My August 13th Auction is All-78's, ALL-GENRES!!

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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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August 13th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 1
Closes Thursday, August 13th, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Rock & Roll and More!

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Rare and Classic R&B Vocal Groups,
Gospel Vocal Groups 78's:

1. The Ambassadors — "Darling, I'm Sorry/Willa-Bea"TIMELY 1001 M-/VG+ Classic Rarity!!! There are two versions of this and I am not sure what this one is, but I am happy to play it for anyone so you can tell!! MB $200


2. Lee Andrews And The Hearts — "Bells Of St. Mary/The Fairest" RAINBOW 259 VG MB $20

3. Billy Austin And His "Hearts" — "Night Has Come/Angel Baby" APOLLO 444 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO. Small edge chip on B-side—NOT into grooves MB $100


4. The Barons — "Eternally Yours/Boom Boom" IMPERIAL 5343 VG MB $5


5. The Barons — "So Long, My Darling/Cryin' For You Baby" IMPERIAL 5383 VG+ MB $10


6. The Barons — "Once In A Lifetime/Don't Walk Out" IMPERIAL 5397 M- MB $20


7. Cliff Holland With The Blenders — "I'm Crazy AboutYou/Coco Joe" MILTONE 5242 VG+ RARE MB $25


8. The Blue Dots — "You've Got To Live For Yourself/Don't Do That Baby" DELUXE 6052 M- MB $25


9. The Blue Dots — "Street Of Sorrow/Don't Hold It" DELUXE 6055 M- MB $25

10. The Blue Jays — "White Cliffs Of Dover/Hey Pappa" CHECKER 782 M- Would cost $3,000+ on 45 rpm!!! MB $200


11. Luther Bond And His Emeralds — "You Were My Love/Starlight, Starbright" SAVOY 1131 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25


12. Luther Bond And His Emeralds — "What If You/See What You Done" SAVOY 1124 M- Small label tear on A-side MB $20


13. Wini Brown And Her Boyfriends — "Be Anything-Be Mine/Heaven Knows Why" MERCURY 8270 M- MB $25

14. Billy Bunn And His Buddies — "I Need A Shoulder To Cry On/I'm Afraid" RCA VICTOR 20-4483 MINT MB $50


15. Billy Bunn And His Buddies — "Until The Real Thing Comes Along/That's When Your Heartaches Begin" RCA VICTOR 20-4657 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO pressed on THIN VINYL with small sticker stain on the label MB $20


16. The Cadets — "I Cry/Don't Be Angry" MODERN 956 M- MB $25


17. The Cadets — "So Will I/Annie Met Henry" MODERN 969 M- MB $25


18. The Cadets — "Stranded In The Jungle/I Want You" MODERN 994 M- MB $25


19. The Cadets — "You Belong To Me/Wiggle Waggie Woo" MODERN 1017 VG+ MB $10


20. The Cadets — "Ring Chimes/Baby Ya Know" MODERN 1026 MINT MB $25


21. The Cadillacs — "You Are/Zoom" J O Z 792 M- MB $25


22. The Cadillacs — "Betty My Love/Woe Is Me" J O Z 798 M- MB $25


23. The Cadillacs — "The Girl I Love/(That's) All I Need" J O Z 805 VG+ MB $10


24. The Cadillacs — "Shock-A-Doo/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" J O Z 807 M- MB $25


25. The Original Cadillacs — "Hurry Home/Lucy" J O Z 821 M- MB $25


26. The Calvanes — "Crazy Over You/Don't Take Your Love From Me" DOOTONE 371 VG+ MB $10

27. The Casanovas — "Are You For Real/That's All" APOLLO 471 M- White label promo pressed on THIN VINYL MB $50


28. The Casanovas — "I Don't Want You To Go/Please Be My Love" APOLLO 477 VG+ MB $10


29. The Casnovas — "My Baby's Love/Sleepy Head Mama" APOLLO 483 VG/VG+ MB $5


30. The Cashmeres — "My Sentimental Heart/Yes, Yes, Yes" MERCURY 70501 VG+/M- MB $10


31. The Castaways/Teasin' — "I Wish/Teasin' " EXCELLO 2038 M- MB $20


32. The Cats — "You're So Nice/Get Gone" FEDERAL 12248 VG MB $5

33. The Cats And The Fiddle — "Chant Of The Rain/I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water" BLUEBIRD 8402 M- A nice run of EARLY Group sound 78's—these laid the foundation for what was to come MB $25


34. The Cats And The Fiddle — "That's On, Jack, That's On/Just A Roamer" BLUEBIRD 8489 MINT MB $25


35. The Cats And The Fiddle — "Hep Cat's Holiday/In The Midst Of A Dream" BLUEBIRD 8519 M- MB $25


36. The Cats And The Fiddle — "Nothing/That's All I Mean To You" BLUEBIRD 8535 M- MB $25


37. The Cats And The Fiddle — "You're So Fine/Pig's Idea" BLUEBIRD 8560 M- MB $25


38. The Cats And The Fiddle — "I'll Always Love You Just The Same/One Is Never Too Old To Swing" BLUEBIRD 8639 M- MB $25


39. The Cats And The Fiddle — "Crawlin' Blues/Until I Met You" BLUEBIRD 8705 M- MB $25


40. The Cats And The Fiddle — "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/Blue Skies" BLUEBIRD 8847 M- MB $25


41. The Cats And The Fiddle — "Part Of Me/Life's Too Short" BLUEBIRD 8932 M- MB $25

42. Walter Ward And The Challengers — "I Can Tell/The Mambo Beat" MELATONE 1002 VG SUPER RARE!!!! The is actually the very FIRST RECORD by the group that hit big later as THE OLYMPICS!!! PLAYS MINT—just a bit scuffy MB $200

43. The Clantones — "It's No Sin/Some Day" EBONY 1020 M- SUPER INSANELY RARE CHICAGO GROUP—both sides are BALLADS "singing pretty for the people"!!!! "Tear-Jerkers"!! Call to hear it if you don't know it. MB $500


44. The Danderliers — "My Autumn Love/Chop Chop Boom" STATES 147 M- MB $25


45. The Danderliers — "My Loving Partner/Shu-Wop" STATES 150 M- MB $25


46. The Danderliers — "My Love/She's Mine" STATES 160 MINT MB $25

47. The Five Breezes — "My Buddy Blues/Return, Gal Of Mine" BLUEBIRD 8614 M- MB $25


48. The Five Budds — "I Was Such A Fool/Midnight" RAMA 1 VG+/M- THE VERY FIRST RECORD ON RAMA!!! MB $25


49. The Five Chums — "High School Affair/Give Me The Power" EXCELLO 2123 VG+/M- MB $10


50. The Five Crowns — "Who Can Be True/$19.50 Bus" RAINBOW 184 M- With 3/4" edge chip—not into any grooves MB $25


51. The Five C's — "Tell Me/Whoo-Wee Baby" UNITED 172 M- MB $25


52. The Five C's — "My Heart's Got The Blues/Goody, Goody" UNITED 180 M- MB $25


53. The Five Dollars — "Harmony Of Love/Doctor Baby" FORTUNE 821 M- MB $25

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