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December 3rd All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 1
Closes Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Cajun & More!

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Rare and Classic R&B Vocal Groups, Gospel R&B Groups 78's:

1. Tony Allen And The Champs — "Nite Owl/I" Specialty 560 VG+ Classic MB $5

2. The Anderson Singers — "Walk In The Beautiful Light/Oh Lord Remember Me" MODERN 4002 M/M- Female lead with chorus MB $25

3. Lee Andrews And The Hearts — "Try The Impossible/Nobody's Home" UNITED ARTISTS 123 M/M- Canadian pressing MB $50

4. Little Anthony And The Imperials — "Tears On My Pillow/Two People In The World" END 1027 VG PLAYS NICE—TOUGH TO FIND ON 78 RPM FORMAT MB $20

5. The Aquatones — "You/She's The One For Me" FARGO 1001 VG+ Small #ol and needle run on the label—TOUGH to find on 78 rpm format MB $20

6. The Bees — "Toy Bell/Snatchin' Back" IMPERIAL 5314 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL!!! This is the original version of the song Chuck Berry turned into a huge hit as "My Ding-A-Ling" MB $75

7. The Blue Belles — "Cancel The Call/The Story Of A Fool" ATLANTIC 987 M- Nice female R&B Vocal Group sound! Scarce!! MB $50

8. The Cadets — "Stranded In The Jungle/ I Want You" MODERN 994 M- Classic MB $20

9. The Cats And The Fiddle — "Please Don't Leave Me/Gang Busters" BLUEBIRD 8248 M-/VG+ These records by The Cats and The Fiddle and some others in this auction are the roots of what eventually became the R&B Vocal Group sound MB $20

10. The Cats And The Fiddle — "Public Jitterbug No. 1/I Miss You So" BLUEBIRD 8429 MINT MB $25

11. The Cats And the Fiddle — "That's On, Jack, That's On/Just A Roamer" BLUEBIRD 8489 M- MB $20

12. The Cats And the Fiddle — "If I Dream Of You/I'm Gonna Pull My Hair" BLUEBIRD 8665 MINT With tiny edge chip, not into grooves MB $20

13. The Cats And The Fiddle — "I'm Singing/My Darling" BLUEBIRD 8685 M- MB $20

14. The Cats And the Fiddle — "Crawlin' Blues/Until I Met You" BLUEBIRD 8705 MINT MB $25

15. The Cats And the Fiddle — "Lawdy-Clawdy/Sighing And Crying" BLUEBIRD 8870 M- MB $20

16. The Cats And the Fiddle — "Part Of Me/Life's Too Short" BLUEBIRD 8932 M/M- MB $20

17. The Cats And the Fiddle — "Killer Diller Man From The South/Thursday Evening" BLUEBIRD 10484 M- MB $20

18. The Cats And The Fiddle — "Life's Too Short/Romance Without Finance" MANOR 1023 M- MB $20

19. The Cats And The Fiddle — "I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water/Walkie Talkie" MANOR 1045 M- MB $20

20. The Cellos — "Under Your Spell/The Juicy Crocodile" APOLLO 515 M- MB $20

21. The Cellos — "The Be-Bop Mouse/Girlie That I Love" APOLLO 516 M-/VG+ MB $10

22. The Channels — "What Do You Do/I Really Love You" WHIRLIN DISC 107 M- Faded wol. Classic MB $25

23. The Channels — "That's My Desire/Stay As You Are" GONE 5012 M- Great one MB $25

24. The Charms — "Heaven Only Knows/Loving Baby" ROCKIN' 516 M- Faded wol, True FIRST PRESSING before Deluxe MB $50

25. The Charts — "Why Do You Cry/Dance Girl" EVERLAST 5002 VG+/M- Name on label MB $20

26. The Checkers — "Night's Curtains/Let Me Come Back" KING 4581 M- Great One! MB $50

27. The Clefs — "We Three/Ride On" CHESS 1521 MINT RARE!! Was this released on 45?? Never seen one. MB $75

28. The Cleveland Colored Quartet — "My Soul Is A Witness/Every Day With Jesus" TEMPLE 9901 VG+ RARE! Nice photo label as shown MB $50

29. The Crescent City Gospel Singers — "Heavenly Father/Let Us Pray Everyday" ARCADIA 109 VG- Small edge chip on A-side—not into the grooves. PLAYS M- and this is a good one and quite scarce! MB $20

