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Closes Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Rare, Classic 1950's, '60's and '70's Rock & Roll 45's & 78's!!
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Rare, Classic 1950's, '60's and '70's Rock & Roll 45's

1. The All Night Workers — "Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket/Why Don't You Smile" Round Sound 1 M- Early LOU REED MB $125

2. Herbie Alpert And His Quartet — "Sweet Georgia Brown/Viper's Blues" Carol 700 MINT His FIRST RECORD??? MB $50


3. The Animals — "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/Club A-GoGo" M-G-M 13311 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO, with xol on A-side MB $25


4. The Animals — "Bring It On Home To Me/For Miss Caulker" M-G-M 13339 VG+ YELLOW LABEL PROMO, xol on A-side only MB $15


5. Eric Burdon And The Animals — "Help Me Girl/That Ain't Where It's At" M-G-M 13636 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $25


6. Eric Burdon & The Animals — "When I Was Young/Don't Bring Me Down" M-G-M 13791 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $25


7. Eric Burdon And The Animals — "River Deep, Mountain High/White Houses" M-G-M 14013 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $30


8. Paul Anka — "Puppy Love/Adam And Eve" ABC-Paramount 10,082 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


9. Paul Anka — "Rudpolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer/It's Christmas Eve" ABC-Paramount 10169 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


10. Paul Anka — "Cinderella/Kissin' On The Phone" ABC-Paramount 10239 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with small sticker stain on the B-side label MB $10

11. The Arbors — "A Symphony For Susan/SAME" Date 1529 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed in GREEN VINYL with same song on both sides MB $25


12. The Barbarians — "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl/Take It Or Leave It" Laurie 3308 MINT Drill hole in label—all time 1960's classic MB $25

13. Jan Barry — "Tomorrow's Teardrops/My Mid Summer Night's Dream" Ripple 6101 MINT Jan, of Jan & Dean, tries his hand at being a teen idol. MB $50

14. The Beefeaters — "Please Let Me Love You/Don't Be Long" Elektra 45013 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO—this is the FIRST RECORD by the group that would soon become THE BYRDS!!! MB $200


15. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band — "Too Much Time/SAME" Reprise 1133 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side MB $30

16. Chuck Berry — "After School Session EP with Cover" Chess EP 5118 M-/M- B-side of cover has some staining and there is a hint of wear on the front, but overall a very nice copy of something that usually turns up in much worse condition MB $200


17. Chuck Berry — "Sweet Little Sixteen EP with Cover" Chess EP 5121 VG+/M- In nice shape—these usually turn up wrecked MB $100

18. Chuck Berry — "Pickin' Berries EP with Cover" Chess EP-5124 M-/M- In super nice shape MB $200

19. Chuck Berry — "Sweet Little `Rock And Roller' EP With Cover" Chess EP 5126 M-/VG+ GREAT EP with cover showing Chuck "duck walking" on a copy of one of his records! Very slight staining on the cover. MB $150

20. Brad Berwick — "I'm Better Than The Beatles/Walking Down Easy Street" Clinton 1012 M-/VG+ WITH PICTURE SLEEVE—no comment necessary MB $50


21. Jerry Blavat And The "Yon Teenagers" — "Discophonic Walk/Back To School One More Time" Cameo 393 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO—famous PHILADELPHIA area DJ MB $15

22. Blue Cheer — "Summertime Blues/SAME" Phillips 40516 M/M WHITE LABEL PROMO WITH PICTURE SLEEVE, MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side MB $50


23. The Blues Project — "Catch The Wind/I Want To Be Your Driver" Verve Folkways 5013 M- PROMO COPY MB $25


24. The Blues Project — "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire/Goin' Down Louis" Verve Folkways 5019 M- PROMO COPY MB $25


25. The Bonzo Dog Band — "I'm The Urban Spaceman/Canyons Of Your Mind" Imperial 66345 MINT PROMO COPY MB $30

26. The Big Bopper — "Chantilly Lace/Purple People Eater Meets The Witch" D 1008 M- Original TRUE FIRST PRESSING ON ORIGINAL LABEL before it became a mega hit on Mercury—slight discoloration in the grooves on the B-side only MB $75

27. David Bowie — "Love you Till Tuesday/Did You Ever Have A Dream" Deram 85016 • MINT PROMO COPY, nice early one MB $400

28. David Bowie — "The Laughing Gnome/Gospel According To Tony Day" London 20079 • M- Super scarce stock copy MB $400

29. David Bowie — "Memory Of A Free Festival/Part II" Mercury 73075 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $150

30. David Bowie — "All The Madmen/Janine" Mercury 73173 • M- This is supposed to be David Bowie's RAREST USA stock record with less than FIVE KNOWN COPIES MB $1000


31. David Bowie — "David Bowie PROMO ONLY EP with Picture Sleeve" RCA Victor EP-45-103 M/VG PROMO ONLY YELLOW LABEL PROMO EP—cover has issues but the record is unplayed MB $50



33. Big Brother And The Holding Company — "Piece Of My Heart/Turtle Blues" Columbia 44626 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with sticker stain on A-side label only . . . JANIS JOPLIN MB $15


34. The Buckinghams — "It's A Beautiful Day For Lovin'/Difference Of Opinion" Columbia 44923 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


35. Buffalo Springfield — "Kind Woman/Special Care" Atco 6602 MINT MB $30


36. Buffalo Springfield — "On The Way Home/Four Days Gone" Atco 6615 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with small sticker stain on the A-side label only MB $25


37. The Byrds — "Mr. Tambourine Man/I Knew I'd Want You" Columbia 43271 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10

38. The Byrds — "All I Really Want To Do/SAME" Columbia 43332 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed in beautiful RED VINYL with the same song on both sides MB $100


39. The Byrds — "He Was A Friend Of Mine/SAME" Columbia JZSP 116476 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with the same song on both sides, date of 11/18/66 written neatly on the label MB $25


40. The Byrds — "It Won't Be Wrong/Set You Free This Time" Columbia 43501 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


41. The Byrds — "5 D (Fifth Dimension)/Captain Soul" Columbia 43702 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30


42. The Byrds — "Goin' Back/SAME" Columbia 44362 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

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