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February 29, 2024 Girl Groups 45's Auction, page 2
Including two AMAZING 78's! (Record #1 and Record #2)

Closes Thursday, February 29th, 2024 at 7:00 pm PT

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My February 29th, 2024 Girl Group 45's auction highlights

Printed (PDF) version of my February 29th, 2024 Girl Group 45's auction

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15. Annetta — "Since There Is No More You/Get Away Boy" JUGGY RECORDS 404 M- Not THE Annette and quite scarce MB $50


16. Ginny Arnell — "I'm Crying Too/Trouble's Back In Town" M-G-M 13146 VG MB $5


17. Maureen Arthur — "What Does He Do With Her/Don't Make The Angels Cry" LAMA 7787 M- Name written neatly on the label MB $20

18. Brigitte Bardot — "Babette Goes To War / The March From Babette" COLPIX CP 141 M-/M- WITH PICTURE SLEEVE—RARE!!!MB $150

19. The Beattle-Ettes — "Only Seventeen/Now We're Together" JUBILEE 5472 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, ANSWER RECORD to "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles MB $20


20. The Belles — "Don't Pretend/Words Can't Explain" MIRWOOD 5505 VG Plays perfect . . . SOUL sound MB $10


21. Bernadette And Her Swingin' Bears — "Crazy Yogi/When You're Dancin' With Me" GOLD COAST 6134 M- MB $20

22. Cilla Black — "For No One/A Fool Am I" CAPITOL 5782 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, A-side is nice version of BEATLES song MB $20


23. Marcie Blane — "What Does A Girl Do?/How Can I Tell Him?" SEVILLE 123 M- MB $20


24. The Blossoms — "Big Talking Jim/The Search Is Over" CHALLENGE 9138 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, xol MB $20

25. The Bon Bons — "Everybody Wants My Boy Friend/Each Time" CORAL 62435 M-/VG+ YELLOW LABEL PROMO, Great one MB $25


26. Bonnie & The Clydes — "Ninny Bop Bop/SAME but Instrumental" AUDIO FIDELITY 141 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

27. Bonnie And The Treasures — "Home Of The Brave/Our Song" PHI-DAN 5005 M- MB $50

28. Kathy Brandon — "Surfin' Doll/A Boy To Love Me" CRYSTALETTE 759 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with PROMO PHOTO INCLUDED MB $30


29. Jackie Burns And The Bo-Bells — "He's My Guy/I Do The Best I Can" M-G-M 13182 VG+ YELLOW LABEL PROMO with slight storage warp not affecting play MB $20


30. The Buttons — "Huckleberry Finn/Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" EMBER 1100 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


31. Jo Ann Campbell — "Mother, Please!/Waitin' For Love" CAMEO 249 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


32. The Caravelles — "You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry/The Last One To Know" SMASH 1852 M- Classic MB $20

33. Andrea Carroll — "Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard/Room Of Memories" EPIC 9450 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50


34. Cathy Carroll — "Cry/He's Famous" TRIODEX 104 MINT Xol MB $20


35. Mama Cass — "Dream A Little Dream Of Me/Midnight Voyage" DUNHILL 4145 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


36. The Castanets — "I Love Him/Funky Wunky Piano" TCF 1 VG+ GREAT PHIL SPECTOR SOUND MB $20


37. Barbara Chandler With Group— "It Hurts To Be Sixteen/Running, Running, Johnny" KAPP 542 MINT MB $25


38. Little Cheryl With Group— "Can't We Just Be Friends/Heaven Only Knows" CAMEO 270 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, xol MB $25


39. Little Cheryl — "Mama, Let The Phone Bell Ring/Can't We Be Just Friends" CAMEO 276 VG+ "NR" stamped on B-side label MB $10

40. Little Cheryl — "Yeh, Yeh, We Love 'Em All/Nick And Joe Callin' " CAMEO 307 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—BEATLES NOVELTY MB $30

41. The Chiffons — "Tonight's The Night/Did You Know" BIG DEAL 6003 M- THEIR FIRST RECORD MB $50


42. The Chiffons — "Nobody Knows What's Goin' On/The Real Thing" LAURIE 3301 M- MB $20


43. The Chiffons — "Sweet Talkin' Guy/Did You Ever Go Steady" LAURIE 3340 VG+ ADVANCE RELEASE PRESSED ON VINYL . . . most are styrene MB $20

