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December 3rd All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 4
Closes Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Cajun & More!

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Blues, Jump Blues, R&B, Solo Gospel 78's:

210. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Put Another Chair At The Table/Cecil Boogie No. 2" GILT-EDGE 500 M- Cecil Gant was known as the "G.I. Sing-Sation" and was immensely popular durning and after WWII—his records sold millions and are TOUGH to find clean MB $25


211. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Syncopated Boogie/The Grass Is Getting Greener" GILT-EDGE 505 M- MB $25


212. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "You're Going To Cry/Cecil Knows Better" GILT-EDGE 507 M- MB $25


213. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Cecil's Mop Hop/ I'll Remember You" GILT-EDGE 505 VG+/M- MB $10


214. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Hey Boogie/In A Little Spanish Town" GILT-EDGE 511 M- MB $25


215. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Rhumba Boogie Woogie/Little Baby You're Running Wild" GILT-EDGE 512 M- MB $25


216. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Jam Jam Blues/I Feel It" GILT-EDGE 516 M- MB $25


217. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Lightning Blues/Solitude" GILT-EDGE 517 M- MB $25


218. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Midnight On Central Avenue/How Can I Sleep?" GILT-EDGE 519 M- MB $25


219. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Am I To Blame?/Stella" GILT-EDGE 525 MINT MB $25


220. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "My Little Baby/In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down" GILT-EDGE 526 M- MB $25


221. Cecil Gant — "Hit That Jive Jack/Rainy Weather For Me" GILT-EDGE 534 M- MB $25


222. Cecil Gant — "Special Delivery/Jump Jack Jump" 4 STAR 1176 MINT MB $25


223. Cecil Gant — "Wake Up, Cecil, Wake Up/Boogie Blues" 4 STAR 1205 M- MB $25


224. Cecil Gant — "That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/New Cecil Boogie" 4 STAR 1215 M- MB $25


225. Pvt. Cecil Gant — "Am I To Blame?/Soft And Mellow" 4 STAR 1243 MINT MB $25


226. Cecil Gant — "I'm Traveling Alone/God Bless My Daddy" 4 Star 1284 M- MB $25


227. Cecil Gant And His Combo — "I'll Remember You/Fare Thee My Baby" 4 Star 1339 MINT MB $25


228. Cecil Gant And His Trio — "Long Distance/Vibology" 4 STAR 1377 VG+ MB $10


229. Cecil Gant And his Trio — "I've Heard That Jive Before/You're Going To Cry" 4 STAR 1482 M- MB $25


230. Cecil Gant And His Trio — "Can't Get You Off My Mind/My Baby's Changed" 4 STAR 1526 MINT MB $25


231. Cecil Gant — "Rock The Boogie/I'll Go On Loving You" 4 STAR 1561 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO LABEL MB $25


232. Cecil Gant And His Trio — "Time Will Tell/Where I Belong" 4 STAR 1584 MINT MB $25

233. The Great Gates — "Sad And Lonesome/Evening Blues" 4 STAR 1475 M- TOUGH MB $50


234. The Great Gates — "Checkin' Up Blues/Rock Me Baby" 4 STAR 1504 MINT TOUGH MB $50

235. Sammy Harris — "King Zulu/Fatso" FREEDOM 1539 M- RARE MB $75


236. Wynonie "Blues" Harris With Jack McVea And His All Stars — "Baby Look At You/That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch" APOLLO 361 MINT HARD to find these early ones MINT MB $50


237. Roy Hawkins And His Four Jacks — "Christmas Blues/Roy's Boogie" DOWN TOWN 2018 VG/M- RARE MB $25


238. Sherman Hayes And His Orchestra — "Blue/Freckle Face" SHARP 59 MINT MB $25


239. Smokey Hogg — "Restless Bed Blues/My Last Blues" EXCLUSIVE 95 M- MB $25

240. Smokey Hogg — "Oohw Baby/Bottle Up An' Go" COMBO 4 M- RARE ONE BY HIM MB $50


241. Joe Houston And Orchestra — "Jumpin' The Blues/Your Little Girl Is Gone" FREEDOM 1535 MINT Rare, nice Jump Blues with vocal by Julius Stewart MB $50

242. Jimmy Huff — "She's A My Baby/Torture, Tears And Pain" INTERNATIONAL 103 VG+/M- Rare and nice Jump Blues MB $75

243. Chuck Huguley — "Stomping And Rockin/Bouncing With Badgett" GATEWAY 5005 M- GREAT JUMP BLUES MB $100


244. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Big Band — "We're Gonna Boogie/Heavy Hearted Blues" PACIFIC 621 VG+/M- These early records by Hunter were huge sellers and very hard to find clean. For years, all I've seen are wiped out copies. MB $25


245. Ivory Joe Hunter And his Combo — "Are You Hep?/I Love My Man" PACIFIC 623 M- MB $25


246. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Band — "I Don't Want No Cheese No More/Pretty Mama Blues" PACIFIC 637 VG/VG+ MB $10


247. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Band — "Are You Hep/Pretty Mama Blues" 4 STAR 1254 MINT MB $25


248. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Combo — "I Love My Man/Blues At Midnight" 4 STAR 1283 MINT A-side vocal by Aurelia, B-side vocal by Ivory Joe Hunter MB $25


249. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Band — "7th Street Boogie/Please Come Back Home Baby" 4 STAR 1376 MINT MB $25


250. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Band — "Don't Leave Me/Coming Round The Mountain" 4 STAR 1452 M- MB $25


251. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Band — "She's A Killer/Empty Room Blues" 4 STAR 1481 MINT MB $25


252. Ivory Joe Hunter And His Band — "We're Gonna Boogie/Jumping At The Dew Drop" 4 STAR 1535 MINT MB $25


253. Ivory Joe Hunter — "Grieving Blues/Big Wig" 4 STAR 1551 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $25

254. Lost John Hunter And His Blind Bats — "Cool Down Mamma/Schoolboy" 4 STAR 1492 • MINT Recorded at Sun Studios In Memphis with Sam Phillips at the controls, tough to find clean. MB $200

255. Lost John Hunter And His Blind Bats — "Y - M And V Blues/Boogie For Me Baby" 4 STAR 1511 • MINT Recored at SUN STUDIOS MB $200

256. Sunny James And His Guitar — "Please Mam Forgive Me/Excuse Me Baby" DOWN TOWN 2010M- RARE!!! Storage warp which will track if you put a bit of weight on the tone arm. MB $300

257. Smilin' Joe And His Orchestra — "Second Hand Love/Dinah" IMPERIAL 5159 MINT Rare MB $75


258. Saunders King And His Rhythm — "Stay Gone Blues/New Worried Life Blues" RHYTHM 207 MINT MB $25


259. Christine Kittrell — "Sittin' Here Drinking/I Ain't Nothing But A Fool" TENNESSEE 128 MINT MB $25

260. Reverend Landers — "The Apostle Paul (He Stood Up And Shook It Off And Felt No Harm) Part 1/Part 2" BIG TOWN 402 VG+/M Rare MB $50

261. Willie Lane — "Prowlin' Ground Hog/Too Many Woman Blues" TALENT 805 • M- MB $200

262. Willie Lane — "Howling Wolf Blues/Black Cat Rag" TALENT 806 • MINT MB $200

263. Happy Joe Lewis And His Band — "Party Line/He's A Mean Mean Man" 4 STAR 1528 MINT RARE!! B-side vocal by Little Mickey Champion MB $50

264. Lillie Mae Littlejohn — "Handwriting On The Wall/John The Baptizer" 4 STAR X-62 M- RARE MB $50

265. Lonnie Lyons — "Flychick Bounce/Far Away Blues" FREEDOM 1507 MINT NICE JUMP BLUES MB $50


266. Madam Ernisten Martin — "Move Up A Little Higher/God's Amazing Grace" DOWN TOWN 2015 M- MB $25


267. Que Martyn's Sextet — "Looking For My Man/There's Nothing You Can Do" LAURENT LTD. 1501 VG+ Vocals by Helen Wilson MB $25

268. Sweetie Mitchell And The Four Kings — "Lonesome Lover Blues/When I Grow Too Old To Dream" LAURENT LTD. 1401 M- Slight storage warp RARE MB $50


269. Frank Motley And His Crew — "New Hound Dog/Snatch It" BIG TOWN 108 VG+ THIN VINYL 78 MB $25


270. Chuck Norris — "Messin' Up/Let Me Know" ATLANTIC 994 M- MB $25


271. Johnny Otis, His Drums And Orchestra — "Miss Mitchell/Ultra-Violet" EXCELSIOR 156 M- MB $25


272. Johnny Otis And His Orchestra — "Happy New Year Baby/Barrell House Stomp" EXCELSIOR 536 M- MB $25

273. King Porter And His All Stars — "I've Tried/Special Request" 4 STAR 1619 M- Nice Jump Blues with vocal on A-side by Marie Wells, slight storage warp with no effect on play MB $50

274. Clarence Samuels — "Low Top Inn/Lost My Head" FREEDOM 1533 MINT Nice Jump Blues MB $50

275. The Gene Seals Combo — "She Don't Want Your Rocking/Hurry Back To Me" FORTUNE 807 MINT RARE MB $75

276. Thunder Smith With Rockie on Guitar — "New Worried Life Blues/Mable Blues" DOWN TOWN 2012 M- TOUGH ONE MB $100

277. Julius Stewart — "Don't Never Trust A Woman/Life Of A Poor Man" FREEDOM 1534 MINT MB $50


278. Smokey Joe Whitfield — "Ugly Woman Blues/Harlen Caballero" Gilt-Edge 521 M- MB $25

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