30. The Crickets — "Just You/My Little Baby's Shoes" JAY-DEE 786 M- MB $20

31. The Crows — "Untrue/Baby" RAMA 29 VG+/M- MB $20

32. The Delta Rhythm Boys — "Nobody Knows/If You See Tears In My Eyes" ATLANTIC 900 MINT RARE MB $50

33. The Demens — "Take Me As I Am/You Broke My Heart" TEENAGE 1006 VG+ Faded nol, plays Mint MB $25

34. The El Dorados — "A Fallen Tear/Chop Ling Soon" VEE-JAY 197 VG+ MB $5

35. The El Dorados — "Tears On My Pillow/A Rose For My Darling" VEE-JAY 250 M- MB $20

36. The Emeralds — "Why Must I Wonder/Sally Lou" KICKS 3 VG+ RARE MB $75

37. Evangelist Singers Of Detroit — "One Day/I'm Tired" BULLET 293 MINT Labels reversed, B-side is stamped "Bullet Prevue—Not To Be Sold" FABULOUS GOSPEL GROUP SOUND MB $50

38. The Falcons — "This Heart Of Mine/Just For Your Love" CHESS 1743 VG+ Very late 78 from 1959!!! MB $25

39. The Five Keys — "The Glory Of Love/Hucklebuck With Jimmy" ALADDIN 3099 M-/M MB $50

40. The Five Keys — "Yes Sir, That's My Baby/Old MacDonald" ALADDIN 3118 MINT MB $50

41. The Five Keys — "Red Sails In The Sunset/Be Anything But Be Mine" ALADDIN 3127 M- THEIR MASTERPIECE MB $50

42. The Five Keys — "Mistakes/How Long" ALADDIN 3131 M- MB $50

43. The Five Keys — "I Hadn't Anyone Til You/Hold Me" ALADDIN 3136 M- MB $50

44. The Five Keys — "Can't Keep From Crying/Come Go My Bail, Louise" ALADDIN 3167 M- MB $50

45. The Five Roses Of Sharon — "I Am Healed By The Wound In His Side/Look How The World Has Made A Change" NEARI 178 MINT TOUGH ONE MB $50

46. Five Sons Of Harmony — "Oh Yes, They Tell Me/Going Home To Rest" BLUE BONNET 151 M- GREAT ONE MB $50

47. Five Sons Of Harmony — "Down On My Knees/Nora" BLUE BONNET 152 M- With super hard to spot 3" hair crack MB $10

48. The Flairs — "You Were Untrue/Baby Wants" FLAIR 1041 VG+ MB $10

49. The Flairs — "This Is The Night For Love/Let's Make With Some Love" FLAIR 1044 VG+ MB $10

50. The Flairs — "I'll Never Let You Go/Hold Me, Thrill Me, Chill Me" FLAIR 2056 M- MB $25

51. The Flamingos — "Golden Teardrops/Carried Away" CHANCE 1145 VG CLASSIC and bargain price MB $10

52. The Flamingos — "Dream Of A Lifetime/On My Merry Way" PARROT 808 VG MB $5

53. Bess Folk With The Gospelaires — "I Call Jesus My Rock/Every Day" APOLLO 236 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

54. The 4 Aces — "Lazy Navajo/Aces Swing" 4 STAR 1292 VG+ MB $5

55. The 4 Aces — "Too Late/Jumpin' Out" 4 STAR 1324 MINT NICE, SWEET EARLY GROUP SOUND MB $50

56. The 4 Aces — "Who Is There To Blame/Because I Am In Love With You" 4 STAR 1408 MINT NICE SUPER EARLY GROUP SOUND MB $50

57. The Four Barons — "Lemon Squeezer/Got To Go Back Again" REGENT 1026 VG+ MB $10

58. The Four Bells — "Please Tell It To Me/Long Way To Go" GEM 207 VG+/M- MB $25

59. The Four Clefs — "You Tore Up My Heart/Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet" BLUEBIRD 8232 VG+/M- MORE "Roots" of the R&B Groups MB $10

60. The Four Clefs — "It's Heavenly/Dig These Blues" BLUEBIRD 8655 MINT MB $25

61. The Four Clefs — "Returning/You'll Always Dwell In My Heart" BLUEBIRD 8690 MINT MB $25

62. The Four Clefs — "I'm In Love With You/Fair Enough" BLUEBIRD 8809 MINT MB $25

63. The Four Clefs — "I Like Pie, I Like Cake/Until I Return" BLUEBIRD 8884 M-/M MB $20

64. The Four Tunes — "Wrapped Up In A Dream/I Found Love When I Found You" MANOR 1083 M- MB $25

65. The Four Tunes — "Confess/Don't Know" MANOR 1131 M- MB $20

66. Norman Fox And The Rob-Roys — "Tell Me Why/Audry" BACK BEAT 501 VG Plays M-#ol, tough to find on 78 rpm format, from1958 MB $25

67. Bob Geddins' Cavaliers — "Nobody's Business If I Do/I'm Just A Stranger Here" GILT-EDGE 5022 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label—GREAT ONE MB $50

68. Bob Geddins' Cavaliers — "I'm So Tired I Could Try/Boogie Boy Boogie" GILT-EDGE 5033 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO WITH BIO LABEL MB $25

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