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July 30th auction page 2
Closes Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

Original 1950's and '60's Girl Groups, Teen Girls,
Soul Girls & Girl Singers 45's Auction!!

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July 30th closing auction with pictures, (caution, loads slowly!)

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73. Susann Farrar — "Our Town/The Big Hurt" PHILLIPS 40564 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with small stain on the label MB $20

74. The Fashionettes — "Day Dreamin' Of You/Only Love" GNP CRESCENDO 322 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

75. The Fashions — "I Set A Trap For You/Why Don't You Stay A Little" AMY 884 M- SILVER LABEL PROMO COPY MB $20

76. The Fashions — "I Just Got A Letter/Try My Love" EMBER 1084 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

77. Farrah Fawcett Majors — "You/SAME" NB 7900 M-/VG+ With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $25

78. The Fawns — "Wish You Were Here With Me/Nothing But Love Can Save Me" NEW FRONTIERS 4401 M- MB $20

79. Linda Faye And The Prowlers — "If I've Never Seen/Little Boy" TRIUMPH 1004 MINT NICE ONE MB $30

80. Barbara Feldon — "99/Max" RCA VICTOR 8954 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO— "GET SMART" GIRL SINGS!!! MB $30

81. Patti Ferguson — "Heartaches Of Yesterday/Mr. Guitar" VALIANT 6008 MINT MB $25

82. Linda Fields — "Quietly/Get Along Pony" GOLD EAGLE 1807 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

83. Lyn Fitzgerald — "In The Middle Of A Love/Little Did I Know" DOT 16377 MINT MB $25

84. The Five Grands — "Kiss Me/Two For The Blues" BRUNSWICK 55059 M- MB $20

85. The Fortunes — "The Ghoul In School/You Don't Know" CUB 9123 MINT PROMO COPY with xol MB $25

86. The Four Jewels — "Loaded With Goodies/Dapper Dan" CHECKER 1039 M- Girl Group with nice R & B Vocal Groups sound MB $50

87. The Four Pennies — "When The Boy's Happy (The Girl's Happy Too)/Hockaday Part 1" RUST 5070 M- MB $50

88. The Four Pennies — "My Block/Dry Your Eyes" RUST 5071 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

89. Gloria Fowler & The Entros — "Will You Be My Guy/Train Of Love" C. J. 654 M- MB $50

90. Annabelle Fox — "Too Good To Be Forgotten/Getting Through To Me" SATIN 400 M- MB $20

91. Lady Fox And The Foxettes — "I Think Of You/Our Love" DON-EL 114 M- Nice one!!! R & B Vocal Group sound MB $50

92. The Foxes — "Who Loved You As Fondly As I/Thrilled" TITANIC 101 MINT MB $30

93. Fran And Flo — "You Gotta Be A Bohemian/You Walked Out The Door" JVPITER 212 VG+ MB $20

94. The Fran-Cettes — "Late In The Evening/Cradle Love" BESCHE 100 VG+ MB $10

95. Connie Francis — "Freddy/Didn't I Love You Enough" M-G-M 12015 M- MB $20

96. Connie Francis — "My First Real Love/Believe In Me" M-G-M 12191 MINT MB $25

97. Connie Francis — "Who's Sorry Now/You Were Only Fooling" M-G-M 12588 M- CLASSIC MB $20

98. Connie Francis — "Lock Up Your Heart/I'm Sorry I Made You Cry" M-G-M 12647 M- Wol on B-side MB $20

99. Connie Francis — "Stupid Cupid/Carolina Moon" M-G-M 12683 VG+ MB $5

100. Connie Francis — "My Happiness/Never Before" M-G-M 12738 M/M With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

101. Connie Francis — "Lipstick On Your Collar/Frankie" M-G-M 12793 M- MB $20

102. Connie Francis — "You're Gonna Miss Me/Plenty Good Lovin' " M-G-M 12824 M- MB $20

103. Connie Francis — "Everybody Is Somebody's Fool/Jealous Of You" M-G-M 12899 M-/M With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

104. Connie Francis — "Many Tears Ago/Senza Mamma" M-G-M 12964 VG+/M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO with PICTURE SLEEVE MB $20

105. Connie Francis — "Where The Boys Are/No One" M-G-M 12971 VG/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $20

106. Connie Francis — "Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart/Someone Else'" M-G-M 12995 VG+/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE MB $20

107. Connie Francis — "Together/Too Many Rules" M-G-M 13019 M/M With PICTURE SLEEVE MB $30

108. Connie Francis — "Hollywood/He's My Dreamboat" M-G-M 13039 M-/M With PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25

109. Connie Francis — "When The Boy In Your Arms (Is The Boy In Your Heart)/Baby's First Christmas" M-G-M 13051 M-/M With PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25

110. Connie Francis — "Don't Break The Heart/Drop It, Joe" M-G-M 13059 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $25

111. Connie Francis — "Should I Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree?/Paint The Rain" GSF 6901 MINT ANSWER RECORD to Tony Orlando and Dawn's mega hit MB $25

