My All-78's Auction closes December 3rd, 2019! Rockabilly, Blues, R&B, Gospel and MORE!

ATTN: Bidders Using Snail Mail: Some of your bids have arrived THE DAY the auction closes! Please leave enough mail time:
• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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December 3rd All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 8
Closes Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Cajun & More!

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Country, Country Gospel, Cajun, Bluegrass 78's:

447. Leon Jenkins — "Hot Pretzels/Green Corn" GOLD STAR 888 M- MB $20


448. Jenny And Jill — "In The Dark/A Million Other Hearts" OKEH 18034 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20


449. The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers — "You Left Me To Cry/That's Why You Left Me So Blue" RCA VICTOR 20-5120 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20


450. The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers — "My Brown Eyed Darling/I'll Never Make You Blue" RCA VICTOR 20-5235 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20


451. The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers — "You're No Good/I'll Never Change My Mind" RCA VICTOR 20-5660 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20


452. The Louvin Brothers — "The Family Who Prays/Let Us Travel, Travel On" CAPITOL 2296 M- YELLOW LABEL PROMO MB $20


453. Lubbock Conquerors Quartet — "Take A Moment To Live/I'm Glad I Never Turned Him" LUBBOCK CONQUERORS 101 M- MB $20

454. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Milk Cow Blues/I Couldn't Believe It Was You" 4 STAR 1185 MINT MB $25


455. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "He Will Set Your Fields On Fire/We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder" 4 STAR 1473 MINT MB $25


456. Maddox Brothers & Rose — "How Can You Refuse Him Now/If We Never Meet Again" 4 STAR 1553 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $25


457. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "I'll Be No Stranger There/The Uncloudy Day" DECCA 28784 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $25


458. Peewee Maddux And His Lazy River Boys — "I Want To/Lover's Crime" M-G-M 11281 MINT MB $20


459. Daisy Mae And Old Brother Charlie — "I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair/Fingerprints Upon My Heart" COLUMBIA 20897 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


460. Daisy Mae And Old Brother Charlie — "I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Darlin' (Than A Young Man's Slave)/That's Why You're My Sweetheart " COLUMBIA 21059 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

461. Tommy Magness And His Tennessee Buddies — "When I Safely Reach That Other Shore/Jesus Will Save Your Soul" FEDERAL 10015 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, nice BLUEGRASS MB $25


462. Henry And Syble Maxwell — "Jesus And Me/I Looked All Over Heaven" EAGLE RECORDS 120 M-/VG+ MB $10

463. Ernest McClendon With Rupert McClendon's Melody Boys — "I'll Get By Without You/Plant Some Flowers By My Grave" TREPUR 10 M- Cloudy pressing . . . rare GEORGIA label MB $25


464. McDonald Brothers Stamps Quartet — "The Prettiest Flower/I Can't Sit Down" McDonald Brothers Quartet 105 M- Dime sized tol on A-side MB $20


465. McDonald Brothers Stamps Quartet — "Lead Me To That Rock/Cleanse Me" McDONALD BROTHERS QUARTET 265 VG+ MB $10

466. Kirk McGhee And His Band — "Ramblers Blues/It's Too Late To Change Your Mind" TENNESSEE 798 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO! FABULOUS, GREAT BANJO MB $100


467. Morris Mills And His Rithumakers — "What Will I Do Blues/A Little Talk With Daddy" 4 STAR 1387 M- MB $20


468. Woody Mitchell With The Texoma Ramblers — "She's Somebody's Mother/The Prisoner's Farewell" LIN 1003 M/M- MB $25


469. Mobley Sisters Trio — "Like Flowers We're Fading/When He Put A Little Sunshine In" ACME 255 MINT MB $25


470. Mobley Sisters Trio — "When I Cross That Lonesome Valley/Down Old Log Cabin Lane" ACME 260 MINT MB $25


471. Bill Monroe And His Blue Grass Boys — "Heavy Traffic Ahead/Along About Daybreak" COLUMBIA 20595 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


472. Charlie Monroe And His Kentucky Pardners — "That Wild Black Engine/You'll Find Her Name Written There" RCA VICTOR 20-4291 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20


