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December 3rd All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 3
Closes Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Cajun & More!

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Rare and Classic R&B Vocal Groups, Gospel R&B Groups 78's:

149. The Southern Travelers — "He Is My Guiding Light/Peace In The Land" BIG TOWN 112 M- 20% of the label is missing, as shown—RARE MB $50

150. The Spaniels — "Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite/You Don't Move Me" VEE-JAY 107 VG+ CLASSIC MB $20

151. The Spaniels — "False Love/Do You Really" VEE-JAY 178 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with xol MB $50

152. The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet — "The Ten Commandments/Tell Heaven I'm Coming" KING 4500 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $25

153. Sunlight Jubilee Singers — "In The Army Of The Lord/If You Ever Need The Lord" DOWN TOWN 2007 M- MB $75

154. Sun Light Jubilee Singers — "Yes God Is Real/Since Mother's Been Gone" DOWN TOWN 2014 M- MB $75

155. Sunnie South Singers — "What Manner Man Is This/Just Like A River" 4 STAR X-56 MINT RARE MB $75

156. Sunny South Singers — "What Do You Know/Heavenly Road" 4 STAR X-71 MINT RARE MB $75

157. The Swallows — "Will You Be Mine/Dearest" KING 4458 M- MB $50

158. The Swallows — "Wishing For You/Since You've Been Away" KING 4466 M- MB $50

159. The Swallows — "Tell Me Why/Roll Roll Pretty Baby" KING 4515 MINT MB $50

160. The Swallows — "I Only Have Eyes For You/You Walked In" KING 4533 MINT MB $50

161. The Swallows — "Where Do I Go From Here/Please Baby Please" KING 4579 MINT MB $50

162. The Swallows — "Our Love Is Dying/Laugh" KING 4612 M- MB $30

163. The Swallows — "Bicycle Tillie/Nobody's Lovin' Me" KING 4632 MINT MB $30

164. Swan's Silvertone Singers — "A Mother's Cry/All Night, All Day" KING 4464 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO WITH BIO MB $25

165. The Swan Silvertones — "Sinner Man/That Day On Calvary" VEE-JAY 843 VG/M- MB $5

166. Swan Silvertones — "Move Up/Oh Mary Don't You Weep" VEE-JAY 867 VG MB $5

167. Sykes Gospel Singers — "Nothing Can Change Me/I've Walked Out In Jesus Name" MODERN 922 MINT MB $25

168. Texarkana Spirtitual Harmonizers — "Get On Board Little Chillun'/My Record" NEWZETTE 206 MINT RARE MB $50

169. The Thrillers — "I'm Going To Live My Life Alone/Lessy Mae" THRILLERS 3530 MINT RARE and GREAT ONE! MB $100

170. The Thrillers — "The Drunkard/Mattie, Leave Me Alone" BIG TOWN 109 MINT MB $50

171. The Thunderbirds — "Love Is A Problem/Rock Boom Boom" G. G. 518 M- MB $50

172. Ernestine Washington And The Heavenly Gospel Singe — "The Uncloudy Day/Jesus Prayed For You And I" MANOR 1025 M- Slight storage warp MB $20

173. Joe Weaver With The Don Juans — "Baby, I Love You So/It Must Be Love" FORTUNE 825 M- MB $25

174. Wings Over Jordan — "Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Rock'A My Soul In The Bosom Of Abraham" STERLING 1 M- Super rare one on small St. Louis label!!!! MB $75

175. Donald Woods And The Vel-Aires — "Death Of An Angel/Man From Utopia" FLIP 306 M- MB $25


Blues, Jump Blues, R&B, Solo Gospel 78's:

176. Gladys Bentley Quintette — "Boogie'n My Woogie/Thrill Me Till I Get My Fill" EXCELSIOR 164 M- MB $25

177. Gladys Bentley Quintette — "Red Beans & Rice Blues/Find Out What He Likes" EXCELSIOR 165 M- MB $25

178. Gladys Bentley — "Big Gorilla Blues/Lay It On The Line" EXCELSIOR 166 M- MB $25

179. Teddy Bunn's Group — "You Don't Live Here No More/Ee-Bobaliba" GILT-EDGE 532 M- With vocals by Smokey Whitfield and Monette Moore MB $25

180. Teddy Bunn's Group — "St. James Infirmary/Seven Eleven" GILT-EDGE 533 M- A-side vocal by Smokey Whitfield MB $25

181. Little Caesar And His Band — "What Kind Of Fool Is He/The Rat Song (Wonder Why I'm Leaving" LITTLE CAESAR 110 MINT First label—True First Pressing before release on big town—RARE MB $50

