINT MB $30

271. The Rockin' Saints — "Cheat On Me, Baby/Half And Half" DECCA 31144 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $75


272. Andy Rose — "Dance On Pretty Clown/I'm Waiting For You" CORAL 62109 MINT POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $30


273. Andy Rose — "With Feeling/Perfidia" CORAL 62142 MINT POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $30


274. Andy Rose — "You Weren't There/Don't Ask Me" CORAL 62284 MINT POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO with promoter's sticker on the A-side label MB $25

275. Charley Lincoln — "Hot Rod Lincoln/Hank Williams Goodbye" SOUVENIR RECORDS 101 M- First label, true first pressing before it became a big hit for Republic, wol as shown MB $100

276. Billy Scott — "You're Braggin', Boy/In A Little Swiss Chalet" TEE VEE 225 M- Country Boogie MB $50


277. Jack Scott — "Baby, She's Gone/You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9818 VG+ MB $25


278. Jack Scott — "Found A Woman/Is There Something On Your Mind" TOP RANK 2093 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, His BEST record on this label and probably his most "Rockabilly" of all his records MB $30


279. Ronnie Self — "Bop-A-Lena/I Ain't Goin' Nowhere" COLUMBIA 41101 M- MB $25

280. Tommy Scott & His Ramblers — "Dig Me Little Mama/Cat Music" 4 STAR 111 • MINT Fabulous two-sider!!! First and only copy I've ever seen! From the collection of an old time record producer. MB $500


281. Gary Shelton — "Kissin' At The Drive-In/Yours Til I Die" MERCURY 71310 MINT MB $25

282. Arkie Shibley And His Mountain Dew Boys — "Hot Rod Race/I'm Living Alone With An Old Love" Mt. Dew Records 101 MINT TRUE FIRST LABEL, FIRST PRESSING OF THIS ALL TIME CLASSIC. First time I have ever seen a copy on this label!!! MB $100


283. Arkie Shibley And His Mountain Dew Boys — "Hot Rod Race/I'm Living Alone With An Old Love" GILT-EDGE 5021 MINT Super early 45 rpm MB $50


284. Arkie Shibley And His Mountain Dew Boys — "Hot Rod Race No. 2/I Wish I Was Somebody's Rose" GILT-EDGE 5030 MINT Super early 45 rpm MB $50

285. Bobby Sisco The Singing Farm Boy — "Honky Tonkin' Rhythm/Wrong Or Right" MAR-VEL 111 MINT Absolute original true first pressing—from the files of an old time record producer MB $100

286. Johnny Skiles — "Rockin' And Rollin'(A Two Time Beat)/Hard Luck Blues" RUMAC 301 MINT MB $200


287. Arthur Smith And His Crackerjacks — "Rockin' The News/Guitar Bustin' " M-G-M 12618 VG+ PROMO COPY with wol on B-side MB $10


288. Carl Smith — "Don't Tease Me/There She Goes" CARL SMITH 4 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

289. Kenny Smith — "I'm So Lonesome, Baby/Secret Date" TOP-PER 281 M- TOUGH ONE! MB $300


290. Leon Smith — "Little Forty Ford/Once I Had A Heart" WILLAMETTE 101 VG+ FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING BEFORE IT WENT NATIONWIDE ON EPIC, Eugene, Oregon label MB $20


291. Mack Allen Smith — "King Of Rock And Roll/Lonely Street" ACE 3011 M- Great one MB $50


292. Ray Smith — "Right Behind You Baby/So Young" SUN 298 MINT MB $75


293. Ray Smith — "Rockin' Little Angel/That's All Right" JUDD 1016 VG+ MB $5


294. Ray Smith — "Johnny The Hummer/Let Yourself Go" INFINITY 007 MINT MB $25


295. Ronnie Smith — "Lookie, Lookie, Lookie/A Tiny Kiss" BRUNSWICK 55137 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $30

296. Warren Smith — "Rock 'M' Roll Ruby/I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry" SUN 239 MINT TRUE FIRST PRESSING WITH "Rock M Roll" title MB $50

297. Warren Smith — "Ubangi Stomp/Black Jack David" SUN 250 MINT Small xol MB $50


298. Warren Smith — "I Got Love If You Want It/I Fell In Love" SUN 286 MINT MB $50

299. Eddie Snell & His Midwestern Aces — "I'm Going Down (For The 3rd Time)/Head For The Hills" PROMOTIONAL RECORD 242 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $200

300. Rudy Sooter — "Dixie Land Boogie/The Kid Next Door" GOLD STAR 116 M- TOUGH TO FIND ON 45 RPM MB $100

301. Jay T. Starr With Dave Burnam & The Western Swingsters — "Wa-Na-Chee/Darker Clouds Ahead" 4 STAR 1708 MINT MB $50


302. Jay T. Starr With Dave Burnam & His Band — "Chemise/You Don't Care" 4 STAR 1724 M- A-side is good ROCKIN' INSTRUMENTAL MB $50

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