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John buys the World's Rarest 78 rpm record!!

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January 19th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 4
Closes Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / 1950's Rock & Roll /
Rockabilly / Country Gospel / Country and More!

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Blues, Jump Blues, R&B 78's:

149. Little Sonny Jones — "Winehead Baby/Going To The Country" IMPERIAL 5287 VG+ GREAT ONE! MB $100

150. Willie Jones — "Jockey Jump/Sad Love" ATLAS 1028 M- GREAT JUMP BLUES MB $75

151. St. Louis Jimmy — "Strange Woman/One More Break" BLUEBIRD 34-0727 M- MB $25

152. St. Louis Jimmy — "Hard Luck Boogie/Good Book Blues" HERALD 407 M- TOUGH MB $100

153. Sax Kari & Orch. — "Disc Jockey Jamboree/Mama Took The Baby" CHECKER 803 M- MB $25

154. Swinging Sax Kari With Vocal By GLORIA IRVING — "Henry/You Let My Love Grow Cold" STATES 117 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—TOUGHEST ONE BY HIM ON STATES MB $50

155. Robert Ketchum — "Stockade/ She's Gone From Me" PEACOCK 1623 M- TOUGH MB $50

156. Al Killian And His All Stars — "The Killer's Boogie/Boogie In My Flat" BLACK & WHITE 117 M- Nice one MB $50

157. Julius King And His Guitar — "Mississippi Boogie/One O'Clock Boogie" TENNESSEE 127 G RARE AND SUPER GREAT ONE! Plays wonderful! MB $150

158. Maurice King And His Wolverines WITH LAVERN BAKER — "I Want A Lavender Cadillac/Spider's Web" OKEH 6800 MINT The very first of the Post War Okeh R & B series and IMPORTANT because this is LaVern Baker's very FIRST record, credited on the label to "BEA BAKER" MB $100

159. Morris Lane And His Band — "Bobby's Boogie/Ghost Town" RED ROBIN 101 VG+ MB $25

160. Willie Lane (Little Brother) — "Howling Wolfe Blues/Black Cat Rag" STAR TALENT 806 M- RARE AND FABULOUS! MB $400

161. Jimmy Liggins And His Drops Of Joy — "Move Out Baby/Rough Weather Blues" SPECIALTY 525 VG+ USUALLY this record is found beat and jukeboxed to death. This copy has some light wear in the form of minor scuffs. MB $20

162. Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers — "Loosiana/Ruth" EXCLUSIVE 132 MINT MB $25

163. Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers — "Got A Right To Cry/Blue Moods" EXCLUSIVE 210 M- MB $25

164. Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers — "Down Home Blues/Ten Toes" EXCLUSIVE 250 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

165. Little Willie Littlefield — "Goofy Dust Blues/Falling Tears" FEDERAL 12174 M- MB $50

166. Jimmy "Baby Face" Lewis And His Band — "All Night Lover Blues/ How Long Baby" ATLANTIC 884 M- MB $50

167. Jimmy "Baby Face" Lewis And His Band — "I'm So Good To You/Mailman Blues" ATLANTIC 901 M- MB $25

168. Jimmy Lewis And His Trio — "All The Fun's On Me/I'm Still In Love" ATLANTIC 913 MINT MB $25

169. Jimmy Lewis — "Cherry Wine/Dark And Lonely Room" RCA VICTOR 20-4899 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, nice MB $75

170. Lenny Lewis — "Good Lovin' Blues/Bobby Blows" QUEEN 4152 M- MB $25

171. Joe Hill Louis — "We All Gotta Go Sometime/She May Be Yours" SUN 178 • VG+ GORGEOUS copy of super early SUN BLUES RARITY!! Just a few MINOR scuffs and it plays PERFECT. These are almost NEVER for sale anymore and were always really worn. MB $1000

172. Preston Love With Vocal by FRANK ERVIN — "You Got Me Drinking/Stay By My Side" FEDERAL 12132 M-/VG+ TOUGH ONE MB $25

173. Luke The Spook And His Spooks — "Shanty In Old Shanytown/Nightshift" PHFFFT 1313 M- Obscure MB $25

174. Herman Manzy — "Back To The Blues/I'm Your Rockin' Man" FIDELITY 3003 VG+/M- MB $20

175. Claude Maxwell And The Five BlueTones — "Tell Me Baby Blues/Devil's Dream Blues" BANDWAGON 509 M- MB $25

176. Claude Maxwell And The Five BlueTones — "Let My Hair Fall Down Blues/Long Time Blues" BANDWAGON 512 M- MB $25

177. Big Maybelle — "Gabbin' Blues/Rain Down Rain" OKEH 6931 M- MB $20

178. Toni Mayo And Her Boys From New Orleans — "Juke Box Blues/Deep Water Blues" PLAZA 5501 M/VG+ With 3" hair crack, tough MB $20

179. Georgia McCray With Prince Albert — "See See Rider/Midnight Boogie" GLOBE 107 VG+ MB $10

180. Sticks McGhee And His Guitar — "Oh What A Face/You Gotta Have Something On The Ball" LONDON 978 M- Tough one by him MB $50

181. Jay McShann And His Jazz-Men — "Hard-Working Man's Blues/When I've Been Drinking" PHILO 109 VG+ MB $10

182. Steve Miller's Four Barons — "Rainy Weather Blues/Mixed Fruit" EXCLUSIVE 121 M- MB $25

183. Little Milton — "Little Milton's Boogie/Boogie Woogie Woogie Baby" DELTA 403 M-/VG+ RARE MB $200

184. Roy Milton And His Solid Senders — "Little Boy Blue/Them There Eyes" SPECIALTY 516 M- MB $25

185. Alma Monday "The Lollypop Mama" — "Street Walkin' Daddy/Miss Lollipop's Confession" MERCURY 8190 M-/VG+ RARE MB $50

186. Joe Morris Blues Cavalcade — "Love Fever Blues/Midnight Grinder" ATLANTIC 940 M- MB $25

187. Hattie Noel — "Grandma's Boogie/ Evil Daddy Blues" M-G-M 10752 M- SCARCE MB $25

188. Lee Norman And Band With Vocal by FATS THOMAS — "Fat Man Blues/Just Plain Foxy" LISSEN 118 VG With repaired potential edge bite and 1/2" hair crack . . . very rare record MB $10

189. Jack (The Bear) Parker — "Cheap Old Wine Whiskey/I Need You, I Want You" 7-11 2100 M- PITTSBURGH CLASSIC MB $100

190. Gene Parrish — "Left Behind Blues/Gone Awhile Blues" R P M 302 MINT Tough to find early # MB $50

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