182. Carl Campbell — "Gettin' High/Goin' Down To Nashville" FREEDOM 1281 M- Rare MB $75

183. Choker Campbell And His Orchestra — "Rocking And Jumping/Frankie And Johnnie" FORTUNE 808 M- Nice Jump Blues MB $50

184. Scat Man Carothers — "Man, Have I Got Troubles/Elaine" RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD 152 M-/VG+ TOUGH ONE MB $25

185. Ben Carter And His Combo — "Knife, Fork And Spoon/Get Away From My Back Door" 4 STAR 1103 M- MB $25

186. Goree Carter And His Rocking Rhythm Orchestra — "Come On Let's Boogie/Serenade" FREEDOM 1536 MINT MB $50

187. Helen Carter With Band — "I'm All Broke Out With Love/There's A Right Way, A Wrong Way" TENNESSEE 774 M- MB $25

188. Opie Cates And His Orchestra — "All The Cats Join In/Shiek Of Araby" 4 STAR 1102 MINT MB $25

189. Conney's Combo — "Won't You Please Come Back/I Don't Want Your Baby" FREEDOM 1501 MINT GREAT JUMP BLUES with vocal by L. C. Williams MB $75

190. Pee Wee Crayton — "After Hours Boogie/Why Did You Go?" 4 STAR 1304 M- Tough MB $50

191. Little David — "Cryin' Blues/Macayo" INTERNATIONAL 104 M- MB $25

192. Maxwell Davis Swingtet — "Lonesome Road Blues/Honey Dripper" 4 STAR 1027 M- Vocals by Marion Nichols MB $25

193. Numa Lee Davis — "Around The Clock Part One/Part Two" GILT-EDGE 520 M- MB $50

194. K. C. Douglas Trio — "Mercury Boogie/Eclipse Of The Sun" DOWN TOWN 2004 M- Stunning and True First Pressing before it was re-released on Gilt-Edge under the name of Lowell Fulson. MB $300

195. Down Town Trio — "Make Love To Me Baby/Down Town Shuffle" DOWN TOWN 2017 VG+ RARE MB $100

196. Nick Esposito And His Guitar — "Wrong Joe Blues/Back Fat Boogie" 4 STAR 1424 M- SLIGHT storage warp with no effect on play . . . Vocals by Joey "Little Mr. Dynamite" Sano on A-side MB $50

197. 4-Star-4 — "Hot Fudge/Dopus Opus" 4 STAR 1023 M- Vocals by Slim Coates MB $25

198. 4-Star-4 — "Jay Walker's Blues/Blow Joe Blow" 4 STAR 1024 M- Vocals by Slim Coates MB $25

199. 4-Star-4 — "Zu-Ra-Bo-Do-La-Do/Cotton Tail" 4 STAR 1032 M- MB $25

200. T. J. Fowler — "Mango Blues/Sultry Moon" PARADISE 120 M- RARE MB $25

201. Porky Freeman And His Trio — "That Baby's Changed/Boogie Woogie On Strings" 4 STAR 1246 MINT Slight storage warp with no effect on play MB $25

202. Porky Freeman And His Trio — "Night Train/Strumming Up A Boogie" 4 STAR 1478 MINT MB $25

203. Porky Freeman And His Trio — "Slick Chick Boogie/Indian Love Call" 4 STAR 1523 MINT MB $25

204. Porky Freeman And His Trio — "Electric Guitar Blues/Pickin' 8 To The Bar" 4 STAR 1569 MINT MB $25

205. Lowell Fulson — "Three O'Clock Blues/I'm Wild About You" DOWN TOWN 2002 M/M- RARE MB $100

206. Lowell Fulson — "Katie Lee Blues/Street Walking Woman" GILT-EDGE 5041 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $75

207. Lowell Fulson — "Mercury Blues/Total Eclipse" GILT-EDGE 5043 M- NOT Fulson on this record—this is actually K.C. Douglas and an early re-issue of his Down Town release MB $50

208. Lowell Fulson — "Some Old Lonesome Day/Doin' Time Blues" R P M 305 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO WITH EDGE CHIP that touches the first groove MB $10

209. Fats Gaines And His Band — "Home Work Blues/He's A Real Fine Man" Gains 108 MINT First Label, True First Pressing before eventual release on BIG TOWN—Rare! MB $75

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