My July 9th Auction is R&B 45's!

ATTN: Bidders Using Snail Mail: Some of your bids have arrived THE DAY the auction closes! Please leave enough mail time:
• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Thursday, July 9th, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT

Classic and Rare R&B Vocal Groups 45's Auction
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R&B Vocal Groups, Gospel Groups and Duets 45's!

146. The Heartbeats — "A Thousand Miles Away/Oh Baby Don't" HULL 720 VG FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING ON BLACK AND SILVER LABEL with tiny tol MB $20


147. The Heartbeats — "A Thousand Miles Away/Oh Baby Don't" RAMA 216 M- CLASSIC PRESSING MB $20


148. The Heartbeats — "I Won't Be The Fool Anymore/Wedding Bells" RAMA 222 M- "45 rpm" printed on both sides of the label MB $25


149. The Heartbeats — "Everybody's Some-body's Fool/I Want To Know" RAMA 231 VG+ White label promo with wol MB $20


150. The Heatwaves — "Nowhere To Go/I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow" JOSIE 941 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


151. The Hi-Fi-Dels — "Did I Cry/Tricky-Tricky" ATLANTIC 2121 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


152. Jim Holiday And The Futuretones — "All I Want Is You/Voice Of The Drums" 4 STAR 1720 M- MB $25


153. The Holidays — "Miss You/Pretend" ROBBEE 103 VG MB $10


154. Johnny Holliday And The Graduates — "Ballad Of A Boy And A Girl/Goodbye My Love" LAWN 208 VG Wol MB $5


155. The Hollywood Flames — "Give Me Back My Heart/A Little Bird" EBB 131 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with tear on B-side label MB $20


156. The Hollywood Flames — "Strollin' On The Beach/Frankenstein's Den" EBB 144 M- MB $20

157. Eddie Holman With GROUP — "Laughing At Me/Go Get Your Own" ASCOT 2142 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


158. Rocky Holman And The Romancers — "My Precious Love/Love Me All The Way" FLIP 355 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


159. The Impressions — "Lovely One/Senorita I Love You" ABNER 1025 M- MB $20


160. The Impressions — "That You Love Me/A New Love" ABNER 1034 M- MB $20


161. The Innocents — "Tick Tock/The Rut" TRANS WORLD 7001 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol on A-side and tiny sol on B-side MB $20


162. The Inspirations — "Dry Your Eyes/Good-Bye" JAMIE 1212 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


163. Jackie And The Starlites — "For All We Know/I Heard You" MASCOT 128 VG+ With Horse Shoe on label MB $10


164. Little Jerry And GROUP — "(I'll Always Remember) Chapel On The Hill/I'm So Mad" ALDO 502 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—Nice Answer Record to "CHAPEL ON THE HILL" MB $25

165. The Jewels — "A Fool In Paradise/Oh Yes I Know" R and B 1303 M- Slight center hole damage MB $75


166. Jim, Jeff And Jan — "I Know Where I'm Going/Star Bright" CAPITOL 5059 VG+ Slight label wear on B-side label MB $10


167. The Jive Five — "United/Prove Every Word You Say" SKETCH 219 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO—Original First Label, True First Pressing before Nationwide release on United Artists (# 805) MB $20

168. The Jivers — "Cherie/Little Mama" ALADDIN 3329 M- Tiny tol MB $100


169. Joe & Ann — "Wherever You May Be/Gee Baby" ACE 577 M- MB $20


170. Joe And Ann — "Eternity/Runnin' And Foolin' " HERMITAGE 770 M- MB $20


171. Little Joe & The Thrillers — "Peanuts/Lilly Lou" OKEH 7088 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO of all time classic—tough to find as Promo, wol MB $10


172. Joey And The Lexingtons — "Bobbie/Tears From My Eyes" DUNES 2029 M- PROMO COPY MB $25


173. Johnnie & Joe — "Over The Mountain Across The Sea/My Baby's Gone On" CHESS 1654 MINT All Time Classic!!! Perfect copy! MB $25