112. Erma Franklin — "What Kind Of Girl/Don't Blame Me" EPIC 9468 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

113. Erma Franklin — "It's Over/Hello Again" EPIC 9488 VG+ MB $10

114. Jeri Lynne Fraser — "Lessons In Love/Give Me Your Arm, Papa" COLUMBIA 42032 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

115. Connie Freed — "Things They Don't Teach You In School/When You Fall" CHALLENGE 59031 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

116. Donna Fuller — "Goodbye Lover, Hello Friend/The Only One" COLPIX 679 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

117. Gloria Gae — "The Blue Rain/You Taught Me What Love Is All About" World Records 123 M- MB $20

118. The Gailtones — "Lover Boy/Please Don't Go" DECCA 30726 VG+ PINK LABEL PROMO — nice R & B VOCAL GROUP STYLE MB $50

119. Kelly Garrett — "Tommy Makes The Little Girls Cry/Baby It Hurts" AVA 137 M- PROMO COPY MB $20

120. Gale Garnett — "We'll Sing In The Sunshine/Prism Song" RCA VICTOR 8388 M- MB $20

121. Tambi Garret — "Baby Doll/Chain Of Emotions" STEREODDITIES, INC. 2001 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

122. Barbie Gaye — "My Boy Lollypop/Say You Understand" DARL 1002 VG+ Is this the original, before Millie Small??? MB $25

123. The Gayles — "I Had To Lose You/Too Late I Learned" KING 4860 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO LABEL, #ol MB $20

124. Janie Gee — "I'm Just A Lonely Girl/Talk To The Animals" M-G-M 13921 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO ANSWER RECORD TO EDDIE HOLMAN'S BIG HIT! MB $20

125. Sandra Gee — "I Can't Get Him Out Of My Mind/I Love Him More And More" CHELTENHAM 1002 MINT Nice one with GROUP and SWEET SOUL SOUND MB $25

126. Gene & Jeanne — "Let Me Love You/Biggest Flirt In Town" BOBBY 2002 M- MALE/FEMALE DUET MB $20

127. The Genies — "I'm Going Home/Shoo Fly Pie" LENOX 5562 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol on B-side MB $10

128. Bobbie Gentry — "Ode To Billie Joe/Mississippi Delta" CAPITOL 5950 MINT MB $25

129. Barbara George — "I Know/Love" A.F.O. 302 M- Classic MB $20

130. Barbara George — "You Talk About Love/Whip O Will" A.F.O. 304 M- MB $20

131. Barbara George — "The Recipe (For Perfect Fools)/Try Again" SUE 773 MINT MB $25

132. Terry George — "My Love-My Dreamy Eyes/Now And Then" COMET 2144 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, Male lead with Female backing group MB $25

133. The Georgettes — "Oh Tonight/Love Like A Fool" EBB 125 VG+ MB $10

134. Julie Gibson And The Anglows — "I Got News For You/SAME" HERALD 575 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with same song on both sides MB $25

135. Gigi — "Don't Be A Loser Baby/Can't Help Falling In Love" DOT 16945 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO—SOUL SOUND! MB $25

136. Ginger And The Chiffons — "Where Were You Last Night?/She" GROOVE 58-0003 MINT MB $25

137. The Girlfriends — "My One And Only Jimmy Boy/For My Sake" COLPIX 712 VG+ MB $10

138. The Girls — "My Love/My Baby" CAPITOL 5528 M- TOUGH GARAGE STYLE GIRL GROUP MB $30

139. The Girls — "The Hurt's Still Here/Mark My Word" MEMPHIS 102 MINT TOUGH MB $75

140. Goldie And The Escorts — "Something Has Changed Him/Back Home Again" CORAL 62372 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $25

141. The Good Girls — "I'm In The Mood For Love/Perry's Theme" Counsel 1300 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

142. Joni Goodman — "Rainbow/Think About You" LA SALLE RECORDS 387 M- Faded xol MB $30

143. Lesley Gore — "It's My Party/Danny" MERCURY 72119 M-/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

144. Lesley Gore — "Judy's Turn To Cry/Just Let Me Cry" MERCURY 72143 M-/M- GREEN LABEL PROMO with PICTURE SLEEVE as shown, #ol MB $30

145. Lesley Gore — "She's A Fool/The Old Crowd" MERCURY 72180 VG/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $10

146. Lesley Gore — "You Don't Own Me/Run Bobby, Run" MERCURY 72206 M-/M With picture sleeve as shown MB $30

147. Lesley Gore — "That's The Way Boys Are/That's The Way The Ball Bounces" MERCURY 72259 VG+/M- With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $20

148. Lesley Gore — "It's Gotta Be You/I Don't Wanna Be A Loser" MERCURY 72270 M/M With PICTURE SLEEVE as shown MB $30

149. Lesley Gore — "Maybe I Know/Wonder Boy" MERCURY 72309 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

150. Janie Grant — "Romeo/Roller Coaster" CAPRICE 109 M- MB $20

151. Janie Grant — "Peggy Got Engaged/Two Is Company And Three Is A Crowd" CAPRICE 119 MINT Hard one by her MB $30

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