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Closes Tuesday, February 4th 2020 at 7 pm PT

Original 1950's Rockabilly, Boppin' Country
and Hot Rock & Roll 45's Auction!

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39. Tom Brown And The Tom Toms — "Kentucky Waltz/Tomahawk" JARO 77023 MINT DEFINITELY NOT A WALTZ!!! GOOD ROCKABILLY!!! MB $50

40. Edwin Bruce — "Rock Boppin' Baby/More Than Yesterday" SUN 276 MINT CLASSIC MB $50

41. Joe Bruce And The Steppers — "O.K. I'm On My Way/Baby Doll I Need Your Love" FRATERNITY 798 M- MB $25

42. Charles Bryant — "Don't Take My Woman Away/Aching Heart, Hush" PEACH 741 MINT MB $30

43. Sonny Burgess — "Red Headed Woman/We Wanna Boogie" SUN 247 VG Plays fantastic!!! Classic two-sider MB $10

44. Johnny Burnette And The Rock'N Roll Trio — "Tear It Up/You're Undecided" CORAL 61651 M- LIGHT BLUE LABEL PROMO COPY MB $150

45. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "Midnight Train/Oh Baby Babe" CORAL 61675 MINT LIGHT BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $150

46. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Honey Hush" CORAL 61719 VG+ Plays MINT MB $75

47. The Johnny Burnette Trio — "Eager Beaver Baby/Touch Me" CORAL 61829 MINT LIGHT BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $150

48. Dorsey And Johnny Burnette — "Blues Stay Away From Me/Midnight Train" CORAL 62190 VG+ Plays M- LIGHT BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $75

49. Dorsey Burnette — "Great Shakin' Fever/That's Me Without You" ERA 3045 MINT ORANGE LABEL PROMO MB $50

50. Ernie Burris And The Rockettiers — "Nimble Fingers/Amarie" BLUE JAY 108 M- With Super Rare Blue Jay sleeve as shown MB $200

51. Dave Burton — "Rock 'N' Roll Ruby/Don't Explain" RCA VICTOR 6535 M- TEEN ROCKER MB $20

52. Kenny Buskirk — "Get With It/That Was Yesterday" COWTOWN 832 M- MB $25

53. Cecil Campbell — "Rock And Roll Fever/The Rocking Guitar" M-G-M 12482 VG+ #'s on label, PROMO COPY, plays MINT MB $25

54. Don Carson And The Whirlaways — "Three Carburetors/Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!" CREST 1051 VG+ MB $5

55. Joey Castle — "That Ain't Nothing But Right/Come A Little Closer" RCA VICTOR 7283 M- NICE ONE MB $50

56. Harold Cavallero — "Brown Eyed Gal/Broken Heart" BIG HOWDY 784 MINT MB $30

57. Ernie Chaffin — "Feelin' Low/Lonesome For My Baby" SUN 262 M- MB $50

58. Ernie Chaffin — "Laughin' And Jokin'/I'm Lonesome" SUN 275 M- MB $50

59. Elaine Chandler — "Tiptoein' Thru The Tepee/You Said We're Thru" 4 STAR 1700 M- Nice Chuggin' Female Rocker MB $50

60. Wayland Chandler — "Little Lover/Play Boy" 4 STAR 1716 M- MB $25

61. Sanford Clark — "The Fool/Lonesome For A Letter" DOT 15481 MINT MAROON LABEL First Pressing MB $25

62. Jack Clement — "Your Lover Boy/Ten Years" SUN 291 M- MB $40

63. Cochran Brothers — "Walkin' Stick Boogie/Rollin' "CASH 1021 • MINT RARE!!! MB $500

64. Eddie Cochran — "Drive In Show/Am I Blue" LIBERTY 55087 MINT With small sticker stain on the label MB $35

65. Eddie Cochran — "Twenty Flight Rock/Cradle Baby" LIBERTY 55112 VG/VG+ With label stain, SMALL PRINT PRESSING, Plays M- MB $25

66. Eddie Cochran — "Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie/Pocketful Of Hearts" LIBERTY 55123 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, xol MB $50