174. Johnnie & Joe — "Across The Sea/You Said It And Don't Forget It" CHESS 1769 M- ANSWER RECORD to their own big hit! Drill hole in label and wol MB $20


175. Johnny & The Tokens — "Never Till Now/The Taste Of A Tear" WARWICK 1658 VG MB $5


176. Eddie Jones And GROUP — "That Will Never Do/It Went To Your Head" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10513 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

177. The Kact-Ties — "Let Your Love Light Shine/Were-Wolf" SHELLEY 163 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, Nice one! Xol on B-side only MB $50


178. Troyce Key And GROUP — "Most Of All/She's Sumpin' Else" WARNER BROTHERS 5070 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


179. The Kings And Queens And Band — "Voices Of Love/I'm So Lonely" EVERLAST 5003 VG MB $5

180. The King Tones — "Wish For An Angel/Don't Come Around" MUSITONE RECORDS 102 M- RARE MB $75

181. The Klixs — "Elaine/This Is The End Of Love" MUSIC CITY 823 MINT MB $100

182. The Lamplighters — "You Hear/Five Minutes Longer" FEDERAL12192 M- MB $50


183. The Lamplighters — "Hug A Little, Kiss A Little/Don't Make It So Good" FEDERAL 12242 M- MB $25


184. Hoagy Lands And GROUP — "My Tears Are Dry/It's Gonna Be Morning" M-G-M 13041 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO, sounds like SAM COOKE MB $50


185. The Lanes — "You Alone/Open Up Your Heart" GEE 1023 VG+/M- MB $20

186. The Larks — "When I Leave These Prison Walls/Hopefully Yours" APOLLO 1180 VG- ORANGE VINYL, tiny tol and "ring" on label as shown. Plays decent with light crackle—legendary record! MB $50


187. Larry And The Legends — "Don't Pick On My Baby/The Creep" ATLANTIC 2220 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, sounds like The Four Seasons MB $25


188. The Lateers — "The Smock/Dance Party" WORLD ARTISTS 1006 G MB $5

189. Jimmy Lee And The Artis — "My Heart's Lonesome/Blue And Lonesome" MODERN 870 M- MB $100


190. The Lefevres — "All Aboard, Let's Go/Joy Bells" SING 1512 VG GOSPEL—PLAYS M- MB $20


191. Bobby Lester And The Moonlighters — "Shoo Doo-Be Doo (My Loving Baby)/So All Alone" CHECKER 806 M- MB $20


192. The Little Dippers — "Tonight/Be Sincere" UNIVERSITY 603 VG+ MB $5


193. Frankie Lymon — "Creation Of Love/Goody Goody" GEE 1039 M- MB $20

194. Joe Lyons & The Arrows — "Bob-A-Loop/Shufflin' Jive" HIT MAKER 600 VG+ Label slightly faded MB $50


195. The Lyrics — "Oh, Please Love Me/The Girl I Love" CORAL 62322 M-/VG+ NICE ONE MB $20


196. The Mascots — "Waited So Long/I Want Love" RUMBLE 4197 M- MB $20


197. The Medallions — "The Telegram/Coupe De Ville Baby" DOOTONE 357 M- MB $20


198. The Medallions — "Dear Darling/Don't Shoot Baby" DOOTO 379 M- MULTI-COLOR LABEL PRESSING MB $10

199. The Men Of Ivy — "Lovers Never Say Goodbye/Pit-Hole City" GOLDIE 711 M- Interesting version of FLAMINGOS' CLASSIC by WHITE COLLEGE GROUP from MUSKING-GUM COLLEGE, OHIO . . . IS THAT A REAL PLACE??? MB $25


200. The Madisons — "Because I Got You/Bad Baboon" LIMELIGHT 3018 VG- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


201. The Magnificents — "Up On The Mountain/Why Did She Go" VEE-JAY 183 VG+ MB $10


202. The Midnighters — "Let Me Hold Your Hand/Ooh Bah Baby" FEDERAL 12288 VG+ MB $5


203. The Midnighters — "Is Your Love For Real/Oh So Happy" FEDERAL 12299 M- MB $20


204. "Big" Miller With The 5 Pennies — "All Is Well/Try To Understand" SAVOY 1181 M- MB $20


