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Original 1950's Rockabilly, Boppin' Country
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158. Bill Johnson And The Four Steps Of Rhythm — "You Better Dig It/The Right To Love" TALOS 402 MINT Super great Black Rocker from Augusta, Georgia —sounds like Little Richard MB $150


159. B. J. Johnson — "Wise Eyes/Crying In Your Sleep" BIG HOWDY 782 MINT MB $25


160. Rocky Jones — "Mule Skinner Blues/Put The Bottle On The Table" WASP 108 M- GREAT ROCKIN' VERSION OF CLASSIC SONG—rare label from Tacoma, Washington MB $50

161. Chuck Joyce And His Chain Gang Boys — "Milkman Blues/Why Can't We Live Together" TREPUR 1006 M- RARE!!! MB $300

162. Charlie Kellogg & His Ozark Drifters — "Ooooh Daddy/You're Counting Me Out Of Your Heart" MANNING 5262 M- MB $75


163. Pat Kelly With The Shamrocks — "Hey Doll Baby/Cloud 13" JUBILEE 5315 M- MB $25


164. Klark Kent — "Superman/Why Do I Love You" 4 STAR 1729 M- MB $30


165. Sid King And The Five Strings — "Purr, Kitty, Purr/Mama, I Want You" COLUMBIA 21489 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $10


166. Sid King And The Five Strings — "Oobie Doobie/Booger Red" COLUMBIA 40680 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO with #ol MB $10


167. Jimmie "Playboy" Knight — "Little Ann/At Nadans Ebony Door" PHYNK RECORDS VG Sticker stain and small tol on B-side, plays great! MB $10


168. Whitey Knight — "Travelin' Blues/Take Me In Your Arms" DOT 15630 MINT MB $25


169. Tommy Lam With The Plantation Playboys — "Speed Limit/A Teenage Birthday" NABOR 103 VG Small wol MB $20


170. Rocky Lane And Vernon Miller — "Crazy Road Hog/Spanish Strings" RIDGECREST 1212 VG- MB $20

171. Key Larsen — "A Little Lovin' (Goes A Long Long Way)/Web Of Lies" LAWN 106 M- Nice one MB $50


172. Brenda Lee — "Dynamite/Love You 'Till I Die" DECCA 30333 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20


173. Brenda Lee — "Ring-A-My Phone/Little Jonah" DECCA 30673 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20


174. Dickey Lee And The Collegiates — "Good Lovin'/Memories Never Grow Old" SUN 280 MINT MB $50

175. Dickey Lee — "Dreamy Nights/Fool, Fool, Fool" SUN 297 MINT RARE MB $100


176. Dennis Le Roi And Le Roi's Boys — "Do Die, Do Die, Do Die/Blue Angel" FABULOUS OP-286 MINT MB $30


177. Red Lewis With The Rockin' Robins — "I'll Move Along/Let's Be Lovers Once Again" KASKO 1643 VG- PLAYS NICE MB $20


178. Wally Lewis — "Lover Boy/My Baby Walks All Over Me" LIBERTY 55211 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


179. Bobby Lilie — "Keep It Confidential/Then You'll Know" 4 STAR 1713 MINT MB $25


180. Bobby Lile — "Book Worm/A Labor Of Love" 4 STAR 1723 M- MB $20


181. Bobby Lile — "Too Many Secrets/Got My Foot In The Door" SAGE 225 MINT With slight heat damage on edge—no effect on play MB $10


182. Bobby Lile — "Don't You Believe It/Knockin' My Head" SAGE AND SAND 222 MINT MB $20

183. Gary Link And The Rock-A-Fellas — "Rhythm Rock/Don't You Know" AL VIC RECORDS 764 VG- PLAYS FABULOUS despite lots of scratches and A-side label tear as shown, Great Rocker with Sax and Guitar breaks MB $50

184. The Musical Linn Twins — "Rockin' Out The Blues/Indian Rock" BLUE FEATHER 277 M- WILD AND GREAT ONE MB $300


185. The Long Hairs — "Go-Go-Go/Eight To Five" MEMPHIS 110 M- Wol on B-side, slight storage warp with no effect on play MB $20


