My July 22nd Auction is Motown / Soul 45's-includes Gladys Knight & The Pips FIRST RECORD!!!

My July 22nd Auction is Motown / Soul 45's-includes Gladys Knight & The Pips FIRST RECORD!!!

ATTN: Bidders Using Snail Mail: Some of your bids have arrived THE DAY the auction closes! Please leave enough mail time:
• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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July 22nd Motown & Soul 45's auction page 3
Closes Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 7 pm PT

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July 22nd closing auction with pictures, (caution, loads slowly!)

Printed (PDF) version of my July 22nd auction

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Original Motown/R&B/Soul/Northern Soul & Deep Soul 45's:

140. Aretha Franklin — "Think/You Send Me" ATLANTIC 2518 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—all time classic MB $20

141. Aretha Franklin — "Brand New Me/SAME" ATLANTIC 2796 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side MB $20

142. Don Gardner And Dee Dee Ford — "Tell Me/BLANK" FIRE 508 M- There is no printed song title on the B-side MB $20

143. Rex Garvin And The Mighty Cravers — "Sugar Baby/By The Time I Get To Phoenix" TOWER 437 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

144. Marvin Gaye — "Sandman/I'm Yours, You're Mine" TAMLA 54055 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, tough MB $50

145. Marvin Gaye — "Pride And Joy/One Of These Days" TAMLA 54079 VG MB $5

146. Marvin Gaye — "Can I Get A Witness/I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby" TAMLA 54087 MINT MB $20

147. Marvin Gaye — "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)/Forever" TAMLA 54107 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

148. Marvin Gaye — "You/SAME" TAMLA 54160 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with same song on both sides MB $20

149. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell — "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing/SAME" TAMLA 54163 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with same song on both sides, wol and sticker stain on B-side label MB $20

150. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell — "Good Lovin' Ain't Easy To Come By/SAME" TAMLA 54179 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with same song on both sides MB $20

151. Marvin Gaye — "That's The Way Love Is/SAME" TAMLA 54185 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with same song on both sides MB $20

152. Marvin Gaye — "Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got/SAME" TAMLA 54190 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO PRESSED IN GORGEOUS RED VINYL with same song on both sides MB $25

153. Barbara George — "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)/Love (Is Just A Chance You Take)" A.F.O 302 M- Date of JAN 11 1962 stamped neatly on the label, ALL TIME CLASSIC MB $20

154. Tommy Good — "Baby I Miss You/Leaving Here" GORDY 7034 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, small #ol on B-side MB $20

155. Linda Griner — "Good-By Cruel Love/Envious" MOTOWN 1037 VG Drill hole in label and previous owner's sticker on B-side label MB $20

156. Sherry Grooms — "Forever Is A Long Time/That Same Old Song" ABC RECORDS 10987 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

157. Bobby Hebb — "Ooh La La/My Pretty Sunshine" PHILLIPS 40431 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

158. The Hesitations — "Climb Every Mountain/My World" KAPP 911 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

159. Jessie Hill — "My Love/Oogsey Moo" MINIT 628 M- MB $20

160. The Hillsiders — "You Only Pass This Way One Time/Rain Is A Lonesome Thing" MEL-O-DY 120 M- Wol on A-side MB $20

161. Joe Hinton — "I Know/Ladder Of Prayer" BACK BEAT 519 M- MB $20

162. Joe Hinton — "Pretty Little Mama/Will You" BACK BEAT 526 MINT MB $20

163. The Hit Pack — "Never Say No To Your Baby/Let's Dance" SOUL 35010 MINT MB $20

164. Jimmy Holiday & Clydie King — "Ready, Willing And Able/We Got A Good Thing Goin' " MINIT 32021 VG Drill hole in label MB $5

165. Eddie Holland — "Jamie/Take A Chance On Me" MOTOWN 1021 M- MB $20

166. Eddie Holland — "If It's Love (It's Alright)/It's Not Too Late" MOTOWN 1031 MINT MB $20

167. Eddie Holland — "Darling I Hum Our Song/Just A Few More Days" MOTOWN 1036 M- Xol on B-side label MB $20

168. Eddie Holland — "Brenda/Baby Shake" MOTOWN 1043 M- MB $20

169. Eddie Holland — "Just Ain't Enough Love/Last Night I Had A Vision" MOTOWN 1058 M- MB $20

170. Eddie Holland — "If You Don't Want My Love/Candy To Me" MOTOWN 1063 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

171. Brenda Holloway — "When I'm Gone/I've Been Good To You" TAMLA 54111 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

172. Brenda Holloway — "Operator/I'll Be Available" TAMLA 54115 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, xol MB $20

