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June 4th Auction Blues Auction, pix, page 2
Closes Thursday, June 4th 2020 at 7 pm PT

RARE Blues 45's Auction!
All Original, All Collectible!

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48. Detroit Jr. — "Call My Job/The Way I Feel" U.S.A. 814 M-/VG+ Drill hole in label MB $20


49. Aggie Dukes With Band — "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac Part I/Part II" ALADDIN 3364 M- MB $75

50. Big Duke — "Hey Dr. Kinsey/Hello Baby" FLAIR 1018 M- TOUGH MB $200

51. Big Ed And His Combo — "Biscuit Baking Mama/Superstition" CHECKER 790 • M- FABULOUS MB $300


52. Chuck Edwards — "She Carried Me All Over Town/Just For A Day" APOLLO 495 VG Nice Jump Blues MB $25


53. Bob Ehret — "Stop The Clock/So Lonely" ALADDIN 3377 VG+ Great Rocker MB $30

54. Phil Flowers With The Bat Men — "I'm A Lover Man/What It Means To Be Blue" HOLLYWOOD 1070 M- Xol, #ol, wol, Great Jump Blues MB $150

55. Eugene Fox — "Sinner's Dream/Stay At Home" CHECKER 792 • M- INSANE CLASSIC, Mr. Fox was WAY ahead of his time with the B-side! MB $200


56. Carol Fran — "Emmitt Lee/One Look At You Daddy" EXCELLO 2118 VG White label promo MB $5


57. Frank Frost And The Nighthawks — "Jelly Roll King/Crawl Back" PHILLIPS INTERNATIONAL 3578 MINT CLASSIC MB $25

58. Johnny Fuller — "Train Train Blues/Black Cat" HOLLYWOOD 1043 VG+ Wol on A-side MB $75

59. Johnny Fuller And His Band — "Too Late To Change/Mama Told Me" HOLLYWOOD 1077 M- Wol MB $100


60. Johnny Fuller And Band — "You Got Me Whistling/All Night Long" CHECKER 899 M- MB $20


61. Johnny Fuller — "The Power/No More" ART-TONE 828 M- MB $20

62. Lowell Fulson — "Everyday I Have The Blues/Rocking After Midnight" SWING TIME 196 M- MB $100


63. Lowell Fulson — "Please Don't Go/Blues Rhumba" CHECKER 854 M- MB $25

64. Bob Gaddy And His Alley Cats — "Little Girl's Boogie/No Help Wanted" JAX 308 VG+ RED WAX with reversed labels MB $100


65. Fats Gaines And His Band With Rose Johnson — "Home Work Blues/He's A Real Fine Man" BIG TOWN 108 MINT MB $50


66. Cecil Gant — "Someday You'll Be Sorry Part I/Part II" DECCA 48171 MINT MB $100


67. Ed (The Great) Gates — "One If/You Are My Love" 4 STAR 1712 MINT New Orleans sound MB $30


68. Roscoe Gordon — "No More Doggin'/Maria" R P M 350 VG Maroon script label! Plays nice MB $20

69. Stomp Gordon — "Oooh Yes!/Please Don't Pass Me By" DECCA 48289 MINT MB $100


70. Stomp Gordon — "What's Her Whimsy Dr. Kinsey/Juicy Lucy" MERCURY 70246 VG MB $10


71. Helen Jane Gray And The Noojinaires — "Gimme, Gimme/Too Late For Tears" REED 1023 VG- Plays Fabulous MB $25

72. Arthur Gunter — "Baby Let's Play House/Blues After Hours" EXCELLO 2047 M- CLASSIC—AND THE RECORD THAT INSPIRED ELVIS MB $100


73. Arthur Gunter — "Ludella/We're Gonna Shake" EXCELLO 2137 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


74. Buddy Guy And His Band — "You Sure Can't Do/This Is The End" ARTISTIC 1060 M- MB $25


75. Buddy Guy — "First Time I Met The Blues/I Got My Eyes On You" CHESS 1753 M- MB $20


76. Buddy Guy — "Stone Crazy/Skippin' " CHESS 1812 M- MB $20

77. "Peppermint" Harris — "I Got Loaded/It's You, Yes, It's You" ALADDIN 3097 M- CLASSIC MB $75