186. Dick Lory — "Cool It Baby/Ball Room Baby" DOT 15496 M- MB $20

187. Robin Luke With The Jolly Drifters — "Chicka Chicka Honey/My Girl" BERTRAM INTERNATIONAL 208 MINT Original FIRST LABEL, TRUE FIRST PRESSING before it went to DOT MB $100


188. Robin Luke — "Bad Boy/School Bus Love Affair" DOT 16040 VG+ MB $20


189. Bob Luman — "All Night Long/Red Cadillac And Black Mustache" IMPERIAL 8311 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO with wol MB $5


190. Bob Mackey — "Shonuff Miss Brown/I Must Be A Fool" R 516 VG MB $20

191. Pierre Maheu With Ron And His Rattletones — "School Day Blues/Doug's Drag" GLO RECORDS NO # M- GREAT Instrumental on B-side MB $50


192. Gene Maltais — "Crazy Baby/Deep River Blues" DECCA 30387 VG PINK LABEL PROMO MB $10


193. Hollis Manley — "I'm Killing Me/Maybe I'm Wasting My Time" 4 STAR 1711 MINT MB $30


194. Joe Maphis — "Guitar Rock And Roll/Tennessee Two Step" COLUMBIA 21518 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


195. Janis Martin — "Drugstore Rock And Roll/Will You, Willyum?" RCA VICTOR 6491 VG MB $5


196. Sammy Masters — "Jodie/If I Could See The World" 4 STAR 1727 M- MB $20


197. Marvin McCullough — "Maby My Baby/Just For A Little While" BOYD 3383 MINT PROMO COPY MB $20


198. Ron McKee And The Rivieres — "Jailhouse Rock/Summertime Fun" LINCOLN 710 VG With label stains, Two-sider from FORT WAYNE, INDIANA MB $10


199. Carl McVoy — "Tootsie/You Are My Sunshine" HI 2001 MINT MB $25


200. The Miller Brothers — "Trailways Blues/Broken Hearted Gal" 4 STAR 1678 M- MB $20


201. The Miller Brothers — "Tulsa Baby/As You Were Standing By My Side" 4 STAR 1683 M- MB $20


202. The Miller Brothers — "Hey Pretty Baby/Who's Gonna Know" 4 STAR 1694 M- PROMO COPY MB $20


203. The Miller Brothers — "Loco Choo Choo/Why Must It Be" 4 STAR 1699 MINT MB $25


204. The Miller Brothers — "I Wanta Be Free/Back Roads" 4 STAR 1736 M- GREEN LABEL PROMO MB $25


205. Curley Money — "Gonna Rock/Wondering" JUDD 1007 M- MB $25

206. The Moonlighters — "Broken Heart/Glow Of Love"TARA 100 • M- CLASSIC MB $400

207. Johnny Moore With Jimmy Hagget Band — "Country Girl/I Want You To Know" VADEN 111 VG RARE AND PLAYS FABULOUS MB $50


208. Bill Morgan — "I Need Your Love/My Life" CHESS 1841 VG PROMO COPY, plays Mint MB $10

209. Billie Morgan — "Too Weak (To Go Home)/Move Over" STARDAY 435 M- Nice chuggin' Female bopper MB $75


210. Jack Morris — "Stop Teasin' Me/White Line" SAGE 228 VG Plays MINT MB $10


211. Moon Mullican With Boyd Bennett And His Rockets — "Seven Nights To Rock/Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A" KING 4894 VG MB $5


212. Charles Nash And The Rhythm Ramblers — "To Love And Be Mine/Out Of Place" CLAUDRA 109 VG Plays FABULOUS MB $20


213. Norman Nettles And His Blue Mountain Boys — "Do She/Slow Down" FAME 0102 M- MB $20

214. Roy Orbison And Teen Kings — "Ooby Dooby/Go! Go! Go!" SUN 242 MINT Tough to find in MINT shape these days!!! And, if you want the original version on Je-Wel, just continue down this list to the "T's" and there it is! MB $100


215. Roy Orbison And The Teen Kings — "Rockhouse/You're My Baby" SUN 251 M- MB $75

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