173. Brenda Holloway — "How Many Times Did You Mean It/You Can Cry On My Shoulder" TAMLA 54121 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

174. Linda Hopkins — "Happiness/I Don't Know You Anymore" BRUNSWICK 55211 MINT YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $20

175. The Ikettes — "Troubles On My Mind/Come On And Truck" ATCO 6223 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

176. The Ikettes — "Here's Your Heart/Sing Along Without The Ikettes" INNIS 3000 VG+ Wol MB $5

177. The Ikettes — "Beauty Is Just Skin Deep/Make 'Em Wait" POMPEII 66683 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

178. The Impressions — "Gypsy Woman/As Long As You Love Me" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10241 M- MB $20

179. The Impressions — "People Get Ready/I've Been Trying" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10622 M- MB $20

180. The Impressions — "Woman's Got Soul/Get Up And Move" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10647 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

181. The Impressions — "Meeting Over Yonder/I've Found That I've Lost" ABC-PARAMOUNT 10670 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

182. The Intruders — "A Book For The Broken Hearted/SAME" GAMBLE 203 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with same song on both sides MB $20

183. The Isley Brothers — "Everybody's Gonna Rock & Roll/I Wanna Know" GONE 5022 VG MB $20

184. The Isley Brothers — "This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)/There's No Love Left" TAMLA 54128 M- CLASSIC MB $20

185. The Isley Brothers — "Standing On The Dance Floor/Shine On Harvest Moon" ATLANTIC 2100 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

186. The Isley Brothers — "The Last Girl/Looking For A Love" ATLANTIC 2263 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

187. The Isley Brothers — "It's Your Thing/Don't Give It Away" T NECK 901 VG+ CLASSIC MB $5

188. The Isley Brothers — "Black Berries - Pt 1/Pt 2" T NECK 906 M- MB $20

189. The Jackson Brothers — "Tell Him No/Love Me" ATCO 6139 M- MB $20

190. Chuck Jackson — "I Don't Want To Cry/Just Once" WAND 106 M- MB $20

191. Chuck Jackson — "(You Can't Let The Boy Overpower) The Man In You/Girls, Girls, Girls" MOTOWN 1118 M- Small wol MB $20

192. The Jackson 5 — "You Don't Have To Be Over 21 To Fall In Love/Some Girls Want Me For Their Lover" DYNAMO 146 M-/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO WITH RARE LYRICS INSERT AS SHOWN MB $25

193. The Jackson 5 — "I'll Be There/One More Chance" MOTOWN 1171 M- Classic MB $20

194. The Jackson 5 — "Maybe Tomorrow/SAME" MOTOWN 1186 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, DJ only edit, with same song on both sides MB $20

195. J. J. Jackson And The Jackaels — "A Lifetime From Today/That Look In Your Eye" STORM 501 MINT MB $20

196. The James Boys — "The Horse/The Mule" PHIL-L.A. OF SOUL 316 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

197. Etta James — "W-O-M-A-N/That's All" MODERN 972 M- MB $20

198. Etta James — "I'm A Fool/Number One" MODERN 984 M- MB $20

199. Etta James — "The Pick-Up/Market Place" MODERN 1016 M- MB $20

200. Etta James — "My Dearest Darling/Tough Mary" ARGO 5368 M- MB $20

201. Etta James — "Dream/Fool That I Am" ARGO 5390 M- MB $20

202. Etta James — "How Do You Talk To An Angel/Would It Make Any Difference" ARGO 5430 M- MB $20

203. Etta James — "Pushover/I Can't Hold It In Anymore" ARGO 5437 M- MB $20

204. Etta James And Sugar Pie DeSanto — "Somewhere Down The Line/Do I Make Myself Clear" ARGO 5519 M- Drill hole in label MB $20

205. Little Willie John — "Talk To Me, Talk To Me/Spasms" KING 5108 M- MB $20

206. Little Willie John — "Come On Sugar/My Baby's In Love With Another Guy" KING 5744 M- MB $20

207. Mable John — "No Love/Looking For A Man" TAMLA 54040 M- Small wol MB $20

208. Johnny & Jackey — "Lonely & Blue/Let's Go To A Movie Baby" ANNA 1108 M- MB $20

209. Bubber Johnson — "Atlanta/Those Who Dream" KING 5298 M- PROMO COPY MB $20

210. Marv Johnson — "You Got What It Takes/Don't Leave Me" UNITED ARTISTS 185 VG+ MB $5

211. Marv Johnson — "All The Love I've Got/Ain't Gonna Be That Way" UNITED ARTISTS 226 M- MB $20

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