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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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August 13th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 7
Closes Thursday, August 13th, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Rock & Roll and More!

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Original 1950's Era Rockabilly 78's:

371. Howard Western And His Western Swing Band — "Sawmill Boogie Blues/You're The One That I've Always Wanted" WESTERN STAR 147 MINT MB $75


372. Lew Williams — "Don't Mention My Name/I'll Play Your Game" IMPERIAL 8306 M- MB $20


Original 1950's Country, Bluegrass, Gospel 78's:

373. Dayton Ames With The Western Roundup Boys — "G. I. Blues/Woman Trouble" MELODY CORRAL 112 M- MB $25


374. Mike Ander — "Rotating Katy From Decatur/The Apple Tree Song" INAUGURATION RECORDS 104 M- MB $25


375. Bucky Bates — "Who Winds Your Clock/Take Your Hands Off It" 4 STAR 1559 M- MB $25


376. "Stubby" Brown — "Night On The Prairie/Yodeling Lullaby" IMPERIAL 8063 MINT MB $25

377. Doc Bryant And His National Jamboree Gang — "I Cry In Silence/Blue Bonnet Waltz" Sooner State Record Co. 101 Mint Chickasha, Oklahoma label MB $25


378. Doc Bryant And The National Jamboree Gang — "New Caldonia/No One To Love At Christmas" SOONER STATE RECORD CO. 102 MINT RARE!!! Slight storage warp MB $50


379. The Carter Sisters — "Willow, Will You Weep For Me/Gotta Find Me Somebody" RCA VICTOR 21-0394 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO on thin VINYL MB $20

380. Carolina Cotton — "Put Your Shoes On Lucy/The Hoosegow Serenade" MASTERTONE 75-39 M-/VG GREEN WAX!!! Only known copy??? MB $50


381. Caleb Coy And The Bush Mountain Boys — "Since Lum Cum Hum/I Wish I Had Died At The Altar" DIAMOND 2001 M- MB $20


382. Riley Crabtree — "Blue Yodel # 5/Waiting For A Train" TALENT 715 M- MB $25


383. Riley Crabtree — "Blue Yodel # 1/In The Jailhouse Now" TALENT 716 M- MB $25


384. Riley Crabtree — "Mule Skinner's Blues/Away Out On The Mountain" TALENT 717 MINT MB $25


385. Riley Crabtree — "Shackles And Chains/You Had To Stray" TALENT 719 M- MB $25


386. Bob Davis — "I'm Looking At A Darlin' Angel/My Gal Comes From Heaven" ABBOTT 114 M- MB $20


387. Rufe Davis And The Georgia Crackers — "Atomic Power/We're Tough In The West" MASTERTONE 75-5 M- MB $25


388. The Delmore Brothers — "Goin' Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains/Blues Stay Away From Me" KING 803 MINT MB $25


389. Cowboy Dixon — "Everybody Wants My Picture/My Love Again" TALENT 727 MINT MB $25


390. Danny Dixon — "Sweater Girl/Funny Book" ABBOTT 112 M- MB $20


391. Jimmie And Ruth Dodd — "Nashville Blues/Silver Dollar" CASTLE 1254 VG+ MB $10


392. Craven Edwards And His Lazy K-Ranch Boys — "Texas Hoedown/Up Jumps The Devil" DIAMOND 2008 M- MB $20


393. The Embassy Trio — "I Don't Know Where I'm Goin'/Miss Marjorie Smith" MASTERTONE 75-111 VG+/M- MB $20


394. Billy Everetts — "Choo Choo Blues/Lost In A Dream" 4 STAR 1225 M- MB $20


395. Billy Everetts — "I've Got A Red Head Now/I'll Get Even With Steven" GILT-EDGE 5002 M- Slight storage warp MB $20


396. Billy Everetts — "The Houndin' Blues/I Know Why I Love You" GILT-EDGE 5003 MINT MB $25


397. Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs And The Foggy Mountain Boys — "Down The Road/Why Don't You Tell Me So" MERCURY 6211 M- MB $25


398. Rocky Bill Ford — "I'm A Hen-Pecked Man/I'll Try All Of My Life" GILT-EDGE 5031 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO LABEL MB $20


399. Rocky Bill Ford — "You Know Doggone Well I Do/Was I Dreaming" GILT-EDGE 5039 M- White label promo with BIO label MB $20