67. Eddie Cochran — "Summertime Blues/Love Again" LIBERTY 55144 M- The all time classic monster hit!!! MB $20

68. Eddie Cochran — "C'mon Everybody/Don't Ever Let Me Go" LIBERTY 55166 MINT MB $50

69. Eddie Cochran — "Somethin' Else/Boll Weevil Song" LIBERTY 55203 M- MB $40

70. Eddie Cochran — "Hallelujah I Love Her So/Little Angel" LIBERTY 55217 MINT MB $50

71. Jackie Lee Cochran — "Ruby Pearl/Mama Don't You Think I Know" DECCA 30206 VG PLAYS M- MB $10

72. Don Cole — "Snake Eyed Mama/Kiss Of Love" R P M 502 VG+ #ol MB $25

73. Les Cole With The Echoes — "Bee Boppin Daddy/Rock-A-My Baby" D 1010 M- TWO-SIDER MB $100

74. Lefty Combs — "We Split The Blanket/Mr. W.S.M." ALVIC RECORDS NO # M- Rare one from Harrodsburg, Kentucky MB $75

75. Jimmy Comino — "Lap Of Luxury/Down In The Middle Of The Earth" R R E 101 MINT RED VINYL MB $50

76. Roman Conaway "The Missouri Troubadour" — "Trudy Girl/I Waited For You" RIDGECREST 1006 MINT MB $50

77. Bert Convy — "The Monsters Hop/The Gorilla" CONTENDER 510 VG+ MB $20

78. Cookie & Charley — "Let's Go Rock And Roll/I Love You So" JEFF 1212 VG- PLAYS GREAT! RARE!! MB $50

79. Lloyd Copas — "Circle Rock/My Little Red Wagon" DOT 15735 MINT #ol, Country star Cowboy Copas tries his hand at Rock & Roll! MB $75

80. Riley Crabtree — "Tattle Tattle Tale/Something Tells Me" Country Picnic Records 602 M- MB $25

81. Bill Craddock With The Blue Notes — "Birddoggin'/Millionaire" COLONIAL 721 M- Before he became Billy "Crash" Craddock MB $20

82. The Crestones — "She's A Bad Motorcycle/The Grass Hopper Dance" MARKIE 117 MINT Drill hole in the label MB $25

83. Howard Crockett — "If You'll Let Me/You've Got Me Lyin' " DOT 15593 VG+ #ol MB $20

84. Clifford Curry, Jr. — "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss/Crazy For You" RIDGECREST 1202 M- SUPER PRIMITIVE ROCKABILLY FROM GEORGIA! TWO-SIDER MB $500

85. Mac Curtis — "If I Had Me A Woman/Just So You Call Me" KING 4927 VG+ The all time classic MB $50

86. Jimmy Daley And The Ding-A-Lings — "Red Lips And Green Eyes/How's About A Little Kiss?" DECCA 30358 VG+ PINK LABEL PROMO, plays great! MB $10

87. Larry And Dixie Davis With The Storms — "Shark Bait/Walkin' " KANGAROO 15 MINT MB $50

88. Jimmy Dee And The Offbeats —"Henrietta/Don't Cry No More" T N T 148 VG #ol, First Label, True First Pressing before Nationwide Release on Dot MB $20

89. Harold Denham — "Lovin' On My Mind/I'm So Lonely" ROCKET RECORDS NO # G Plays Great! PRIMITIVE ROCKER from ATLANTA, INDIANA MB $50

90. Little Denny & The Torkeys — "The Flying Fish/Rock And Roll Blues" PERRY 1 M- MB $30

91. Little Denny & The Torkeys — "I'd Love To Take You Walking/She's Everybodys Darling" PERRY 2 M- PROMO COPY MB $30

92. Bob Denton — "Skinny Minnie/Playboy" DOT 15743 M- MB $25

93. Bobby DeWitt And The Williams — "Annie Mae/Your Love I'll Never Forsake" RIDGECREST 1204 MINT SUPER OBSCURE PRIMITIVE ROCKER FROM GEORGIA! MB $300

94. Jerry Diamond — "Sunburned Lips/Don't Trust Love" ATLANTIC 1145 MINT MB $25

95. Bobby Dino With Buddy Lucas And His Dynatones — "You Rock Me Jean/You Walked Away From Love" RIDGECREST 1203 MINT RARE!!! MB $200

96. Tony Douglas — "Baby, When The Sun Goes Down/World In My Arms" D 1005 M- MB $50

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