My January 19 Auction is All-78's, All Genre's!!

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• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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John buys the World's Rarest 78 rpm record!!

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January 19th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 7
Closes Tuesday, January 19th, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / 1950's Rock & Roll /
Rockabilly / Country Gospel / Country and More!

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January 19th Auction with pictures, (caution, loads slowly!)

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Rock & Roll Era 78's:

300. Larry Williams — "Hootchy-Koo/ The Dummy" SPECIALTY 634 MINT MB $25

301. Sheb Wooley — "The Purple People Eater/I Can't Believe You're Mine" M-G-M 12651 MINT MB $75

Original Rockabilly 78's:

302. Lucky Joe Almond — "Rock Me/ The Last Waltz" TRUMPET 199 VG+ MB $10

303. Boyd Bennett And His Rockets — "Right Around The Corner/Partners For Life" KING 4874 M- MB $25

304. Boyd Bennett And His Rockets — "The Groovy Age/Let Me Love You" KING 4925 M- MB $25

305. Sanford Clark — "The Fool/Lonesome For A Letter" DOT 15481 VG+ MAROON Label, First Pressing MB $10

306. Dreamy Joe — "Hardin's Bread Boogie/You've Done Me Wrong" ACTION PRODUCTIONS M- SUN STUDIOS RELEASE—GREAT GUITAR MB $500

307. Jimmy Edwards — "Love Bug Crawl/Honey Lovin' " MERCURY 71209 MINT MB $25

308. Terry Fell — "I Can Hear You Cluckin'/Don't Do It Joe" RCA VICTOR 20-6621 VG+ MB $10

309. Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell — "Duck Tail/You're Gone" STARDAY 241 VG Sticker stains on the label MB $10

310. Hardrock Gunter And His Pebbles — "Birmingham Bounce/How Can I Believe You Love Me" BAMA 9 M- Tiny tol on B-label MB $20

311. Hardrock Gunter — "Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night/Honky Tonk Blues" DECCA 46300 VG+ MB $10

312. Hardrock Gunter — "Gonna Dance All Night/Fallen Angel" SUN 201 • M-

One of the tougher to find Sun releases MB $1000

313. Wanda Jackson — "I Gotta Know/Half As Good A Girl" CAPITOL 3485 M- Tough to find on 78 RPM format MB $100

314. Sammy Masters And His Rocking Rhythm — "Pink Cadillac/Some Like It Hot" 4 STAR 1695 VG+ MB $25

315. Webb Pierce — "Teenage Boogie/ I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me" DECCA 30045 MINT MB $25

316. The Rock Brothers — "Livin' It Up/Dungaree Doll" KING 4851 M- MB $25

317. Howard Western And His Western Swing Band — "Sawmill Boogie Blues/You're The One That I've Always Wanted" WESTERN STAR 147 MINT MB $50

318. Lew Williams — "Don't Mention My Name/I'll Play Your Game" IMPERIAL 8306 M- MB $20


Post War Country, Bluegrass, Country Gospel, Hillbilly 78's:

319. Cousin Abner — "Toys Behind The Door/Tears Of Shame" STAR TALENT 767 MINT MB $25

320. Chet Atkins And His Gallopin' Guitar — "Downhill Drag/Kentucky Derby" RCA VICTOR 20-5704 MINT White label promo pressed on thin VINYL MB $20

321. Hillman Barnard — "My Record Will Be There/Forever On Thy Hands" VAUGHN 1775 M- MB $20

322. Curly Bradshaw King Of The Harmonica — "Life's Railway To Heaven/Mother's Faded Old Sun Bonnet" ACME 102 VG+/M- MB $20

323. Yodeling Dick Brooks And His Guitar — "Rye-Whiskey/The Cat Came Back" GLOBAL 2000 M- MB $20

324. Smiley Burnette And His Rancheros — "It's My Lazy Day/Hominy Grits" BULLET 654 M-/VG+ MB $10

325. Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers — "Hawaiian Skies/Midnight Boogie" RCA VICTOR 20-1790 M- MB $20

326. James And Martha Carson — "Living In The Promised Land/I'll Shout And Shine" CAPITOL 57-40216 M- MB $20

327. The Carter Sisters And Mother Maybelle — "Little Orphan Girl/ God Sent My Little Girl" RCA VICTOR 21-0372 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20

