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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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February 23rd Auction page 1
Closes Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 at 7 pm PT

Original 1960's Surf, Hot Rod & Rockin' Instro 45's
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Original 1960's Surf, Hot Rod & Rockin' Instro LP's

1. The Barefoot Man — "Come Scuba-Do With Me"Barefoot Records BR-1007 VG+/VG+FIRST AND ONLY COPY I've ever seen! Made in the Cayman Islands with great inner sleeve! All VocalsMB $300

2. The Beach Boys — "Surfin' Safari" CAPITOL DT 1808 SEALED/MINT Absolute Original First Pressing from 1963 and this copy is STILL SEALED in the original shrink wrap! And it is the much rarer STEREO copy! MB $200

3. The Beach Boys — "Smiley Smile"BROTHER T-9001 SEALED/MINTAbsolute Original True First Pressing and this copy is STILL SEALED in the original shrink. It is also the much, much rarer MONO version!!MB $300

4. Brother Bones — "Bones On The Beat" TEMPO 7004 VG/M- Very, very SCARCE LP with utterly fantastic cover! MONO MB $100

5. Jerry Cole And His Spacemen — "Surf Age" CAPITOL T-2112 SEALED/MINT PROMO COPY that is STILL SEALED in the original shrink! MONO! And YES, that means the Dick Dale Bonus 45 is right where it should be and MINT too! MB $200

6. The Duals — "Stick Shift" SUE LP 2002 M-/M- Original first pressing with CARTOON COVER!!! MONO MB $200

7. The Knights — "Hot Rod High" CAPITOL T-2189 M-/M- PROMO COPY still in the original shrink wrap, just opened and played a few times, MONO MB $150

8. The Lancers — "The Lancers" EARSA RECORDS 1003 VG/M- FIRST AND ONLY COPY I'VE EVER SEEN!!! Capitol Records CUSTOM PRESS, MONO MB $200

9. Unknown — "The Monster Album" DCP INTERNATIONAL DCL 3805 M-/M- WHITE LABEL PROMO COPY, Radio Station call letters are written on the front cover as shown, ONLY COPY I'VE EVER SEEN! MONO MB $200

10. Various Artists — "Mrs. Faruki's Suzuki And Then Some" MARK 56 NO # SEALED/MINT GREAT album of SURF INSTRUMENTALS made as a promotional item to promote SUZUKI MOTORS, Still Sealed in the original shrink wrap MB $150

11. TThe Satans — "Raisin' Hell!"NO NAME A-3262 VG/VGONLY COPY I HAVE EVER SEEN! INSANELY RARE PRIVATE PRESSING. Clear tape on seams. No clue where this is from, but it is from the 1960's!MB $500

12. Item deleted from auction

13. The Super Stocks — "Surf Route 101" CAPITOL T-2113 M-/M- MONO, with BONUS 45 by Mr. Gasser and The Weirdos right where it should be! MB $150

14. The Super Stocks — "School Is A Drag" CAPITOL T-2190 VG+/M MONO MB $100

15. Various Artists — "KFXM Surf War—The Battle Of The Surf Groups" SHEPHERD SLP-1300 M-/M- FIRST and ONLY copy I've seen! Made for Radio Station KFXM in SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA with lots of local Southern California Surf bands!!! MB $200


Original 1960's Surf, Hot Rod & Rockin' Instro 45's

16. Mike Adams And The Red Jackets — "So Blue/For Me And My Gal" MARCO 103 M- Produced by Herb Alpert and Lou Adler MB $20

17. Al And Nettie — "San Francisco Twist/Now You Know" GEDINSON'S 6159 M- MB $20

18. Davie Allen And The Arrows — "Apace '73/Run Of The Arrow" M-G-M 14650 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5

19. Richie Allen — "Undercurrent/Kick-Off" IMPERIAL 5885 VG WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5

20. The Allisons — "Surfer Street/Money" TIP 1011 VG+ MB $5

21. Andy Anderson And The Jets — "The Scoot/Ol' Man River" SCOOT 2013 VG- Rare one from Indianapolis, Indiana MB $5

22. Dave Appell And The Applejacks — "Dinner With Drac/No Name Theme" CAMEO 132 VG MB $5

23. Stan Applebaum — "A Touch Of Green/Undiscovered Island" WARNER BROTHERS 5353 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $20

24. The Applejacks — "Love Scene/Circle Dance" CAMEO 170 VG+ MB $5

25. Joe Arnold — "Soul Trippin'/Share Your Love With Me" WAND 1175 VG SOUL instro MB $5

26. The Arrows Featuring Davie Allen — "Moon Dawg '65/Dance The Freddie" TOWER 133 M- GREAT SURF!!! MB $50

27. The Astronauts — "Baja/Kuk" RCA VICTOR 8194 M- MB $20

28. The Astros — "Music Maker/Stumbling" ANDERSON RECORDS INC. 125 VG+ From Anderson, Indiana MB $10

29. The Astro-Notes — "Teenage Blues/Monkey Workout" DOT 16621 M- Sticker stain on B-side label MB $15

30. Sil Austin — "The Hungry Eye/Danny Boy" MERCURY 71442 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO #ol MB $10

31.Baby Sticks And The Kingtones — "Pigmy/Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider" SHELLY 164 M- Interesting instrumental with lots of jungle noises MB $20

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