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March 21st Auction page 1
Closes Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 7 pm PT

Original 1950's Rockabilly, Country Boogie
and Hot Rock & Roll 45's Auction!

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1. Dee Allen With The Candeletts — "Boop Ditty Bop Bam Boom/It's Misery" VITA 180 MINT Crazy Female Rocker with Sax—first time I've ever seen this one.... MB $50

2. Lloyd Arnold — "School Days/Take These Chains From My Heart" AVET 5000 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO . . . sorry it's not the Republic (maybe next time) but it's really not a bad record . . . and much, much cheaper. MB $25

3. Jimmy Basile — "Lulu/I'll Never Be Anyone But Me" CAPITOL 4960 M- For an early 1960's Capitol, this is one really great one!!! Sounds much earlier—go listen to a sound file on You Tube (assuming it's there) or call me MB $25

4. Dean Beard — "Party Party/Stand By Me" ATLANTIC 1162 VG+ Bargain MB $5

5. Carl Belew & His Riff Riders — "I'm Long Gone/Silence And Tears" SOWDER 248 • M- GORGEOUS COPY OF ROCKABILLY MONSTER!!! From the personal files of an old time record producer!!! Only had this ONCE before in 45 years of hunting. MB $1000

6. Carl Belew — "My Baby's Not Here/The End Of Time" CARL BELEW 44 M- Not the SOWDER, but it does rock a bit and has a good guitar break. MB $25

7. Carl Belew — "Stop The World/I Can't Forget" 4 STAR 1715 VG MB $5

8. Carl Belew — "24 Hour Night/Everytime I'm Kissing You" 4 STAR 1721 MINT Medium tempo chuggin' Rocker with nice break MB $30

9. Carl Belew — "No Love Tonight/My Baby's Not Here" 4 STAR 1726 MINT MB $25

10. Carl Belew — "Cool Gator Shoes/No Regrets" DECCA 30947 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20

11. Johnny Bell — "Flip, Flop And Fly/The Third Degree" BRUNSWICK 55142 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $100

12. Tommy Blake And The Rhythm Rebels — "Lordy Hoody/Flat Foot Sam" SUN 278 M- SUN label classic MB $75

13. Tommy Blake — "$ F--Olding Money $/The Hanging Judge" RECCO 1006 M- Stamped "Promotion Only Not For Sale" on the label, NEVER seen this one before and it is really interesting and good. MB $75

14. Bobby Bobo — "Doggone, Lonesome Blues/Stamps" SAGE 239 M- MB $20

15. Eddie Bond And The Stompers — "Rockin' Daddy/I've Got A Woman" MERCURY 70826 M-/VG+ Classic two- sider MB $50

16. Johnny Bond — "The Little Rock Roll/I'll Be Here (After You've Gone)" COLUMBIA 21521 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

17. Lee Bonds With Band — "Wild Cattin' Woman/For Sale-One Broken Heart" TENNESSEE 826 M- Tough to find on 45 rpm format—shows up on 78 MB $75

18. Jimmy Bowen With The Rhythm Orchids — "I'm Stickin' With You/Ever Lovin' Fingers" ROULETTE 4001 VG+/M- Orange label with Roulette wheel . . . bargain for a classic MB $5

19. Gene Brown — "Big Door/Playing With My Heart" 4 STAR 1717 M- Decent Rocker MB $50

20. Sonny Burgess — "Red Headed Woman/We Wanna Boogie" SUN 247 M- SLIGHT vinyl discoloration, Great Classic SUN LABEL two-sider MB $100

21. Sonny Burgess — "Ain't Got A Thing/Restless" SUN 263 VG+ MB $10

22. Dorsey Burnette — "Great Shakin' Fever/That's Me Without You" ERA 3045 MINT Orange Label Promo—Nice one! MB $50

23. Johnny Burnette And The Rock 'N Roll Trio — "Tear It Up/You're Undecided" CORAL 61651 VG+ PLAYS MINT!!! Masterpiece! MB $50

24. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "Midnight Train/Oh Baby Babe" CORAL 61675 M- POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $100

25. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Honey Hush" CORAL 61719 M- Rare stock copy—usually found as Promo MB $100

26. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "Lonesome Train/I Just Found Out" CORAL 61758 G POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO—looks whipped but still plays strong through the scuffs and scratches and an absolute bargain at the minimum bid MB $5

27. Johnny Burnette — "Eager Beaver Baby/Touch Me" CORAL 61829 MINT POWDER BLUE LABEL PROMO—from the personal collection of Mrs. Johnny Burnette MB $100

28. Ernie Burris And The Rockettiers — "Nimble Fingers/Amarie"Blue Jay 108 • M- Very obscure ROCKIN' INSTRUMENTALS with super, super rare BLUE JAY RECORDS SLEEVE AS SHOWN! First and only copy I've ever seen. MB $200

29. Dave Burton — "Rock 'N' Roll Ruby/Don't Explain" RCA VICTOR 47-6535 M- Nice Teen Rocker MB $20

30. Bob Burton — "Tired Of Rocking/Can't Live My Life Alone" MAR-VEL 953 M- Absolute original true first pressing MB $100

31. Jackie Cannon — "Proof Of Your Love/Chill Bumps" CHESS 1807 M- MB $30

32. Billy Carroll — "Big Green Car/That's All I Want" FASCINATION 2000 MINT MB $50

33. Johnny Carroll And His Hot Rocks — "Rock 'N' Roll Ruby/Tryin' To Get To You" DECCA 29940 VG+ PINK LABEL PROMO, plays MINT MB $25

34. Johnny Carroll And His Hot Rocks — "Wild Wild Women/Corrine, Corrina" DECCA 29941 VG+ PINK LABEL PROMO MB $25

35. Johnny Carroll And His Hot Rocks — "Hot Rock/Crazy, Crazy Lovin' " DECCA 30013 VG+ MB $25

36. Bill Carter — "Cool Tom Cat/Secret Date" OZARK 1234 M- Nice One MB $100

37. The Catalinas — "Speechless/Flying Formation With You" BACK BEAT 513 M- Great Piano Rocker MB $75

38. Elaine Chandler — "TipToein' Thru The Tepee/You Said We're Thru" 4 STAR 1700 M- Nice Female Rocker MB $75

39. Wayland Chandler — "Little Lover/Play Boy" 4 STAR 1716 VG+ MB $20

40. Ernie Chaffin — "Feelin' Low/Lonesome For My Baby" SUN 262 M- Classic MB $50

41. Ernie Chaffin — "Laughin' And Jokin'/I'm Lonesome" SUN 275 M- MB $50

42. Casanova And The Chants — "Geraldine/I Know You" SAPPHIRE 4840 MINT MB $50

43. Paul Chaplain And His Emeralds — "Shortnin' Bread/Nicotine" HARPER 100 VG+ Nice Rocker MB $5

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