78. Wynonie Harris With Todd Rhodes Orchestra — "Keep On Churnin'/Married Women, Stay Married" KING 4526-AA M- MB $150


79. Wynonie Harris — "Drinkin' Sherry Wine/Git With The Grits" KING 4814 M- MB $75


80. Wynonie Harris — "A Tale Of Woe/There Is No Substitute For Love" KING 5073 VG+ MB $10


81. Screamin' Jay Hawkins — "The Whammy/Strange" ROULETTE 4579 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

82. Mr. Sad Head — "Butcher Boy/Mumbles Blues" RCA VICTOR 47-4938 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $150

83. John Lee Hooker — "It's My Own Fault/Women And Money" CHESS 1562 M- MB $100


84. John Lee Hooker — "Trouble Blues/Every Night" VEE-JAY 188 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


85. John Lee Hooker — "Crawlin Kingsnake/Hobo Blues" VEE-JAY 331 M-/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


86. John Lee Hooker — "Boom Boom/Drug Store Woman" VEE-JAY 438 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20


87. Lynn Hope Quintet — "Song Of The Wanderer/Tenderly" CHESS 851 M- Early silver top CHESS 45 with strange release number MB $35

88. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Unsuccessful Blues/Grieving Blues" LIGHTNING 104 M- RARE MB $200

89. Lightning Hopkins — "Santa Fe Blues/Some Day Baby" R P M 398 M- MB $150


90. Lightnin' Hopkins — "Sick Feelin' Blues/Movin' On Out Boogie" HERALD 436 M- GREAT ONE MB $50


91. Clyde Hopkins — "Fatten Pin/Santa Fe" BLACK GOLD 305 M- RARE MEMPHIS BLUES MB $50


92. Joe Houston And His Band — "Go Joe Go/Joe Go Go" LUCKY 004 M- MB $30


93. "The Fabulous" Joe Houston — "Candy Rock/Riverside Rock" R P M 427 VG+ MB $10


94. Helen Humes — "I Ain't In The Mood/Living My Life My Way" MODERN 851 VG+ EARLY Black and Silver label 45 MB $20


95. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Sorta Need You/You Thrill Me" M-G-M 10861 MINT MB $50


96. Ivory Joe Hunter — "I Can't Get You Off My Mind/I Can't Resist You" M-G-M 10951 M- MB $50


97. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Is My Pop In There?/Time Has Passed" M-G-M 10963 MINT MB $50


98. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Laugh (Though You Feel You Want To Cry)/Where ShallI Go" M-G-M 11165 M- MB $50


99. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Tell Her For Me/The Big Bounce" M-G-M 11325 M- MB $50

100. Slim Hunt — "Welcome Home Baby/Lonesome For My Baby" EXCELLO 2055 M- RARE MB $200

101. Moose Jackson — "Nosey Joe/Sad" KING 4524-AA M- Classic Follow-up to "Big 10-Inch Record" MB $100


102. Moose Jackson — "Let Me Love You (All Night Long)/Bootsie" KING 4535-AA M- MB $50


103. Bull Moose Jackson — "Just As I Am/Look For Me" ENCINO 1005 MINT MB $30


104. Lee Jackson And the Cadillac Baby Specials — "Christmas Song/Santa Came Home Drunk" BEA & BABY 121 M- Rockin' Blues CHRISTMAS SONGS MB $50


105. Mattie Jackson And the Blues Nighthawks Orchestra — "I Want To Do It/Two People In Love" DUPLEX 9001 VG MB $10

106. Elmore James — "I Believe/ I Held My Baby Last Night" METEOR 5000 M-/VG+ B-side has a couple of light scuffs, ALL TIME MASTERPIECE MB $300


107. Elmore James And His Broomdusters — "Late Hours At Midnight/The Way You Treat Me" FLAIR 1062 MINT Slight stain on A-side label MB $150


108. Elmore James And His Broom Dusters — "Coming Home/The 12 Year Old Boy" VEE-JAY 249 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100


109. Elmore James — "The Sun Is Shining/I Can't Hold Out" CHESS 1756 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

110. Guss Jenkins — "I Been Working/I Miss My Baby" COMBO 87 M- TOUGH ONE! MB $200


111. Young Jessie — "Shuffle In The Gravel/Make Believe" ATCO 6101 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with small pressing flaw on A-side that ticks twice MB $25

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