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• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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August 13th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 8
Closes Thursday, August 13th, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / Country /
Rockabilly / Gospel / Rock & Roll and More!

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Original 1950's Country, Bluegrass, Gospel 78's:

432. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Move It On Over/Whoa Sailor" 4 STAR 1209 MINT FABULOUS RECORD—JUST A HAIR AWAY FROM ROCK & ROLL MB $50

433. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Mean And Wicked Boogie/Sweet Little You" 4 STAR 1210 M- Slight storage warp MB $25

434. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down/You've Been Talking" 4 STAR 1398 M- MB $25

435. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "George's Playhouse Boogie/I'm Sending Daffydills" 4 STAR 1399 MINT FABULOUS—and again, these are very close to Rock & Roll MB $50

436. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Jingle Bells/Silent Night" 4 STAR 1400 M- MB $25

437. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Choc'late Ice Cream Cone/A Rose From The Bride's Boquet" 4 STAR 1458 M- MB $25

438. The Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Empty Mansions/Green Grow The Lilacs" COLUMBIA 21099 M- MB $20

439. Maddox Brothers And Rose — "Hangover Blues/Why Not Confess" DECCA 28551 VG+ PINK LABEL PROMO MB $10

440. F.X. McDonald — "Old Smokey/Molly Malone" GILT-EDGE T-6 MINT MB $25

441. Johnny Miller And His Sunset Ramblers — "Lay Down My Old Guitar/Little Brown Shoes" SUNSET RAMBLERS RECORDS 104 M- MB $50

442. Carl "Deacon" Moore With Kenny And His Trailblazer — "Squeakin' Deacon Hop/Shiftless Skonk" 4 STAR 1259 M- NICE FIDDLE!! Slight storage warp MB $20

443. Joe Morris And The Silver Dew Boys — "If You Could Be The Same/Molly Darling" MELODY TRAIL 205 M- MB $25

444. Bill Mraz — "Red Skirt Waltz/Dancing Shoes Polka" ACA 1057 MINT RARE LABEL FROM HOUSTON, TEXAS MB $50

445. Moon Mullican — "Goodnight Irene/Mona Lisa" KING 886 M- MB $20

446. Molly O' Day And The Cumberland Mountain Folks — "At The First Fall Of Snow/I Heard My Mother Weepin" COLUMBIA 20494 MINT MB $25

447. Mac O'Dell And His Alabama Jubileers — "Wild Rose Of The Mountains/Thirty Pieces Of Silver" MERCURY 6179 M- MB $20

448. Tex Owens And The West Coast Rangers — "Let Me Ride The Range/Give Me The Plains At Night" CANTERBURY BELLS 1018 M- MB $20

449. Jack Padgett The Texas Wrangler — "Boogie Woogie Gal/Too Many Tomorrows" TALENT 729 M- B-side label slightly faded—RARE MB $50

450. Jack Perkins And His Western Cavalcade — "Triflin' Mama/Weary Blues" 4 STAR 1393 M- MB $20

451. Austin Pitrie And His Evangeline Playboys — "Jolie Jou Rose/Gueydan Two Step" 4 STAR 1341 MINT RARE CAJUN!!! MB $75

452. Slim Rhodes — "Hot Foot Rag/Time Marches On" GILT-EDGE 5034 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—recorded at SUN studios in Memphis!!! MB $50

453. Ann Rion — "I Want A Man That I Can Trust/If I Could Live Forever" ART 3800 M- RARE MB $25

454. Jack Rogers — "Why Live If I Can't Be With You/Stars Over Old Santa Fe" CRYSTAL 184 VG+ MB $5

455. Jimmy Rollins — "Tragedy At The Well/Dancing With Tears In My Heart" TALENT 740 M- MB $20

456. Fred Rose — "The Raindrop Waltz/I Wonder Who We Think We're Fooling" M-G-M 10533 M- MB $20

457. Cousin Deems Sanders And His Goat Herders — "Not Me/Baby Boy's Prayer" CORMAC 1104 M- MB $20

458. Ramblin' Tommy Scott — "Tennessee/Rosebuds And You" MACY'S RECORDINGS 116 M- MB $25

459. Ramblin' Tommy Scott — "Smokey Mountain Sunset/Ain't What She Used To Be" MACY'S RECORDINGS 130 MINT MB $25

460. Jimmie Selph — "The Little Boy's Letter To Santa Claus/Easy To Please" MAJESTIC 11029 M- MB $20

461. The Seven Rowe Brothers — "Oklahoma Moon/Broken Heart" TALENT 731 MINT MB $25

462. Seven Rowe Brothers — "I Wouldn't Doubt You Darling/Bordertown Fiesta" COLUMBIA 20685 MINT Xol on B-side only MB $20

463. Riley Shepard And His Wild West Playboys — "Slap Her Down Agin, Pa/Judy" VITA COUSTIC 5000 VG+/M- PROMO COPY MB $10

464. Arkie Shibley And His Mountain Dew Boys — "Fiddle Boogie/This Feeling You Brought Over Me" Mt. Dew Records 103 MINT MB $25

