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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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January 19th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 2
Closes Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / 1950's Rock & Roll /
Rockabilly / Country Gospel / Country and More!

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R&B Vocal Groups 78's:

40. Richard Lewis And The Barons — "Believe In Me/Forever" MODERN 818 M- RARE MB $50

41. Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers — "I Promise To Remember/Who Can Explain?" GEE 1018 M- MB $20

42. Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers — "Paper Castles/Teenage Love" GEE 1032 M- MB $20

43. Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers — "The ABC's Of Love/Share" GEE 1022 VG+ MB $10

44. Lewis Lymon And The Teenchords — "I'm So Happy (Tra-la-la-la-la-la)/ Lydia" FURY 1000 VG+ MB $10

45. The Lyrics — "Come On Home/ Why Don't You Stop" VEE-JAY 285 VG+ Tough one MB $25

46. The Magic-Tones — "When I Kneel Down To Pray/Good Googa Mooga" KING 4665 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, with wol on B-side label only MB $50

47. The Marbles — "Golden Girl/ Big Wig Walk" LUCKY 002 • MINT RARE!!!! Would sell for $5,000+ on 45 rpm MB $300

48. The Marveltones — "My Heart Is Yours/So" REGENT 194 VG+ MB $20

49. The Masterkeys — "Don't Cry Darling/Mr. Blues" ABBEY 3017 MINT NICE MB $100

50. The Marylanders — "Fried Chicken/Good Old 99" JUBILEE 5114 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

51. Arthur Lee Maye And The Crowns — "Truly/OOCHIE PACHIE" RPM 424 M- MB $25

52. Arthur Lee Maye And The Crowns — "Please Don't Leave Me/Do The Bop" RPM 438 MINT MB $25

53. Ruth McFadden And The Supremes — "Darling, Listen To The Words Of This Song/Since My Baby's Been Gone" OLD TOWN 1017 VG- Nol on B-label only MB $5

54. The Meadow Larks — "Love Only You/Real Pretty Mama" RPM 399 M- Tiny tol on A-side MB $25

55. Don Julien And The Meadowlarks — "Heaven And Paradise/Embarrassing Moments" DOOTO 359 M- MB $25

56. Don Julien And The Meadowlarks — "Always And Always/I Got Tore Up" DOOTONE 367 M- MB $25

57. Don Julien And The Meadowlarks — "This Must Be Paradise/Mine All Mine" DOOTONE 372 M- MB $25

58. The Medallions — "The Letter/Buick 59" DOOTONE 347 M- MB $25

59. The Medallions — "The Telegram/Coupe De Ville Baby" DOOTONE 357 M- MB $25

60. The Medallions — "Speedin'/Edna" DOOTONE 364 M- NOL MB $20

61. Vernon Green And The Medallions — "Did You Have Fun/My Mary Lou" DOOTONE 407 M- MB $25

62. Vernon Green And The Medallions — "For Better Or Worse/I Wonder, Wonder, Wonder" DOOTO 419 M- MB $25

63. The Mello Kings — "Chapel On The Hill/Sassafras" HERALD 507 M- MB $20

64. The Mello-Tones — "What Are They Doing In Heaven/When The Pearly Gates Unfold" COLUMBIA 39051 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

65. The Mello-Tones — "Rough And Rocky Road/Cool By The Riverbanks" OKEH 6828 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

66. The Mello-Tones — "I'm Just Another One In Love With You/I'm Gonna Get (What I Came For Last Night)" DECCA 48319 M- PINK LABEL PROMO with slight sticker stain on A-side label MB $25

67. The Mello-Tones — "Rosie Lee/I'll Never Fall In Love Again" GEE 1037 VG+ MB $10

68. The Mello Drops — "When I Grow To Old To Dream/The Crazy Song" IMPERIAL 5324 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO PRESSED ON THIN VINYL—FABULOUS MB $100

69. The Mellows — "How Sentimental Can I Be?/Nothing To Do" JAY-DEE 793 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

70. The Mellows Featuring Lillian Leach — "Smoke From Your Cigarette/Pretty Baby, What's Your Name?" JAY-DEE 797 VG+ MB $10

71. The Metronomes — "She's Gone/That's Bad" SPECIALTY 472 MINT OLD STORE STOCK—super, super rare on 45 rpm MB $75

72. The Metrotones — "Tonight/A-Ting-A-Ling" COLUMBIA 40420 M- MB $20

73. The Mil-Con Bo Trio — "Don't Pay To Gamble/Stompin' At The Savoy" UNITED 159 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, super rare!!! First and ONLY copy I've ever seen!!! MB $100

74. The Millionaires — "Somebody's Lyin'/Kansas Kapers" DAVIS 441 M- Small tol on B-side label MB $20

75. Buddy Milton And The Twilighters — "Say Another Word/Please Understand" RPM 418 M- Tough one MB $50

76. Stanley Mitchell And The Tornados — "Four O'Clock In The Morning/Hey There" CHESS 1649 VG+ MB $25

77. Bobby Mitchell And The Toppers — "Baby's Gone/Sister Lucy" IMPERIAL 5270 M- THIN VINYL MB $50

78. Bobby Mitchell And The Toppers — "The Wedding Bells Are Ringing/Meant For Me" IMPERIAL 5295 MINT THIN VINYL MB $50

79. Bobby Mitchell And The Toppers — "I'm A Young Man/She Couldn't Be Found" IMPERIAL 5309 MINT THIN VINYL. Rarest one!!! MB $100

80. The Modernaires 4 Rhythm — "If It Sparkles, It's A Jewel/BLANK" MASTER 1 VG+ SUPER OBSCURE ONE-SIDED COMMERCIAL FOR JEWEL GROCERY STORES IN CHICAGO, white group, but produced by Al Benson for his label—they probably sponsored his show MB $25

81. The Monarchs — "Angels In The Sky/Wanna Go Home" WING 90040 M- MB $50

82. The Monitors — "Tonight's The Night/Candy Coated Kisses" ALADDIN 3309 VG+ MB $25

83. The Native Boys — "Cherrlyn/Strange Love" COMBO 113 M- MB $25

84. The Ontarios — "Memories Of You/Lover's Mambo" BIG TOWN 121 MINT THIN VINYL PRESSING—RARE MB $100

85. The Opals — "My Heart's Desire/Oh But She Did" APOLLO 462 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO on THIN VINYL MB $50

86. The Opals Formerly Known As The Crystals — "Come To Me Darling/Sq-ueeze Me Baby" LUNA 5001 VG+ MB $10

87. The Orchids — "You Said You Loved Me/I Can't Refuse" PARROT 819 M- MB $50

88. The Orchids — "Oh Why/All Night Baby" KING 4661 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

89. The Orchids — "Beginning To Miss You/I've Been a Fool From The Start" KING 4663 M- White label promo MB $50

90. The Orioles — "Please Give My Heart A Break/It Seems So Long Ago" JUBILEE 5002 M- MB $50

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