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1950's, '60's and '70's 45's & 78's!

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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Classic 1950's, '60's and '70's Rock & Roll 45's & 78's!!
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Rare, Classic 1950's, '60's and '70's Rock & Roll 45's

352. Bobby Vinton — "Clinging Vine/SAME" Epic 9705 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed in gorgeous RED VINYL with wol MB $20

353. Bobby Vinton — "Mr. Lonely/SAME" Epic 9730 M-/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed in beautiful RED VINYL with the same song on both sides and comes in SPECIAL PROMO ONLY SLEEVE, date of 11/2/64 on sleeve MB $50

354. Bobby Vinton — "Dearest Santa/Mr. Lonely" Epic 9741 M/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed in gorgeous RED VINYL with special PROMO ONLY SLEEVE MB $50

355. Senor Wences — "Deefeecult For You—Easy For Me/'S-All Right? 'S-All Right!" Joy 228 M/M- WITH PICTURE SLEEVE, # on B-side on sleeve MB $30

356. The Who — "I Can't Explain/Bald Headed Woman" Decca 31725 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO with very slight storage warp MB $25

357. The Who — "Anytime You Want Me/Anyway, Anywhere, Anyhow" Decca 31801 MINT MB $30

358. The Who — "The Kids Are Alright/A Legal Matter" Decca 31988 M- MB $25

359. The Who — "I'm A Boy/In The City" Decca 32058 MINT MB $30

360. The Who — "Happy Jack/Whiskey Man" Decca 32114 MINT MB $30

361. The Who — "Pictures Of Lily/Doctor, Doctor" Decca 32156 MINT MB $30

362. The Who — "I Can See For Miles/Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands" Decca 32206 MINT MB $30

363. The Who — "Call Me Lightning/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" Decca 32288 MINT MB $30

364. The Who — "We're Not Gonna Take It/I'm Free" Decca 732519 M- MB $25

365. The Who — "Magic Bus/SAME" Decca 34545 VG+ PINK LABEL PROMO with sticker stain on B-side label only MB $20

366. Neil Young — "Heart Of Gold/SAME" Reprise 1065 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side MB $25

367. The Yardbirds — "Still I'm Sad/I'm A Man" Epic 9857 MINT MB $30

368. The Yardbirds — "Ten Little Indians/Drinking Muddy Water" Epic 10248 MINT MB $30

369. The Youngbloods — "Get Together/SAME" RCA SP 45-199 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO with LONG VERSION on one side and SHORT VERSION on the other side, faded wol MB $25

370. The Young World Singers — "Ringo For President/A Boy Like That" Decca 31660 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $30

371. The Zombies — "Tell Her No/Leave Me Be" Parrot 9723 M- ORANGE LABEL PROMO MB $20

372. The Zombies — "She's Coming Home/I Must Move" Parrot 9747 MINT ORANGE LABEL PROMO MB $30

373. The Zombies — "Time Of The Season/Friends Of Mine" Date 1628 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with wol and xol MB $20


Classic, Original 1950's Rock & Roll 78's

374. Desi Arnaz — "I Love Lucy/There's A Brand New Baby" Columbia 39937 M- Desi sings the Lucy Theme Song MB $25

375. LaVern Baker And The Gliders — "Tweedle Dee/Tomorrow Night" Atlantic 1047 M- Classic MB $25

376. LaVern Baker and The Gliders — "Bop-Ting-A-Ling/That's All I Need" Atlantic 1057 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on VINYL for that sound that just leaps from the grooves MB $30

377. Hank Ballard And The Midnighters — "The Twist/Teardrops On Your Letter" King 5171 M- LATE 78 FROM 1960!! Label separation on B-side label only MB $50

378. Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones — "Black Slacks/Boppin' Rock Boogie" ABC-Paramount 9837 VG+ MB $20

379. Chuck Berry And His Combo — "Maybellene/Wee Wee Hours" Chess 1604 M- With NON-faded label—most copies have faded labels MB $50

380. Chuck Berry And His Combo — "Thirty Days/Together" Chess 1610 M- MB $50

381. Chuck Berry — "You Can't Catch Me/Havana Moon" Chess 1643 VG MB $10

382. Chuck Berry — "Oh Baby Doll/Lajaunda" Chess 1664 M- Just one scuff that has no effect on play—perfect otherwise MB $50