465. Arkie Shibley And His Mountain Dew Boys — "Uncle Sam's Got My Number/Alaska" Mt. Dew Records 104 MINT MB $25

466. Arkie Shibley And The Mountain Dew Boys — "Arkie Meets The Judge—Hot Rod Race No. 3/Uncle Sam Has Called Called My Name" GILT-EDGE 5036 MINT MB $20

467. T. J. Skero And The Sunset Play Boys — "Gold Diggin' Mama/You Don't Love Me Anymore" 4 STAR 1468 M- MB $25

468. Big Slim — "Foggy River/Hannah" DIXIE 113 VG+ MB $10

469. Gene Snowden — "Quit Your Triflin' On Me/Angel Darling" HI-FIDELITY 111 MINT Storage warp MB $20

470. Jimmy Snow — "Southern Boogie/No More Wedding Bells For Me" 4 STAR X-15 MINT Slight storage warp MB $50

471. Dan Snyder — "I Don't Fool Around Women No More/Rye Whiskey" MAJESTIC 11023 M- MB $20

472. Eddie Sosby And The Radio Rangers — "Jole Brunette/Sun Valley Polka" MELODY TRAIL 217 M- Rare one from LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA MB $25

473. Frankie Starr And The Kings County Boys — "Your Daddy's Looped Again/You Broke Your Heart Breaking Mine" 4 STAR X-12 M- MB $50

474. The Stewart Family — "Rifles Or Bibles/I Can't, He Can" GILT-EDGE 5032 M- MB $20

475. The Stewart Family — "22 Boogie/The Green Grass Grows All Around" GILT-EDGE 5035 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO with BIO label MB $50

476. Carl Story And His Rambling Mountaineers — "I Wanna Be A Railroad Man/You're A Prisoner In My Heart" MERCURY 6082 MINT MB $25

477. Carl Story And The Rambling Mountaineers — "My Lord Keeps A Record/The Circle Was Broken" MERCURY 6154 M- MB $20

478. Carl Story And The Rambling Mountaineers — "Keep On The Firing Line/Heaven's My Home" MERCURY 6199 M- MB $20

479. Leon Tassin With The Riders Of The Rainbow Trail — "Easy Money/I Never Meant To Make You Cry" MAGNOLIA 117 MINT RARE! Slight storage warp MB $50

480. Pal Thibodeaux — "Just Because/It's All Over" 4 STAR X-19 MINT CAJUN MB $25

481. Hugh Thompson — "Naggin' Wife/Does It Really Matter Now" CRYSTAL 385 M- MB $20

482. Fred Thornton And The Sons Of The Golden West — "I Should Have Known/I Know You're Trying To Hide A Broken Heart" MELODY TRAIL 216 M- #ol, RARE LABEL from LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA MB $20

483. Fred Thornton And The Sons Of The Golden West — "The Wino Blues/I Wonder Who" 4 STAR 1395 MINT MB $25

484. The Vance Bros. — "Draftboard Blues/Can't Get You Out Of My Dreams" MACY'S RECORDINGS 144 M- MB $25

485. Buddy Walker The Smiling Troubadour — "No Use To Be Apart/Why Did You Teach Me To Care" TALENT 726 MINT MB $25

486. Ozie Waters And The Plainsmen — "I Can't Get Out Of Texas In My Dreams/It's Indian Summer" COAST 249 MINT MB $20

487. Kelly West And His Friendly Country Boys — "Derailed Daddy/Drive Slow Baby" 4 STAR 1222 M- Slight storage warp MB $25

488. Kelly West And His Friendly Country Boys — "Grandpa Boogie/Sweet Pauline" 4 STAR 1223 MINT Storage warp—RARE MB $50

489. Hank Williams And Audrey — "Dear Brother/Lost On The River" M-G-M 10434 MINT MB $25

490. Hank Williams With His Drifting Cowboys — "Mind Your Own Business/There'll Be No Tear-Drops Tonight" M-G-M 10461 M- PROMO COPY MB $25

491. Hank Williams And His Drifting Cowboys — "You're Gonna Change/Lost Highway" M-G-M 10506 M- MB $25

492. Hank Williams With His Drifting Cowboys — "Hey, Good Lookin'/My Heart Would Know" M-G-M 11000 MINT MB $25

493. Foy Williams And The Riders Of The Purple Sage — "I Couldn't Believe It Was True/Song Of The Sierras" Majestic 6031 MINT MB $25

494. Billy Jack Wills And His Western Swing Band — "Water Baby Boogie/Roped And Tied" 4 STAR X-11 MINT RARE MB $50

495. Billy Jack Wills And His Western Swing Band — "Tobacco Chewing Boogie/Lilly Dale" 4 STAR X-18 MINT MB $50

496. Johnnie Lee Wills And His Boys — "Rag Mop/Near Me" BULLET 696 MINT MB $25

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