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Rock & Roll: 1950's, '60's and '70's Rock & Roll 45's and 78's, Including Autographed Sun 78's!

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Closes Tuesday, August 22nd, 2016 at 7:00 pm PT

Original 1950's, '60's & '70's Rock 'N' Roll 45's & 78's
Including RARE Autographed Sun 78's!!

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Classic 1950's, '60' & '70's Rock 'N' Roll 45's:

106. The Cascades — "Rhythm Of The Rain/Let Me Be" Valiant 6026 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20


107. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "Folsom Prison Blues/So Doggone Lonesome" SUN 232 M- Classic MB $25


108. Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two — "Luther Played The Boogie/Thanks A Lot" SUN 316 M- See the GREAT SELECTION of JOHNNY CASH AUTOGRAPHED SUN 78's in the Rock & Roll 78's section of this auction! MB $20

109. Johnny Cash And The Tennesse Two — "Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams EP with Cover" SUN EPA-111 M/M Perfect condition original EP MB $100

110. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two — "Johnny Cash EP with Cover" SUN EPA-112 M/M Perfect copy of classic CASH EP MB $100

111. The Castle Kings — "You Can Get Him-Frankenstein/Loch Lomond" Atlantic 2107 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO—WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY PHIL SPECTOR MB $50


112. Caesar & Cleo — "The Letter/Spring Fever" Vault 909 M- SONNY AND CHER MB $30

113. Chad And Jeremy — "Fare Thee Well (I Must Be Gone)/Before And After" Columbia 43277 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on dark RED VINYL MB $50


114. Ernie Chaffin — "Born To Lose/My Love For You" SUN 307 MINT MB $25

115. Bruce Channel — "Hey! Baby/Dream Girl" Le Cam 953 M- FIRST PRESSING ON ORIGINAL TRUE FIRST LABEL before it was picked up by SMASH and became a huge hit MB $100


116. Bruce Channel — "Number One Man/If Only I Had Known" Smash 1752 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


117. The Chosen Few — "Wish You Were Here/Jump Down" Marsh 201 MINT Early one by John Stewart and Scott Engel who would later become THE WALKER BROTHERS MB $30

118. Wanda Chrome And The Leather Pharaohs — "Werewolf/Jet Black" Splunge Records 001 M/M WITH PICTURE SLEEVE MB $25

119. The Dave Clark Five — "I Walk The Line/First Love" Rust 5078 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

120. Mr. Clean — "Mr. Clean/Jessie Lee" Original Sound OS-40 MINT AKA FRANK ZAPPA MB $75

121. Joe Cocker — "I'll Cry Instead/Precious Words" Phillips 40255 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO. Cocker's very FIRST RECORD and it has JIMMY PAGE on guitar. FEB 7 1965 is stamped neatly on the label MB $50


122. Buchanan And Goodman — "Frankenstein Of 59 (Part 1)/(Part 2)" Novelty 301 M- With special guest: COUNT DRACULA MB $20


123. The Couplings — "Young Dove Calling/I Can See" J O Z 831 M- MB $20


124. The Cowsills — "All I Really Wanta Be Is Me/And The Next Day Too" Joda 103 M- MB $25


125. The Cowsills — "On My Side/There Is A Child" London 149 VG ORANGE LABEL PROMO MB $5

126. Sherry Crane — "Willie Willie/Winnie The Parakeet" SUN 328 MINT MB $25


127. The Crickets — "That'll Be The Day/I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love" Brunswick 55009 MINT Perfect copy of all time classic MB $30

128. The Crickets — "The Chirpin' Crickets EP with Cover" Brunswick EB 71036 M/M GORGEOUS COPY! MB $400

129. The Crickets — "The Sound Of The Crickets EP with cover" Brunswick EB 71038 M-/VG+ Cover has minor wear MB $150

130. Baron Daemon & The Vampires — "The Transylvania Twist/Ghost Guitars" WYNS-TV Records 206 MINT First copy I've seen of this in MINT shape . . . usually VG+ or less copies will turn up, once in a while, in New York State—GREAT MONSTER RECORD! MB $150


131. The Dalton Brothers — "I Only Came To Dance With You/Without Your Love" Martay 2001 MINT Later known as THE WALKER BROTHERS, this is an early one by JOHN STEWART and SCOTT ENGEL MB $25

132. Bobby Darin — "Bobby Darin EP with Cover" Atco EP-4505 M-/M- NICE ONE AS SHOWN MB $50

133. Bobby Darin — "Scripto Presents Bobby Darin EP with Cover" Capitol Custom no # M-/M- WITH SUPER SCARCE SLEEVE . . . first and only copy of the sleeve I've seen—the record turns up used all the time MB $50

134. James Dean — "Music From Motion Pictures Starring James Dean EP with Cover" M-G-M X1342 VG+/M- Nice EP with cover—Art Mooney does the music MB $25


135. Tommy Dee with Carol Kay and The Teen-Aires — "Three Stars/I'll Never Change" Crest 1057 VG+ TRIBUTE RECORD TO HOLLY, VALENS AND BOPPER after the big plane crash. I've seen lots of these, but this is the first PROMO COPY I've seen MB $10

136. Billy DeMarco and Count Dracula — "Drac's Back/How Sweet It Is" Keefo 5000 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO—nice MONSTER record MB $50

137. Neil & Jack — "You Are My Love At Last/What Will I Do" Duel 508 • MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO and this is super early NEIL DIAMOND. MB $200

138. Neil Diamond — "Clown Town/At Night" Columbia 42809 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $200

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