383. Chuck Berry — "Rock & Roll Music/Blue Feeling" Chess 1671 M- MB $75

384. Chuck Berry — "Johnny B. Goode/Around & Around" Chess 1691 M- Rare first pressing on old style chess pieces label MB $100

385. Chuck Berry — "Little Queenie/Almost Grown" Chess 1722 VG+ MB $100

386. Chuck Berry — "Back In The U.S.A./Memphis, Tennessee" Chess 1729 VG This is the point where the Chuck 78's start getting REAL HARD to find MB $50

387. Chuck Berry — "Childhood Sweetheart/Broken Arrow" Chess 1737 • M- RARE one from 1959 MB $250

388. Billy & Lillie — "La Dee Dah/The Monster" Swan 4002 M- MB $30

389. Nappy Brown — "Don't Be Angry/It's Really You" Savoy 1155 MINT MB $30

390. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "I Walk The Line/Get Rhythm" Sun 241 M- Classic MB $100

391. Johnny Cash And The Tennesse Two — "Train Of Love/There You Go" Sun 258 MINT MB $75

392. Johnny Cash And The Tennesse Two — "Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Big River" Sun 283 M- MB $100

393. The Champs — "El Rancho Rock/Midnighter" Challenge 59007 M- MB $35

394. Ray Charles with The Raylettes — "Night Time Is The Right Time/Tell All The World About You" Atlantic 2010 VG Late one MB $25

395. The Chordettes — "Mr. Sandman/I Don't Wanna See You Cryin' " Cadence 1247 M- Classic MB $25

396. The Crickets — "That'll Be The Day/I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love" Brunswick 55009 M- Classic MB $150

397. The Crickets — "Oh, Boy!/Not Fade Away" Brunswick 55035 VG+ MB $50

398. Bo Diddley — "Bo Diddley/I'm A Man" Checker 814 M- MB $75

399. Bo Diddley — "Bring It To Jerome/Pretty Thing" Checker 827 M- SUPER RARE RED AND WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $200

400. Bo Diddley — "Who Do You Love?/In Bad" Checker 842 MINT TRUE FIRST PRESSING WITH "In Bad" instead of "I'm Bad" as the B-side title MB $100

401. Bo Diddley And His Band — "Cops And Robbers/Down Home Special" Checker 850 M- MB $75

402. Bo Diddley — "Hey! Bo Diddley/Mona" Checker 860 M- MB $75

403. Bo Diddley — "Before You Accuse Me/Say! Boss Man" Checker 878 M- MB $75

404. Bo Diddley — "Hush Your Mouth/Dearest Darling" Checker 896 M- MB $75

405. Dickey Doo And The Don'ts — "Did You Cry/Click-Clack" Swan 4001 M-/VG+ MB $25

406. Duane Eddy And His "Twangy" Guitar — "Moovin' N' Groovin'/Up And Down" Jamie 1101 M- MB $50

407. Duane Eddy And His "Twangy" Guitar And The Rebels — "Ramrod/The Walker" Jamie 1109 M- MB $50

408. The Everly Brothers — "Bye Bye Love/I Wonder If I Care As Much" Cadence 1315 MINT MB $50

409. The Everly Brothers — "Wake Up Little Susie/Maybe Tomorrow" Cadence 1337 M- MB $50

410. The Everly Brothers — "This Little Girl Of Mine/Should We Tell Him" Cadence 1342 MINT MB $50

411. The Everly Brothers — "All I Have To Do Is Dream/Claudette" Cadence 1348 VG+/M- MB $50

412. The Everly Brothers — "Devoted To You/Bird Dog" Cadence 1350 VG+ MB $25

413. The Everly Brothers — "Problems/Love Of My Life" Cadence 1355 • M- RAREST ONE ON 78 RPM FROM 1959 MB $200

414. Alan Freed And His Rock 'N Roll Band — "The Camel Rock/I Don't Need Lotsa Money" Coral 61660 MINT Tough to find on 78 format MB $50

415. Bobby Freeman — "Do You Want To Dance/Big Fat Woman" J O Z 835 M- MB $50

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