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Closes Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Original 1950's and '60's Girl Groups, Teen Girls,
Soul Girls & Girl Singers 45's Auction!!

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350. Denise Mills And The Satinettes — "You Oughta Try/Meet Me In The Moonlight" CALJO 501 M- FABULOUS R & B VOCAL GROUP STYLE MB $100

351. The Models — "Bend Me, Shape Me/In A World Of Pretty Faces" M-G-M 13775 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO PSYCHEDELIC GIRL GROUP MB $75

352. The Montells — "My Prince Will Come/Gee Baby, What About You?" GOLDEN CREST 585 MINT White label promo MB $25

353. Candy Moore "Chris" Of "The Lucy Show" — "It's Your Turn Now/Living Stone" SABLE 101 M- Nice Teen Sound MB $25

354. The Murmaids — "Popsicles And Icicles/Huntington Flats" CHATTAHOOCHEE 628 MINT MB $25

355. The Nu-Luvs — "So Soft, So Warm/Take My Advice" MERCURY 72569 VG Great! MB $20

356. Betty O' Brien — "I Don't Feel A Thing/You Can't Stop Me" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10461 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

357. The Orchids — "Tell Me A Story/From Bad To Worse" COLUMBIA 43066 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

358. The Originals — "A Kiss From Your Lips/Let Me Be Your Girl" BRUNSWICK 55171 MINT MB $25

359. The Orlons — "(Happy Birthday) Mr. Twenty- One/Please Let It Be Me" CAMEO 211 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, Nice one MB $25

360. The Orlons — "The Wah-Watusi/Holiday Hill" CAMEO 218 M- MB $20

361. The Orlons — "Don't Hang Up/The Conservative" CAMEO 231 VG+/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

362. The Orlons — "South Street/Them Terrible Boots" CAMEO 243 VG+/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

363. The Orlons — "Not Me/My Best Friend" CAMEO 257 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

364. The Orlons — "No Love But Your Love/Envy In My Eyes" CAMEO 384 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

365. The Ozells — "Please Don't Go/The Gossips" CUB 9126 MINT PROMO COPY MB $25

366. The Paper Dolls — "You're The Boy I Want To Marry/Cause I Love You" M-G-M 13766 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $50

367. The Paris Sisters — "Be My Boy/I'll Be Crying Tomorrow" GREGMARK 2 VG+ MB $5

368. The Paris Sisters — "I Love How You Love Me/All Through The Night" GREGMARK 6 M- MB $20

369. The Paris Sisters — "He Knows I Love Him Too Much/A Lonely Girl's Prayer" GREGMARK 10 M- MB $20

370. The Paris Sisters — "Let Me Be The One/What Am I To Do" GREGMARK 12 MINT MB $25

371. The Paris Sisters — "Yes _ I Love You/Once Upon A While Ago" GREGMARK 13 MINT MB $25

372. The Paris Sisters — "Dream Lover/Lonely Girl" M-G-M 13236 VG/M YELLOW LABEL PROMO with PICTURE SLEEVE as shown, xol MB $20

373. Patience And Prudence — "Gonna Get Along Without You Now/The Money Tree" LIBERTY 55040 VG+ OBSCURE PRESSING ON A RED AND GOLD PRINT LIBERTY LABEL MB $5

374. Patti & The XL's — "Cross My Heart/After The Laughter Came The Tears" DOT 16849 MINT Nice one, tiny wol MB $30

375. The Patty Cakes — "I Understand Them (A Love Song To The Beatles)/Instrumental Background" TUFF 378 MINT RED VINYL WHITE LABEL PROMO with Promoter's sticker on the A-side label MB $20

376. Patty Lace And The Petticoats — "Sneaky Sue/The Back" KAPP 563 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

377. The Pearlettes — "He's Gone/Just In Case" SEG-WAY 1003 MINT NICE ONE MB $25

378. The Pearlettes — "Duchess Of Earl/Everyday" VEE JAY 435 M- ANSWER RECORD TO GENE CHANDLER'S CLASSIC `THE DUKE OF EARL" MB $20

379. The Percells — "What Are Boys Made Of/Cheek To Cheek" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10401 M- MB $20

380. The Percells — "Look At That Guy/Boyfriends" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10449 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $30

381. The Percells — "The Greatest/I Stand Alone" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10516 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $25

