My July 5th Auction is 1950's Rockabilly 45's and TWO GREAT LP's!

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Closes Thursday, July 5th, 2018 at 7 pm PT

Original 1950's Rockabilly & Rockers Obscure &
Classic 45's & TWO GREAT LP's auction!

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1. The Aliminators — "Let Down/For Your Love" Response 100 VG+ Wild and super obscure Guitar Rocker MB $75


2. Lloyd Arnold — "School Days/Take These Chains From My Heart" AVET 5000 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


3. Glenn Barber — "Go Home Letter/New Girl In School" D 1098 M- MB $25


4. Rue Barclay — "Nothin Hot In The Pot/Teardrops Blues" Hi-"G" Lo "C" 3107 VG+ Obscure label from Riverside, California MB $10


5. Teddy Bart — "Headin' For A Weddin'/Just Enough" Felsted 8514 M- MB $20


6. Al Barkle With The Tri-Tones — "Sputnik II/With This Ring" VITA 173 M- Country Bopper from San Gabriel, California MB $25


7. Billy Barton With String Band — "I'm Turning Over A Brand New Leaf/Do You Love Me" KING 1478 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $20


8. Billy Boy Barton — "Monkey Business/Blue Lover" GULF RECORDS 1001 M- From Clearwater Beach, Florida MB $20


9. Jimmy Basile — "Lulu/I'll Never Be Anyone But Me" Capitol 4960 M- GREAT late one and a real surprise for the Capitol label at this time. MB $30


10. Dean Beard — "Party Party/Stand By Me" Atlantic 1162 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10


11. Jim Beasly And The Charmers — "Caught Roped And Tied/Sweetheart Of Alpha Phi Alpha" Silhouette 519 VG MB $10

12. Billy Bee — "Bopcycle Man/Antidote For Love" K-Son Records 7771 MINT SCARCE one from Birmingham, Alabama MB $75


13. Carl Belew — "Cool Gator Shoes/No Regrets" Decca 30947 M- MB $20


14. Eddy Bell — "The Great Great Pumpkin/I'm Still In Love With You" Lucky Four 1012 M- MB $20

15. Johnny Bell — "Flip Flop And Fly/The Third Degree" Brunswick 55142 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $75


16. Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones — "Black Slacks/Boppin' Rock Boogie" ABC-Paramount 9837 M- Classic MB $20


17. Rod Bernard — "Pardon Mr. Gordon/This Should Go On Forever" Argo 5327 M- MB $20

18. Big Bob (Kornegay) — "Your Line Was Busy/What Am I" Jaro 77003 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—FABULOUS BLACK ROCKER WITH OUTSTANDING GUITAR!!! MB $75


19. The Big Rocker — "No Privacy/Have I Stayed Away Too Long" Lucky Four 1002 M- MB $20

20. Tommy Blake & The Rhythm Rebels — "Lordy Hoody/Flat Foot Sam" SUN 278 M- Classic MB $75


21. Jules Blattner And The Teen Tones — "Lonesome/Till I'm With You Once Again" K-ARK 609 M- MB $20


22. Jules Blattner And The Teen Tones — "Just One More Time/Lover Doll" K-ARK 612 M- A-side is a good Rockabilly Instrumental MB $25

23. Bob And Lucille — "Eeeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe/The Big Kiss" KING 5631 VG+ Classic MB $75


24. Bob & Shirley And The Valiants — "Your True Love/Consideration" Band Box 225 M- MB $25


25. Bob And The Rockabillies — "Your Kind Of Love/Baby Why Did You Have To Go" Blue-Chip 011 VG MB $5


26. Barry Boyd With The Frantiks — "Goin' Home To Memphis/Walk With Me" Dart 155 MINT NICE MB $30


27. Eddie Bond And The Stompers — "Rockin' Daddy/I've Got A Woman" Mercury 70826 MINT MB $50


28. Eddie Bond And The Stompers — "Slip, Slip, Slippin' In/Flip Flop Mama" Mercury 70882 M- MAROON LABEL True First Pressing MB $50


29. Johnny Bond — "The Little Rock Roll/I'll Be Here After You're Gone" Columbia 21521 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with tiny tear on B-side label MB $20


30. Jimmy Bowen With The Rhythm Orchids — "I'm Stickin' With You/Ever Lovin' Fingers" Roulette 4001 MINT All time classic MB $25


31. Jimmy Boyd — "Rockin' Down The Mississippi/Crazy Mixed-Up Blues" Columbia 21571 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


32. Robin Hood Brians — "Dis A Itty Bit!/Without You" Fraternity 803 M- MB $50


33. Billy Brown — "Did We Have A Party/It's Love" Columbia 41029 VG+ MB $5


34. Hubert Brown — "Got A Crush/Unfaithful" Peach 717 M- Teen Rocker MB $25


35. Edwin Bruce — "Rock Boppin' Baby/More Than Yesterday" SUN 276 M- MB $35


36. Edwin Bruce — "Sweet Woman/Part Of My Life" SUN 292 MINT MB $50

37. Sonny Burgess — "Red Headed Woman/We Wanna Boogie" SUN 247 MINT AUTOGRAPHED BY SONNY BURGESS on the A-side label as shown MB $75


38. Sonny Burgess — "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Sweet Misery" SUN 285 MINT MB $50


39. Dorsey Burnette — "Great Shakin' Fever/That's Me Without You" ERA 3045 MINT ORANGE LABEL PROMO—GREAT ONE!!! MB $50

40. Johnny Burnette And The Rock 'N Roll Trio — "Tear It Up/You're Undecided" Coral 61651 M- ORANGE LABEL STOCK COPY—harder to find than the Promo MB $100

41. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "Midnight Train/Oh Baby Babe" Coral 61675 MINT ORANGE LABEL STOCK COPY, much rarer than the Promo MB $100


42. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Honey Hush" Coral 61719 M-/VG+ ORANGE LABEL STOCK COPY, rarer than the Promo MB $75

43. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)/I Just Found Out" Coral 61758 M- ORANGE LABEL STOCK COPY—again, rarer than the Promo MB $100


44. Johnny Burnette (Trio) — "Eager Beaver Baby/Tough Me" Coral 61829 VG ORANGE LABEL STOCK COPY MB $50

45. Johnny Burnette (Trio) — "Drinking Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Butterfingers" Coral 61869 M- ORANGE LABEL STOCK COPY, again, much rarer than the Promo MB $100

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