205. The Minor Chords — "Many A Day/Let Her Go Man" LU PINE 112 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

206. Bobby Mitchell & The Toppers — "One Friday Morning/4 _ 11 = 44" IMPERIAL 5250 VG+/M- MB $50

207. Bobby Mitchell And The Toppers — "Nothing Sweet As You/I Wish I Knew" IMPERIAL 5326 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $75


208. Evan Mitchell And GROUP — "Pollyanna/Get Back In De Bed" MALA 471 M- PROMO COPY MB $20

209. Stanely Mitchell And The Tornados — "Four O'Clock In The Morning/Would You-Could You" CHESS 1649 M- Small sticker stain on the label MB $50


210. The Moonglows — "Love Is A River/I'll Never Stop Wanting You" CHESS 1717 M- MB $20


211. The Mudlarks — "The Love Game/Grand-father's Clock" ROULETTE 4143 M- PROMO COPY MB $20


212. The Neptunes — "If You Care/She Went That-A-Way" PAYSON 101 M- MB $20


213. The Olympics — "Dance With The Teacher/Ev'rybody Needs Love" DEMON 1512 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with wol—tough to find as Promo MB $25


214. The Orioles — "Secret Love/Don't Go To Strangers" JUBILEE 5137 M- MB $25


215. Emmy Oro And GROUP — "Is It A Sin/Some Of These Days" CHELSEA 1005 M- MB $20


216. The Ovations — "Remembering/Who Needs Love" JOSIE 916 M- Xol MB $20

217. The Pastels — "Been So Long/My One And Only Dream" MASCOT 123 VG Name on label as shown, FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING BEFORE IT HIT BIG ON ARGO LABEL MB $25


218. The Penguins — "I Knew I'd Fall In Love/Pledge Of Love" ATLANTIC 1132 MINT MB $25


219. The Penguins — "My Troubles Are Not At An End/She's Gone, Gone" MERCURY 70799 MINT MAROON LABEL TRUE FIRST PRESSING MB $25

220. The Penguins — "Memories Of El Monte/Be Mine" ORIGINAL SOUND OS-27 M- FRANK ZAPPA wrote and produced this one MB $50


221. The Plaids — "Around The Corner (From My House)/He Stole Flo" ERA 3002 VG+ MB $5


222. The Platters — "The Great Pretender/I'm Just A Dancing Partner" MERCURY 70753 VG MAROON LABEL TRUE FIRST PRESSING MB $5


223. Bobby Poore With GROUP — "Heartbreak Of Love/One And Two" BETA 1003 VG MB $5


224. The Premeers — "Diary Of Our Love/Gee Oh Gosh" HERALD 577 M-/VG+ Tiny wol MB $20


225. The Premiers — "I Pray/Pigtails Eyes Are Blue" FURY 1029 MINT Wol on B-side MB $20


226. The Premiers — "Tonight/I Think I Love You" PARKWAY 807 M- MB $20


227. The Quails — "My Love/Never Felt Like This Before" HARVEY 116 M- Nol MB $20


228. The Quin-Tones — "Down The Aisle Of Love/Please Dear" RED TOP 108 VG Red label pressing with wol MB $5


229. Randy & The Rainbows — "Denise/Come Back" RUST 5059 M- MB $20


230. Jimmy Ricks And The Ravens — "I'll Always Be In Love With You/Boots And Saddles" JUBILEE 5237 MINT MB $25


231. The Rays — "Second Fiddle/How Long Must I Wait For You" CHESS 1678 M- MB $20


232. The Rays — "Rags To Riches/The Man Above" CAMEO 133 M- Wol MB $20


233. Rene And Ray — "Queen Of My Heart/Do What You Feel" DONNA 1360 VG+ MB $10


234. Rene And Rene — "Write Me Soon/Angelito" COLUMBIA 43045 VG PLAYS M- MB $5

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