My June 24th Auction is Girl Group 45's-includes Dolly Parton's FIRST RECORD!!!

My July 22nd Auction is Motown / Soul 45's-includes Gladys Knight & The Pips FIRST RECORD!!!

ATTN: Bidders Using Snail Mail: Some of your bids have arrived THE DAY the auction closes! Please leave enough mail time:
• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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June 24th auction page 1
Closes Thursday, June 24th, 2021 at 7:00 pm PT

Original 1950's & '60's Girl Groups,
Girl Singers & Teen Girls 45's Auction!!

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June 24th closing auction without pictures (text only, loads much quicker!)

Printed (PDF) version of my June 24th closing auction

How to bid on my Monthly Auctions

1. Dolly Parton — "Puppy Love / Girl Left Alone" GOLDBAND 1086 • M- THIS IS IT! Her very FIRST record! From the tiny studios of GOLDBAND in Lake Charles, Louisiana! VERY rare ORIGINAL—NOT a re-issue or a boot!!! MB 1,000


2. The Accents — "I've Got Better Things To Do/Then He Starts To Cry" C R C 1017 VG+ MB $10

3. Faye Adams — "Shake A Hand/I've Got To Leave You" HERALD 416 VG RED VINYL with slight label stain MB $10


4. The Ad Libs — "The Boy From New York City/Kicked Around" BLUE CAT 102 VG+ Classic MB $5


5. The Ad Libs — "He Ain't No Angel/Ask Anybody" BLUE CAT 114 VG- WHITE LABEL PROMO, xol MB $5


6. Teri Allen — "Goodnight, It's Time To Go/Poor Little Puppy" CANADIAN AMERICAN 149 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


7. Nancy Ames — "Cu Cu Rru Cu Cu Paloma/Bonsoir Cher" LIBERTY 55548 MINT AUDITION RECORD MB $20


8. Nancy Ames — "An Elizabethan Ballad/Part Two" LIBERTY 55598 M- AUDITION RECORD MB $20


9. Nancy Ames — "Let Tonight Linger On/It Scares Me" LIBERTY 55762 MINT AUDITION RECORD MB $20


10. The Angelos — "Lonely Hours/Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby" VEE JAY 531 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with small wol on B-side MB $20


11. The Angels — "Till/A Moment Ago" CAPRICE 107 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with slight stain in the grooves that has no effect on play MB $20


12. The Angels — "Cry Baby Cry/That's All I Ask Of You" CAPRICE 112 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20


13. The Angels — "You Should Have Told Me/I'd Be Good For You" CAPRICE 118 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with Promoter's stamp on label MB $20


14. The Angels — "My Boyfriend's Back/Love Me Now" SMASH 1834 M- MB $20


15. The Angels — "I Adore Him/Thank You And Goodnight" SMASH 1854 M- MB $20


16. The Angels — "Wow Wow Wee (He's The Boy For Me)/Snowflakes And Teardrops" SMASH 1870 M- MB $20

17. The Angels — "Dream Boy/Jamaica Joe" SMASH 1915 MINT White label promo MB $20


18. The Angels — "You'll Never Get To Heaven/Go Out And Play" RCA VICTOR 9246 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, #ol MB $20


19. Anita And The So-And-So's — "Joey Baby/Rinky Tinky Rhythm" RCA VICTOR 7974 M- MB $20


20. Annette and The Afterbeats — "Tall Paul/Ma He's Making Eyes At Me" DISNEYLAND 118 M- MB $20


21. Annette — "Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy/Love Me Forever" BUENA VISTA 336 M- MB $20


22. Annette — "First Name Initial/My Heart Became Of Age" BUENA VISTA 349 M- MB $20

23. Annette — "O Dio Mio/It Took Dreams" BUENA VISTA 354 M-/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with PICTURE SLEEVE, wol MB $25

24. Annette — "Pineapple Princess/Luau Cha Cha Cha" BUENA VISTA 362 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25

25. Annette — "Dream Boy/Please, Please Signore" BUENA VISTA 374 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25

26. Annette — "The Truth About Youth/I Can't Do The Sum" BUENA VISTA 394 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE, tough one MB $50

27. Annette — "Mister Piano Man/He's My Ideal" BUENA VISTA 405 VG+/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25

28. Annette — "Something Borrowed, Something Blue/How Will I Know My Love" BUENA VISTA 438 VG+/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25


29. Ann-Margret — "I Don't Hurt Anymore/I Just Don't Understand" RCA VICTOR 7894 M- MB $20


30. Ann-Margret — "Gimme Love/It Do Me So Good" RCA VICTOR 7952 M- MB $20

31. Ginny Arnell — "Dumb Head/How Many Times Can One Heart Break" M-G-M 13177 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO with tiny wol on A-side MB $20

32. Ginny Arnell — "He's My Little Devil/I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear" M-G-M 13226 M- MB $20


33. Ginny Arnell — "Just Like A Boy/Portrait Of A Fool" M-G-M 13309 VG+ YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $10

34. Baby Dolls — "Boyfriend/Is This The End" ELGIN 022 MINT MB $25


35. Joan Baez — "Rejoice In The Sun/Silent Running" DECCA 32890 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $20

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