473. Moon Beamers Quartet — "It's A Pity/It's About Time" WILDFIRE 8118 M- MB $25


474. William Moore And The Country Cousins — "What Would You Do Without Jesus/I'll Leave All My Troubles This Side Of The Grave" 4 STAR 1543 MINT MB $25


475. Jimmy Murphy — "Love That Satisfies/That First Guitar Of Mine" RCA VICTOR 20-4609 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20


476. Molly O' Day And Lynn Davis — "When The Angels Rolled The Stone Away/It's All Coming True" COLUMBIA 20937 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


477. Mac O'Dell And His Alabama Jubilees — "A Prayer For Freedom/The Master's Train" MERCURY 6272 M- MB $20

478. Buster Pack And His Lonesome Pine Boys — "Stars In My Crown/In The Land Of Peace And Love" RICH-R-TONE 1052 M- RARE MB $50


479. Pacific Bible Institute Quartet — "Lights Of Home/The Unveiled Christ" SHARON 581 M- MB $20

480. Otis Parker — "Bugle Call From Heaven/Merci Bea Coup Mon Ami" Rich-R-Tone 462 VG+ RARE MB $25


481. Payne Family Quartet — "He'll Lead You Through The Pilgrim Land/I'm Just A Stranger Here" ACME 1075 M- MB $20


482. Hank Penny Plain Ol' Country Boy — "If I Can't Wear The Pants/Hadacillin Boogie" RCA VICTOR 20-4862 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

483. Austin Pitrie And His Evangeline Playboys — "Jolie Jou Rose/Gueydan Two Step" 4 STAR 1341 M- CAJUN AND RARE MB $50


484. Rocky Porter — "Please Say A Prayer/The All-Seeing Eye" COLUMBIA 21028 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


485. Rex Prophet "The Canadian Plowboy" — "With God's Hand In Mine/Beautiful Bells" DECCA 28870 MINT PINK LABEL PROMO MB $20


486. Wade Ray — "Let Me Go, Devil!/Too Late To—!" RCA VICTOR 20-5440 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20

487. Rebe And Rabe With The Happy Valley Boys — "That Gloryland Mansion In The Sky/My Ship Will Sail" TENNESSEE 773 M- BLUEGRASS GOSPEL—RARE MB $50


488. Jim Reeves — "Bimbo/Gypsy Heart" ABBOTT 148 M- MB $20


489. Johnny Rion — "Handprints On The Window Pane/The Blind Child's Prayer" KING 829 MINT MB $20


490. Johnny Rion — "That Heaven Bound Train/When You Are Away" CORAL 64148 MINT LIGHT BLUE LABEL PROMO MB $20

491. Gene Rodrigue With The Bayou Boys — "Jolie Fille/Everything" MELADEE 101 M- RARE CAJUN MB $50

492. Rouse Brothers — "Loan Me A Buck/Orange Blossom Special" ROCKIN' 514 MINT PROMO COPY MB $50


493. Carl Sauceman With The Green Valley Boys — "I'll Be An Angel Too/A White Cross Marks The Grave" REPUBLIC 7047 M- THIN VINYL MB $20


494. Carl Sauceman And The Green Valley Boys — "Handy Man/Road To Love" CAPITOL 2121 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


495. Ramblin' Tommy Scott — "When A Man Gets The Blues/Been Gone A Long Time" MACY'S 148 MINT MB $25


496. Arkie Shibley And The Mountain Dew Boys — "Dusty Blossom Boogie/Hard Times In Arkansas" GILT-EDGE T-11 VG+/M- MB $20


497. Tiny Skaggs And His Band — "Can I Take My Pony To Heaven/You're So Easy To Remember" BLUE RIBBON RECORDS 1 MINT MB $20


498. Mississippi Slim And The Nite Owls — "I'm A Long Gone Doggie/I Know You Can't Be True" TENNESSEE 794 M- MB $25


499. Clint Small With The Corral Wranglers — "Texas Rag/Learn To Be Blue" MACY'S 149 M- MB $25


500. Carl Smith — "Me And My Broken Heart/Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way" COLUMBIA 20862 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