382. The Perry Sisters — "Playboy/Blue Highway" DECCA 31006 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $25

383. Esther Phillips — "And I Love Him/Shangri-La" ATLANTIC 2281 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

384. Esther Phillips — "When A Woman Loves A Man/Ups And Downs" ATLANTIC 2335 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—ANSWER RECORD TO PERCY SLEDGE'S "WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN" MB $30

385. The Pin-Ups — "Lookin' For Boys/Kenny" STORK 1 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol, sounds just like the Angels or the Shangri-Las MB $50

386. The Pixies Three — "Birthday Party/Our Love" MERCURY 72130 M/M With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

387. The Pixies Three — "Cold Cold Winter/442 Glenwood Avenue" MERCURY 72208 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

388. The Pixies Three — "Orphan Boy/Love Walked In" MERCURY 72331 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

389. The Pixies Three — "The Hootch/It's Summer Time U.S.A." MERCURY 72288 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

390. The Pleasures — "Don't You Know I Love You/Let's Have A Beach Party" RSVP 1113 M- MB $25

391. The Poni-Tails — "Born Too Late/Come On Joey, Dance With Me" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9934 M- MB $20

392. Sandy Posey — "Born A Woman/Caution To The Wind" M-G-M 13501 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $20

393. Sandy Posey — "Single Girl/Blue Is My Best Color" M-G-M 13612 M-/M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO with PICTURE SLEEVE as shown, small tear on the sleeve MB $25

394. Sandy Posey — "What A Woman In Love Won't Do/Shattered" M-G-M 13702 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $20

395. Josi Powell — "Love Makes This World Spin Around/Too Late Now" HILLSIDE 101 MINT MB $25

396. Joan Proctor — "Everything's Gonna Be Alright/Matchmaker" NEW-ART RECORDS 1005 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with GROUP MB $25

397. Christine Quaite — "Tell Me Mama/In The Middle Of The Floor" WORLD ARTISTS 1022 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

398. Carole Quinn — "What's So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen/Good Boy Gone" M-G-M 13265 M- Nice one MB $25

399. Janice Rado And The Sequins — "I'm Coming Home/This Feeling" EDSEL 782 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

400. The Rag Dolls — "Dusty/Hey Hoagy" MALA 493 MINT Drill hole in label, SPECTOR SOUND MB $25

401. The Raindrops — "Let's Get Together/You Got What I Like" JUBILEE 5475 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

402. The Ramblettes — "Thinking Of You/On Back Street" DECCA 31752 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $25

403. Annita Ray And The Nature Boys — "Elvis Presley Blues/Frankie's Song" DREAM 1300 M- MB $20

404. Diane Renay — "Navy Blue/Unbelieveable Guy" 20th Century Fox 456 M- MB $20

405. Marsha Renay And The Don Juans — "It's Nice/Cha-Lypso Of Love" Hi-Q 5017 MINT MB $30

406. Jan Rhodes — "Mom (Can I Talk To You?)/Chasin' Honey" BLUE 1001 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

407. The Rhythmettes — "Innocent Eyes/I'm Only Your Once-In-A-While" MANHATTAN 501 M- MB $20

408. Rita Richards — "Gone Is My Baby/Something In The Wind" TORCH 952 M- FABULOUS R & B Vocal Group Style MB $75

409. Tacey Robbins — "My L.A./Ordinary Boy" REV 1102 MINT MB $30

410. The Ronettes — "I'm On The Wagon/I'm Gonna Quit While I'm Ahead" COLPIX 646 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO, xol — their FIRST RECORD MB $25

411. The Ronettes — "Good Girl/Memory" MAY 138 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $100

412. The Ronettes — "Be My Baby/Tedesco And Pitman" PHILLES 116 M- Date of SEPT 27 1963 stamped neatly on the A-side label MB $20

413. The Ronettes — "Baby, I Love You/Miss Joan And Mr. Sam" PHILLES 118 M-/VG+ MB $10

414. The Ronettes — "The Best Part Of Breakin' Up/Big Red" PHILLES 120 M-/VG+ MB $10

415. The Ronettes — "Do I Love You/Bebe And Susu" PHILLES 121 M- MB $20

416. The Ronettes — "Walking In The Rain/How Does It Feel" PHILLES 123 • M-/M With PICTURE SLEEVE —GORGEOUS! MB $150

417. The Ronettes — "Born To Be Together/Blues For Baby" PHILLES 126 MINT MB $25

418. The Ronettes — "I Can Hear Music/When I Saw You" PHILLES 133 M- MB $20

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