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December 3rd All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 6
Closes Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Cajun & More!

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Rock & Roll Era 78's:

341. Little Richard And His Band — "Tutti-Frutti/I'm Just A Lonely Guy" SPECIALTY 561 M- MB $50

342. Little Richard — "Baby Face/I'll Never Let You Go" SPECIALTY 645 M- MB $50

343. The Rinky Dinks — "Early In The Morning/Now We're One" ATCO 6121 VG+/M- Name on label MB $20

344. The Robins — "Riot In Cell Block # 9/Wrap It Up" SPARK 103 VG+ MB $10

345. The Robins — "Smokey Joe's Cafe/Just Like A Fool" ATCO 6059 VG+/M- MB $10

346. Shepherd Sisters — "Alone (Why Must I Be Alone)/Congratulations To Somone" LANCE 125 MINT MB $25

347. Larry Storch — "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Right Myself A Letter" ROULETTE 4014 M-/VG+ F-TROOP star sings!!! And he is still alive!!! MB $20

348. Ike Turner & Little Ann (TINA TURNER) — "Boxtop/Chalypso Love Cry"TUNE TOWN 501 MINT TINA TURNER'S FIRST RECORD!!! Old Store stock NEWMB $750

349. The Voxpoppers — "Wishing For Your Love/The Last Drag" MERCURY 71282 M- MB $25

350. Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps — "Race With The Devil/Gonna Back Up Baby" CAPITOL 3530 MINT MB $100


Rockabilly, Country Boogie 78's:

351. Lucky Joe Almond — "Rock Me/The Last Waltz" TRUMPET 199 VG+/M- MB $20

352. Lucky Joe Almond And His Hillbilly Rockers — "Gonna Roll And Rock/Hickory Nut Boogie" TRUMPET 221 M- MB $25

353. Freddie Bell And The Bell Boys — "Cool And Crazy/Move Me Baby" RECORDED PUBLICATIONS VG ACETATE LACQUER DISC with A-side a totally unreleased song and B-side is an different take of a released song MB $100

354. Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones — "Black Slacks/Boppin' Rock Boogie" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9837 VG+ MB $20

355. Tiny Bennett With Blackie Bennett And His Band — "Boogie Woogie Plowboy/Everytime I See A Rose" TENNESSEE 791 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO, Great COUNTRY BOOGIE, very close to ROCKABILLY MB $50

356. Eddie Bond And His Stompers — "Slip, Slip, Slippin' In/Flip, Flop Mama" MERCURY 70882 VG+ MB $25

357. Jack Bradshaw And Tennessee Trio — "Don't Tease Me/Don't Cause Me To Hate You" MAR-VEL 750 M-/VG+ MB $25

358. Ray Campi And The Snappers — "It Ain't Me/Give That Love To Me" DOT 15617 M- CANADIAN PRESSING MB $50

359. Sanford Clark — "The Fool/Lonesome For A Letter" DOT 15481 VG+ MB $10

360. The Cochran Brothers — "Rollin'/Walkin' Stick Boogie" CASH 1021 MINT TOUGH to find on 78 format and this is old store stock perfect MB $200

361. Link Davis — "Sixteen Chicks/Grasshopper Rock" STARDAY 242 M- MB $100

362. Bo Ehret — "Stop The Clock/So Lonely" ALADDIN 3377 VG+ RARE ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $50

363. Charlie Feathers With Jody And Jerry — "Bottle To The Baby/One Hand Loose" KING 4997 VG MASTERPIECE AND TOUGH TO FIND ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $100

364. Loy Gordon And His Pleasant Valley Boys — "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Send Me Your Address In Heaven" ATLANTIC 721 VG+ MB $50

365. Johnny Horton — "I'm A One-Woman Man/I Don't Like I Did" COLUMBIA 21538 VG+ MB $10

366. Wanda Jackson — "Baby Loves Him/Cryin' Through The Night" CAPITOL 3637 M- RARE ON 78 RPM FORMAT and this is her best record MB $100

367. Buddy Knox With The Rhythm Orchids — "Party Doll/My Baby's Gone" ROULETTE 4002 VG+ MB $20

368. Little Brenda Lee — "Bigelow 6-200/Jambalaya" DECCA 30050 M- Slight stain in the grooves with no effect on play MB $50

369. Tommy Little And His Sunrise Rangers — "High Geared Daddy/We Can Never Love Again" Tommy's 1003 VG Great Bopper from North Carolina MB $50

370. Bobby Lord — "Everybody's Rockin' But Me/Without Your Love" COLUMBIA 21539 VG+/VG MB $10

371. Warner Mack — "Roc-A-Chicka/Since I Lost You" DECCA 30471 VG MB $5

372. Janis Martin — "Drugstore Rock And Roll/Will You, Willyum" RCA VICTOR 6491 M- MB $50

373. Chuck Miller — "Bright Red Convertible/Baltimore Jones" MERCURY 70842 M- MB $20

374. Lattie Moore — "Juke Box Johnnie/Pretty Woman Blues" ARC 8005 M- True First Label, First Pressing before SPEED label release MB $75

375. Merrill Moore — "Fly Right Boogie/Nola" CAPITOL 2796 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

376. Rocket Morgan — "What Ya' Gonna Do?/Tag Along" ZYNN 507 MINT MB $100

377. Bobby Please — "Your Driver's License, Please/Heartache Street" ERA 1044 M- MB $25

378. Rhythm Rockers — "Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby/Fiddle Bop" SUN 248 M- MB $100

379. Marty Robbins — "Respectfully Miss Brooks/You Don't Owe Me A Thing" COLUMBIA 40706 M- MB $25

380. Curly Sanders — "Brand New Rock And Roll/Why Did You Leave Me" JAMBOREE 590 • VG SUPER RARE ON 78 RPM FORMAT, First and Only Copy I've seen! Terrific ROCKABILLY from Buffalo, Kentucky MB $300

381. Jack Scott — "Baby, She's Gone/You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar" ABC-PARAMOUNT 9818 VG RARE ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $50

382. Tony Spade And His Band — "What's Gwyne On?/Life Is A Mystery" BACK BEAT 505 VG PLAYS M- MB $20

383. Al Terry — "Good Deal, Lucille/Say A Prayer For Me" HICKORY 1003 M- MB $25

384. Hayden Thompson — "Love My Baby/One Broken Heart" PHILLIPS INTERNATIONAL 3517 M- MB $100

385. Howard Western And His Western Swing Band — "Sawmill Boogie Blues/You're The One That I've Always Loved" WESTERN STAR 147 MINT Rare one from Mapleton, Oregon MB $75

386. The Westport Kids — "Mama-I Won't Rock It/Yearning-Praying" WESTPORT 128 M- In original WESTPORT KIDS SLEEVE MB $50

387. Lew Williams — "Don't Mention My Name/I'll Play Your Game" IMPERIAL 8306 M- MB $25

Country, Country Gospel, Cajun, Bluegrass 78's:

388. Duane And Jo Nell Adams — "Riding The Range For Jesus/Glad Reunion Day" BRC 1004 M- MB $20

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