44. Cindy And Sandy — "Make Believe Baby/Why Not" TAILSPINN 102 MINT YELLOW VINYL—RARE MB $75


45. Petula Clark — "Elle Est Finie/J'ai Tout Oublie" LAURIE 3236 MINT PROMO COPY MB $20


46. Petula Clark — "Downtown/You'd Better Love Me" WARNER BROTHERS 5494 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


47. Petula Clark — "I Know A Place/Jack And John" WARNER BROTHERS 5612 M-/VG+ MB $20


48. Petula Clark — "The Song Of My Life/SAME" WARNER BROTHERS 7467 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with MONO version on one side and STEREO version on the other side MB $20


49. Petula Clark — "The Song Is Love/Beautiful Sounds" WARNER BROTHERS 7422 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


50. Suzy Clark — "Never Gonna Find Another/Broken In Two" CRUSADER 123 VG+ MB $10

51. Patsy Cline — "Hidin' Out/Turn The Cards Slowly" PATSY CLINE 2 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO, early one!! MB $150


52. Patsy Cline — "Lovesick Blues/How Can I Face Tomorrow" DECCA 31061 VG PINK LABEL PROMO MB $5

53. Patsy Cline — "I Fall To Pieces/Lovin' :In Vain" DECCA 31205 VG+ MB $10

54. Patsy Cline — "Crazy/Who Can I Count On" DECCA 31317 M- MB $20

55. Patsy Cline — "Strange/She's Got You" DECCA 31354 M- MB $20

56. Patsy Cline — "Faded Love/Blue Moon Of Kentucky" DECCA 31522 M- ORANGE LABEL PROMO with small Promoter's sticker on B-side label MB $20

57. Patsy Cline — "Back In Baby's Arms/Sweet Dreams" DECCA 31483 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $25

58. Patsy Cline — "Foolin' 'Round/That's My Desire" DECCA 25707 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20

59. Patsy Cline — "Hungry For Love/Then You'll Know" EVEREST 2011 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO IN SPECIAL PATSY CLINE SLEEVE MB $25


60. The Cody Sisters — "(Come On) And Join The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Girls In Love/(There's A) Killer In Town" ARCH 1608 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

61. The Corvells — "He's So Fine/Baby Sitting" LU PINE 104 MINT PROMO COPY—ANSWER RECORD TO THE FIESTAS "So Fine" MB $50


62. The Crampton Sisters — "My Guy Is Boss/Always" DCP 1107 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

63. The Crystals — "There's No Other (Like My Baby)/Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby" PHILLES 100 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol. FIRST RELEASE ON THIS LEGENDARY PHIL SPECTOR LABEL! MB $75

64. The Crystals — "Uptown / What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen" PHILLES 102M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with "No" written on the B-side label in small print. MB $75

65. The Crystals — "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)/No One Ever Tells You" PHILLES 105 VG+ MB $50


66. The Crystals — "Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)/Git It" PHILLES 112 M- MB $20


67. The Crystals — "Then He Kissed Me/Brother Julius" PHILLES 115 M- MB $20

68. Darlene And The Jokers — "Frankie / Love Me, Love Me" DANCO 115M- RARE!!! FROM HAWAII MB $75


69. Little Miss Righteous Debbie Deane With The Petites — "Take My Hand/Dream In A Dream" TREVA 223 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with small sticker stain on A-side and promoter's stamp MB $20


70. Joanna Dean — "Just Another Lie/He's My Jim" KENT 322 VG MB $10

71. The Debs — "Star In The Sky/Felipe" SQUALOR NO # MINT GREAT FEMALE GROUP SOUND MB $50


72. Sandra Dee — "Tammy, Tell Me True/Let's Fall In Love" DECCA 31265 M- PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20

73. The Dee-Lites — "Lollipop/Give It Up" BRITTON 1001 MINT RED VINYL MB $25


74. Rita Delmar — "Teenage Heart/I Got A Good Mind To Quit'cha" RAMA 193 M- MB $20

75. Jackie Dee (Jackie DeShannon) — "Buddy/Strollypso Dance" LIBERTY 55148 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with #ol—Buddy Holly tribute MB $25

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