400. 4 Star Country Boys — "Derail Daddy/Drive Slow Baby" 4 STAR 1222 M- MB $25


401. Wally Fowler And His Georgia Crackers — "I Can't Go On Living This Way/Shut Off From The World" MERCURY 6069 M- MB $20


402. Art Gabbard And His Dixie Melodeers — "No Children Allowed/I'll Forgive But Not Forget You" DIXIE 101 M- MB $20


403. Art Gabbard And His Dixie Melodeers — "I'm So Sorry That I Waited Too Long/Rag Doll" DIXIE 102 M- MB $20


404. Mabel Martin George — "The Horse With The Curly Tail/A Bear And A Bee" DAMON 1056 M- MB $20


405. Terry Gilkyson (The Solitary Singer) — "The Solitary Singer/Trail Back Home" KNIGHT 2002 M- His FIRST Record MB $25


406. Terry Gilkyson — "The Cry Of The Wild Goose/Oh Brandy Leave Me Alone" DECCA 24755 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5


407. Lonnie Glosson And His Railroad Playboys — "West Bound Rocket/I Don't Know Why I Love You So" MERCURY 6109 M- MB $20


408. Lonnie Glossom And His Railroad Playboys — "You'll Miss Your Dear Old Daddy/I'll Make A Change" MERCURY 6197 M- MB $20

409. Art Gunn And His Arizona Wranglers — "Tugboat Boogie/You Were Meant For Me" WRANGLER 1001 MINT RARE MB $50


410. Ben Hall The Mesa Valley Boy — "I Love You All The Time/A Dog And His Love For Me" TALENT 725 MINT MB $25


411. Chuck Harless — "Every Time They Have A War/I'm Lonely And Blue" DIXIE RECORDS 113 M- MB $25


412. Redd Harper And The Cowboy Christians — "I'm A Happy, Happy Christian/Each Step Of The Way" INTERNATIONAL SACRED 2005 MINT MB $25

413. Daylon Hicks—America's Youngest Singing Cowboy — "I Love Everything About You/Change Partners" MARATHON 1007 M- MB $25



415. Johnny Horton — "Develish Lovelight/Mean, Mean Son Of A Gun" ABBOTT 100 M- Tol on B-side label MB $25


416. Johnny Horton — "Mean, Mean Son Of A Gun/Happy Millionaire" ABBOTT 101 MINT MB $25


417. Johnny Horton — "Talk Gobbler Talk/Shadows On The Old Bayou" ABBOTT 105 M- MB $25


418. Buddy Houston — "Lover's Waltz/We Were Meant For Each Other" CRYSTAL 283 M- MB $20


419. Johnny Howard & The Broome Brothers — "I've Got Oklahoma So Why Should I Be Blue/Gabriel' " CRYSTAL 273 MINT MB $25

420. Archie Jeffries And The Blue Flame Boys — "One For The Money, Two For The Show/G.I. Talking Blues" BLUE FLAME 107 M- RARE MB $50


421. The Johnson Family Singers — "When It's Starlight On The Bluegrass/Grandma's Spinning Wheel" COLUMBIA 20589 MINT MB $25


422. The Johnson Family Singers — "Reunion In The Sky/SAME" COLUMBIA 20759 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with same song on both sides MB $25


423. Ralfe Johnson — "Railroad Rag/The Ancient Ocean" MUSICAST 006 M- MB $20

424. Lyle Jones And The Recording Kings — "Hodge Podge Boogie/Tender Heart" 4 STAR 1389 M- RARE MB $35


425. Curly Kinsey — "Wastin' My Time On You/Hamburger Gal" MERCURY 6058 M- MB $20


426. Curley Kinsey And The Tennessee Ridge Runners — "Birmingham Blues/I'm Gonna Do Just As I Please" MERCURY 6107 VG+ MB $5


427. Tommy Kizziah And His West Cost Ramblers — "Look Up, United Nations/I'm Waiting For You" WEST COAST RECORDS 114 M- MB $20


428. Famous Lashua — "Tickle, Tickle Toes/House Of Broken Dreams" 4 STAR X-14 M- MB $20

429. Lonely Jeff Latham And The Tune Busters — "If I Can't Have You/ (I Don't Want No One) Walkin' Round In Circles" CONFEDERATE 200 MINT VERY SCARCE LABEL MB $50

430. Hank Locklin — "Please Come Back And Stay/I've Got A Feeling Somebody's Falling" ROYALTY 603 M- RARE MB $50


431. Robert Lunn The Talking Blues Boy — "Military Talking Blues/Mountain Maw" MERCURY 6085 MINT MB $25

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