328. Country All-Stars — "Indiana March/Sweet Georgia Brown" RCA VICTOR 20-5590 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL, with CHET ATKINS MB $20

329. John Daniel Quartet — "That's Why I Love My Jesus/When I Get There" BAMA 100 MINT MB $20

330. John Daniel Quartet — "Crossing Over Jordan/No Disappointments Up There" BULLET 104 MINT MB $20

331. John Daniel Quartet — "Gonna Row My Boat/No Darkness Can Hide" BULLET 105 MINT MB $20

332. John Daniel Quartet — "You've Got To Move/I Want That Kind Of Blessing" BULLET 107 M- MB $20

333. John Daniel Quartet — "On The Glory Road/I Have Ever Lasting Peace" BULLET 108 MINT MB $20

334. John Daniel Quartet — "I Love Jesus Best Of All/He Is The Best Friend" BULLET 110 M- MB $20

335. John Daniel Quartet — "Don't Be Knocking/How Beautiful Heaven Must Be" BULLET 137 MINT MB $20

336. John Daniel Quartet — "Sing A Happy Song/My People" BULLET 141 M- MB $20

337. John Daniel Quartet — "Echoes From The Burning Bush/Heavenly Treasures" BULLET 154 M-/VG+ MB $10

338. Daniel Family Quartet — "By And By/He's Just The Same Today" BULLET 163 MINT MB $20

339. "Tex" Dean & The Carefree Cowboys — "Dreamy Georgiana Moon/Naponee" TRUMPET 202 VG MB $5

340. The Dinning Brothers — "The Senator From Tennessee/Time" TENNESSEE 810 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

341. Drifting Pioneers — "Ezekiel Saw D'Wheel/Way Down Deep In My Soul" GOSPEL 1001 M- MB $20

342. Drifting Pioneers — "We'll All Be There/Meeting In The Air" GOSPEL 1002 VG+ MB $10

343. Johnny Eager And His Eager Beavers — "Red Lips And Red Wine/The Ski Polka" GRAND 25011 M- MB $20

344. Rocky Bill Ford — "I'm A Hen Pecked Man/I'll Try All My Life" GILT-EDGE 5031 MINT MB $20

345. Wally Fowler — "You Ain't Got Faith/Whispering Hope" WALLY FOWLER 1002 MINT MB $20

346. Wally Fowler — "When They Ring The Golden Bells/Little Boy Blue" WALLY FOWLER 1008 M- MB $20

347. Wally Fowler And The Oak Ridge Quartet — "I'm A Bible Lovin' Man/ I'm Free Again" BULLET 116 VG MB $5

348. Wally Fowler And The Oak Ridge Quartet — "Revival Day/Something Within Me" BULLET 155 M-/VG+ MB $10

349. Johnnie Howard Franklin — "He Knows My Heart/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child" NATIONAL ROBE AND BOOK CO. 101 VG MB $5

350. Georgia Slim And His Texas Round-up — "Sally Goodin/Grey Eagle" MERCURY 6112 M- MB $20

351. Art Gibson And His Mountain Melody Boys — "Gallivantin' Woman/One More Waltz With You" MERCURY 6119 MINT MB $20

352. Cecil Gill — "Tear Drops In The Rain/Say Goodbye" SILVER STAR 101 VG Obscure label from Fort Worth, Texas MB $5

353. The Goodman Family — "I'm Free Again/Looking For A City" BULLET 119 M- MB $20

354. Loy Gordon And His Buckeye Buddies — "Jaw, Jaw, Jaw—Yap, Yap, Yap/You Broke My Heart When You Told Me" ATLANTIC 722 M- MB $20

355. Will Graves And The Rhythm Rangers — "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?/I'm Paying" COLUMBINE 106 M- RARE DENVER, COLORADO LABEL MB $20

356. Will Graves And The Rhythm Rangers — "You're Gonna Be Sorry/There's A Star In The Sky" COLUMBINE 109 MINT MB $20

357. Herb And Kay — "Coffee Blues/Who's Taking My Place" KING 1309 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

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