501. Carl Smith — "Dog-Gone It, Baby, I'm In Love/What Am I Going To Do With You?" COLUMBIA 21197 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL MB $20


502. The Southernaires — "I'm Just A Stranger Here/Go Right Out" ACME 265 MINT MB $20


503. The Southernaires — "Crown Him King/He Will Surely Make It All Right" ACME 270 M- MB $20


504. Smith Spadachene — "Moving On/Spanish Two-Step" GOLD STAR 712 VG+ MB $20


505. Joe St. Clair — "It Isn't Worth The Tears/Red Long Fingernails" SONG PLUGGER 1 MINT MB $20


506. The Stewart Family — "I've Changed My Mind/The Book Of Life" 4 STAR T-10 M- MB $20


507. The Stewart Family — "Rifles Or Bibles/I Can't, He Can" GILT-EDGE 5032 M- MB $20


508. The Stewart Family — "Road Of Sin/I Ain't Got Time" GILT-EDGE 5042 VG+ MB $5


509. Carl Story And His Rambling Mountaineers — "That Day Is Coming Soon/He Will Set Your Fields On Fire" MERCURY 6303 M- MB $20


510. "Texas" Bill Strength — "Singing His Theme Song CIO - We Will Overcome/Shall We Gather At The River" TEXAS BILL STRENGTH 103 MINT "CIO" stands for Congress of Industrial Organizations which is part of what later became the AFL-CIO MB $25


511. Shorty Sullivan & Green Valley Boys — "Sophronie/Hearts Are Lonely" ACME 1070 M- MB $25


512. Jimmy Swan And His Range Riders — "I Love You Too Much/Triflin' On Me" TRUMPET 177 MINT MB $25

513. Pal Thibodeaux — "Just Because/It's All Over" 4 STAR X-19 MINT CAJUN MB $50


514. The 3 Kings — "In The House Of The Lord/You Can Always Depend On The Lord" 4 STAR 1666 MINT THIN VINYL MB $20

515. Mitchell Torok With The Sabine River Valley Boys — "Clingin' Heart/Piney Woods Boogie" FBC 115 M- RARE MB $50


516. Bob Travis & The Texas Rhythm Rangers — "Just A Hand-Me-Down/Starlight Up In Heaven" ROYALTY 213 MINT MB $25

517. Pappy Tyler And His Melody Five — "Gholson Valley Waltz/The Breakdown" HUMMING BIRD RECORDS 1006 MINT RARE MB $50

518. T. Texas Tyler And His Oklahoma Melody Boys — "Remember Me/So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed" 4 STAR 1008 VG+ BLUE VINYL—RARE!!! MB $100


519. The Wayfarers — "Mother's Understanding Heart/Say A Prayer For A Buddy" BLUE RIBBON RECORDS 1902 M- MB $20


520. Onie Wheeler And His Ozark Boys — "Mother Plays Loud In Her Sleep/A Million Years In Glory" OKEH 18026 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO on THIN VINYL MB $20


521. Slim Willet And His Big State Jamboree Gang — "Love Me Baby/When Lovers Go By" 4 STAR 1672 M- VINYL and has a storage warp that will track if you add weight to the tone arm MB $20


522. Doc Williams And The Border Riders — "There's A Mother Always Waiting For You At Home Sweet Home/One Heart One Life" WHEELING 1017 M- MB $20

523. Hank Williams And The Country Boys — "Calling You/Never Again" STERLING 201 • M- These turn up every now and then, but almost never in M- shape!!! MB $300


524. Hank Williams — "Pan American/I Don't Care" M-G-M 10226 MINT Old store stock MB $50


525. Hank Williams With His Drifting Cowboys — "Kaw-Liga/Your Cheatin' Heart" M-G-M 11416 M- MB $25


526. Billy Jack Wills And His Western Swing Band — "Lilly Dale/Down In Old Mexico" 4 STAR 1575 M- MB $20


527. Buckshot Yost Quintet — "Broken Hearts/Woo-Chee, Woo-Chee Woo" AZALEA CITY RECORDS 001 MINT MB $20

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